River, The Doctor, Rory, and Amy were all in one of the biggest nightclubs on Earth in the 51st century. They were all having a wonderful time. Amy was tipsy, Rory and The Doctor had decided to stay sober for the sake of their wives. River, on the other hand though, was positively smashed out of her mind. And that was saying something for someone who was Human plus Time Lord.

Amy, Rory, and The Doctor had all arrived after River. She had called up the TARDIS and 'ordered' the Doctor to come and party with her. The Doctor, hearing how drunk she was, had decided to be smart and go and bring her home. Of course, two hours later and he was still there, Amy was tipsy, and River was even more drunk than she had been when he'd arrived.

Although, The Doctor thought he had seen River cringe a few times since he'd been there. He thinks it could be the excessive amount of alcohol she'd drunk. Obviously he was very concerned for his wife's health and he had wanted to take her back to the TARDIS, but if you'd ever met River Song herself, you'd know that when she was sober, she was very stubborn. And drunk, she was even worse.

He was sat with Rory in a booth big enough for at least 6 people. They'd both lost Amy and River a while ago and had decided to just sit and enjoy their drinks in peace.

The Doctor was just about to take a sip from his cup of tea (yes, tea, in a nightclub), when he spotted Amy running, surprisingly well for her tipsiness, towards them. The first thing he noticed when he saw her coming towards them was the panic on her face. It clearly read something was wrong. And where was River?

He quickly put down his cuppa and stood up to meet her just as she reached them. For a moment she stood panting whilst The Doctor bombarded her with worried questions.

When she had caught her breath, which was quick, he suspected she forced herself to, she quickly told him in panicked tone, "something's wrong with River, we were dancing and she just fell to the floor, convulsing, she won't stop, Doctor," she said with her thick Scottish accent.

The Doctor quickly pushed passed her and started running towards the dance floor where he saw a huge crowd. He barged through them all to get to River. When he did, he noticed they were all stood so a circle was formed around her. He also noticed everyobe had just stood and watched.

The Doctor looked away, disgusted. He didn't need to think about that, he had more important priorities.

"Rory, what do we do?" The Doctor asked with anxiety clear in his voice. He remembered Rory was a nurse and now he thinks he's glad River called him there and he brought her parents.

Rory knelt down next to River's convulsing form and held her head still in his lap. Just to he sure, as it was River, he grabbed her hand and held it up above her, watching it pull back and hit her in the forehead.

He nodded, mutely and told The Doctor to hold her arms just to make sure she didn't hurt herself.

They waited silently for River to calm down from her seizure, which happened fairly quickly. And when she did, she started to focus on everything around her.

She saw The Doctor first, at her side. She smiled at him and sat up slowly to hug him, gratefully. She turned around to see her father and realised it must have been his legs her head had been rested on when she became conscious of her surroundings. She hugged him, and thanked him for helping her.

Standing up, slowly, she walked back over to their table and sat down. She spotted Rory's untouched larger and took a sip, only for it to be snatched away by the Doctor, who had just arrived back at the table with her parents. She looked up and raised an eyebrow at him, "can I help you, sweetie?" She asked. He stood, baffled by her behaviour. "Can you help me? No! But you can help yourself by not drinking straight after a.. a whatever that was!" He raged. Rory and Amy looked at each other, then at the Doctor and River.

Amy, deciding she wouldn't be of any use right now with no medical experience, told Rory she was going to the bar for a bit, and left. Rory took a seat next to River and coughed a little, to get her to end her game of who can not blink for the longest with the Doctor. When she looked at him, she innocently smiled, "hello, father," she greeted, and he awkwardly waved in return. "Um, River, do you have any.. medical conditions. Such as, oh I don't know, epilepsy?" He asked, to which she chuckled a bit. "No, I don't have any medical conditions, father. And especially not epilepsy," she replied.

The Doctor coughed at her blatant lie, and sat down on the other side of her, and said, "so that's a yes. I think we should discuss this on the TARDIS when you're a little more sober, don't you think?" He said, noticing she was still swaying on the spot, even sat down. She nodded in agreement and put her arms around his neck for him to carry her.