Written for the Pairing the Character Drabble Competition and Lamia's Title Competition.

"Is it…is it true, Kingsley?"

Kingsley knew Andromeda had listened to the radio as often as she could for the same reason many others did. If her husband or daughter had been killed, it made sense that Andromeda would want to know rather than count on a homecoming that would never happen.

Yesterday had brought Ted's name.

And today brought an end to any hope Andromeda still had.

"I'm sorry, Andromeda."

At first Andromeda was silent, evidently trying to process the information that even Kingsley's calm and reassuring voice had been unable to soften. But once everything had truly sunk in, a howl of pain rang out in the cold night air.

Kingsley stepped forward and held Andromeda as she cried for the man that had been through everything with her. The one she had given up her entire family for. The one she had always known she would lose someday, although Andromeda had never counted on it being so soon.

After a while, Andromeda finally composed herself as best she could. "I apologize, Kingsley. That was inappropriate."

"That wasn't inappropriate, Andromeda," Kingsley calmly stated. "That was being human."

They said their goodbyes and turned away-Andromeda to her dark, lonely house, and Kingsley down the path leading away from it. They both knew that tomorrow would be another day of disappearances and casualties, but this was wartime and with war came loss.

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