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Married II

Chapter 7: Epilogue


It was a typical Friday afternoon for the people of Hillwood. Class has just let out and the students of PS. 118 were eager to start their weekends. Especially one newly minted football headed sixth grader who was more eager than others, for a whole lot of reasons.

"Hey Arnold…"A middle aged man and woman said in sync to the boy.

They were Miles and Stella Shortman, Arnold's parents who have been patiently waiting for him at the school's entrance to pick him up, a habit they have made since he started sixth grade a few days ago.

"How was school, sweetie?...'Stella asked eagerly to her boy.

"Anything interesting happened today, son?...'Miles said in the same tone.

"Hey mom and dad, school was alright but nothing big happened…'Arnold said as he walked towards them.

Yes, that's right. Arnold finally had his parents back in his life. Ever since that insane adventure in San Lorenzo, the little football headed boy was finally reunited with his long-lost parents.

And he has never been happier.

"Well today is Friday, son! The start of a fun weekend of adventures…"Miles said enthusiastically.

"So where do you wanna go? Get some ice cream? Go to the park? See a movie?...'Stella asked her boy.

"I vote for all of the above…"Arnold said suggested and his parents nodded in agreement.

However Arnold looked around as if he was trying to find someone. And he was…another person whom he wanted to invite on his outing with his parents today. To his immense pleasure, he finally found her coming out of the school. A slightly tall girl with long blonde hair in pigtails, a big, pink bow in her hair, a unibrow and a cute pink dress that really suited her.

It was Helga G. Pataki, his girlfriend since the trip to San Lorenzo.

Yep, you heard him…Helga was his girlfriend now. Ever since that adventure and how she went out of her way to help him save his parents from the sleeping sickness, he was finally able to understand his real feelings for her.

That he loved her.

"Hey Helga…'Arnold called to her, getting her attention.

"Hey football-head…"The blonde girl said in an almost affectionate tone to her boyfriend.

Arnold grinned at that. It would always make him feel a strange sense of amusement when he finally figured out that "Football-head", what he always thought was an insult, was more of a pet name than anything from her.

"Hey Helga…'Miles said in a friendly voice.

"How are you today, dear?...'Stella asked kindly.

"Oh…Hi Mr. and Mrs. Shortman, I'm doing good…'Helga said almost shyly to the two adults.

"Now Helga, we told you that you can call us Miles and Stella…" Miles said playfully to the girl.

"Yes, you don't have to be so formal with us…"Stella continued.

Helga merely gave a shy smile at that. Her entire life, whenever she called an adult by their first name, such as her parents, it was due to the fact that she didn't like them and thought they didn't deserve any form of respect from her. It was the exact opposed with Arnold's parents. They were probably the only two adults aside from Dr. Bliss that Helga genuinely liked and respected, and she didn't want to risk offending them if she could help it.

After all, they were going to be her future in-laws if she had anything to say about that.

"Okay, Miles and Stella…"Helga said playfully, earning a chuckle from the two adults and her boyfriend.

'Anyway Helga, we were planning on getting some ice cream and maybe going to the park and later the movies, you wanna come?...'Arnold offered to her, trying to hide just how eager he was.

Ever since he came back from San Lorenzo, he had wanted to do everything with his parents, to make up the nine years of lost time. He also tried to get closer to Helga now that he accepted that she was the one meant for him.

He honestly thought that it was a lovely idea, just spending the day with three people he loved in very different ways.

"You mean it?..."Helga asked.

"Of course, right mom and dad?...'Arnold asked his parents.

"Sure, the more the merrier, I always say….'Stella said with a smile on her face.

"Besides, she's practically family already…"Miles said, earning a blush from the pigtailed girl.

"And maybe one day it will be official…"Stella teased and successfully managed to make her son blush as well.

"MOM!...'Arnold whined, trying to fight down a blush from his face.

Ever since they had caught them kissing in San Lorenzo, they, along with Gerald on occasion, would rib him about his relationship with Helga, playfully teasing and asking for details on just about everything about them.

Just like real parents would, he realized and at the end of the day, Arnold couldn't truly hate it.

"We were just teasing, son…'Stella said playfully to her boy.

"So what do you say Helga?...'Arnold asked, trying to ignore the awkwardness his parents created for him.

Helga, still blushing but finally managed to get out of it, just nodded with a small grin on her face…."Sure, it sure as heck beats putting beepers on display for customers that will never come…'Helga said with a shrug.

"How are your parents, Helga and that sister of yours?...'Stella asked her son's girlfriend.

"Yeah, we haven't really seen them since San Lorenzo?...'Miles asked out of curiosity.

"Lucky you….'Helga thought sarcastically but on the outside, she just gave them a neutral look… "More or less the same, Olga went back to Alaska and my dad is still being stubborn as heck about his beepers…'Helga groaned, earning a sympathetic look from her boyfriend.

"I see…Well, come on Helga, let's go get some ice cream…"Arnold said optimistically to his love, who nodded.

"If you insist, you're buying and nothing on the cheap, ya know…"Helga smirked playfully to her boyfriend.

"Whatever you say, Helga…."Arnold smiled, his eyes half-lidded, earning a smile from his girlfriend.

Miles and Stella merely just smiled happily at the chemistry between their son and his girlfriend..."Aw, young love…'The husband and wife thought in sync as they looked at each other before turning to the two preteens in love.

'Well come on kids, adventure awaits…"Stella said cheerfully as she and Miles lead the way.

Arnold merely shook his head at his parent's enthusiasm but smiled. He turned to Helga and reached to grab her hand. He didn't want to fight it, he stopped fighting it the moment he walked up to her and kissed her in front of the same device that saved his parents and all of the green eyes lives.

He loved Helga and she loved him and he wasn't going to hide it anymore….

He grasped her hand, he saw Helga's shoulders slouch a bit, her eyes becoming dreamy and she had a trembling smile on her face as she let out an audible sigh. Making it clear that she loved him, only him and nothing would ever change that.

And that made him happy. However, it left nearly a minute after it came, as if she had just realized what she was doing.

"Hey, who said that you could touch me?...'Helga said stubbornly as she pulled away from him.

Arnold merely smiled at her, finding her attempts to resist her love for him to be almost amusing now as it was before they had gotten together. Arnold noticed his parents had walked a little ahead of them and he figured now was a good of time as any.

'I just figured…you know…since we're…together…that it would be alright…'Arnold said, his eyes still half-lidded as he gave her a most flirtatious smile to her.

"A-Arnold…I'm sorry…it's just…habits…"Helga said, looking shyly to her shoes.

Arnold just kept smiling understandably to her. It's been about a week since they had started sixth grade and Helga was still getting used to this new development. After they had returned, each time they spent time together, Helga would always start in her default reaction of hostility, only for him to remind him that they were together and that he loved her.

"I'm still getting used to…to this…"She confessed, as if worried about how he would react to it.

"I understand Helga, I'm still getting used to everything too…"The football headed kid said seriously to his love.

Arnold had understood that this was still a big thing to process. It was just like with him and his parents. Practically every morning he would wake up and fear that the entire adventure in San Lorenzo had been nothing more than a dream and that his parents were still lost to him, only for them to appear to him and remind him that it was not a dream, that they were back, that he had managed to save them and that they would never leave him ever again.

He could only imagine that Helga must be going through something similar, given all the years of unrequited love and now suddenly having his love. It was a lot to handle but his grandpa has always told him to trust his instincts when he was around Helga.

And his instincts were telling him to do this. He leaned up and gave her a quick peck on her lips, surprising her at the sudden action but he could tell by the size of her smile that she had liked him.

Yep, his instincts have definitely been right about that one.

"Come on…"He said as he and she tried to catch up to his parents who were several yards ahead of them now.

"Coming Arnold…"Helga said once she snapped out of her daze and was now walking side by side him.

Arnold trusted his instincts and they were telling him that for right now, this would be enough. He and Helga were in love, he had his parents back in his life and he was happy. For right now, this was enough for him, just going to see a movie and getting some ice cream with his parents would be enough.

For the moment at least…

Later that day

After dinner time

It was late in the Friday evening, and Arnold was now up in his room with Helga. After the movies and the ice cream, it was getting late and his parents had invited Helga over for dinner, something that his girlfriend had agreed to almost immediately. Just as she had done the last time they had invited her over for dinner, and the last time. Practically once or twice a week, since they have returned, Helga would almost always come over to either hang out and almost always, she'd stay for dinner with his, his parents, his grandparents and the boarders as well.

And Arnold enjoyed it….especially with what would happen after dinner.

He and Helga were currently up in his room, they were planning on getting a head start on their homework and just listening to music and chatting….though Helga was more in the mood for some dessert before getting any actual work done.

The puzzled football head was curious about what she had meant since they had already had some ice cream before coming here as well as the raspberry cobbler grandma had made them. However, he was finally answered when Helga had walked almost saucily towards him, and pushed him onto the couch and was now on top of him, giving him a heated kiss full of passion, and the red faced but very much pleased boy now learned a new meaning to the word: dessert.

"Mmmmm…."Helga moaned happily as she kept kissing him, which in turn, made the boy moan in pleasure as well.

"Mmm…"He let out softly along with a sign from his nose, feeling like he was on cloud nine.

And Helga was feeling the exact same thing.

After some time, they finally parted for some air. Helga was still on top of him, pinning him to the couch and Arnold was still feeling all warm inside as she looked up to her big, pretty blue eyes that were filled with nothing but love and adoration, and it was all directed towards him.

"I love you Arnold…"Helga whispered to him, but with her so close, he could hear it loud and clear.

And it made him feel like he was the luckiest guy in the whole entire world! He had a girlfriend who loved him, he had his parents back in his life and he was happier than he ever imagined he could possibly be.

"I know…and I love you too…"Arnold said warmly before leaning forward, kissing her once again.

Helga was stunned but quickly melted and was now in another passionate kiss with the one she has always loved and who now loved her!

"Oh Arnold~ What have I done to deserve to experience such bliss?…'Helga thought in her love-dazed mind before closing her eyes, just enjoying this wonderful, wonderful moment.

"Oh Helga…."I can't believe that you're all mine now…'Arnold thought in enamored joy as he felt his hart keep pumping as they continued to kiss.

This is what he wanted. He had his family, friends and the love of a good woman who loved him and would always be there for him. Maybe he was still young and maybe he still had some things to learn but for now that didn't matter.

He was happy.

For right now, this was enough for him…though maybe someday, he might be ready for more out of his new relationship with Helga and his life. Maybe one day he would want to take it to the next level, maybe after she was finally comfortable with expressing their love in front of others. He knew that first time love almost never last, but Arnold had a feeling his case would be different with Helga. She was just so special and he knew that there would be no other now that he had her.

Maybe one day, they would be able to do things such as take long walks on sunny beaches, go to school dances and maybe even the prom, celebrate special holidays together and just be a happy, loving couple. Maybe they might even end up going to the same college together and he would study psychology like he had in that dream he had so long ago or maybe he would take after his parents and become an anthropologist like them. Also, maybe Helga would study and become a writer like she told him that she wanted to be.

He certainly hoped that her dream would come true. She always had such a way with words.

And who know? Maybe history was truly destined to repeat itself. Maybe he would take after his grandpa and marry the girl who had always been there for him, even when he didn't know it.

Maybe one day, they could get married if they wanted to. Maybe one day, he would be a respected psychologist or anthropologist and she would be a renowned author. Maybe they would even have their own kids, who would one day have kids as well. Maybe he would get to be a grandpa himself, and give advice to confused kid who was starting to face the world as well, with Helga at his side to help along the way.

He didn't know yet.

After all, he was 11 and just starting sixth grade now. He still had a lot in his life before such things would happen. He still had his own story to tell but for now he was just a kid in love and that would be enough.

For now, he was just happy.

Unknown to the preteen lovebirds, who was so into their kissing that they had failed to notice that the door had been slightly ajar…or that someone had been about to enter the room, only to stop and stay quiet once he noticed what had been going on.

It was Grandpa Phil who was a wide grin on his wrinkly old face.

"That's my boy…A real chip off the old block…"Phil chuckled as he was careful to close the door so as to not disturb the two, who thankfully didn't notice anything at all.

He figured that he could wait until after the little lady was gone before he could give his grandson a good razzing like he had been doing since the two have become an item.

"Aw, young love…"Phil sighed as he made his way done the steps.

"Howdy Slim, what brings you to these parts?..."His wife Gertie, wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a guitar, said to him.

"Oh just checking' up on the two, Pookie, but they're a little busy, let's say…"Phil said laughing and his wife, despite her acts, could understand what he meant.

"Honestly, I thought I told you to leave those two cowpokes alone…."She said with a hand on her hip.

"Now who's the stick in the mud? Just let me enjoy the fact that the short-man is growing up and my teasing is my way of still having fun with him now…"Phil said melodramatically.

"That's true…Tex, really is growing up and pretty soon he's gonna be a full grown cowboy, off on his own journey…maybe with that sweet little cowgirl with him for the ride..."Gertie said with a sigh and a smile.

"Exactly…"Phil said as he sat now entered the living room and sat in his favorite chair.

"I'm just glad it didn't take a war and him being old enough to shave to get a clue on his feelings…"Gertie said softly, earning a chuckle from her husband.

"And I'm glad that it didn't take the girl almost 13 years and a whole lot of drama to get the courage to tell him about her feelings…"Phil countered, earning a smirk from his wife.

"That's true, kids these day, they are a lot more sharp than we were…" Gertie admitted.

"At least Arnold and Helga are…"Phil agreed as he placed his hand on his wife's who smiled.

Despite their own rough start, they were together, happily married and would be until their dying days. Despite driving each other crazy, Phil had very few regrets in his life, and his life with his beloved wife was NOT one of them.

If anything, it was the best choice he had ever made.

Phil was honestly a happy, old man, even more upon being reunited with his son and daughter-in-law. Now he was truly and utterly happy and content and nothing would ever be able to change that. He had his beloved son and daughter-in-law back in his life, his favorite and only grandson and his beloved wife of nearly 60 years by his side.


"You think that maybe someday, they'll be like we are?...'Phil asked.

"And what are we?...'Gertie asked in a knowing tone.

"Just two crazy old fossils, just happily holding hands as they reminisce on the good old days, just lost in all the nostalgia…"Phil said, earning another smile from his wife.

"I certainly think that they might…That sweet little girl, the way she looks at him reminds me of how I used to look at you as a girl…"Gertie said fondly.

"With a scowl and taste for mischief…"Phil joked and received a slap on the wrist from his wife.

"Hmpt…With all the trouble you got yourself into back then, you needed someone to keep you on your toes, and you still do…"Gertie said in a matter of fact tone, which earn another chuckle from him.

"Maybe I did…Heh heh…You still got it Pookie…"Phil said with a warm chuckle.

"So do you, chin-boy…'She said warmly before kissing him on the cheek.

The two senior citizens just sat there, just holding hands and being happy together. After so many years, after so many hardships and triumphs, they were happy just being together. Perhaps one day, even after they were gone from this world, their grandson would be able to experience this as well with that special girl that loved him so.

Maybe one day they would get married, have kids of their own and grow up to be a pair of wacky but kind old folks and have lived a long, happy life together.

It could happen…..It had happened once before, after all

The End

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