Title: Somewhere in Between

Author: Katchu

Rating: G

Author's Note: For those of you who may have read 'the twilight zone' this will seem very familiar. No you are not stuck in a time loop. I had to make changes to that story's plot line. Personally I like the other one better *JezRoll butts into note "Me too!!"*, but here it is. If you happened to have read that one I am curious as to which one you liked better. Please review!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie O'Neill sat in Storage Room 2, balling her eyes out. Just minutes before she had been told by her best friend, Elliott, that her parents, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Samantha Carter were dead. She didn't know what to do. Yes, she did. Katie would go talk to Jonas. She got up, wiped the tears from her eyes and headed for the infirmary.

Katie found him in a bed in the corner, clutching his bleeding right arm.

-Jonas...what happened?

He looked up at her and sighed.

-Jack, Sam, Teal'c and I were pinned down in a rocky region by a large group of Jaffa. Sam was trying to adjust the polarity on some alien weapon. Elliott and Grogan were covering the gate. They were being overrun and couldn't hold it any longer. Jack told Teal'c to take me (at that point I was drifting in and out of consciousness) back to the gate and leave. Teal'c refused. But then Jack looked at him, with that look, you know the one I mean, and he said "Teal'c, I know you want to stay, but you can't make that decision for Jonas. You have to take him home. And I...I have to stay." With that Teal'c picked me up and somehow managed to get us both to the gate alive. Just as we were about to go through we heard an explosion and knew Sam had fixed the weapon.

At that point Jonas looked up at Katie. She saw tears streaming down his face.

-Jack knew that if I had been conscious I would have wanted to stay. But I wasn't, so he took the decision out of my hands and saved me and Teal'c. I will always admire him for that. How he had the courage to watch us go, knowing he and Sam weren't going to make it...I'll never know. Jack could have come too. He could have left Sam behind and she wouldn't have said a word of complaint. He didn't have to stay...but yet, he did. Jack wasn't going to leave a member of his team behind to die alone...especially not Sam.

By this point Katie was crying again.

- I wish...I wish I had been there and not stuck here because of the Chicken Pox.

-But then you would have died too.


Jonas nodded his understanding and left her alone in her grief.

Now, 2 days alter the funeral was over and Katie was as lost as could be. She didn't know what to do. How was she supposed to go on without them??? Then a thought hit her. She didn't have to. Sam and Katie had been working on a device that would allow someone to travel to an alternate universe. It wasn't yet complete and there were still some bugs to be worked out but with a little work Katie could finish it. She headed to the lab.

3 hours later she had finished. Katie packed her backpack with things she couldn't bear to leave behind. As she packed Katie struggled with the doubts in her mind. Did she really want to leave??? And what if she ran into an alternate version of herself? What would she do then??? Katie sighed and brushed the doubts from her thoughts. No matter what, she had to do this. She didn't have a choice. Staying here was not an option. With that, she took a deep breath and pressed the button.

Chapter 1

Jack O'Neill was confused. He was used to it by now but it still frustrated him. He sighed.

-In English, please.

-On our recent mission to P3X824 the reason the UAV wasn't working was because the batteries were low.

-Oh. Now why didn't you just say that in the first place?

Major Samantha Carter didn't dignify the question with a response. You would think that after working with the man all these years she would get used to it. But his inability to understand anything she said still amazed her. The man was either gifted or demented; there were days she could say either. Today she was leaning toward demented. She sighed quietly. He was so cute when he was demented! Carter made a mental note to try and, as O'Neill put it, "speak English" more. Maybe is she stopped confusing him he wouldn't be demented and she could finally stop thinking of how cute he was.

-Jonas, how it the translation of those ruins going?

General Hammond always felt the need to disturb the awkward silence that resulted whenever Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter had one of their "exchanges". This one was relatively minor but it still bothered him. He could always count on Jonas to ease the tension in the room.

-It's coming a lot slower than I expected. Even after having memorized all Dr. Jackson's notes on ancient Goa'uld dialects, I still feel inadequate when it comes to translating, especially since Teal'c is gone. I sure wish Dr. Jackson were here right now.

-Don't we all.

Jack found himself speaking without even realizing it. He mentally kicked himself. He really had to start watching what he said, especially around his team. Maybe if he..."wait a second" he thought, mentally interrupting himself, "I've always been one to say what's on my mind no matter what. Way, all of a sudden do I want to change that?" "Because people can't handle the truth," the other part of him said. "Now don't you go giving me..." Wait a second, he was arguing with himself! He needed to see Dr. Fraser or maybe just take a vacation. A vacation. Hah! Like that was ever going to happen!

-No offense, Jonas. I think you're swell. I can't imagine SG-1 without you, but I still can't get used to an SG-1 without Daniel.

-None taken, sir.

Jonas Quinn sighed. He had been with SG-1 for almost two years but he still didn't feel like he truly belonged. There were constant reminders of the fact that he wasn't an original member of SG-1 and that he wouldn't be here except for the fact that Daniel was gone. Still, it was things like what Colonel O'Neill just said that made him glad to be a part of this team.

-All right. That's enough for now. Everyone is dismissed.

General Hammond was eager to leave and go visit his granddaughters. He didn't get to see them that much and relished every opportunity. They were so young and full of life. He sighed. SG-1 and his granddaughters were the only things that kept him young.

Jack and Jonas got up and started chatting as they left the room. Although neither of them would admit it, they had grown attached to each other and a strong father-son relationship blossomed.

-Hey Jonas, do you want to come over to my place tonight and watch the Canucks vs. Wild hockey game?

-That's tonight?!


-Well sure!! That'd be gr...wait a second. Am I even allowed to leave the base?

-Yup. I asked Hammond. He gave the OK.


-Yeah. In fact he said you could go anywhere you want to in town, except for O'Malley's.

-O'Malley's? Oh, the steak incident.

-Yeah. We've kinda been banned from going there. I'm not really sure why. I mean, I sent flowers. It's a shame too. They have great steaks.

-I get to leave the base! It's only the 7th time in the last two years I've gotten to go someplace on earth.

-7th? What were the others?

-Well, there was when we went out to the air force base to see the X-302. Then we went to Nevada to give that reporter the tour of the X-303. Then there was the time we went to Steveston, Oregon.

-Oh. That musta been when I had that snake in my head.


-And to think you came that close to having a snake of your own. I'm sorry I missed it. I bet it was fun.

-Yeah, actually it was...hey!!!

Jonas laughed when he realized what Jack had said. The rest of the team still teased him about his early days as a member of SG-1. Every time they would do something he had never done, he'd get this big smile on his face. He's be smiling, somebody would ask him why and he'd say "first time on a..." fill in the blank. He still remembered his first time in a death glider, on a Goa'uld mother ship, hockey game, leaving the State (Oregon, he videotaped it), being captured by the Goa'uld (that's when the teasing started).

-I was just kidding. You ready to go?


They started walking toward the lift.

Katie opened her eyes and looked around. Her surroundings were vaguely familiar. Then she realized where she was. It was one of the corridors at the SGC. There were 3 possibilities as to what just happened: A-she had successfully reached an alternate universe, B-she had somehow gone back in time in her own universe, or C-none of the above. She started walking down the corridor to the lift. Boy her head hurt. And her vision was blurry. And come to think of it, for some reason her left arm was shaking uncontrollably. Apparently there had been some sort of side affect. Not a good sign.

Katie got in the lift and randomly picked a number. The lift arrived at the designated floor and stopped. Her arm was throbbing with pain now. Katie bit her lip and felt the blood seeping into her mouth. She needed to find the infirmary. In a daze she walked around the corner.

Just as Jack and Jonas were about to get on the lift Jonas stopped suddenly and snapped his fingers.

-You know, I really should grab the file with the writings of the ruins, in case I suddenly figure out what I'm missing.

-Yeah, I'm sure the hockey game is going to inspire you.

Jack rolled his eyes and sighed.

-Come on Jonas, part of the fun of leaving the base is leaving your work behind.

-Sir, I really think I ought to get it. Just in case.

-All right. Let's go get it and get on our way before you remember something else you need to do.

They walked back down the corridor, retracing their steps, till they got to Jonas' quarters. He ducked inside, grabbed the file and they started walking again. They turned the corner and almost ran into a young lady. Jonas made a quick assessment of her. She was about 6 feet tall, wearing standard SGC attire, green army pants, black T-shirt. But she was wearing her hat and had a backpack on like she was going on a mission. Her lip was bleeding and she was clutching her right arm, obviously in pain. Jonas judged her to be in her late teens, early twenties.

-Are you all right?

Jack addressed the question to the young lady, thinking that there was something hauntingly familiar about her eyes. She gave a startled gasp.

-Dad? Jonas?

Her voice quavered, full of emotion. For a moment she forgot her pain as she contemplated the fact that her father stood before her, just as she had seen him only weeks before. Then the pain came searing back as she saw the look on his face. It was not one of recognition, but one of confusion, alarm and horror. Finally the pain became unbearable and she felt herself losing consciousness and falling to the ground.