Dragons and Thrones: Final War – Doom Upon All The World

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It was the year 301 AL in Westeros. Much to the surprise of the inhabitants of the land, many changes occurred, slowly, following the final defeat of Corypheus. Namely winter lasted only a few moons before giving way to spring, which likewise did the same before giving way to summer. The Maesters were predicting a similar pattern to occur with summer giving way to autumn and perhaps the same to winter again.

The lands of Thedas and those from those lands, save some with strong attachments to Westeros and Essos, such as Josephine Montilyet, had all but vanished, Solas' spell had been successful.

Politically Westeros was recovering well, Daenerys Targaryen proving herself to be a careful yet effective queen, aided by able councillors who, for once, had the good of the realm, and not themselves, at the forefront of their minds.

Despite Hawke and his allies disappearing, the alliance between the various city states of Essos remained as they had found their time spent working together to be quite profitable, in many senses of the word.

While there were still issues to be resolved, there was a strong chance of the horizon for peace to properly form.

For the Starks however, those thoughts were far away, as they were instead waiting anxiously, outside the birthing chamber, for news. Eddard, Robb, Bran, Rickon and the other children, two year old Lyanna and one year old Rodrik and Marna all sat waiting, while Gendry was too anxious to sit still and paced endlessly, flinching whenever he heard Arya scream from within. For it was indeed Arya who was giving birth to her and Gendry's child.

"Gendry, it'll be alright." Robb spoke up, trying to reassure the young man. "Arya is in good hands."

Gendry stopped briefly and bit his lip. "I...I know, I just."

Ned nodded in agreement. "It will be fine, Maester Luwin knows what he's doing. Don't forget, Cat, Sansa, Talisa, Meera and Shireen are all in there too."

Gendry sighed but nodded, still, it did little to assuage his anxiousness. Inside the birthing chamber, Arya screamed again as she tried to push. She was drenched in sweat, her grown out hair plastered to her forehead.

"Come on Arya." Her mother urged. "You're nearly there."

Arya cried out again. "I-I can't, it...it's too much..."

Some of the other women shared worried glances, Sansa however shook her head.

"Arya, I know you can do this." She said firmly. "You faced up to Corypheus and did not show any fear, even when he nearly choked you to death."

"That isn't the same!"

"You're right, one is painful, terrifying, almost unbearable. This is just having a baby." Sansa replied.

Fighting to control her breathing, Arya shook her head. "Sansa...shut the fuck up, please."

All the same, the words gave her strength. A short while later, there was relief, and joy, as the sounds of a baby's cries filled the room.

Upon hearing the first cries, Gendry tensed, then grinned. It wasn't until later however that he, and the rest of the family, entered the chamber. Arya was seated upright now, wan but smiling. The baby was wrapped comfortably in a blanket and current being nursed by Arya.

"Arry..." Gendry whispered as he approached.

"A son." She replied softly. "I...I already thought of a name...Rickard."

Gendry grinned; knowing what the name would mean to the Starks. "A good name."

The others nodded in agreement as Gendry got his first proper look at his son and smiled widely. Apart from his grey eyes and long face, inherited from Arya, he was the image of Gendry. So it was the Starks came together, to celebrate a new arrival to their family and, to their great relief, one born in a time of peace.

Meanwhile, in Thedas, it was the year 9:43 Dragon. Within the confines of a ruined castle in the mountains, known as Skyhold to those that knew of its existence at all, Flemeth stood waiting in the courtyard.

She did not turn around when he arrived. "I have been waiting long, Dread Wolf."

"I did not mean to keep you waiting...I had to be sure everything worked." He replied. "Also, do not call me that, my name is..."

Flemeth interrupted. "Your name is one of many, just mine is. Flemeth, Asha'bellanar, Mythal...They are the same now."

There was a pause and then a response. "And you believe me to be the same."

"Those of us who have...unique circumstances such as us are the same." Was her reply. "Such is your name, Dread Wolf, Fen'Harel...Solas."

She finally turned to face him, the bald Elven Mage was trying to look stoic, but there was such sadness in his eyes.

"You know why I am here." He said at last.

Flemeth nodded and Solas queried. "You will not run, not fight?"

"None can escape their destiny, nay, I embrace it...But I must ask, are you truly committed to this cause?"

Solas shook his head.

He had no choice, she knew that.

"I have come to far to stop now. I am just glad that, before it was destroyed, the orb was able to cast the spell and restore the worlds to normal." He explained. "I would not wish such a fate as my plan on the Starks."

"Yes, your plan to destroy the veil completely, to restore things to how they were before you created it in the first place." Flemeth remarked calmly. "Such a thing would cause untold devastation, even some Elves might not survive being forcibly returned to their original state."

Solas nodded sadly. "A price that must be paid, or we will fall, this is not how our people should be...I have no other choice, but, I wonder...I only hope there are people in Thedas as good as the Stark, who can prove me wrong, who can stop me."

Flemeth said nothing else. Merely nodded. Solas knew then it was time. He approached her carefully.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

With that they embraced, there was a flash of magic and all colour drained from Flemeth as she became a lifeless husk; but still there was a smile on her face. She had already ensured Solas would not get the Old God soul, or the most important part of her power, having secured them for Morrigan to claim.

When Flemeth fell to the ground, Solas, his eyes flaring with power stood; ready to begin the next step in his plan, no matter the cost.

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