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Chapter 1: Arrival

Cole opened his eyes as he was blinded by a light as he slowly got to his feet and was trying to get bearings to his surroundings as he saw he was surrounded by sand and getting a better look he was on a beach and the sun was blinding him but looking around something or better yet someone was missing.

"Great another jump and like usual I have no cl-" he then realised that someone was missing.

"Elis? Elis? ELISIF!?" he shouted for his sister not seeing any sign of her.

But then in the distance and approaching him at such a speed were the sound of horses and riders as they came into full view they were armoured warriors and armed with spears, shields and swords and began to surround him.

"Stand where you are trespasser!" he saw all warriors were women as Cole held his hands up.

"Ok first of all…where in the blue hell am I?!" Cole asked as they all had their spears pointed directly at him.

"You are on Themyscira and you will answer for your crimes!" he was informed of crimes he had apparently committed.

"Wait what crimes?!" Cole asked not sure what was going on.

"Silence! Chain him now, the Queen will deal with him." they then surrounded him and Cole willingly let them chain him from his wrists to his ankles as that was done they walked.


"Uh…" Elisif was slowly opening her eyes as she found herself lying in a bed and was in a room as she looked to see her clothes were next to her as she lifted her bed sheet up to see she was completely in the buff, besides her ribs that were taped up.

"Where in the blue hell am I?!" Elis said as she groggily tried to get up.

But she went back down as her ribs were injured causing her to whelp in pain.

"Guess I'm stuck…where's Cole?" she asked herself.


"Can we just stop for a minute?!" Cole complained.

They all stopped for a second.

"You can stop once we reach the palace outsider."

"I need to go to the bathroom." Cole asked as they looked confused to what he said. "I need to relieve myself?" he asked as they understood that.

Sighing in defeat. "Very well, tend to him." she ordered as one of the soldiers went with Cole to a nearby bush.

He was about to do his business but he was being watched. "Can I have some privacy please?" he asked.

She would not budge.

"I'm not doing this in front of a lady even if she could kill me." Cole protested.

She then frowned and turned around as he got what he wanted and went about his business.

Cole then began to survey his surroundings.

Nothing in the distance just ocean so I'm guessing this is an island.

Using his peripheral vision he numbered how many soldiers there were in total.

Counting twelve of them all armed and it is their time of the month.

Knowing this could really go south for them and the fact he does not want to hurt anyone Cole finished as he was escorted back and they moved on.

He kept looking around for any more clues to his whereabouts as he would not have to guess as they arrived at a city of sorts which was a sight to behold as he was led through it and was being looked upon by more women as Cole was led all the way to what he could only say was the palace.

"Kneel before our Queen!" he was shoved down to his knees.

Emerging were armed guards and behind them was as Cole assumed was their Queen as she took her place on her throne as Cole was brought before her.

"I am Queen Hippotolya, the ruler of Themyscira and you outsider, a man are not welcome here, tell me now who you are and why you attacked our island?!" she demanded Cole answer her.

"Now first off your highness My name is Cole Daniels and I do not know what you're talking about and second I have no idea where I actually am and third where is my sister?" Cole now made a demand of his own.

"You attack us and you expect me to tell you of your so called sister's whereabouts?!" Hippotolya said not believing his insolence.

Cole knew he had to try and plead his innocence. "Did the person who attacked you have a missing eye, a missing hand and looked like me?" he asked to confirm something.

One of the guards whispered to Hippotolya's ear. "Yes my soldiers fought with him but his magic was more powerful than anything we've ever seen." she said as his assumption was confirmed.

"He's dangerous and extremely powerful how many casualties?" Cole asked.

"Some were injured others were only knocked out." she said.

"He left your people alive? Guess Miraak is saying you're not much of a challenge to him." Cole said knowing how he thinks.

"Who is this Miraak?" the Queen asked.

"He's the one who attacked you, as I said he looks like me minor some features but I need to know why was he here?" Cole asked now curious.

"We do not know why he came here but why should we believe you and he are not the same?" she asked.

"Taking my word won't be enough will it?" Cole said knowing he'd have to do better in proving so.

"You will be taken to the dungeon till sunrise, then we will decide whether you are guilty or not." the Queen ordered as they grabbed both his arms and looked to follow that order.

"Wait! Just before you do that, is my sister here?" Cole asked about Elis's whereabouts one more time.

"We found a young woman injured in the forest, our healer has tended to her and she's resting." the Queen informed him.

"Good that's all I needed to know." Cole said as he was taken away.

"My Queen do you believe him?"

"I am not sure but I do feel there is truth to his words, I will contact Diana and ask for her presence here, whoever this Cole Daniels is by sunrise we will know the truth.


Elis woke up as she noticed she was being tended to by a woman.

"You are awake sister, how are you feeling?" she asked.

"Where…am I?" Elis asked as her cold compress was changed.

"You are on Themyscira." she answered.

"The home of the Amazons? How'd we end up here?" Elis asked.

"You were found on the shore and brought here and I've tended to you since then." she said.

"I don't know your name?" Elis asked.

"My name is Alexa." Alexa introduced herself.

"Elisif Daniels is my brother here?" Elis asked of her brother's whereabouts.

"Yes he's here but he resides in the dungeon." Alexa said.

"Can I see him?" Elis asked.

"The Queen won't allow anyone to until sunrise." Alexa said as Elis slowly got out of bed and used her magic to summon her clothes and then her staff.

"Then I'll go myself." Elis said as she teleported herself to her brother in which she found herself in the dungeon.

"Cole?" she called out.

"Elis?!" Cole answered as she went in deeper and found Cole in a cage suspended from the ground.

"Cole, oh thank the gods." she was relieved he was ok.

"You ok sis?" Cole asked.

"I'm ok they found me and healed me up." she said.

"Good but they're a bit pissed at me as they think I'm Miraak." Cole said as Elis knew why he was down here.

"Can you blame them? Well look on the bright side they didn't kill you on the spot." she said as he huffed at that.

"Yeah and while I wait until tomorrow I'm hanging up here like a sexy piñata!" Cole said as he was not happy about his current situation.

"Really? You do know you could just bust out of here with one shout and we could just teleport away from here." Elis suggested methods of escape.

"No, I want them to put me on trial and I want to prove my innocence and find out what Miraak was here for and busting out won't win them over." Cole made clear he was staying in his cell.

"Guess so but you do know where we are right?" she asked.

"They said it was Themyscira." he said.

"This is the home of the Amazon warriors, they are soldiers of truth and justice, ordained by the Greek Gods of Olympus themselves." Elis explained.

"So I'm on an island full of warriors who hate men and not only that there's a good chance Miraak is still here but I'm locked up." Cole said.

"Look Cole I'll try to help your defence and-" she was interrupted by guards walking in and they quickly surrounded her.

"You sister, why are you here?" she was asked by a red headed Amazon.

"I wanted to see my brother." Elis answered.

"You must leave and await the trial, I will be here to guard him until then." she said as the rest of the guards escorted her out.

"Don't worry Elisif I got some company to keep me warm in this cold, dark, dank cell." Cole joked as he got poked hard with the end of a spear.

"You will be silent." she told him.

"Well you picked the wrong person to guard as I'm the least silent and all you're gonna hear is me trying to start up a conversation so let me start I'm Cole Daniels I'm 26 years old, I hail from Chicago, Illinois." Cole introduced himself.

She didn't say a word trying to ignore him.

"Well I'll start then it was a warm summers eve when…" Cole would continue to try and break down the barriers between man and woman.


Hippotolya was looking out of the balcony in her chambers as a knock was heard on her door.

"Enter." she said as in came Elis.

"You wanted to see me?" Elis asked.

"Yes I wanted to ask you about your brother Cole." she asked.

"Won't you know by tomorrow?" Elis wondered.

"We will but I wanted to hear what you had to say in his defence." Hippotolya said as it looked like Cole could get an advantage for his trial.

"Well for a starters everything he told you is true and just to say Miraak is probably still here searching for what he came for." Elis said as that concerned the Queen.

"I'm sure he is and he will feel our justice and then he will be dealt with." Hippotolya said.

"Listen to me your majesty, you can't beat him, I can't barely even stand up to him your best chance is Cole." Elis said trying to convince her of the danger.

"I'm afraid our laws must be obeyed if your brother is who he says he is then he will be found innocent." Hippotolya said once more as a trial could not be avoided.

"I understand but just so you know, he could've taken your soldiers down easily and walked out of here without resistance if he felt like it." Elis said as the Amazon Queen was a bit insulted by that remark hearing how they are not been taken seriously by a man.

"But the only reason he's letting you imprison him is because he wants to show you he's not who you think he." Elis explained as now her majesty understood her statement.

However the palace and the city was being watched from afar…

"Cole…Elisif…this is going to be fun."

Looks like Cole has already landed in trouble. Will he be able to prove his innocence? Or will a certain enemy interrupt that?

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