Author's notes and general ramblings: Well, it's been a long time since I've updated this story, and I don't have much excuse, except that I've been really bogged down with school work and that I temporarily lost all motivations and inspirations. But, I think I'm back on track, and should be updating most of my stories relatively soon. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy!!

Chapter 28

Jack stopped chewing and slowly swallowed.

-Why on earth not? I'm starving!!

-Remember what the guard said. This is a welcome gift.

He sighed, confused.

-Yeah so?

-Since when do Goa'uld give welcome gifts?

Jonas nodded, understanding Sam's line of thinking.

-He wants a worthy opponent for his amusement.


-Ah for crying out loud! Are you telling me that I can't eat this just
because this snake wants to toy with us?

-I'm afraid so, Colonel.

He hurriedly bit into the bread and started talking with his mouth full.

-Goodness, give a man a heart attack over nothing. I thought you were
going to say it was poison or something.

-I never thought about makes sense though.

Jack spit out his bread and started hacking. Sam laughed at his gullibility.

-I'm kidding, Colonel. No Goa'uld would poison anyone. They like to be
there, physically kill them, and watch them die.

-Oh, well in that case...

He started eating again and sighed with contentment when his stomach stopped growling. Katie smiled at him.



-Good. You ready to go?


Teal'c, who had been characteristically quiet during the majority of their stay in the cell, suddenly perked up and turned to Katie.

-What are you suggesting?

-I'm suggesting that we leave now.

-How is that possible? We are prisoners.

Katie smiled impishly.

-We were prisoners, but the door happened to get unlocked when our 'gift' arrived.

Jack stared at her bewilderedly.

-Come again?

-The Jaffa who brought us the food was accompanied by another Jaffa,
one who happened to have joined the rebellion against the Goa'uld.

-And you're just telling us this now?!!?

-I told you I had everything under control.

Selmak's booming voice echoed their mutual astonishment.

-This information should have been divulged sooner.

-But, that wouldn't have been any fun. And besides, I thought
everybody would like a chance to replenish their strength and enjoy
this fine cuisine.

Selmak, unfazed by her sarcasm, continued in his quest to get the full story out of Katie.

-I was not aware that there were any rebel Jaffa in this place.

-Well, contrary to common belief, the Tok'ra don't know everything.
Though few in number, there are a handful of Jaffa amongst the ranks
who do not believe their master is a god.

-And how is it that you came by this information?

-Um, the same way I come by all my information.

-Which is?

-How many times do I hav...


Jack's shouting quickly got everyone's attention.

-Do you really think this is the time to argue about this!? Can we leave first?!

Selmak nodded his head in surrender.

-You're right, Colonel, this is neither the time nor the place.

Jack sighed with relief.

-Thank you. Katie, you want to plant your special C4 and show us the way out?


She stuck the stick of explosives on the wall, and stood up, gesturing for them to follow.

-Let's go.