An: Hello readers this is my new story called Uzumaki Kankandara I hope you love it because she's from Jyoka's Hachishaku-sama's doujin series and chapters and just for fun Hachishaku-sama might make a cameo in this story and will meet Kankandara and Naruto.

Summary: Based on Jyoka's Hachishaku tale chapters and the Kankandara chapter I wanted to make an actual Story of this since her and Hachishaku-sama are my favorites. But what happens when our favorite blonde Uzumaki runs deep into the forests of death waking up the snake lady from her long slumber

Chapter 1: The Shrine Maiden's Vengence and Kankandara's Resurgance

Years ago Before the great shinobi era, its current era is the sage of the 6 paths. there was a Shrine Maiden named Lady Aoi who was a beautiful woman and shrine maiden of a small Eastern village , She was the strongest maiden in that village, unknown to her that the village she is protecting feared her power for obvious reasons worried that she could use her powers on them Even her own household and family feared her power. One Month later the village was attacked by a great snake, the Villagers pleaded for Aoi to protect them from the giant snake, she willingly went to face the snake to protect the village she cared for, She mustered all of her strength and courage to defeat the snake by weakening it's lower half body. The snake still lived and the village seeing no other choice or option for victory but to approach the snake and offered Lady Aoi to the snake for a sacrifice in return of the village's safety. Shocked betrayed and confused Lady Aoi was, as the Villagers cut off her arms watching the snake swallow her alive, It was at this very moment she discovered the village and her Household had Planned this fearing her power more than anything. Emotions ran through her and these emotions were Anger, shock, Betrayal and sadness lashing out wanting to curse the Villagers she sworn to protect but an idea came to her and she had her own victory... She placed a powerful curse on herself to become and Live as the snake she bested in battle. Several days later with the lower half of the Snake's body she went on a bloody massacre on the village who conspired against her... She murdered Everyone including her own Household, The Villagers pleaded and begged for mercy or to be spared but she ignored their pleas and still slaughtered them like cattle. After the purge was over she took an arm of each who betrayed her mainly her Household family members.. having 6 arms after she had gotten her revenge she disappeared into the deep forests and secluded herself there to control her bloodlust

Months later rumors have been going on about the 6 armed Snake lady Kankandara warning travelers to never venture off in the deep forests Should Kankandara attack them

Those who fell prey to Kankandara we're never seen again Everytime a traveler wanders in the forest and if they wander too deep in the forest at night, Kankandara makes a sound that goes 'Chirini' if that sound is heard that means Kankandara is near hiding in the shadows of the dark forest, or up in the tree's... Or even in caves and in bushes. That sound echoed as if she was everywhere in the forest as a chill can run down your spine from hearing the same chant 'Chirini' in the shadows her snake like Iris can stare into your soul making you freeze in place and her grinning face Should she reveal herself with her bare chest revealed with her 6 arms.

Most would be frightened at the sight of her as she coils her snake body around your body squeezing you like a Anaconda making you stare into her terrifying face and expression that is enough to send you in shock rendering you passed out, once you are passed out she drags you to her lair that is in the deepest section of the forest that is most likely Forbidden.

Once you are in her lair you are unable to move, now why can't you move? Because she either bit you with her snake fangs injecting Her Venom that freezes your Blood paralyzed your muscles and joints preventing you from moving or to escape from her... You lay there helplessly frozen like a stiff statue as you see her slither towards you just grinning at you until you die... Since her Venom can be twice as deadly as a jorogumo spider's Venom.

( Time Skip)

For 18 years Untouched by time itself it seemed Kankandara had lived in her forest unaware of what has changed, She still kills her victims who venture into the forests of Death as many has called it and why was it called that? because deep in the dark forests was where kankandara lived, Even the animals and beasts who lived in the forests of death feared Kankandara, she not only preys on humans but animals too.

Months later she had been recently killing kids who wore headbands with leaf mark insignia's on them every year she has killed children who had been doing some sort of trial that she did not understand.

The Higher authorities who owned the Forest of death that was like part of their village were forced to close their 'Chunin Exams' for the safety of the village's children. Senju Harashirama, Tobirama, Mito Uzuzmaki and Madara Uchiha had to get to the bottom of this and put a stop to this monster.

The four legendary Shinobi ventured into the forest of death to stop this monster once and for all

In truth they encountered Kankandara and had a look of fear when they saw her she attacked the four shinobi with all of her might she even used her physical Shrine Maiden powers against them. The only one who was able to subdue her was Senju Harashirama using his wood style to strap her against a very big tree using all of his wood to restrain her while Mito Uzumaki placed a seal on the tree and on Kankandara sending the Six armed snake woman into a deep sleep for Eternity while Madara pinned the woman's arms with Kunai's as wood tentacles wrapped themselves on her arms and her whole snake body and torso. The wood Kept her attached on the tree as she went into her deep sleep.

Not knowing what to do with her they thought of leaving her there to slumber hoping in the future that no one wouldn't wake her.

Years later as of today There was peace and that The chunin exams resumed and that Kankandara was still in her slumber. However even in her slumber the Forest became a little Cursed.

( Konoha Timeskip)

6 years after the Kyuubi attack, A six year old Naruto crawled through the hole in the chain link fence that was connected to the Forest of Death. Now why Little Naruto was going through there? Because the whiskered Blue eyed boy was running for his life from a mob of villagers and Shinobi who were drunk and angry as they prepared to Attack him on the Kyuubi festival every year. He was born on the day of the Kyuubi attack and he wondered why everyone is trying to kill him.

Within mere minutes he had ran and ran faster heading deep into the forest, hiding behind a tree looking ovee to make sure no one wasn't following him, seeing he wasn't Followed he sighed in relief as he was glad that the Shinobi couldn't chase him in the forest since they had to get permission from the Hokage to go in the Forest.

Walking a little deeper in the forest he laid up against a big tree taking a breather, he felt the wind blew cold air as he started making a fire, Unaware to Naruto he wasn't aware of what was on the Giant tree that he was laid against. Now feeling a little warmer from the fire he picked up a small stick was playing with fire before waving the stick of fire as small sparks of the flame touched the tree he was laying up against, For a minute he could had swore he smelled burned paper turning away holding the fire stick his eyes widened in shock at what he saw on the tree.

He saw a Woman with her lower body as a snake and she has six arms and she was topless and she looked to be asleep. Turning his attention on the burning paper he realized he burned some seals he shivered looking at her as the wind blew again putting out his fire stick.

The Woman on the tree to his surprise snap opened her eyes scaring him as she hissed of that of a Snake waking up from her long slumber her yellow eyes Narrowed dangerously.

" I LIVE AGAIN!!!" She yelled in her Angry tone as All Naruto could do was look at her in shock and fear.

" To think that Damn Senju, Uchiha and Uzumaki would use their skills to defeat me! the Shrine Maiden Aoi-sama!" She yelled trying to get out of these tree branch bindings but realized her arms were useless again! because there was kunai's embbed into her arms joint points disabling her

" That son of a bitch! the Uchiha used his kunais to disable my arms! i can't move them! I'm just stuck to this tree!" Kankandara said furming in anger not noticing Naruto.

Looking around she could tell that she was still in her domain the forest of death finally looking down she noticed a strange blonde boy.

" H-Hello" Spoke Naruto weakly as she shivered at her gaze.

Looking over him she could tell that he was a human boy, Looking at him with a amused expression if she couldn't break free then maybe she could get this human boy to free her, She grinned a ear to ear Smile.

" Dear Boy... would you be so kind to free me from this tree my arms are useless i will need some new ones" She asked kindly looking at him as he flinched thinking if this should be a good idea to free her.

She frowned seeing he was hesitant in freeing her from this tree she could feel fear within this boy.

" Please, dear boy... come forth to me i mean you no harm.. free me from this tree" She spoke rather nicely Hoping to gain his trust and hoped he would free her.

Listening to her and her tone he walked up on the tree unaware of her smile as he climbed up on the tree removing all of the kunai off her arms tossing them away as they rusted to dust when they hit the ground. Her arms hung as he looked shocked at how can a woman like herself have 6 arms? he then looked up at her exposed chest area Blushing looking away, She noticed this and grinned seeing that he was looking at her chest area.

Using another stick lighting it on fire putting it on the tree vines that held Kankandara in place burning them off her. She broke free from the wood vines and coiled herself around Naruto shocking him.

" I must thank you dear boy, in return of my gratitude you will come with me and stay with me!" She spoke with him widening his eyes as he went pale, She slithered off into the dark pits of the forest of death heading for her lair hoping it was still intact and wasn't touched by anyone.

To be continued

An: Hoped you liked the Chapter i will write the next one soon Now I'm going to remind you all That Kankandara is from the Hachishaku-sama Doujin series and if you seen the Doujin then you know what im talking about. And Also Hachishaku-sama will show up in this story.

Small Harem,

Naruto x Kankandara x Hachishaku-sama.

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