Part I (2008~2010 a.t.b.) : Ch1~5 (Completed)

Part II (2015, 2016 a.t.b.) : Ch6~16 (Completed)

Part III (2017 a.t.b.) : Ch17~ (In Progress)



"C.C., could you look after Lelouch for a moment?" Empress Marianne asked her friend.

"Hmm? What for?" The immortal witch lying on the couch replied with a disinterested tone.

"My boy acts distant and lost in thought a lot lately. Many people think I am a great mother to grow such a fine young gentleman, but actually, he just grew up by himself. I have no idea how to deal with his current...behavior. Charles is not helping, and you know how his other wives treat me. The only source that I can get some friendly advice is from you, C.C.. Surely, you don't mind sharing some of your age-old wisdom of babysitting?"

C.C glared at the last remark, but soon after, she just shrugged and decided that she could take a look at the Empress' son. She has to do something to get out of the boredom. While mumbling pizza is good and all, but even immortal's stomach has its limits.

Later she arrived at the entrance of Aries Villa. According to palace servants, currently, the prince is playing chess with his brother, Prince Clovis, at the garden. Walking towards the location, C.C. recalled about what she knew of the eldest child of Empress Marianne vi Britannia.

In spite of his young age, Lelouch vi Britannia was an extraordinary individual. His chess skill was widely renowned, and most of his opponents (including poor Clovis) had to face defeat against the 8-year-old child. Only Schneizel could be a match for Lelouch on a chessboard. Furthermore, chess was just one of many things that the prince was good at. His academic behavior was exemplary, and although not widely known to the public, he had been able to present a decent theory that was soon put to the test in the field of medical cybernetics. Also, despite his mother's relatively low heritage and his young age, the young prince soon became one of the favorites to the members of the imperial court. Even those who despise the vi Britannia line due to their bloodline conceded to the fact that Lelouch was a human magnet and born to lead. All of Emperor Charles's offsprings were talented and remarkable in their own ways, but prince Lelouch was exceptional even among them.

When C.C. finally arrived at the garden, the chess match between two siblings reached its climax. The Clovis' last desperate attempt to breach Lelouch's defenses was crumbled in vain.

"Checkmate." Lelouch gracefully moved his queen across the board.

"Aww..." Clovis grumbled in defeat. "Let's play one more time! I figured out my mistake! I can do better this time!"

"Sorry, brother. It is very kind of you to spend your free time with me playing chess, and while I truly enjoy your company, it seems that I have a guest to greet." Lelouch dissuaded his brother while putting back the chess pieces to their original places.

Blonde prince looked around and found C.C. at the far end of the garden. Considering the distance between them, Clovis thought Lelouch had an appointment beforehand and was expecting her visit, since there was no way he could recognize another presence at that far away, especially at Lelouch's current viewpoint. "Oh, very well, my eventual victory can wait a bit." Clovis left a quite ambitious remark, then departed with his entourage.

C.C. wasn't paying any attention to this brotherly communication. Her attention was solely focused on the young boy. Her heart beat so much that she could hardly breathe. She could feel the boy's illuminating potential of Geass. She had never seen anyone possesses so much aptitude during her almost infinite lifetime. However, that was not the reason that took her interest at the moment.

Something was wrong about this boy. She could feel it through her entire body. She could feel a connection between them that only supposed to be felt between her and her contractor. But there is something more. Her connection with the C's world made her feel so weird when she sees him. It was like a feeling that she thought she would never be able to feel during her life. But how can this be?

While she was still in the state of confusion, the young prince dismissed his entourage for being alone with her. After every one of them disappeared from the view, the boy slowly walked towards her. The slow walking soon became a rapid step, and soon developed to a full dash. C.C. fell backward to soft grass as Lelouch flung himself to her.

Lelouch looked directly into her beautiful amber eyes. "It has been a long time, hasn't it? C.C.." His words made her feel even more complicated. 'How does he know who I am? Have we met before?' She looked into his face with obvious confusion in her eyes. The prince, with a thin smile on his face, slowly came up to her until his lips met hers.

'Insolent brat!' She thought. However, the thought soon disappeared from her mind when old memories from the future flew into her. The moment of their contract, the reunion at the Babel tower, the confrontation at the C's world, and all those other memories of the time they shared are recollected.

The kiss only lasted for a split second, but for C.C., it felt almost like an eternity, and she was immortal no less. When she regained her senses, she saw Lelouch was looking at her expectantly.

She could not waste this valuable opportunity, can she?

She dusted off dirt from her clothes and stood up. "Excuse me, your highness. It is very inappropriate for you to act with such manners." She made sure to express slight resentment through her voice.

"Oh," The prince drooped and shrank at her words. "M, my deepest apologies, Miss. I thought you were someone I knew." He said, barely holding his composure against overwhelming dismay. He looked so miserable that she almost told him the truth. Almost.

"I see." She said stoically. "Then would you please tell me how did you know my name? It's a rather unusual name, and it is difficult for me to believe that someone actually uses the name beside me."

"I, I..." Poor Lelouch was lost for words. When she walked into the garden, he could feel her presence even without looking at her. He was certain at the moment that their connection remained intact even though he was in a different timeline, and pretty sure that he could restore memories from the original timeline for her.

However, whatever he anticipated seemed failed, and C.C. was looking at him, with her arms crossed, glaring menacingly, and demanding answers.

"My mother told me..." was the only thing that he was able to come up at the moment.

"Oh? Didn't she also told you that you should not lie to the others, boya?" She said slyly. "Although I should have expected such behavior from a compulsive liar like you."

Lelouch lowered his head further with embarrassment, then he realized what she meant by that. "Hey!" He shouted in disbelief. "Why, you...!" He muttered, but could not continue his words because this time, she threw herself at him and it was him who fell backward.

"It has been a long time indeed, Lelouch."

It was the end of November, but it was still warm in Pendragon. In a picturesque garden of Aries Villa, Lelouch was lying on the grass, his head pillowed on his crossed arms. C.C. was sitting sideways next to him. Servants and guards kept a respectable distance from the prince and his newest and favorite companion. After their 'first' encounter at the garden, they spent a lot of time together, enough to cause minor jealousy from his mother, Empress Marianne and his favorite siblings, Euphemia and Nunnally.

C.C. was feeling the soft breeze fanned her cheeks while reminiscing her life. No, it would be more accurate to say her existence. She was living to die, or so she thought. Finally, after existing for several centuries, she understood her true wish. Now, she only needed to find a demon who can love an immortal witch.

Lelouch was content. This was what he craved and desired for, living peacefully with his loved ones. However, he learned it the hard way that it will never last unless he earned it. On the fateful day at the throne room, he realized he was living lies, and since, his life was a constant struggle to prove that he was alive. To live, he has to act. He was ready to take the next step. No, he must take the next step, and press forward.

"C.C." He called his accomplice. "I want a Geass."

"And I want a lifetime supply of giant pizzas. Guess we can't always have what we want, can we?"

"C.C…." He stared her viciously.

"Oh, do not look at me that way." C.C. snorted. "You should be more grateful. I died thrice and overcame countless difficulties to keep you alive, not to mention to be rolled upside down inside a gigantic container filled with tomatoes."

"Sigh…what do you want?" Lelouch admitted his defeat.

"Your credit card when you make one. I don't want to be short supplied with my daily pizza dosage."

"You are going to do that anyway." Lelouch retorted.

"I guess you know me too well. Then I have to settle with…" C.C. moved her head above Lelouch's so she can see directly into his eyes. Her long emerald hair flew down past her neck and tickled his face. "Your heart." She finished her worlds when two pairs of golden and amethyst orbs caught each other's eyes.

"So, those old tales about witches take children's hearts were true?" Lelouch chuckled.

"Do you want to find out?" She replied.

"Spare me. You better think of another one. I can't give you my heart." He said while staring at her.

She raised her eyebrows.

"Because you already have it." Lelouch whispered.

She almost lost her composure, but with her immortal resolve, she was able to maintain her stoic expression. Then she smiled and said, "I guess I have to take this one pro bono, then."

A smile spread across his face. "I can appreciate it."

On that day, Lelouch regained his Geass of absolute obedience.

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