Normally Emma would be overjoyed to see that it was a beautiful spring morning outside, but recently nothing has eased her mood, not even hot cocoa with cinnamon. It's been 11 days since the incident, 11 days since Regina was taken. Emma practically rolled out of bed with an emphasised sigh.

"Emma, you're up!" Mary Margaret smiled as Emma made her way down the stairs in her parent's loft. "Emma honey, how are you feeling? Did you get enough rest?" Emma shrugged of her mother's question with a dazed look.

"Any news?" Emma asks hopefulness evident in her voice.

"Not yet, why don't you try another locator spell?" David chimes in still dressed in his deputy clothes.

"Dad, I've tried that over and over, for some reason locator spells aren't going to help us find her- we need to take another approach, no magic." Emma pausing for a moment before inhaling a deep breath and continuing. "I think whoever as Regine has done something to mess with the magic."

"Why would you think that?" Mary Margaret asks curiously as she hands cups of coffee to her husband and daughter.

Emma hesitates before talking "…Because, when I realised locator spells weren't getting us anywhere I tried to… I tried to poof myself to Regina"

"What?!" her parents cut her off before she could explain further.

Emma waits for them both to let her speak. She takes a sip of her coffee. "Guys, it's okay just because I did that as the dark one doesn't mean doing it now will change me- I used light magic to do it." She says as reassuringly as she can.

"So… that didn't work?" Henry asks coming into the room

"No kid, it didn't, sorry… I just ended up at her office…" Emma put her hand on Henrys shoulder as an attempt to comfort him but he just pulled away. Emma just looks at him confused for a moment before dipping her head as realisation kicks in. She looks over to her parents with a pleading look "Could you give us a minute?" They both nod and head out of the apartment smiling at Emma kindly before closing the door behind them.

Henry slumps onto the sofa with a less than impressed look and an angry sigh. "So, you're just giving up!" he snaps looking straight ahead away from Emma.

"What… No kid, there's no way I'm giving up, I just don't think me magics gonna cut it…" she sighs and looks at Henry and then at the ground "We have to figure out a plan B" Emma says slightly lost in thought. A few moments of peaceful and welcomed silence passes before either of them speak again.

"Mom…?" Henry asks, almost in a whisper.

Emma puts an arm around him as she pulls him into a hug hoping he will confide in her about his true feelings about everything. "Yeah kid"

Henry relaxes into her embrace and sighs "I really miss her…" Emma just holds him tighter hoping to calm him as she sees his tears begin to fall.

Once a moment had passed and henry had calmed Emma gave him a reassuring squeeze "Me too kid… me too" Suddenly Henry shot up looking surprisingly excited. "Woah kid, what's got you so energetic all of a sudden?!" Emma asks slightly shocked but mostly confused.

Henry looked at Emma seriously "Where did you say you ended up when you tried to magic yourself to my mom?"

"umm… just outside her office building, but kid, she wasn't in there … I checked everywhere" Emma looked at Henry sorrowfully but was taken back by the fact that he was still smiling.

"That's just it though… you didn't check everywhere because there's a part you nor anyone else knows about!" Henry exclaims excitedly.

"What are you talking about Henry?" Emma's more confused now. Henry notices the confusion on his mother's face. He walks back over to Emma with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"She has a secret basement there, that must be where she is…" Henry paused for a second to let Emma take in all the information before he continued eagerly "Mom … we have to go there … like right now, come on!" Henry says seriously yet hopeful, he's just anxious to get there.

"Okay kid, we can go but just don't get your hopes up too soon…okay." Emma says not quite convinced.

Emma and Henry make their way to Regina's office hand in hand, Henry swings their hands back and forth excitedly. He's certain that he's worked everything out but he can't help but worry about how his mom will be when they find her. As they walk further down the street towards the mayor's office building Emma can't help but look at Henry and worry. Although shed warned him not to get his hopes up she could see the hope gleaming in his innocent eyes and the happiness in his cheeky grin staring straight back at her.

They come to a stop outside the large building and they share a look of both fear and hope. Over the past few weeks Emma and Regina's feud had ended and they were actually beginning to grow closer, maybe even became friends… much to Henrys delight. "Come on, it's this way!" Henry stated pulling Emma from her thoughts and the place she's been standing.

"Okay kid, I'm right behind you" Emma exclaimed as Henry nearly pulled her to falling over. She could tell he was more than certain Regina would be here and Emma was starting to believe it herself. Henry stopped by a part of the huge brick wall on the side of the mayor's office. He turns to see the confused look on Emma's face and decides he should probably explain.

"There's a door here somewhere… my mom she makes it appear…" Seeing Emma still looks confused Henry decided to continue. "… with magic, she waves her hand by the wall and a door just appears…" This time Emma nods in understanding. Before she can speak Henry begins to talk again, this time less excited but more reminiscent. "One time she brought me here. I had just had a nightmare and couldn't get back to sleep so she magicked us here and we went inside…" He sees Emma listening contently clearly intrigued. "She told me that because it a secret place the masters couldn't get me there and id be safe with her- she said we could camp out her so we did… it was really fun" Henry smiled to himself at the happy memory but then he sighed. He just wants his mom to be in there.

Emma looks at Henry and can see in his eyes that he really did have what she wished for him, he did get his best change. Regina had been his best chance. "So… I'm guessing this is where I come in, you want me to do some hand waving" she chuckled hoping to cheer him up even a little but she knew that nothing would work. What would work would be Regina- she always knows what Henry needs even when he doesn't. Henry still looked no different. Emma could tell she wasn't alone in fearing what they would find. Obviously, they were desperate to find Regina but it was the thought of what state they would find her in that scared them.

Emma brought Henry into a tight embrace ruffling his hair in the process before sighing. "You ready kid?" as asked cautiously. Henry simply nodded, He was eager to find his mom and give her the biggest hug he could manage. Emma steps away from Henry and closer to the wall. She closes her eyes to calm herself and focus her energy into her magic. She raises her hand and with all the energy and hope she can muster she tries to will the door to appear.

She looks in amazement as the door slowly appears. Her mouths drops open for a moment as she mentally congratulates herself. She leans forwards and pushes the door too, slightly surprised by the fact that it opens.

There is a steep stairwell going down into darkness. Emma turns to Henry and before she can get a word out Henry runs towards the stairs grabbing Emma by the hand and pulling her with him on the way. They both race down the stairs hand in hand. Both silently praying Regina is okay and actually in the 'secret' basement.

At the bottom of the stairwell they come to a corridor with just once mahogany door at the end. They both pause for a split moment to share a hopeful look before darting straight for the door. "WAIT!" Emma suddenly shouts as Henry goes to open the door without hesitation. He turns and gives Emma his best 'are you kidding me' look.

"Sorry kid, I … I just think maybe I should go in fist… you know just in case." Emma whispers not wanting to upset Henry further.

"Why?" Henry askes innocently with a more than confused look in his eyes almost hurt.

Emma brings herself down to Henrys height and puts a reassuring hand on his should. Henry looks away from Emma upset. Emma brings Henrys face to look at her and she looks him in the eyes. "Look kid, I know you wanna get to your mom but we don't know what we are gonna find…" she hesitates before continuing "she might not be in here for starters but if she is there a good chance that… well there's a chance she's hurt" she says but secretly hopes that she's wrong about Regina being hurt. She shakes the images of Regina in pain from her mind and tries to focus on getting Henry to understand that he might not want to see what could potentially be on the other side of the door.

Henry takes a deep breath and breathes it out deep in thought. "Okay, but shout for me if you find her… please" Henry gives Emma his best pleading look and she just nods at him understanding. Emma stands and moves to the door. She lets out a breath she didn't realise shed been holding and grabs the handle. She looks back at Henry before turning her gaze back to the door. She closes her eyes as she braces herself for what she might find.