Authors Notes: One day I woke up and had this idea for a Rai/Hartia fanfiction. I thought to myself, this is something D-chan would like, I think I'll write it for her. So, here it is. A gift ficcy I wrote for my friend D-chan. I hope you like it D-chan. Call it an early (or late) b- day fic. And it supposed to be slightly confusing and in short sniplets.

Warnings: It's a boy/boy couple. If you don't like that kind of stuff, please don't read it. Also, I don't own Sorcerer Stabber Orphen. It belongs to the original creators and ADV (I think). This is a non-profit thing ok?

-= =- dream mode

'' Thoughts

"" talking

-= A fresh breeze tossed his hair wildly about covering his eyes briefly. Behind proudly stood the Tower of Fang. Sun beat down up on his back causing him to sweat slightly. Suddenly a noise caught his attention. Turning around he saw his friend quickly striding away from the Tower. Before he could yell out a warm greeting a movement in the corner of his caught his attention. Stalking behind his friend was a silvery blue drake. Lunging rapidly at his friend the drake was on in a flash. Blood gushed forth from a wound on the shoulder. A whip from its tail finished the job quickly..=-

"No, no, no," he screamed loudly jerking awake. In the dim light he could make out the familiar settings of his room. Sweat drenched his forward causing his wet hair to stick against his forehead. Hand grasping the sheets tightly he repeated to himself silently, 'It was a dream, it might not happen..'
Later that day in the library....................
"Lai what are you doing? You usually don't come into the library during the day," Hartia asked softly. Sitting down next to Lai he wondered what his friend was up to. Piled up in neat stacks were various books on dragons, drakes, wyvrens, and the such.

"I'm doing research on drakes," he replied softly. Closing the book he was reading he turned to face Hartia.

"I was wondering if you would like to join me for lunch," he asked quickly. 'I hope Lai accepts. He spends too much time by himself.' Leaning on hand against the table he waited for a reply.

"Sorry Hartia, but I can't right now. I have to much work to do," he answered. Sighing almost sadly he went back to work. Opening back up to the last page he was on he went back to work. 'Sorry Hartia.'

"I'll help you then."

Blinking in surprise Lai just grinned softly while handing a book to him to read. "Thank you Hartia."
Ending notes: There will be several chapters. Each chapter will be a dream sequence, a short scene with Hartia and Lai and that its until the end. That way I can build up to what I want to. It's a new style for me.