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(Opening theme 'Target')


The scene opens with a light shining, before the Crests are seen flying towards it as they spin around, ending with the Crests of Determination and Compassion before the light shines brightly and forms the title 'THOR Alter: Digital Story-King's War Arc' for a brief moment, before the Crests of Fate and Redemption pass over it, as the title changes to 'Kaiser's War Arc'.

FURUSUPIIDO de mawari hajimeta SUTOORII

The scene opens with a scene of the Digital Gateway, with the Chosen along with their friends flying through the gateway, ending with a shot of Rusty, Aile, Oren, and Emerald flying through.

akaku daichi someageru

The scene changes to show a whip crack before the camera pans up to the owner of the whip, revealing the Digimon Kaiser, a sadistic smirk on his face as he looks over an area full of Dark Towers and Dark Rings, with controlled Digimon meandering around in almost zombie-like fashion. The scene changes to show a quick shot of Rusty, Bemmon, Aile, and Hawkmon opening their eyes and looking forward, before the scene changes to show Oren alongside Lopmon and Terriermon, expressions of grim determination on their faces. The scene then changes again to show Emerald looking a bit lost...before Morphomon lands on her with a smile, causing her to smile back in amusement.

chikyuugi ni wa garandou ni natta PARADAISU

The scene changes to show a globe, before it splits apart into three, rotating in a triangle formation, while a pair of sinister yellow eyes open in the middle of the triangle.

bokura no te de sukuidasou

The scene changes to show the Chosen and their allies standing on a cliffside, determined expressions on their faces, followed by a shot of the Digital Gate forming followed by the Digimental Radar reacting.

hateshinaku tsuzuku sakamichi o

The next shot shows a Scroll opening as the Digimental App expands and releases the Digimental in the form of a light that enters the D-Crest above it, the screen shining brightly to release the Digimental.

ima omoikiri kakenukete FAR AWAY

The scene changes to show all of the Chosen's Digimon ascending into a bright light, which shines brightly followed by shots of KajiGreymon, Robinmon, ForceBeemon, Raimon, Konohamon, MetalSealmon, Pegasmon, Nefertimon, Tetermon, ending with a shot of The Speedermon twins, Pierismon, Tornamon, Vanguamon, and a sixth humanoid figure with large shoulder pads.

tachiagare! yuusha wa boku no naka ni iru sobietatsu TAAGETTO makeru wake ni wa ikanai

The scene soon shifts to show each of the first 9 Digimon shifting to their Armor Stages and letting out attacks, starting with KajiGreymon surging forward covered in flames, followed by Robinmon kicking up a twister, then ForceBeemon rapidly moving through the ground, before shifting to Raimon charging up and shooting a lightning bolt, followed by Konohamon landing on the ground, her roots digging into the ground as several vines/roots grew from the ground, lashing out at the screen. The scene shifts again to show MetalSealmon leaping out of the water and firing his horn, followed by a shot of Pegasmon and Nefertimon using their combined move in mid-air, ending with a shot of Tetermon descending from the sky with his stinger at the ready.

moeagare! kodou wa mune o kogashiteru

The scene changes to show the Chosens' allies all riding inside of the RV which has been modded into a mobile base, before the scene shifts outside to show the various Armor Evolutions with their partners riding on them as they fly/run/swim alongside the RV (Pierce and Veemon are riding on top of the RV).

wasurerareta ashita torimodoshini ikun da

The scene shifts out to reveal a computer screen, showing Mirei watching them with her usual smile, before Yggdrasil appears behind her. The scene then shifts to show the Chosen Digimon in their Ultimate forms leaping forward in tandem with beams of light, with the Ultimates of Bemmon, Hawkmon, Terriermon, Lopmon and Morphomon being shadowy figures.

atsui BATORU okose

The final scene shows the Chosen all tuning up and/or adjusting their gear, before everyone and their partners stand together at the ready, a faded image of the Digimon Kaiser laughing insanely in the distance.

Fateful Challenge! Rapidmon & Andiramon!

"And there! Here you go!" Ruby said, wiping the sweat off her brow as she finished putting the finishing touches on Thief's Respite X, sliding them over to Emerald.

"Thanks… it… really means a lot to me to have these back." Emerald said with a grateful smile.

"You said the original weapon belonged to your father, right?" Oscar asked her.

Emerald nodded "Yeah, he was a retired Hunter. Leg got broken in a mission so he stopped working. His stories were always nice to listen to… when I lost him… I guess I just didn't care anymore and listened to whatever good thing I could hear." she sighed.

Ruby frowned a bit "Yeah… I think I get where you're coming from a bit. For about 10 years I thought my mom was dead, but I got lucky and she was still alive in the Digital World, waiting for a chance to get back while helping out there as much as she could."

"Kinda makes me wish Dad could be waiting for me, but yeah…" Emerald sighed. "I know I've already said this, but sorry...about everything," she apologized.

"Eh, you didn't ACTUALLY manage to cause serious damage, so...I guess it's fine," Ruby smiled. "Still, I think it's nice that you get a chance to start over."

Despite herself, Emerald couldn't help but smile a bit at that one. It's funny how not long ago, she'd have found them annoying...maybe because on some level she thought they were having it easy, not knowing what it was like to suffer. But now, she could honestly say that was her being bitter and in some way taking it out on others. Every day she spent being a member of the 'Chosen Children', the more she grew to hate the person she'd been before. Someone who was in a way lashing out at the world for her pain, and thus was an easy tool for people like Cinder to manipulate. Well no more. She was done with that, and she was going to make things right and make her father proud. After that she was thinking things clearly, she knew for a fact that what she had been doing would have just been insulting to her father's memory.

"Say… if Cinder is quite probably out there looking for the Spring Maiden, how long do you think it'll take her to get here?" Oscar asked thoughtfully.

"Well… after you guys exposed her to the world, she became public enemy number 1." Emerald said, remembering how they had told her that they were the Foretellers, but their source for the information was still secret, but she figured it was related to something in the Digital World "So, she can't use any public paths, or take any transportation, otherwise she'd get Atlas called on her ass faster than you can say 'Sorry' and she'd be locked up in a supermax prison in an instant." she said, smirking a bit at that, thinking that would actually be fun to see "Would be nice, but she's annoyingly smart enough to NOT do that, so she'll probably walk the whole way here and take the long way around… I say she'll be here in… a few months honestly."

"Guess that means we can just focus on the Kaiser for now then without having to worry about her plans just yet. We've made sure the Branwen Bandits were wiped out too, so she can't just have Raven make her a portal to get here." Ruby said, a bit of relief in her voice.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to have to deal with Cinder and the Kaiser at the same time," Emerald agreed. "Though, with how you all beat her last time, I don't think she'll be TOO much of a problem," she snorted lightly.

"We prefer to take things one thing at a time if we can. Less likely for us to overlook something," Ruby mused.

"True. I honestly sometimes don't know how something didn't go catastrophically wrong with the Beacon plan earlier," Emerald mused. Now that she thought about it, some parts of that plan were so needlessly complicated, the fact they'd done it completely unnoticed was a bizarre miracle in and of itself.

"Yeah… Gyro complains about how ridiculous Cinder's plan was sometimes… we've heard it all 10 times already though." Oscar said with a sweat drop.

"Can't say I don't see where he's coming from, but it does get annoying after a few times," Huckmon chuckled.

"At any rate, we're gonna see to it that she doesn't get her way anymore, even if we have to pluck the Fall Maiden power right out of her," Palmon said.

"I'll help. Who knows, might piss her off to see I've changed sides." Emerald chuckled before the group left the forge, heading back upstairs to the main floor of the RV and back into the house itself.

"So, anything new?" Morphomon asked once they were back inside.

"Nothing yet." Norn answered as she stood at the computer on the coffee table "But we're slowly knocking towers down one after the other." she said, pointing at the black dots on the map that were slowly being turned white.

"Hopefully that'll piss him off then." Ruby said "I just want to punch his smug face in."

"I think you'll have to get in line, Oren has dibs on doing that first." Oscar chuckled.

Oren chuckled lightly in amusement, having been nearby, but even so he was focused on monitoring the data, and communications. Even creating new firewall programs to ensure Nero couldn't find them. As he did though, that was when he picked up something. "Everyone hang on," he said, causing everyone to stop short as he typed away at the keyboard.

After a few moments…

"Did you find something?" Tentomon asked, flying over.

"I'm...not fully sure," Oren frowned. "It...looks like it's a distress call, but where it's's one of the facilities I set up for research and development," he frowned. "That...shouldn't be possible…"

"But what if someone DID manage to stay hidden? I mean, those facilities did have lockdown functions. If someone was in the right place at the right time…" Terriermon frowned slightly.

"It COULD theoretically be possible…" Lopmon mused.

"The calls yours Oren. What do you want to do?" Ruby said.

Oren paused, thinking about it carefully. "I think...I think we should check it," he said after a moment. "It might be a trap, but on the off chance it isn't...I can't just leave them…"

"Alright, looks like that's another team that's heading out then." Weiss said as Norn already set up the gate.

"Who's going with him?" Jaune asked.

"Well, it's a bit silly, but…" Ruby said, before bringing out the roulette Gyro made "It works when we're not sure." she said with a grin.

"Wait, what?" Emerald blinked.

"Gyro made that a while back to help us decide who goes on missions when we're not sure." Pierce explained simply.

"Like Ruby said, it's pretty effective." Veemon added with a nod.

With that said, Ruby loaded in the balls for the people present right now before spinning the roulette until four popped out, and the ones chosen were…

"Guess it's us then." Oscar said with a blink.

"We should be able to handle this easily if things get out of hand." Weiss nodded.

"Hopefully things WON'T get out of hand." Jaune said with an awkward laugh.

"Yeah, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst." Emerald said with a sweatdrop.

"Thanks everyone." Oren said with a nod, glad to have them along.

"We'll be sure to tell the others where you all went," Ruby said.

"Have a safe trip. If you need reinforcements, just call us," Pierce added.

"Will do," Jaune nodded before they all went through the gate.

A short while later, everyone appeared in a desert area. "Any particular reason you picked a place like this?" Gomamon couldn't help but ask.

"There's nothing around in the event something goes catastrophically wrong and at worst the base explodes," Lopmon shrugged.

" said that WAY too casually," Morphomon said dryly.

"Yes well, let's just say building the Kingdom involved more than a few mishaps," Oren sweat dropped.

"And more than a few trashed laboratories," Terriermon said cheerfully.

" sure you didn't go mildly mad scientist somewhere there?" Emerald sweat dropped.

"Eh, you gotta be a little mad to survive in this world," Huckmon snorted.

"It's more worrying that that's accurate…" Oscar sweat dropped as well.

"Extremely accurate." Weiss said with a snort "We became a bit trigger happy during our first visit considering how often deleting a Digimon would fix up a mess they caused, but we've thankfully gotten some therapy, so now that's the fall back plan."

"Yeah… I think we get that a bit." Morphomon said, remembering how that was often the case when they were on Folder.

"Hopefully we won't have to resort to any of that here," Oren mused as he soon led them towards the facility. What they soon saw was what appeared to be a large rock formation...but nobody was questioning why Oren was leading them to a rock formation, since knowing how topsy turvy the Digital World was easy to guess that the facility either WAS the rock formation or it was hidden inside the rock formation.

True enough, Oren found a particular spot, which he soon slid aside to reveal an access panel. Inputting a code, a section of the rocks slid aside, revealing a tunnel into the rock formation. "Hidden passage. Classic," Tentomon chuckled as they went in. The entrance seemed smooth sailing...until they were met with a metal shutter.

"...not that I'm surprised, but this just got a lot more complicated," Oren sighed.

"I've got this one." Weiss said as she pulled out her Scroll and went up to the shutter, tapping away on her scroll before pulling out a marker from her pouch and writing a few Digicode characters on the wall with it… and then the shutter slid open.

The group blinked in surprise at how… easy, that was "How did you…?" Emerald asked.

"I've been working with the Digital World's logic for over a year now." Weiss answered "Come on, it'll close 5 seconds after I wipe it off, so everybody go through."

Everyone quickly followed her instructions. "I know we should be used to this by now, but its still pretty incredible what you can do with those codes you've been studying," Jaune couldn't help but say.

"I'll say. You can literally hack this world with those?" Emerald blinked.

"Eh...not THAT bad, but yes, if you know how, you can manipulate the world to your advantage in certain areas," Weiss chuckled lightly.

"Even I haven't really figured out how to do that yet." Oren said as the shutter closed behind Weiss.

"Then hopefully, Nero hasn't figured it out either." Gomamon said.

"I think if he did we'd be having some serious problems already." Oscar frowned.

The group paused...and shuddered at the mental image. "Let's hope he never figures out how to do it. Nothing good could come of it…" Huckmon shuddered.

"On that note we all agree," Lopmon said, looking a bit pale from his own mental image.

The group proceeded deeper into the facility, with more shutters and the like in their way. "What was this facility for?" Weiss asked as she created another pathway for them.

"It's an R&D facility. Some of the earlier research on the Crystal Rings and Towers was done here, though not long before Nero took over, I worked it into engineering. There were a few prototypes to vehicles I was considering for my various forces. Managing a Continent is going to need transportation among other things after all," Oren answered.

"Hopefully Nero doesn't have the data on those too. It COULD be problematic if he started adding vehicles into the mix too," Lopmon frowned.

"Assuming the SOS is true, then he might not have been able to get the data," Oren said. "If the Digimon here managed to initiate the lockdown, it's possible."

"Then we gotta hope they managed a lockdown so Nero doesn't get any of his dirty hands on more of our data." Terriermon said.

"And maybe if we can get our hands on it, we could use it to give our tech some upgrade." Huckmon added.

"I'll be sure to see what I can think of once we're out of here," Oren chuckled.

The group continued onward, so far the shutters seemed to be the only defenses, and in their defense, they were pretty good...if not for Weiss's little cheat codes.

"Okay, so how far before we theoretically find them?" Jaune asked after a moment.

"They'll probably be near if not in the control room. That area was designed to be secure in the event of a lockdown with supplies to last for a while in an emergency," Oren said.

"Right… let's see how much further." Weiss said, before tapping the butt of her weapon to one of the walls while looking on her scroll "Seems that we're quite close now, just a handful of shutters."

"Did… did you just use a ping to pinpoint where everything is?" Gomamon asked with a blink.

"More or less." Weiss shrugged.

"That honestly sounds pretty broken," Huckmon blinked.

"Not really. If the metal's too dense for soundwaves, then I'm not going to be getting anything," Weiss shrugged.

"Still useful though. Thank you," Oren smiled at her. "Think you could teach me some of the things you learned sometime?"

"Let's work on getting your insane brother off the throne first," Weiss chuckled in amusement.

As that was happening, Lopmon and Terriermon looked at each other in amusement at the interaction they were seeing. Their partner really didn't socialize with people his age enough, let alone of the opposite gender. But they weren't gonna say anything yet. They had a job to do, and why ruin the mood.

The group continued deeper into the facility till eventually they reached the section that was part of the control room's area of protection. Of course, like the rest of the shutters, that did basically nothing against Weiss's tricks.

The last shutter slid open, revealing several Digimon that seemed to be hiding behind a barricade "Well, props to them, they know how to act in this kind of situation." Emerald said.

"Is everyone here alright? We got the SOS earlier." Oren said as he stepped forward.

"Wait, that voice!" one of the Digimon behind the barricade gasped in shock, before getting up from behind it, Agumon...with a too big lab coat and a graduate's hat on top of his head "Your majesty!"

"Wait, what?" Oscar blinked.

"Is… is that the Agumon variant OUR Agumon mentioned a long while back?" Jaune said with a slow blink.

"I think it is." Gomamon said, looking just as surprised.

Slowly, the Digimon came out from behind the barricade, all of various types… though their attention was still on Professor Agumon mostly… yes that was literally his title.

"I'm glad to see you're all okay," Oren smiled. "When the Kingdom was taken over, I thought everyone would have been vulnerable to being controlled."

"We almost were. If I'd been a few seconds slower in noticing the malicious code, I might not have been able to lock down the facility and cut off connections in time," Professor Agumon sighed. "I'm just glad you were finally able to find our SOS."

"We had some help," Lopmon chuckled. "You said there was some malicious data?"

"Not to worry, I disconnected the systems before too much could get in, and have purged it already. The data should all be intact," Professor Agumon smiled.

"That's good, we wouldn't want the Kaiser to get his hands on any of it and use it against us." Weiss said in relief.

"For now, let's get you all out of here. Due to the situation, we've formed an alliance with the Resistance as well as everyone can agree that the real enemy is Nero," Oren said.

"Makes sense. You'd have to be pretty stupid to still be fighting each other when a mad man is enslaving our people," Professor Agumon nodded. "If you wish, the data is still inside the system. It wouldn't be too hard to transfer them somewhere for your use later on," he added.

"I think we will," Terriermon nodded as Oren went over to the console and took out his Scroll.

He quickly started working on downloading the data, aiming to put this all to good use. There was no way he was leaving it for his brother to find.

As he worked though, he noticed the facility's perimeter sensors warning him of something. It seemed something was coming this way, and with that in mind, he quickly hit the controls to reaffirm the lockdown first.

"What's going on?" Jaune gasped.

"Seems like we're expecting company. So I've upped the defenses a bit for now," Oren said. "It might give us an idea of what we're up against before we tackle it."

"Doesn't the facility have exterior cameras?" Huckmon asked.

"It does! We just didn't use them earlier because we were too busy being in lockdown." Professor Agumon said before going to the console and tapping on it himself a bit, bringing up a few screens on the wall, showing the desert outside.

The view seemed almost empty at first, until they could see something moving in the sands in the distance, before it jumped out from under the sand, revealing what it was.

It was, simply put, a scorpion made from bones, with a large stinger coming out the back… and it was just the first of a large group of its kind as others were emerging from the sands behind it.

And every single one of them was sporting a Dark Spiral on their tail.

"What are those?" Oscar asked in worry.

"SkullScorpiomon. And they're working for the Kaiser!" Tentomon said.

Digimon Analyzer: SkullScorpiomon

SkullScorpiomon. Data Type. A Perfect Level Insect Digimon. Known as the Assassin of the Desert, it sneaks up on its opponent while hiding within the sands of its home, before striking them with its venomous stinger. Its venom travels faster than the nerve data of a Digimon, killing them before they even realise they've been stung. Special attacks are Poison Pierce, stabbing the enemy with its stinger and dispensing its venom, and Blackout, blinding the enemy by breathing out a dark, poisonous mist.

"He's got a whole army of them… looks like he really wants to take this base." Weiss frowned.

"That...only half makes sense," Oren frowned. "I mean, I know I had important data here, but then...I have important data in just about all my facilities."

"Well, considering he seems to also be partially out to mess things up for you, I think he didn't want to accept even one facility managed to escape him," Terriermon frowned.

"Great, so we can add 'petty' to the list of things about him then," Tentomon frowned.

"So guess we gotta protect this Facility then?" Emerald frowned.

"More specifically, I believe we should focus on getting the data and the Digimon out," Weiss frowned.

"The data...shouldn't be too hard seeing as it's a matter of keeping the Scroll safe," Oren frowned. "Getting everyone out...that might be a little harder."

"Guess in the end we'll have to fight our way out," Huckmon sighed.

Oscar looked at the screens...and blinked. " it just me...or are there literally no Dark Towers?" he blinked. THAT caught everyone's attention who looked closely as well.

"Huh...what do you know. There aren't any," Jaune blinked in surprise.

"That'd help us a LOT," Gomamon grinned.

"Right… obviously we don't want to hurt them if they're helping him against their will, so we can't go Ultimate, but Perfect will be enough." Weiss said seriously.

"No arguments here," Terriermon said.

"Even if we can't actually go Perfect yet," Lopmon chuckled.

"Alright, for now the facility's defenses, however limited they are, should buy us some time," Oren said, as true enough the SkullScorpionmon started their attack. The walls of the facility were thankfully quite tough, so the stings and slashes were having very little effect on them. Still, even a small effect was an effect, so it was probably only a matter of time.

"So does this place have any surprise exits we can use to get the upper hand?" Gomamon asked.

"There is a chute system that would lead out of the facility. They'd definitely be good for a surprise attack seeing as they can only be accessed from inside," Oren mused.

"Then that's our best shot," Oscar said.

Oren thought about it and nodded. "Right, and with the positioning...this could work very well indeed."

Outside, the small army of SkullScorpiomon continued their attack, while up above on a throne that was placed on a floating platform, Nero watched with a smirk. "I'll admit it was rather impressive that they could actually stop me from taking over, but in the end all they've done is prolong the inevitable," Nero chuckled.

As the attack continued, he just looked on in satisfied amusement. "It's like they're not even trying," he laughed as the attack continued. "Well, if they want to keep acting like a turtle in a shell, then by all means, I think I'll indulge them," he smirked as the attack continued, no resistance whatsoever beyond the facility's defenses, so little by little his forces were chipping their way through. For a moment it seemed like this would be the easiest victory he'd ever had.

Little did he know he was thinking that too soon.

Several explosions were heard as suddenly the SkullScorpiomon near the back were sent flying, their Dark Spirals shattering at the same time as they landed in an unconscious heap. "What?!"

"Surprise!" came several shouts, revealing the party, their Digimon all evolved to Perfect, save Oren who'd used his Digimental on his partners.

"What the-?! Where did you lot come from?!" Nero said, actually surprised.

"Wouldn't YOU like to know," Zudomon snorted.

"You can forget trying to get into the facility. We've already gotten rid of all the data!" Oren said with a frown.

"Oh really? So you actually deleted your own hard work?" Nero jabbed.

"Better deleted than in YOUR hands!" Oren shot back. Oh that was a lie of course, but he didn't need to know that the data was in a Scroll that Professor Agumon had already been instructed to take and run.

"Besides, you've got bigger things to worry about now!" Weiss said, as the group soon charged forward.

"All troops shift focus!" Nero barked as the SkullScorpiomon who quickly turned to face the group. However the group was faster and soon a few more of them were freed...albeit rendered unconscious in the process.

"Gonna have to do better than that!" Jaune grinned as he destroyed another Spiral.

"You want better?" Nero growled. "How's this for better!" he roared as he reached into his cape and pulled out...a D-Core?

"Wait, what?!" was the general response from the group.

"How the heck did YOU get one of those?!" Oscar frowned. He might have still been new, but even he knew that someone like Nero wouldn't get a Digivice.

"Hey, isn't there something off about that thing?" Emerald frowned.

That was when everyone noticed that the D-Core was in fact black in color, and seemed to have a few cracks on the screen for some reason.

"...okay...if that's not an obvious fake, I don't know what is," Papillonmon commented.

"Oh it's quite real. A little different from yours I admit, but then...I have no interest in such a device that relies on something as ridiculous as bonds," Nero smirked before raising the Digivice(?) he had, which let out a pulse of dark energy and immediately the SkullScorpiomon were standing at attention, their Dark Spirals glowing. "My D-Shadow eliminates such a needless thing! Now, attack my minions!"

The SkullScorpiomon tensed, before they suddenly dove into the sand.

"Um...what?" SaviorHuckmon blinked in surprise at that one...before a SkullScorpiomon burst out of the sand, and slashed at him, forcing him to block before diving back into the sand.

"Are you kidding us?!" Emerald gasped as the SkullScorpiomon burst out of the sand before diving back in.

"They're moving around in the sand!" Speedermon L gasped.

"Land sharks!" Speedermon T shouted.

"Kinda wish Gyro was here right now," Weiss groaned.

"Yeah, he'd send them all sky high," AtlurKabuterimon agreed, as the SkullScorpiomon proved to be quite fast moving...oh and Nero was smart enough to get some range and set up a barrier before anyone thought to try shooting them.

"For now try to catch them when they come out of the ground!" Oren shouted,

Everyone did just that, but the problem was every time they tried going for one or a few of the SkullScorpiomon, the others would take the chance to hit them from behind. This kept up, forcing them to try various tactics, be it splitting their forces to focus between offense or defense, to trying to run interference, all of which became a problem as Nero easily ordered the SkullScorpiomon to adjust accordingly, since even if they HAD freed several of them, the majority was still firmly under his control.

"This is getting us nowhere!" Weiss growled as she managed to tag one SkullScorpiomon with her Glyphs, but that opening was used by another to try and get her, only for Gargomon and Turuiemon to intercept, both having shifted in the middle of the fight, as Speedermon wasn't really a great choice the longer the fight continued.

"It's like fighting a damn Hydra!" Papillonmon shouted.

"Hey, at least these guys will end...probably," Zudomon said.

"You should just give up now." Nero laughed "We all know how this will end! It's my destiny to rule the Digital World, and for all of you to die! And once I'm finished here, I'm moving onto Remnant!"

"Your destiny? Is that what you really think you psychopath?!" Oren asked incredulously.

"Of course! You took my rightful fate away from me! So I'm taking it back, and more!" Nero shouted in rage.

"The heck are you talking about you nut job?!" Gargomon growled.

Nero stopped short at that, before chuckling. " you really don't get it do you?" he chuckled, not a good kind of chuckle either. "I'm the one they picked, the one they wanted. You're the one they threw away, the useless, unwanted child," he said, a hand to his face, before he slammed said hand into the chair and glared daggers at Oren. "So how is it that you're the one that's praised as the genius?! The one that has it all?! You're just some unwanted piece of garbage, you should have just rotted on the side of the road where they left you!"

There was a pause at that one. "...that's it? THAT'S why you're doing all this?!" Oren asked incredulously. "You're tearing apart a world that just wants to live peacefully and planning to invade Remnant over that?"

"YES!" Nero raged back at him, seething. "That's why I'm taking my destiny back from you!"

"Are you even listening to yourself?!" Oren roared. "Destiny?! You think this is about Destiny?! I didn't become the King because of Destiny! I did it because I wanted to HELP the Digimon! Heck, I may be the Chosen of Fate, but I barely even know what it's supposed to mean!" he shouted. "But I CAN say one thing, 'brother'! We did some homework on you and do you know what I think? I think that Destiny isn't your reason! It's your excuse! Your excuse to justify all the rotten things you have and will do! Well guess what, I am NOT going to let you take out your frustrations on the Digimon OR on Remnant!"

Right as he finished, the Crest hanging around his neck started shining, making him look down in surprise before he grasped it, turning to his partners "Gargomon! Turuiemon!"

"Right!" the twin Digimon nodded, knowing it was time.

(Play 'Brave Heart')

Oren's D-Core vibrated before turning silver with gold buttons . A strong beam of light shot out of the D-Core and right through the Tag, carrying with it the Crest of Fate that flew into the air, gathering energy as it flew past the clouds before settling into a stable spin. The Crest started to glow brightly before releasing a burst of energy followed by a beam descending and splitting into two, flowing right into Gargomon and Turuiemon.



"Super Evolution!"

Gargomon's body started to glow and change, becoming thinner and taller, before he raised one of his arms and struck the ground while opening fire, releasing a powerful shot which created a cloud of smoke, the weapons from his arms seemingly flying out before coming together in mid-air while armor formed around his new body, ending with the guns attaching to his back like a backpack, the smoke revealing a thin white rabbit wearing green armor over his chest, waist, feet, arms, heads, and ears, his helmet sporting a horn right on the forehead while his armor on the hands had three claw shaped fingers around a cylinder that looked like it could fire something "Rapidmon!"

Turuiemon leaped into the air, his body glowing as he did and started growing taller, while his arms began to extend, before he grabbed hold of his outfit and pulled it off, briefly hiding himself from view, but when the cloth passed, it turned into a light purple mantle, which wrapped around his new form's neck and shoulders while revealing a new outfit, consisting a pair of lavender pants that covered his legs fully, red armor around his torso, and a white collar just below the purple mantle. His fur was now mostly brown in color with white patterns on his arms and right in the middle of his face, a trio of horns on his forehead, the tips of his now smaller ears pink in color "Andiramon!"

"Woah… talk about an upgrade." Jaune said in surprise at seeing the two new Perfects.

"I'll say, they're MUCH stronger." Weiss said as she looked at the Analyzer with wide eyes.

Digimon Analyzer: Rapidmon

Rapidmon. Vaccine Type. A Perfect Level Cyborg Digimon. Known as the Keen Hound, he is said to be capable of moving at the speed of light to take down his opponents, though that fact has yet to be verified. His giant ears can be used as a radar, letting him see in absolute darkness, and detect enemies from far away. Special attacks are Golden Triangle, spreading his body out in a triangular shape to fire a large green triangle shaped beam at the enemy to completely disassemble its data, and Rapid Fire, rapid-firing (ba dum tss) homing missiles from his arms and the revolver on his back.

Digimon Analyzer: Andiramon

Andiramon. Data Type. A Perfect Level Holy Beast Digimon. One of the 12 Deva, he is a holy beast that took on the form of a rabbit, carrying out the will of the Great Server. He is known for his gentle spirit and love of small things, such as flowers and small animals, to the point that if anyone were to come to trample on them, he attacks violently to defend. His special attacks are Bǎo Fǔ, turning his hands into razor-sharp axe blades to attack, and Asipatravana, spinning like a tornado to slice the enemy apart with his blades.

"So your stupid little friends evolved? Don't think this changes anything!" Nero growled, ordering the SkullScorpiomon to attack again.

The controlled Digimon moved to strike, but right as they emerged…

"Too slow!" Rapidmon said, before he practically teleported and kicked several of them right in the Dark Spirals, the force from the kicks alone enough to break a few while cracking others.

The ones that he didn't get went for Andiramon, who stood his ground, before lashing out and grabbing one by the face, lifting it up with ease, while the ones that tried to strike him found their stingers breaking upon impact with his skin. "Unfortunately, you'll need to do much better than that," Andiramon chuckled lightly, before pulling the SkullScorpiomon along into a spin and used it as an impromptu bat, catching the others, and with a shout, threw them towards Rapidmon, who once again blurred towards them, kicking them right in the Dark Spirals, causing them to land right onto the other SkullScorpiomon who's Spirals hadn't broken.

"Now then, no more trouble for you! Rapid Fire!" Rapidmon called out, firing his missiles, aiming specifically for the Spirals and breaking them off completely while also creating a dust cloud that blinded the SkullScorpiomon which had surfaced to try and even the fight.

The moment the smoke appeared, Andiramon charged forward. "Bao Fu!" he called out, his arms turning into axe blades, before they flashed, and several more Dark Spirals fell to the ground, having been cut off. At the same time Rapidmon didn't stay idle, flying forward, and even managing to do a tag team high five with his brother before they proceeded to well...tag team the remaining SkullScorpiomon, both perfectly covering each other against the controlled Digimon that were rapidly dwindling in numbers.

"Damn...those two are one heck of a tag team," SaviorHuckmon couldn't help but say.

"Yep, those two have always been at their best when fighting together," Oren chuckled.

Nero grit his teeth as he watched the army be decimated. "What are you fools doing?! There's only two of them!" he shouted...right before Rapidmon suddenly appeared before him, actually surprising him.

"Two pretty powerful Perfects… and we're rabbits. Do the math idiot." Rapidmon grinned, before kicking Nero's platform as hard as he could, sending it flying up high till it was nothing more than a twinkle as Nero screamed all the way.

Once he was out of range, the SkullScorpiomon suddenly became more sluggish and less coordinated.

The moment that happened, everyone knew what they had to do. "Charge!" Oscar shouted as everyone ran forward, and together they all made short work of the remaining Dark Spirals, the sand soon littered with unconscious SkullScorpiomon who had been freed from the Dark Spirals.

(End Song)

"Phew...that was a bit closer than I'd have liked," Rapidmon sighed.

"Yeah, if Oren hadn't awakened his Crest, we might have been in trouble," Andiramon agreed...right before both of them glowed and reverted...all the way back to Baby level, revealing two small Digimon who were almost identical save one was green with a single horn and one was brown with three horns.

"Been a while since I've seen you two like this, Gummymon and Chocomon," Oren couldn't help but chuckle.

"Woah… yeah it's been like almost two decades now that you mention it." Gummymon, the green one, said with a chuckle.

"I suppose it's to be expected, that WAS our first time going Perfect." Chocomon, the brown one, shrugged.

"Yeah, you get used to it." Papillonmon said before she and SaviorHuckmon both reverted to Baby as well.

"Don't worry too much about it. You'll all get the hang of it eventually," Gomamon said, as he and the others had reverted as well, but were able to stop at Child level.

"Guess its time for good old training then," Chocomon said in amusement.

"Right, training…" Gummymon sweat dropped, causing everyone to chuckle in amusement. Yep, today was a win for them, and they were going to savor it.

Meanwhile, on a small mountain…

The broken remains of the platform and throne were violently pushed aside, revealing Nero who looked rather undignified at the moment due to how scuffed up his clothes were, with his visor even broken, which he angrily grabbed and threw away. "Dammit dammit DAMMIT!" he roared, punching a nearby rock hard enough to crack it. "How could I lose to those fools?! Especially that unwanted piece of garbage!"

As he raged, a dark aura seemed to emanate from him, which made his D-Shadow react, which drew his attention. "Heh, guess you find this amusing," he half-chuckled half-snarled, before his expression started to calm down. "But then, that's fine. I get it. You won't show me your real power till you've had your fill. Fine then, I'll treat you to a banquet till you're satisfied...and then those fools will realize that this nightmare is only JUST getting started," Nero smirked...before he started to chuckle...which soon turned into laughter, one that would have sent chills down the spines of anyone hearing it.

And there's the chapter!

Yeah, Nero is... pretty fucking crazy.

Though thanks to his craziness, we now have Rapidmon and Andiramon, meaning everybody has at least hit Perfect.

As such...

The Adventure Evolves