"She was the only one I ever really love," he whispered softly to his reflection, eyes blankly staring into the broken mirror lying on the dirty ground in front of him. He lifted it, as one shard of glass fell off into the dew covered grass beneath him. Still keeping eye contact with the image of himself, he muttered to himself incoherently, "That's not me, that's not me." Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. Something walking through the Dark Forest. This was the first time he'd been out here, and felt nothing. When he would usually be consumed in fear, now he felt only numb. That same thick numbness that had plagued him for months now. As the silvery moon reached its peak point in the sky, the boy decided he should go back in for now. He'd come back another time. He lifted the mirror, that was cracked because he had smashed it against a tree, and tossed it into the pitch black forest. Listening to the thud it made as it hit the ground, he dashed off to the school, his bare feet pounding against the grass. A thorn pierced his heal, but he neglected feeling the pain and carefully sneaked back into the school. As he reached his room his was gone from the grounds, leaving nothing but one shard of glass in the patch of shrubury near the forest. He pulled the small thorn from his foot and watched as a trickle of crimson blood fell softly and silently from his foot. A smile crossed his face at the sight of this. Reluctantly, he pulled a tissue from the box by his bedside and nursed his wounded foot. He then slipped under the covers, his firey red hair matted to his forehead with sweat. A sigh escaped his lips, as he firmly closed his eyes, which had dark circles forming beneath them, and turned on his side, in a futile attempt at sleep. Suddenly, something happened that hadn't for days. The boy slipped away, feeling himself actually drifting into sleep. Of course with sleep came dreams, and dreams, brought only nightmares and painful memories. But it had been too long that he'd been awake, so the boy let himself go.

The boy was standing by the long table near the back of the room. It was filled with food and drinks, and decorations. In his hand he held a cup of butterbeer. He stared around the room. He was back at the Yule Ball. He was dressed in his brand new dress robes that his brother's bought him, and his scarlet hair was slicked back in an elegant way. Still, he stood alone, back against the wall as all the other happy couples danced around him. His best friend Harry, with his love Cho Chang, and Hermione, his true love, with her long time beau, Viktor Krum. As the boy's ears began to grow crimson with fury, his rage was interrupted by someone else. "Ron!" She yelled fervently. "Ron, hey!" It was Hermione. Her beautiful hair had been pulled up into an elegant bun atop her head, with two curled strips framing her face. She wore beautiful periwinkle dress robes. She ran with such grace, Ron had to let out a smile. "Hey, Ron, why aren't you dancing?" Ron stared at her blankly. "There's no one I want to dance with," he replied. "Come on, there's got to be someone," Hermione questioned. Ron looked away growing rouge, "There is. But she's already with someone else." At this Hermione looked to the floor, realizing his implication. She knew of his "crush" on her. Quickly, she changed the subject. "The decorations are lovely, aren't they?" Ron mumbled a response. Hermione thought for a second. "Well," she said, "Viktor went for a walk with one of his old friend's who he hasn't seen for years. I suppose they'll be catching up for quite a bit. How about you and I go out for a walk around the campus. It's so beautiful at night. We can talk for a bit." Ron was reluctant, fearing that Hermione was unknowingly leading him on. Then he though, 'She's my friend. Even if she doesn't feel the same for me as I do for her, she's still my friend.' He looked up into her eyes. "Sure," he said with a smile. The two walked out into the night, under the stars, both with their eyes on the ground. "So, what happened to your date, if you don't mind me asking. You did come with that nice blonde girl from Hufflepuff, what was her name?" "Geraldine. Yeah, I came with her, but, she was bored with me and left about an hour into the night." Hermione bit her upper lip. "Oh, I'm sorry Ron." Ron smiled, "It's alright, she was just a last resort anyway. I mean, she was very pretty, but I had my eye after someone else who was already taken, anyway." There was an awkward pause in the conversation. "Well, anyhow, it's a beautiful night. I'm glad we came out here." The two paused at a patch of slightly taller grass near a tree by the edge of the forest. "Yeah me too," Ron replied. "So how are things between you and-" "Viktor? Oh, fine. Just fine." Hermione quickly searched her mind, wanting to change the subject of conversation, but Ron went on. "So, you're really happy, are you?" "Yes." "I only ask because I'm worried about you Hermione." She rolled her eyes. "Ron, you have no reason to worry. I know you're a little, jealous-" "I am not jealous!" "Oh all right. All I'm saying is Viktor is a great guy and he'd never do, anything, to-" Hermione had spotted her boyfriend over Ron's shoulder. He was sitting on a bench, kissing another girl. "I think, I'm, oh-" Hermione burst into tears. Ron, looked at her, completely lost and shocked. "I'm sorry, did I say something wrong. Viktor is a great guy. I'm sorry. Don't cry, Hermione." All Hermione did was point to Viktor. Ron turned to see the source of Hermione's tears. Instantly he dashed across the yard to the two, face matching his hair in colour, anger showing in his eyes. Without thinking, he grabbed Viktor by the colar, swung him around in his seat and punched him as hard as he could. He knocked Viktor Krum out cold. Shocked at this great feat, Ron then turned his anger on the homewrecker, and began to choke her. He was stopped by Hermione's hand on his shoulder and a slew of people who had come off the dance floor to see the commotion. Ron shook his head and lept up from his seat. The girl was terrified and grasping onto her now red neck. Ron took Hermione by the hand and ran her off to the tree they were just at. She looked at him, with tears in her eyes. "Thanks," she said wiping away a tear with the back of her hand. He looked up at her, and touched her bottom lip with his thumb. "No problem,"he said and leaned in for a kiss. She hessitated at first, but then closed her eyes and leaned in as well, pressing her soft pink lips to his is a passionate first kiss. Carefully, he then slipped his tongue into her mouth, which both slightly shocked and aroused Hermione, who went along with it. They stayed there a long time that night, kissing and holding each other.

Suddenly, Ron was jolted out of his sleep. A smile was on his face. Then a tragic look came over him when he realized where he was. It had all happened, and it should have made his life wonderful. But instead, it only made it worse. Sinking him ever deeper into the depression that had been consuming his life for years. Hermione and Ron had that one night. Then, the next day, a tearfilled Hermione came to Ron to tell him that Viktor, told Hermione the whole story of what really happened that night. That the girl was his friend, and they were just sitting there talking, when suddenly, she kissed him and he was so surprised he didn't know how to react at first. And Hermione accepted his story. Hermione looked down at the ground when she said, "Ron, a part of me will always love you. You're a great friend and at one time, I thought of you as more than just a friend. That part of me took over last night. But, Ron, you can understand, I love Viktor. And I have to forgive him, I just have to. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" At this she turned and ran the other way. That was the last time they had spoken. As Ron sat in his bed, remembering, tears began to form in his own eyes. "It's not fair," he muttered to himself. Then he screamed into his pillow, praying no one would hear, "It's not FAIR!" He began to sob uncontrollably.