Author's Note: This is going to be a slow burn for the first dozen chapters. Then it's going to hit it's stride. This is going to be very much in the style of Investigator Harry Steel (Violent, cool, and fun Harry). It also uses the same universe with a few minor changes to fit the plot better. I have TheBlackHand724's permission to use his characters and if you have not read his story please do, he has some of the best post Hogwarts/ grown up Harry Potter on the site.

This story also has the flavor of Old Crow's work (Cool Grangers, Harry/Hermione fluffy goodness, smart Susan Bones/Stand up guy Neville, doing things the muggle way). I have a dozen chapters completed and ready to post. I will post one to two chapters a week, this story is going to be 30-40 chapters long, maybe longer, and like Investigator Harry Steel it feels a bit meandering at times, but fun. The first 10 chapters cover the first few weeks of the day to day life of Harry as he goes for book five kid to independent young man with power. Harry will have access to Superpower, but he won't use it too much like IHS. Harry is a bit Mary Sue, but just like the books it's mostly because he's very good at learning new physical skills/talents/spells when he has to.

This is my first real story, I have struggled with dyslexia my whole life and like The Black Hand I too have word mix up issues. Years of struggling through school has brought me to this level. I'm hoping that by writing this story I can improve my writing just like he did. So please, don't burn me. If you feel the need to write bad things in the comments just please don't. I'm worried enough as it is.

I hope you like the story.


Alice Coleman had the thankless job of overnight file clerk in the Records and Notices office on the sixth floor of the Ministry of Magic. Her shift had just started when all hell broke loose in the building. She had just sat down with her romance novel and cup of tea when alarms started going off in the building. Not knowing what the alarm meant and hoping it wasn't a fire she locked up her department and hurried to the lobby only to run into a huge crowd in the wrecked atrium. She saw Aurors, and professor Dumbledore, and even the minister himself standing there in his pajamas. She only caught snippets of the conversation but she got the gist of it. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named attacked the building and a group of school children had fought them off.

Everyone was in shock. How could this be? But it had to be real. Just like the stories that poor boy Harry Potter had been telling all along. How dreadful. The Aurors were taking it very serious now. Alice was kept in a waiting room off the atrium for two hours while the Aurors did a full sweep of the building before she was allowed to go back to her department. Not that she minded the wait. Better to be safe than sorry.

When she got back to her department she found three birth notices and five death certificates. She took the five death certificates and stuck them in the heavy black dragon leather folder set to go to Gringotts in the morning before she filed out the paperwork for the birth certificates and filed them in their correct cabinets. Had she been paying attention she would have noticed that one death certificate had a 'sealed records' tag on it and by law it should have be filed in the sealed records box that went to the head of the Wizengamot. But she didn't notice. She stuck all five certificates into the folder and went about her business. Little did she know that her clerical error would lead to hundreds of deaths, the downfall of the British magical world, and the rise of a new superpower.

Eight hours later, a low ranking Auror cadet took the leather document holder to the bank at the start of the business day. That folder landed on the desk of a goblin by the name of Bloodletter, head of the Wills and Trusts department. His day had, oddly enough, been going poorly as well. His shower didn't seem to get hot enough, his eggs and wild mushroom were overcooked and tasted like a kitchen sponge covered in salt, and to top it all off he had spilled coffee on his shirt burning a good portion of his chest. But no matter how bad his day was going so far it was about to get worse. He filed the first two death notices and pulled the two wills out of the file vault but when he got to Sirius Orion Black the will was missing.

What followed his discovery was a four hour search of the entire records vault. Six goblins and ten human file clerks looked in every file in every cabinet until the will was located. It was just one piece of parchment that was stuck in a file for George Witillmore. On top of the miss filing the will wasn't co-witnessed by two goblins nor did it have the signature of the goblin who filed it so he couldn't find the dead goblin walking that made the filing error. Bloodletter took the will to the head of will creation and ranted for the next ten minutes about the mishandling of an official document. An investigation into how the document got misplaced was set up by the security branch of the bank and Bloodletter went back to his office. He sent out the owls with letters to the beneficiaries of each will including a letter to Harry Potter letting him know that he was the sole beneficiary of a second very large estate and that he needed to stop by the bank at his earliest convenience to go over the details.

Bloodletter had a late and quick lunch so he could be back at his desk to fill out and file any wills that were drawn up earlier in the day. By the time he got back a half hour later there was a reply letter on his desk for the Black will. It was a short and quick note that was to the point. All the money and properties were to be added to the Potter family vaults. It was signed Albus Dumbledore, guardian of Harry Potter.

Bloodletter would never know if it was the fact that the will was miss filed, the fact that the will wasn't filled out right, or the quick reply but he knew something was wrong. After decades of pushing paper he knew in his gut that this was wrong. He looked at the death certificate again and saw the sealed records stamp on the top. Then he looked at the date on the death certificate and saw it was yesterday. That shouldn't be. Sealed records took at least ten years or more before they were handed over to the bank.

Looking at the red letters he missed the first time, he realized this was the second clerical error linked to this will, and that really sounded alarm bells in his head. On top of all that there was the fact that Harry Potter shouldn't need a guardian. Harry Potter should have been the head of his house. An Ancient and Most Noble House at that. He was fifteen years old, he just took his OWLs. by the laws of the goblin nation and the wizengamot he should have been given full access to the full Potter accounts and his head of house ring.

Bloodletter took the will, the death certificate, and the reply letter right to Bonebreaker, the head of security. This was a breach of protocol. He should have went to a lower ranking goblin in the security division like he did earlier with the misfiled will, but this was too big for a random security goblin. The two goblins looked over the will and he explained his case to the more deadly looking goblin and soon they were taking all of their evidence to Ragnok, the head of the bank branch. It took another half hour to go over all the points of the case with the head goblin.

"So you're telling me that Lord Harry Potter, the head of, not to mention the last member of, the Ancient and Most Noble house of Potter has just inherited the Title of Lord Black, the head of the Ancient and Most Noble house of Black? And for some reason Lord Potter didn't get the letter informing him of this new development. And old manipulative Dumbledore is signing Lord Potter's legal letters and forms? You know what this is right? A fuck up that could cost this bank millions, if not hundreds of millions of galleons. We need to get to the bottom of this right now. If word got out that a goblin had anything to do with Lord Potter not receiving his Head of House ring then witches and wizards around the world, and not just this island, will pull their money out of the bank. As it is we are losing mages to muggle banks everyday in other parts of the world. We can not let this go. Bloodletter, I want you to work with Bonebreaker and get him anything he needs document wise. No piece of parchment in this building is off limits as far as this investigation goes. The words client confidentiality don't exist you hear me?" Ragnok asked looking more freaked out then either goblin had ever seen their boss and leader.

"Yes Sir. Bonebreaker will have the full might of my whole department behind him sir." Bloodletter said sincerely.

"Bonebreaker, I want your whole department working on this case. Aside from guard details around the building your department is dedicated to the task of righting this situation as fast as you can. I want daily reports. I want this solved by the end of the week at the latest. We need to have answers when we bring Lord Potter in. I also want you to send a human to keep an eye on Lord Potter when school gets out tomorrow. I don't like the way Dumbledore sent that reply so fast and I don't like the fact that the old man is involved with Lord Potter affairs after his majority." Ragnok said frowning at the thought of the old mage.

"Yes sir! I'll set it up as soon as I get back to my office sir. I will also have the Potter Head of House ring located sir." Bonebreaker said before he lead Bloodletter out of the office. The two goblins shared a look in the hallway.

"This is a bad situation we find ourselves in. I am so lucky I put this together and brought it to you when I did." Bloodletter said as they walked down the hall to get back to their offices.

"Bad? No, it's fucked up! If I find the goblin or goblins responsible for this I will personally see to it that they get drawn and quartered before they are fed to the dragons. They will die screaming. This could bring down the bank." Bonebreaker said before he walked into his office.

One week later a young Auror dressed in red robes, with pink hair and a worried look on her face walked into the bank. She walked up to a teller and fished out the letter from her pocket which she promptly dropped. She bent down to get it and whacked her head on the underside of the counter. "Fuck." She yelped as she stood up and tried to regain some of her lost dignity. For his part, the goblin teller looked at her with a semi-amused smirk.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Hi, I'm Nymphadora Tonks, I got this letter about ten minutes ago. I came right over as fast as I could." She said showing him the letter which was short and to the point. It stated that there was a problem with her account and she needed to get to the bank as fast as she could to resolve it.

"You need to see Bonebreaker. Down that hall it's the third door on your left." He said pointing to the hallway with the back offices.

"Thank you." She said rushing off. She found the door and knocked. The voice called her in and she saw a large burly looking goblin sitting behind a big desk full of documents.

"Ms. Tonk?" He asked.

"Yes. There's a problem with my account?" She asked.

"Not really, why don't you close the door and take a seat. I have some information that you need to see." Bonebreaker said.

"Am I in trouble? Should I call my mother? She's a law witch." She asked feeling fear. She saw the nameplate on his desk. This was the head of bank security.

"You are not in any trouble, in fact you stand to make a large bit of gold when we're done here today. If you can get a hold of Andromeda Tonks quickly then by all means do so. It's important that she hear this too. You can use my floo or phone if you have her number." Bonebreaker said trying to put the young auror at ease.

"I have a phone. I'll just call her and tell her to pop over." Tonks said pulling out her cell phone.

"Very good. Why don't you have a seat and I'll have tea brought up. I'll also call in my colleague Bloodletter. He can explain the paper trail better." Bonebreaker said waving her to a seat and calling for a tea tray.

A half hour later the two Tonks women found themselves sitting across the desk from two goblins sipping tea.

"I would like to start at the beginning. This is the Potter will. As you can see it clearly states that Harry potter should have gone to Sirius Black, his godfather, if he was unavailable then the young Potter scion should have gone to Alice Longbottom, his godmother. If she were unable to take the boy in, you can see your name is next on the list." Bloodletter said handing over a copy of the document.

"What?" Tonks asked looking confused. Her law witch mother had a different look on her face. It was equal parts shock and anger.

"My god." Andy said understanding where this conversation was going.

A half hour later when Bloodletter laid out all the information they had so far, Andy's reaction was much different. Gone was the shock, it was replaced by rage. She wanted to kill someone and she wanted them to die screaming. For the first time in a long time she felt like a Black again as she imagined ripping the old Headmaster apart with her bare hands. She knew from years of abuse at the hands of her father and mother all the ways to hurt the old man and make it last weeks. But murder wouldn't help her son at that moment. They needed to nail the old man's ass to the wall of courtroom ten.

"What do we Have? I can have Amelia call a session of the wizengamot right now." Andy said.

Her voice was cold, hard, and resolute. She understood all too well that she had a decade and a half of parenting she needed to make up for. She owed it to Lily and James, she owed it to Sirius, she owed it to Alice and Frank. She was entrusted with a the care of her friend's child and even though she didn't know it she had failed them all. But she had power in the ministry. Two decades of dealing with the corrupt ministry made her a powerful figure in that building.

"What can you do? Bring charges against the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and scion of light? It's not possible. The man runs the country and for all intents a purposes he is untouchable on this island. Even if this evidence was to come to light he could call us liars and black ball you and the bank. We would all lose everything and he would still have the country by the balls. That is why we didn't call you, we called your daughter. What we can do is get the Lord Potter out from under the old man's control and out of the country where he can't legally touch the boy. To do that will require the help of young Ms. Tonks here." Bonebreaker said with a toothy grin.

"What do I have to do to save my little brother?" Tonks asked wiping her tears away with the back of her hand. She had always like the short scrawny teen but now that she knew he was supposed to be her little brother her perspective changed. She'd kill for him now.

"We need to get Lord Potter out of that house. But if we do that your friends in the Order will report him missing. Then the old man will tear the island apart trying to find him. There are still gaps in our paper trail and to see how far down this cave goes we need time to work. Having your help Andromeda would be helpful in the area. You have contacts inside the ministry as a law witch and human. We need a week. Maybe less with your help. Once we have a handle on this and we've taken steps to put Lord Potter out of the old man's reach then we can get Harry Potter out of here. We need you to take Lord Potter on the run after that. He has ten houses around the world and as you know the laws of this island end at the ocean. We will provide you with money from his accounts, travel documents, and anything else you require. You need to travel as muggles to get off the island or you have to notify the ministry that you are leaving and that defeats the purpose of running in the first place. We can provide you with a private jet once you get off the island. We can have one in Paris to take you to a country of your choosing. Also our counterparts in what ever city you chose will help you procure whatever you need. The question is, can you do it?" Bonebreaker asked.

"Yes. I can do it. I have a night shift in three days at the house so we can move out that night. But we can't leave from Paris, we have to avoid that city entirely. It's the closest continental big city and it's the first place the Order will look. Also the old man has contacts in the city. We'll leave from Nice. It big enough to have a good sized population and with the summer holiday in full swing it will be full of tourists. We'll drive there at a nice easy pace. We'll get there in a few days. We'll stop in other big towns and cities along the way to muddy up our tracks even more. I need a list of his properties, I also need enough cash to buy a car and clothes, things like that. I'm also going to need a few magical items. I'll get you a list." Tonks said lost in thought.

"We can provide you with anything you need. We need you to get him here before you head out. It's important that we discuss a few options with him. The options we can provide will insure his safety as well as yours. It's also important that he understand the situation and the fact that we goblins did not have anything to do with this. Lord Potter is the single largest account holder in our branch and high up on the list around the world. If he was to pull his account from the bank it would cripple us. The bad press alone would destroy the bank." Bloodletter said.

"I'll bring him here first, in fact that could play into my plan nicely. I'll bring Harry here to the bank and drop him off so that you and my mother can go over everything you need to. I'll pop back to the house and 'stand guard' really all spend the night getting everything ready to go, including putting compulsions on the Dursleys to lie and say the boy is in the house. I'll hand it off to Shack in the morning. I can tag him in, pop back to the bank, and leave with Harry. Shack will never suspect a thing and we'll be in the clear. No one will suspect the boy is gone for a few days, and by the time they do our head start will be too big. On top of that, no one will think to look for me. But the ruse will only hold up for so long. If I'm not there to take a shift in four days then the old man might catch on. The same with work." Tonks said.

"I can cover for you there. I can say that Ted's mother is sick and you had to go to France to stay with her for a few days until I could get time off. I'll even send Ted down there to lend credence to the cover. It will be a good chance for him to get clear of the island too. That should buy you a week easy." Andy said with a smirk.

"Good thinking Mum! If I'm not missed then they'll just be looking for Harry. We can slip under the radar so to speak." Dora said excitedly.

"Don't get too excited, this could all blow up in our faces in a week. The old man runs the country after all. We're all going to have to pull up stakes and leave the country too." Andy reminded her.

"I know. There is nothing holding me here. I have a job working for a corrupt ministry that I hate, and a second job working for a corrupt old man. I barely have any gold in my vault. The lease on my crappy apartment is up in a few months and thanks to my two jobs I have no social life. Once we get out of the country the ministry can't touch us. And as long as we keep our heads down the old man won't find us. You and Dad on the other hand have lives. You have your law firm and dad has his accounting firm. The houseā€¦" Tonks said feeling emotional.

"It's all things dear. I can close up the firm in a few weeks. Miller and Son's has been trying to buy up your father's firm for years. He could sell it tomorrow. We can hide the house, we don't have to sell it. And with the dark lord running around again we're prime targets as it is. Your father is muggleborn and more muggle and magical, and I'm a blood traitor. How high up on the list do you think we are?" Andy said with a sad smile.

"Speaking of lists we should talk to Harry's friend Hermione. She was involved in the ministry incident and I know she's on the dark lord's shit list and Harry will never leave the country without her. The boy loves her. They're good for each other. But they're both too chicken shit to admit it. It might be a good idea for the Grangers to take a vacation to Paris, we can meet them outside the city and drive south." Tonks said trying to see three steps ahead.

"A good idea. We can help them mothball their house and business in the next two days." Andy said with a smirk.

"And I have to make a house call today to explain the situation. They are targets, they need to get out now. I think we might be sending them on their way tonight with some cash, clothes, and new faces." Tonks said.

"We'll get you whatever you need. The head of the bank branch has opened the bank's coffers and we can get you funds now on us until the Lord Potter gets here. We have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. I suggest we get started." Bonebreaker said.