Prologue: Wanted: Peaceful Life


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"Oh hello, my name is Issei Hyoudou." speak

[Boost! / calm down partner!] Ddraig and his thoughts or talk via telepathy

{Divide! / Chill partner! } Albion and his thoughts or talk via telepathy

"Trace on!" using Skills or ability

'I regret nothing!' thoughts or talk via telepathy

Disgaea Universe #2381

Location: Netherworld

The Netherworld is ruled by devils with the most powerful one being the Overlord and also known for being dark places where evil deeds such as Murder, Excessive Violence, Unwanted Destruction, Theft and other things that are considered crimes by humans are considered daily activities. Devils run amuck throughout these worlds, basically doing as they please.

But there's a certain devil is getting tired of this habit

His name was Issei, a humanoid devil and he have no interest to become the strongest being but his life was changed when he found the 2 mysterious jewels on his journey and he got curious because he felt that those jewels were alive or something so he decided to grab the jewels and examine it, but suddenly the red jewel change it form into a spiky red gauntlet while the white jewel change form into white dragon wings on his back or something and then suddenly

[Greetings my new host, my name is Ddraig.] Ddraig greet him

He was surprised that the red gauntlet spoked and at the same the white dragon wings on his back glowed also and it speaks

{Hello my new host, my name is Albion.} Albion also greet him

"H-hello Ddraig, Albion my name is I-issei a wandering devil.." Issei greet them nervously

By that time he realized that the mysterious jewels he found was the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing and thus their wild adventure begins.

After their first meeting, Issei decided what does their ability do and Ddraig starts explaining what the Boosted Gear does do, Ddraig told him it has ability to doubles the wielder power in every 10 seconds and it capable to transfer the boosted power to other people or objects and also it can penetrate through defensive barriers

Then Albion starts explaining about the Divine Dividing, it has capable to user is given flight before he can continue his explanation about his other abilities

"Meh, I don't need that kind of ability Albion, since i can use my devil wings to fly you know!" Issei said nonchalantly

[I already told you Albion, everyone has that kind impression.] Ddraig said

"Ddraig is right Albion, it would be the best if you don't say about that part," Issei said

Albion ignored their comments and continues his explanation about his other abilities and he says that it has an ability to divide the opponent's power every 10 seconds and it adds the halved power to the user also it's capable halving the size of objects and living beings and lastly it allows user redirect incoming attacks.

"That sounds awesome!" Issei grins after Albion is finished explaining and somehow amused then later on the dragon's told him that they have 3 forms which is the Basic form, Balance Breaker and lastly the Juggernaut Drive and the dragons told him he can able to reach the balance breaker in no time but the dragons warned him that don't use the juggernaut drive if he wants to live longer after that Issei promised them that he won't use the juggernaut drive if only they are in life and death situation

But during his travels, Issei ended up fighting strong opponents every time he encountered them and at the same time he cursed the dragons due their powers can attract strong enemies yet at that time he can able to use the Balance Breaker after 2 years of adapting Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing so he can defeat them without any Issue.

125 years later, Issei's life went upside down after he faced and defeated the Overlord of the netherworld he was temporarily staying at and thus Issei's peaceful days were over after he receives the title of the Overlord, then a few days later the devils were coming at him in every 2 or 3 days to challenge him for the Overlord title.

520 years later, Issei was surrounded by 5000 devils from each side and they were 10 times stronger than him and Issei made a gamble, he decided to use the Juggernaut Drive in order to survive, then the dragons warned him that he going to lose his sanity and his life in the process if he use it

"If that happens Ddraig, Albion.." Then Issei grins sadistically "So be it, but I will drag these bastards with me as many as I can! but if I manage to survive and withstand the curse of the Juggernaut Drive, you two are going to be proud of me!" and then he starts chanting of the Juggernaut Drive starting with Ddraig then 12hrs, later on, he decided to swapped to Albion's Juggernaut Drive to vanquish his enemies and thus he repeating it until he manage to obliterate them all….

After that battle Issei survived, at the same time he manage to withstand the curse of the Juggernaut Drive for a long period of time the more surprising is he was switching it in the middle of the battle and the dragons were very proud of him for being the first one who manages to withstand the curse of the Juggernaut Drive and use it for a long period of time on his first time yet the more surprising is he manage to stay sane on the Juggernaut Drive, but the planet was destroyed in the process.

3500 years later…

Issei is about to finish the last devil like always they challenge him to get the Overlord title

"Dragon shot!" Issei fires a concentrated beam of energy mixing his demonic and draconic energy toward to his enemy

The last devil was screaming in pain until it totally disintegrated

Then brown haired devil look at his surrounding and sense if any hostiles left and he felt relief when he didn't sense any hostiles anymore

"I guess this is the 34453th times they tried to get the Overlord title." the devil sighed after he defeats the last group of devils who tried to steal his title as overlord

[Well you can't blame them since your title attracts the other devils.]

{Indeed you bear the title 'The Red and White Dragon Overlord' is very intimidating.}

"Honestly Ddraig I'm getting tired of this shit," Issei complained

[Yes we know that partner aside form that i'm curious why your 2nd evility is 'Harem King'?] Ddraig wondered about that 2nd title what Issei has

{Yes I have been wondering about that too.} Albion wondered about it.

"Honestly I have no idea about that, since I never cared." Issei is wondered about that 2nd evility too

[Hmm… you know partner you could be sworn by girls to get your genes right now, but it seems your Overlord title overlaps that 2nd evility of yours.]

{I kinda guess that too, since there are no girls were attracted to him which is very odd.}

"Wait? are you telling me that, I become some sort of a chick magnet?!" Issei asks

{Yes, Kid, our draconic aura attracts opposite sex regardless of the race are they from, But why none of them are attracted to you? Damn it! since you ain't look ugly!} Albion was utterly frustrated because of his host didn't attract any opposite sex for a for a long time

"Uhm...Thanks for praising my looks Albion." Issei knew Albion is trying to cheer him up

{No problem kid since you're our host after all.}

[Indeed but right now, we starting to get worried about you.]

"Why worry?" Issei ask why the dragons are worried about him?

{Well you haven't found a mate for a long time and were worried that you will die a virgin if this continues.}

[Indeed this is a troublesome if you don't find a mate partner.]

Issei sighed yet he decided to ignore on what Albion said

"Well, it can't be helped Ddraig, Albion if that is my destiny? Then so be it..."

[You never cease to amazed us partner.]

{Indeed you're the best!}

Issei smiled "Thanks, Ddraig Albion I really need that praising."

Then he starts packing his belongings since on the current planet he was staying is not safe anymore

his thought said 'Man I wish, If I ever die in this world, please let me have a peaceful life and a nice family in my next life.'

Until suddenly a new devil appears and his appearance was wearing a Shiba Inu mask and Issei was surprised on his sudden intrusion then he immediately put himself into a battle stance

The masked devil is surprised on when he saw Issei

'What the?! Why is he here at Disgaea Universe?!' as his thought said, he was curious and wanted to know why Issei is here at the Disgaea Universe

"Who are you?! Are you challenging me for the Overlord title?!" Issei asks angrily at the masked devil after he summons Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing

'He's an Overlord on this universe? but how? There's no record on about Issei being an Overlord on this universe!' the masked devil said in thoughts

"Speak now or else I make you!" Issei said angrily

"At ease, I'm not here to fight you," the masked devil said

"And I have no certain interest of that title of yours," he added

Issei raised his eyebrow when the masked devil said he's not here to fight to him and have no interest taking his title, but Issei is no fool because the other devils use that plan to fool him and they failed to fool him.

"Oh really? But nice try stranger, I heard that so many times since they tried to use that pattern to catch me off guard!"

'Tck! This guy didn't believe me a single bit *sighed* I should try to convince him and transfer his soul back to the DxD verse where he belongs, but now let me try to negotiate him if I fail on this I will leave this universe and leave him alone ' as the masked devil said in thoughts

"Now now Issei don't so aggressive." the masked devil said cooly

Issei is stunned when the masked devil calls his name.

"What the?! How did you know my name!" Issei was glaring the old vampire

"Simple Issei, I met several of your counterparts from different universe," the masked devil said

Issei blinked "What?!"

"I said i met your counterparts from different universe so please calm down Issei."

Issei calmed down a bit after he said that yet he keeps his guards up

"Fine speak now, because I get away from this place as soon a possible since they found my hideout so I need another place to hide," Issei explains his situation

The masked devil was relaxed when Issei has decided to let him speak and his thought says 'Oh good, he's listening!'

"Okay then… since you're in the hurry Issei, I'm going make this short... you said you wanted a peaceful life from another universe right?" the masked devil said


Issei nods "Yeah, what about it?" while his thought says 'what the? how did he know that?!'

"Well, i can help you on that!"

Issei couldn't believe what the masked devil says "What really?!" he asks

"Yes Issei, you wanted a peaceful life and I will gladly help you."

Issei is about to trust the masked devil but he hesitated what if the masked devil is trying to fool him and kill him? So he decided to play safe if the masked devil is telling the truth

"Show me proof, first before I believe you."

"Sure why not." the masked devil summons a screen

Then Issei sees his counterpart fighting a blond guy covers in flame and he was surprised that the scale mail on his counterpart was colored crimson not red on the screen

"I'm not done yet Yakitori…" his counterpart opens a panel of his scale mail and it appears to be a cannon on his chest

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost !Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!]

Issei realized what his counterpart is going to do "He's firing the Longinus Smasher!"

"Eat this!" his counterpart shouted

[ Longinus Smasher! ]

His counterpart fires the Longinus Smasher when it's about to almost reach the target

Then suddenly, the masked devil removes the screen

"Hey! That was a dick move, man!" Issei complains because he was disappointed he wanted to see what happens next if that attack hits his enemy, yet on mind said that's enough proof since the masked devil is telling the truth

"I believe that's enough proof, so Issei do you believe me now?" the masked devil said

Issei nods "Yeah, it seems my counterpart has a powerful armor similar to Ddraig Balance Breaker" yet still disappointed.

The masked devil says "Actually Issei that is Ddraig Juggernaut Drive in a better form."

"What?!" [What?!] Issei and Ddraig is surprised on the masked devil said

"You're telling me, my counterpart is able to use the Juggernaut Drive in a better form?"

The masked devil nods "Yes."

"But how? Why is that armor is colored in crimson not red?!" Issei asks

"Well your counterpart manage to surpass the curse of the Juggernaut Drive and acquired a new form and not only that your counterpart can use of Albion's Juggernaut Drive too and its colored silver"

Albion couldn't believe on the masked devil says then he asks

{Really?! Does that mean our host is able to acquire those forms too?}

The masked devil nods "Yes Albion, Issei can acquire that form too, if he's able to surpass the curse of the Juggernaut Drive since your counterpart manages to acquire them in a short time."

Issei was surprised and he realized something on what the masked devil said

"Wait that does that mean my counterpart has Ddraig and Albion?"

"Yes Issei, your counterpart is the Red and White Dragon Emperor on that universe"

"I see and it also close to my title yet the difference is the last part being an Overlord" Issei said

"Indeed, so are you going to accept my offer?" the masked devil asks

Issei nods "Yeah, you convince me!" and he offers an handshake

The masked devil accepts the handshake "Very well, Issei before we do something, would you like become a human, angel, devil or a hybrid on your next life?" he asks

"Hmm, I leave that part to you, but first how can you able to do that?" Issei asks

"Good thing you ask Issei, you're powerful but you might end up destroying the universe since most of your abilities are capable to destroy a planet."

"Do you have a solution on that?" Issei asks yet

The masked devil nods "Yes I have a solution on that Issei, but in order to prevent that scenario I decided to take your soul to modify your abilities"

"So I need to die in order to do that?" Issei knew there's a price in order to go in another universe

"Unfortunately yes…"

"I see..." Issei understands the situation until he realize something on the last part he mentioned

"Wait, Did you just say you can modify my abilities?"

"Yes Issei, I can modify your powers to keep the planet intact since on this universe can destroy planets like walking the park," the masked devil said

"I see, so the world you will send me, they don't' have the power to destroy a planet?" Issei asks

"Yes Issei, they don't have that kind of power except for Great Red yet that guy has no interest doing that," the masked devil said

Issei giving him a deadpan expression "Oh you made him an exception because that Great Red guy have no interest destroying a planet?" he asks

"Yes, most of his counterpart likes to roaming and do silly things around the Dimensional Gap, so no one can disturb him."

"Oh? What is the Dimensional Gap?" Issei asks again

"Well Issei, Dimensional Gap is a world of emptiness in other words a void world and they are located in the world of Human world, Heaven and the Underworld."

"I see, does that mean he ruled that place since you describe it as a void world that means he's the only one lives there and if anyone tries to enter that place won't survive there without some sort of a protection?"

The masked devil nods "Yep you're correct Issei you can't survive in the Dimensional Gap without a protection like magic, if you don't you will die instantly due to the exposure of the 'nothingness' within the gap."

"I see, But how he manages to live there?" Issei asks again

The masked devil giving him a silent treatment

"You can't be serious about that?"

"I'm serious since i need to know about the universe I will be send at."

"Point taken, as for that question Great Red was originally born and lives there"

"I see, I think we're getting off topic," Issei said

The masked devil shooks "Not really, since you basically asking me why I made him for an exception."

"Yeah, I know and you're telling me that I have a habit destroying planets when I'm on a rampage?" Issei asks

"You should already know my answer Issei." the masked devil said cooly

"Ddraig, Albion do I really have a habit destroying a planet when I'm on a rampage?" Issei ask the dragons

[Unfortunately, you do have a habit of destroying a planet when you get serious partner.]

{Yeah, you did it many times and today, you manage to keep this planet intact this time since we fought today while ago was a weak group of devils.}

"Well, i be damned!." Issei muttered but he remembers how many planets have been destroyed on his rampage against the devils who try to claim his overlord title

"So Issei do you want some abilities you need to get of?' the masked devil asks

"You can remove my abilities?" Issei couldn't believe the masked devil can remove his abilities which is absurd

"Yes Issei I can remove them, it's like an skill reset".

"Does that include my title?" Issei asks

The masked devil nods "Yes Issei, I can remove that title."

Issei couldn't believe it, the masked devil have an ability to remove a title which is more absurd but he really wanted to get rid it for a long time but it also gave him good memories of it, since he made a few friends on his travel and some of them offer him a place to live but he refused it because he didn't want them to get troubled when the devils are aiming for his title every single day and Issei made a decision he wouldn't regret

"Alright, Let's do this!"

"Very well Issei, but before that, do you want Ddraig and Albion to come along with you?" the masked devil asks

"Ddraig, Albion do you want to come with me?" Issei asks

[Yes, we will come with you partner, right Albion?] Ddraig replied

{Yes Ddraig, we will come with you Kid, since we're a team!} Albion said

[Indeed, were going to stick together to the end!]

{Hell Yeah!}

Issei smiled, the dragon's decided to follow him

"The dragons made their choice, well it's good since since you three didn't belong to this universe from the first place" the masked devil said

"What do you mean we don't belong here?" Issei was surprised on the masked devil said

{Explain now!} Albion asked angrily

"Okay let me tell you about your original origins, it all began..." the masked devil starts explaining about their originals and their origins in DxD Verse including the Sacred Gear, but he didn't mention the names to avoid spoilers he said…

After that long explanation about their existence

"Wow, that's a lot to take in…" Issei said

[Yeah, we could have thought that our original were rivals Albion.]

{Yeah and our originals were sealed in a Sacred Gear, but the more interesting about our host original is a pervert.}

Issei sighed "Yeah my original is a pervert but a brave one and he got a harem."

[Indeed, if your original have a harem that means, you will have an harem there on the world you will be sent at!] Ddraig said cheerfully

{Yeah you will able get a descendant while you're at it!}

"Do you two really wanted me have a harem and make kids that bad?" Issei was totally astonished of the dragons reactions

{[Yes!]} the dragons said in unison

Issei sighed "anyway Ddraig, Albion you two are my Sacred Gears a Longinus type."

{Yes we kinda figured that when you found us.}

[indeed, you're fated to meet us, when you found us in jewel form]

"Yeah i guess meeting you two is fate and at the same time my peaceful days were over."

{[Hey! Don't say were some of a bad luck kid!/partner!}] the dragons retorted

The masked devil decided to butt in and he asks "So Issei, which one do you want to remove?"

"Well, obviously my Overlord title and all of my abilities from this universe except for Vulcan Blaze, Meteor Impact, and Zetta Beam which is I copied from my former enemies but now we're friends after I fought them in our first encounter."

The masked devil was amused by the skills he except "I didn't expect you able to copy their signature moves Issei."

"Is it that bad?" Issei asks

The masked devil shooks "No Issei, I'm just surprised that, you manage to copy their signature move instantly at your first encounter, but you haven't used it once right?."

Issei nods "Yeah, I haven't used them yet."

"I see, since you want to remove all your abilities which is very destructive and it's capable to destroying a planet with your eyes closed on this universe, i think modifying isn't needed anymore, instead I will put a powerful seal on you, yet i don't know how many layers i can put it in your soul." the masked devil said

"Why putting a seal on me? i thought you're going to modify my powers?" Issei asks

"Well Issei, in your current power, you're the 2nd or 3rd strongest being from the universe I will send you at since you wanted a peaceful life, so my solution on the power issue is to seal your powers to avoid the stronger beings to detect you."

"I see, just do whatever you can, as long i can live peacefully." Issei understands what the masked devil says

"Very well then let's begin…" The masked devil instantly grabs Issei chest then he pulls his soul out of his body, when his soul were out of Issei's physical body, it turns into ashes

"Are you ready for the new life Issei, Ddraig, Albion?" the masked devil asks

"Yeah!" Issei soul said

[A new adventure await us!]

{Yeah and this time our host will have a peaceful life.}

The masked devil says "Alright then, let's go!" then he summons a portal

When he enters the portal then it closes and thus the masked devil and Issei along with the dragons leaves the Disgaea universe, but Issei didn't know there's a two devils are very loyal to him since the two devils didn't reincarnate when the Red Moon appears. (you will know them soon and they are female OC's)

Between Gaps of the other universes

Issei and the dragons were surprised when they saw many portals of the other universe

"Is this a space between the gaps on the other universe?" Issei asks

The masked devil nods "Yes, before we go to the DxD world i need to something first and you know that means"

"I know." until Issei realized something "Wait! i just realized that, i didn't ask your name yet, do you mind tell me?" he asks

"Sure, i thought you never asked" the masked devil removes his mask and that made Issei, Ddraig and Albion were shocked when they saw his face, he looks completely like him

"What the?! Y-you're-" Issei was about to say

"Whew man, took you long enough before asking that." the unmasked devil smiled

"Yes Issei, I'm you, yet different like the rest of our counterparts living on DxD verse you, but call me Decade okay?" he added

Issei nods then he asks "Decade, are you really my counterpart?" he want to make sure if he really is his counterpart

"Yes Issei, I'm you since most of our counterparts has this wonderful brown eyes!," Decade points at his eye

Then he points at his hair "and this glorious spiky brown hair!,"

"yet some of our counterparts has different features but there are still Hyoudou Issei even if they have different last name." he added

"I see, is that going to be my name on the world you will send me at?"

Decade nods "Yes, since that's our real name regardless of the universe we came from."

"I see since you're going to send me to that world, does my memory still intact if I reborn as a baby?"

"Well as for that memory, I will put a seal on it until you reach 5 years old and it will mix your childhood memories."

"I see, since you told me everything I need to know, so Decade lets do this!"

"Alright then."

Then Decade starts removing Issei's title and removing most of his skills except on the 3 signature skills and modified a bit from Disgaea universe yet there's one ability he didn't remove since he hasn't learned it from the Disgaea world and he decided to peek on it and he's glad that it's not a dangerous ability so he decided to not removed it, then he starts to put the seal on Issei's soul to suppress his power at the lowest and he was surprised that, it takes 20 layers to suppress his power.

"Alright, all done!" Decade is finished putting the seals

"Took you long enough," Issei soul said

Decade sighed "It's not easy to put a seal you know, oh by the way if you're in a pinch, just say 'seal release' and thus one of the seal will release and your powers will doubled from your suppressed state per seal."

"What if more I need to remove more than one seal?"

"Just say the roman numerals for example '10th seal release' and you know how much it all add when the 10 seals are released, simple as that."

Issei nods for understanding

"Good, the next thing is to visit the DxD universe where Hyoudou Issei hasn't born."

Then Decade summons a portal going to the DxD world then he entered

DxD world #7839 (note: Rias and Sona are already born on this timeline, while Issei was….)

Decade arrives on this world then he summons the book and reads about the history of this world

On this world, where Humans knew about supernatural and living with them peacefully before that happens, the three factions. Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels made a truce after the following the deaths of the Biblical God and the Yondai Maou, several years later in the underworld there's a group of the descendants of the original Yondai Maou intended to carry on their legacy by gathering the strong supporters of the original Yondai Maou and finish what they started, the Great War to realize the world domination ambition of the Yondai Maou.

Their intention, however, was opposed by a certain group of Devils, the Anti-Satan Faction, who wanted to ensure the survival of the Devils as a species, thus disapproving of the continuation of the Great War.

This dissension eventually caused a civil war to break out between the Devils and which ultimately lead to the defeat of the Original Satan's descendants.

Following the defeat of the descendants who were forced to retreat to the back part of the Underworld, their names became titles for the new rulers of the Devils while the Original Satan's became known as the Old Satans.

The current Satans are Sirzechs Lucifer (of the Gremory Clan), Serafall Leviathan (of the Sitri Clan), Ajuka Beelzebub (of the Astaroth clan), and Falbium Asmodeus (of the Glasya-Labolas clan), four Devils who were born with immense power, equivalent or superior to the original Yondai Maou and were chosen for the Maou positions despite not carrying the blood of the original Maou.

After the Devil civil war, The new Yondai Maou decided to make a peace to the Angel and Fallen Angels which of the two factions agreed with it, then later on the other mythologies such as Norse, Youkai faction, vampires, etc made an alliance and peace treaty, then later on the humans they are starting to know about Supernaturals, several years later the humans were coexisting together with the other races.

"Wow, This world is interesting!" Decade was awed after reading the history file of this world

"Yeah, the Humans were living together with the other races, this universe is a paradise for me!" Issei said

Decade nods at his Issei's opinion "Yeah, man I wish that my world is like this." he sighed

"Eh? Your world ain't like this decade?" Issei asks

Decade says "Yeah, my world is like the rest when I told you about our original lives into"

"I see, I guess I'm lucky to live on this world then?"

Decade nods "Yeah, you're the 2nd person who lives in this kind of world."

"I see, lucky for us then, anyway how are you going to find my parents Decade?" Issei ask

"Were looking for them as we speak." Decade starts looking at Issei's parents via sensing their energy

A few hours later, Decade has looked everywhere around Kouh to find Issei's parents but no avail until

"If our parent's counterpart ain't here at Kuoh, I guess I should look in the underworld." Decade said

"Why in the underworld Decade?" Issei asks

"Well, that's the 2nd place to look for." Decade said nonchalantly

Issei soul is giving him a deadpan expression "You can't be serious?!"

Decade gave him a serious look "I'm serious Issei."

Decade and Issei's soul were teleport to the underworld


"So this is the underworld?" Issei asks

"Yeah, yet it's different from my world."

"What's the difference in your world?"

"Well in this place has well developed than my world." Decade said

Decade starts searching of Issei's parents energy in the underworld

Several minutes later

"I found them!" Decade said happily

"Where?" Issei asks

Decade points to the most southern part in the underworld "There are in the Sitri Territory, I guess your parents could be either one of them or both might be a reincarnated devil."

"Reincarnated devil? Care to explain that?" Issei asks

Decade realized that he forgot to tell him the most important part of their universe

"Oh, my Maou! I have completely forgotten about the most important part in our universe"

"Oh, does that apply the rest to our universe?"

"Not really Issei since not all of them has a supernatural content in our universe"

"I see there are some normal ones?"

Decade nods "Yes, anyway I should start explaining about the Evil Piece and the Brave Saints, remember this one okay?"

Issei nods "Yeah since you said it's very important."

"Alright, Let's begin to the evil piece…" Decade explains everything about Evil Piece and the Brave Saints

30 minutes later...

"Man that's a lot to take in…" Issei said after he listens everything on Decade said about the Evil Piece and the Brave Saints.

"Yeah, i know, any more questions?"

"Does the reincarnated angel can become a fallen angel?" Issei asks

"Yes Issei, the can become a fallen angel when they have impure thoughts I already told you about angels right?"

"Yep, yet I'm surprised that you able to hold that so much knowledge about our universe Decade"

"I know and it's not easy to hold this info about our universe since I went into that too when i accepted my job as an O.C Slayer," Decade said

"Your job is an O.C slayer?" Issei asks since he got curious about the Decade's job of being an O.C slayer

Decade nods "Yeah, my job is to eliminate the Oddity Catalyst or O.C for short they cause phenomenon that diverse our universe, so in other words these O.C's are replacing our counterparts role on their world and it's my role is to eliminate those bastards for overtaking our counterparts role and disrupting our universe!" Decade said

"I see, so on this world has an O.C?"

Decade shooks "Nope, 'The Guardians' told me that they found no O.C on this world yet since Issei Hyoudou wasn't born yet, but not anymore since you're going to live here."

"Yeah, anyway 'The Guardians'? Would you mind tell me that?" Issei asks

Decade shooks "Sorry Issei that part is a classified information."

Issei understands "I see, I won't ask about that, let's go find my parents Decade."

Decade says "Alright then, to the Sitri's Territory!" he flies towards to the Sitri's Territory along with Issei's soul

At the Sitri Territory near Serafall Memorial Hospital

There's a couple were walking towards to the hospital

"Seiji, are you sure that are I'm going to have a baby?" The woman asks

Seiji nods "Yes Isa, i'm sure of it, we're going to have a baby this time."

Seiji Hyoudou, The last member of the Hyoudou Clan who excels in Fonic, Strike, and Arcane Artes, Seiji excels at Fonic Arte and a minor expertise on Strike and Arcane Arte, yet he didn't have an ability to use a Mystic Arte which is an ultimate attacks and spells and it happens once every 70yrs, the Hyoudou Clan were almost wiped out due to unknown phenomenon and Seiji is the last member of their clan and a fan of Mecha anime especially at Getter Robo series.

"I hope you're right Seiji." Isa smiled

Isa Emiya, a reincarnated devil and serves under Serafall Leviathan one of the Maou's in the underworld as her Knight, Isa's ability is Gradation Air also known as Projection, it's a magecraft that materialized objects, in accordance to the caster's imagination, through the use of magical energy. she's married with Seiji Hyoudou and she hoped that she would bear a his child and live peacefully

"That's them Issei." Decade points at the couple from the distance

"Those two are going to be your parents from this world, since you don't know about your parents in the Disgaea Universe right?" he added

"Yes, at least on this world I will have wonderful parents since they going to have me as their child," Issei said

"I know... Issei, before i send you, do you want to ask me something?"

Issei is thinking about what he wants to ask him…

"Yeah I do, Would you mind put these dragons asleep when I got my memories back?"

"Sure, but let me guess, you don't want them to see you as a baby?" Decade wants to know the reason why he decided to put the dragons to sleep

"That's the main reason Decade, i don't want to see me as a baby and I'm sure that these two will try to embarrass me like no tomorrow if they mention that, so please let these dragons to put to sleep," Issei said

Decade chuckled on this matter "Will do Issei if i were in that position i would do the same thing."

"We are Issei Hyoudou you know."

Decade grins "Yeah, you got that right!"

[Damn! He knew our plans Albion.] Ddraig is disappointed when Issei decided to put them into a deep slumber when he gets his memories back

Albion is also disappointed {Yeah, I was expecting we can use that as a teasing material and its a shame that he finds out that quick.}

"Well too bad for you Ddraig, Albion I knew you were planning about that."

Decade watch them to bickering each other for the last time

A few minutes later

Decade saw the couple and they were about to go inside the hospital

"Issei, it's time." Decade said

"I know, alright let's do this!"

"Alright, Memory Seal!" Decade cast a magic to seal Issei memories then he shrunk the size of his soul into a small ball like a like baseball

"Deep Sleep Lullaby!" he cast a spell at the dragons inside Issei's soul into deep sleep state

"Your memories will be back when you reach the age of 5 at midnight and the dragons will wake up too at the same time."

Then he aimed to Isa's lower body "Right on target." Decade wanted to sure that he won't miss the target

and Decade throws Issei's soul from the distance

"!" Isa suddenly stop moving when she felt something odd on her womb, then she suddenly smiled

"Whats wrong Isa?" Seiji asks

"I just felt that our baby just kicked" Isa said

Seiji smiled "My instincts, were right after all."

"Seiji, let's make sure if we really going to have a baby since its been 3 months i feel odd." Isa said

The couple enters the hospital

"Alright it's time to leave, but I wonder who will the main girl in his harem?" Decade said

Then suddenly a new voice came out of nowhere

"I would be glad if it's Sona or Sera.."

Decade recognised the owner of the voice and he saw one of their counterpart wearing white pants and a red jacket and a Sitri Symbol at his back

"How long you been there Akashiro?" Decade ask

"The moment you came on here Decade." Akashiro said

"Oh, you're investigating this place again Akashiro?"

Akashiro nods "Yeah just to make there's no O.C in this world."

"I see, so did you find anything odd in this world?" Decade asks

"Not really odd, yet i recently find that the next Red Dragon Emperor is a girl."

"Is she one an O.C?" Decade asks in a serious tone

Akashiro shooks "Nope, and I'm sure that our counterpart will like her."

"That tone it feels like you know that person and i'm guessing that girl is Yui Kotegawa from To-Love Ru universe, one of your precious wives from your world right?" Decade teased

"Y-yeah." Akashiro cheeks turns red when Decade said that

Decade chuckled "You know Akashiro, i still wondering why are we ending up having a harem our universe?"

Akashiro shrugs "I don't know Decade, since our original wanted to be a Harem King which is absurd to be reach by normal means, but he manage to made the impossible task."

Decade smiled "Yeah and it seems our fate to be the luckiest bastard in this universe and those O.C's were jealous about it."

Akashiro says "Yeah,the O.C's are still trying to entering our universe and silently kills our parents and steals our counterpart roles to do at their own sick desires which I despise them but after I found out that the O.C's were responsible for destroying my world when tried to kill me yet they realized that they can't beat me and they to unleashed Trihexa as a last resort which they succeed and killed everyone i cared."

"I know Akashiro, but hey i manage to rescue you on time by sending you to another world which is now your current world."

"Yeah i was really thankful for that Decade i thought i was going to die and saying last moments that was a silly experience yet I was found and healed by Asia and the rest are history" Akashiro said

"but I will never forgive those bastards, they are not only taking our counterpart roles also corrupting our counterparts and turns them into a psychopathic killers," he added

"I know and we end up killing one of our counterpart, like the Blood Dragon Emperor, he shown no mercy to everyone even they have nothing to do about his parent's murder because of that O.C manipulated him to blame the supernaturals on his world and I still remember how he murdered Asia brutally." Decade said while he gritted his teeth when he remembers his previous mission on the Blood Dragon Emperor world

"Yeah, we ended up fighting and slay him, when the O.C totally controls his mind"

"I know." Decade sighed "you know what Akashiro, let's go back to our respective world for a while." he decided to end this topic

"I guess, you're right Decade, we better forget this topic and go home for a while since i'm sure that Sona and Sera were looking for me right now."Akashiro agreed on his suggestion

Decade chuckled "only them? don't forget the rest of your harem Akashiro."

"Thanks for reminding me, Destroyer of the World's, Issei Kadoya." Akashiro mocked him

"Oh shut up! Issei H. Sitri!" Decade retorted

A several of bickerings later, Akashiro and Decade left and return from their respective worlds

Back to Seiji and Isa

The couple was pleased, when the doctor said, they going to have a baby soon after that Seiji went to mall to buy baby items yet he wondered if his child is a boy or a girl then they go back to the Sitri's Castle and they tell Serafall about the good news

Serafall congratulates them on the good news

"Isa-chan, Seiji-kun. I'm so happy for you two!" Serafall said happily

"Thank you Sera-sama, I'm so happy that we will have our baby." Isa smiled

"Yeah, its been 2 years since were married Isa and finally were going to have a family," Seiji said

"Hmm, Seiji-kun do you know the gender of your child?" Serafall asks

Seiji shooks "Not yet, Leviathan-sama."

"Mou Seiji-kun, i told you to call me Sera-chan or Levi-tan!" Serafall pouts

"I can't do that, Leviathan-sama I highly respect you and i can't allow myself to call you in that." Seiji said

"Mou you're no fun Seiji-kun, no wonder Isa-chan has fallen for you."

The couple were blushed after Serafall said that

2 months later

The couple went into the hospital again for a checkup and an Ultrasound

When they saw the ultrasound results, Seiji was extremely happy because the gender of their unborn child is a boy

"Hell Yeah! I will have a son to carry the Hyoudou Bloodline!" Seiji raised his clenched hand of excitement because their child is a boy

"Now now seiji since we know that our child's gender, but i wonder if our son will have my magecraft?" Isa said

"We don't know about that Isa, only time can tell us, but I'm hoping that our son will have both of our abilities and who knows he might get something we failed to achieve."

"You mean, our son would have the special abilities, we failed to reach?" Isa asks

Seiji nods "Yeah, I believed that our son might have the most rarest magecraft, Projection: Trance version, which is your great-grandfather was the first person who manage to achieved that ability and possibly my clan's strongest Artes, the Mystic Arte."

"You know dear, it feels like you made our son overpowered if he posses those abilities." Isa said worriedly

Seiji says "Yeah, but who knows he might have them and secretly wishing the he would have a sacred gear since he has the human blood on him"

Isa gave him a deadpan expression

"Seiji, you know I don't want our child some sort of a super soldier like you read on those manga, since I want him to have a normal life and have friends." Isa scolds her husband

Seiji frowned "Sorry Isa, i'm just thinking too much about the possible abilities of our child would have."

After their little chat, they returned to the Sitri Castle and tells Serafall about the gender of their child

"Your child's gender is a boy, Isa-chan?" Serafall asks

Isa nods 'Yes Sera-sama, our child is a boy."

"That means So-tan will have a playmate when they grow up~!" Serafall said happily

Isa is imagining her son is playing with Serafall's little sister

"I wonder if those two become a couple in the future," Seiji said without thinking

Isa and Serafall was surprised on Seiji said


"Eh? What did I say something wrong, Isa?"

4 months later...

Serafall Memorial Hospital (outside Emergency room)

A doctor came out from the emergency room

"Doc hows my wife and my son?" Seiji asks

The doctor pats Seiji shoulder

"Your wife has given birth and they are currently resting as we speak and Congratulations you're a father now!" the doctor said

"Really?! Thanks, doc, I really appreciate this news it!" Seiji said excitedly

Then suddenly Serafall appears, the doctor and Seiji suddenly kneeled and saying 'Leviathan-sama' nervously then she pats Seiji shoulders

"Seiji-kun, how's Isa-chan and the baby?!" Serafall asked worriedly

"They're fine Leviathan-sama. Isa and my son are ok now, they are currently resting right now."

"I see..." Serafall took a glance on the doctor then she said

"Doctor-chan, would you please send my Knight in the finest and comfiest room on this hospital please~!." she ordered in childish tone

"Y-yes, Leviathan-sama!" the doctor understood her orders and immediately leaves to send Serafall Knight in the best room

"Leviathan-sama is that too much? a normal room would be fine for us." Seiji said

Serafall shooks and she says "No! I want Isa-chan and the baby will have the best treatment on this hospital end of story!"

Seiji sighed "Leviathan-sama are you worried about her?"

"Of Course, I'm worried about her Seiji-kun, since Isa-chan is my only servant after I released my queen for my service two centuries ago."

Seiji smiled "I see, she will glad that for having a nice master like you Leviathan-sama"

Several minutes later

Seiji and Serafall went to Isa's room and they saw Isa is currently resting together with her son


"What is it Leviathan-sama?"

"Whats going to be your child's name?" Serafall asks

"Hmm… honestly, we haven't think about it Leviathan-sama."

Seiji and Serafall noticed that Isa is wake up

"Isa-chan you're awake?"

Isa weakly nods "Yes Sera-sama."

"So Isa-chan what are going to name him?" Serafall points at her child

"Issei," Isa said,

"you named your son by combining your names." Serafall giggled

Isa weakly nods "Yes."

"Issei means honest or sincere, hmm I like that Isa," Seiji said

From this fated day

Issei Hyoudou is born

Yet they didn't know, their son wields the 2 of mid-tier Longinus Sacred Gears

Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing

Which they came from another universe….

On this world they have a new resident is living at their world

The Former Overlord of Disgaea universe

The Red and White Dragon Overlord, Issei and his companions,

Albion, a white dragon who resides in the Divine Dividing and Ddraig, a red dragon who resides in the Boosted Gear


To Be Continued



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