hi guys. or uh peeps i don't know. it's a pleasure not to meet you. I recently received a copy of ARK survival evolved on my PS4. after this please review. I will try my best to update every day EXCEPT weekends.

I walked the stretch of the beach. only to find my tent and campfire ransacked. All my cooked meat was gone and all that was left was my decaying dodos corpse. In tears, I tore flesh from alice. I cooked it in the tatters of my fire. what little hide I received was spent making hide armor it took ages but I finally completed my set. I went out to catch alice's killer. I came across a small encampment. Everyone had bullet holes in them. I knew this camp. It belonged to the tribe of Yvonne. Seven tents stood in a loose semi-circle around a big campfire. I checked each tent and was rewarded with 3 waterskins(full) 2 piles of obsidian. and wyvern milk. I was surprised to find high level equipment in this camp. Then in the corner I noticed a body. Unlike the others it had no holes only sword gashes. It was also wearing RIOT armour. I equipped the armor and his gun. Also he had a note labeled "orders." It read: "find the encampment located east of Ragnarok center. destroy it,loot it and leave a decleration of war there. make sure Yvonne's supply movers find it. leave nothing alive not even dinos. leave the dion's carcesses there to show we wern't desperate. she should accept the challenge by morning. -signed,the management." I was mad. steaming mad. They killed alice, and for what? a war? I wanted to crush them but I realized it was getting dark. I stayed in the tent till day.

le time skip

I set out as soon as the sun was raised. I chased a small Pterodactyl through the woods. I was amazed it didn't fly away. I cooked and ate it. I made a parasaur saddle too. I found one strolling in the plain. I hit it with my club till it finally passed out. After feeding it berries and putting a saddle on it I walked towards a brick chimney in the distance.I strolled to it only to find three cages around it. 2 held dead bodies. the third had a starved woman inside. I fed her and asked her what had happened. "the men came with guns. we lived simply here and praised the queen(Yvonne) they shot our friends across the forest and took us captive." I was puzzled only three people lived at this chimney? It was strange then I looked up. I saw a vast expanse of wooden bridges,platforms and ladders. hanging from the limbs of the trees were tens of hundreds of survivors dead hanging in the air. I felt sorry for the woman and I asked if she wanted to be put out of her misery. She told me no and that If I wanted to find who did this to travel south, toward the wyvern nest.