The day is bright and the sun peeked through the windows.

It is early in the morning and there sat Kyoko Kirigiri, typing on her computer swiftly, but her fingers start to slow down and her eyes droop.

Kyoko has been working for hours straight. Typing. Typing. And Typing.

Her position in Future Foundation is one of the worst jobs, in her opinion anyways.

She has to sit an type up essays and forms for the organization and any other material involving murder cases, Monokumas, The Tragedy, etc.

After a few minutes of typing, her eyes completely shut and she fell asleep immediately.

I walk into Kirigiri's office with a cup of coffee in hand.

I quickly go over to her desk and set the coffee down.

"I brought you coffee, Kirigiri," I say as I lean over to look at her face. She fell asleep.

Her mouth was open a little and her eyes were gently shut, showing only her long eyelashes.

She looks so peaceful and cute when she's asleep.

"You can't sleep Kiri-" Before I could finish, her head turns to toward my face and is a mere few inches away.

Part of my face turns a deep red.

Her face is so close.

Why am I so nervous?


It's not like...

I'm going to...kiss her?

I draw my a couple inches closer.

What am I doing?

No, don't think.

Just do it.


Just as I was about to do it-

"" I heard Togami ask.

Each word he said made me blush more each time.

"T-Togami! I was just kis- BRINGING Kirigiri-san some coffee," I say and then laugh nervously.

"Right. Let's go Naegi. There's work to do," he says and walks away, waiting for me to follow him.

My face dies down to a small blush.

I quickly grab a white blanket from beside me and wrap it around Kirigiri.

I smile."Goodnight...Kyoko," I whisper.

"NAEGI," Togami yells.

"Coming!" I head off with a huge smile across my face.