The Akabane Family

Chapter 1 Back To School

Karma POV

I was sleeping when I rolled onto my back and hit a cold spot on my chest causing me to shiver as I opened my eyes and looked to see that sunlight was shining into my room.I garden and walked over to the window and close the blinds growled laying back on my bed and getting ready to close my eyes. I was just about to drift back to sleep when someone opened my door. I opened my eyes to see that there was a maid standing there she took care of the house when my mom was out of town with her husband my douche of a stepfather. "What is it" I sat up quickly before looking at her she didn't say anything I snarled at her "Could you answer quickly I would like to get back to sleep before I am not able to anymore. This is like my last day I get to sleep in." I look at her and she is sighed and opened my door to see that there were two agents look at me. My dad was an agent so I knew the look, suits they were government types that were for sure. "What do you to want? Is it about that kid I almost beat to death." They looked at each other and then at me and I sighed. "We would like to speak to you about you returning to class E would you get dressed please ." I sighed before getting out of the bed and walking to the closest slipping on a shirt before walking to the living room where the maid had shown our guest. But I guess that she is more of a housekeeper then maid. I sighed and looked at the women, her hair was cut short and she was wearing this ugly pain suit that looked like royal blue with a pair of high heels. But that didn't seem very functioning to me. I turned to look at the man he was wearing the exact same thing except he was wearing loafer and a black suit.I shook my head and looked at him and then at her they were wearing sunglass. "You do know that you're inside a house you are supposed to take your glasses off as a sign of respect." They both simply stared at me "Alright what do you want?"

I twirled a strand of my hair that was in my face, I sighed and looked at then as the women spoke, "You know about the incident that caused the moon to blow up about a couple of months ago." I look at them but simply nodded mine. "Well, the creature that destroys the moon is going to destroy the planer in a year if class E can't kill him. We call it the assassination class and you're going to be transferred into this class. But there is a few thing that you need to know about him." I smile at them and they handed me a foam knife. I sighed and looked at it "My blade is far better and real." I took my switchblade out and showed it to them but the man simply sighed. "He told us you would be like this. The blade that we handed you is the only thing that can kill him so that blade of yours won't work on him." I look at them and then at the foam hunting knife and sighed. "Whatever as long as I can to fulfill my dream of killing a teacher it is fine with me." I place my switchblade back in my pocket before stabbing my hand with the foam one. This was going to be fun. "If that is done with would you mind leaving a am going back to bed." I walked out of the room and back up the stairs till I reached my room and sighed heavily as I laid down the bed and sighed in relief as my head into my pillow. I was just about to drift back into the land of the dream when my phone started to ring. I snarled out in frustration as I looked the caller's idea. Dad. I sighed and hit the talk button before putting the phone to my ear. I groaned a little bit before rubbing my forehead. I was starting to get a headache. "Karma?" I sighed heavily when I heard his gruff voice. "Yeah, dad what's up." I sighed and nodded my head before remembering that he couldn't hear my head raddle. "Yeah, dad what is up." I looked up at the roof and felt my eyes slid closed as I rested my arm over my eyes and heard him laugh. "You head back to school tomorrow right." I groaned before rolling onto my side and curling up into a little ball. "Yeah, dad why?" I heard him sigh and he laughs a little to himself. "Just make sure that you are on time and try not to kill or seriously injure anyone okay ." I smiled a little to himself my dad didn't really freak when he found out that I was kicked out of school for the month and then would end up heading to E class. "Alright love you talk to you later." I smile and sighed "Love you too, dad." I drifted off to sleep while on the phone.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off and the sound of my opening of my door when I opened my eyes the housekeeper was looking at me with concern in her eyes. "Karma you are going to be late, in fact, you are about 2 people late you better hurry." I looked at her and got out the bed walking over to my closet, throwing on my black jacket and walked out the house. I drifted around the street slowly sipping my coffee trying to wake myself when I made to make it all the way up the mountain and looked at my hand. The cut of pieces of that knife was still on my end and that was the good thing. I head to the back and noticed that they were having a gym class. I noticed blue hair and the feminine body it was "Nagisa what is up to man." I watched him turn it to look at me he seemed confused "Karma what are you doing here." I smiled at him and look at the yellow mess they called Kuro-sensei. I sighed and walked over to him and smiled "You late Karma." I smiled at him and nodded my head "I'm sorry about that I got lost on the mountain." I smiled at him and held my hand out and he smiled at me "Well in that case welcome." We shook hand and a watched as his greasy tentacle popped as he led my hand. I took that chance to break out my switchblade and stabbed him. But he jumped back. I smile at him "Wow teach I don't even think that was going to work. I also didn't think that you would be that big of a pushover. I laugh at him and slice the air near him to more times before walking off to the building. I sighed and sat down on my seat. This was going to be an interesting first day.