George Banks couldn't help but sigh deeply in satisfaction as he lay silently beside the perfect woman that was his wife and she continued to sleep peacefully in his embrace one morning, Winifred's head cushioned upon his chest as her delicate fingers were lost somewhere within the dark hair that covered his torso and he drew his fingers softly through her beautiful blonde hair. It had almost been a month since Mary Poppins had left the household when George and Winifred had gone with Jane and Michael to the park in order for them to fly their recently mended kite, and even though the children had felt quite betrayed that their Nanny had left without even saying goodbye to them, they had moved on relatively quickly considering their father'd had a change of heart. As George lay contentedly beside his sleeping wife and he felt her snuggle further into his warmth beneath the covers, he realised just how much he had missed laying so close to her. How much he had missed holding her in his arms when they retired to bed every night and how nice it felt to wake up to her warm breath hitting against his neck. He had been so much more loving and affectionate toward her back at the start of their marriage, and he'd vowed to her that he was going to try his hardest to be that man again when the two of them had slipped into bed after kissing their beautiful children goodnight the previous evening.

He couldn't stop the loving smile from forming upon his lips when Winifred murmured gently in her sleep as she brought her head to lay upon his shoulder a few moments later, his stormy blue eyes sparkling with affection for her before he pressed his lips to the perfectly warm skin of her forehead in a slow and tender kiss. 'You are so beautiful.' He felt a slight shiver course through her body as he spoke softly into her ear, a gentle chuckle leaving him before he drew her close and allowed her to nuzzle his neck subconsciously. He fell into a comfortable silence after a few minutes and he began to run the palm of his hand slowly along the curve of her side through the silken fabric of her nightgown, her warm breath hitting against his neck as she let out the most perfect little snores and her thin fingers flexed every now and again from where they were tangled in his chest hair. Just a short while later, George heard the faint but unmistakable sound of the Admiral counting down from his ship upon next door's roof and he covered his wife's ear with the palm of his hand in order to block out as much as the cannon-blast as possible. The large quaking finally took place as the Admiral fired his cannon, and despite George's trying to stifle the explosion for his wife she still started awake with a sharp gasp. 'It was just the Admiral, my love.' He reassured her as she gazed at him with slight fear in her eyes.

'I'd like to go over there and give him a piece of my mind about that flaming cannon.' She grumbled as she turned her face into his shoulder and he chuckled softly while he ran the tips of his fingers through her hair, his free hand coming to rest upon the small of her back as he pressed several lingering kisses to the side of her head. 'Do you think Jane and Michael are still-' She was cut off by a gentle knocking upon the bedroom door, George hiding his smirk as he took in her slightly annoyed appearance. 'I guess they aren't.' She turned her head to face him, then, her light blue eyes sparkling enchantingly as her gaze flicked from his, down to his lips and back again before he leaned forward to press his mouth to hers in a slow, deep kiss. 'You need to do something about that moustache of yours..' She told him between slowly passionate kisses. 'It tickles when you kiss me.'

'I'll make a note of it.' He smirked as he cupped her cheek warmly in his large palm, brushing his thumb across the perfectly soft skin that he found there as he kissed her nose.

'Mother, father, are you awake?' Jane's soft voice filtered into the room from beneath the door, Winifred sighing gently as she stretched up to press a final kiss to George's lips.

'Yes, my darlings, you may come in now.' She replied cheerfully before the door squeaked gently upon its hinges and Jane and Michael made their way happily into the bedroom before climbing up onto their parents' bed and settling down between them, Winifred bringing Michael close to her chest as George did the same with Jane. 'Did you sleep well?'

'Mmm hmm.' Michael hummed as he nuzzled into his mother's nightgown and breathed in her natural scent, Winifred beginning to brush her fingers slowly through his soft hair.

'Father?' Jane spoke gently as her head rested upon his shoulder and her soft hand lay upon his chest, George humming in reply as he smiled lovingly down at her. 'Michael and I would like to go to the park for a picnic this afternoon, may we? It's rained so much recently and it's finally starting to get sunny again.' George left a warm kiss to her temple.

'I don't see why not.' He admitted, Jane's eyes lighting up as she beamed. 'Darling?' He gazed over at his wife who was pressing a slow kiss to the crown of Michael's head.

'I think it's a brilliant idea.' Winifred smiled, Jane and Michael cheering gently. 'It might put Ellen and Mrs. Brill in a better mood to have the afternoon off, anyway.'

The four of them laughed gently together, George smiling lovingly as Jane snuggled into his chest. He wouldn't have allowed her to do so just two months ago, but as he ran his fingers slowly through her warm blonde hair now, he realised something that he hadn't realised for far too long. It was exactly what a family moment was supposed to look like.

'Are you comfortable enough, my love?' George teased as his wife readjusted herself once again in his lap and his arms were wrapped protectively around her middle as the two of them were sat together in the park later that afternoon, Winifred giggling softly as she lay her head down upon his shirt-clad shoulder and he kissed her temple gently before they went back to watching their beautiful children giggling as they played tag a safe distance away. 'I don't think we've ever done this, have we?' He sighed as he took her soft hand in his own and slipped his fingers through hers, brushing the pad of his thumb over her knuckles as they kept their eyes on Jane and Michael. 'Watch the two of them play together? I can't even remember the last time I held you in my lap like this before Mary Poppins came to help fix our family, Winifred, and it makes me feel like an utter failure.'

'Oh, my darling.' She sighed as she reached up to cup his cheek lovingly in her hand, a small smile forming upon her lips as he turned his head to brush a warm kiss against the soft skin of her palm and she pressed a kiss of her own to the corner of his mouth. 'You have to remember that I was neglectful of this family too and that I paid more attention to my cause than I did to our own children. I got so caught up in politics that I didn't even notice that the children were there half of the time, and it makes me feel like I'm one of the worst mothers in the world for worrying more about women gaining the right to vote than I did about Jane and Michael. We both put unimportant matters before our own children, no matter how much we regret it, but I think that what we do from this point onward is what really matters.' She stroked his face. 'We haven't missed out on watching the two of them grow up, George, and we haven't missed out on being able to make new memories with them. We just need to focus on the more important things now, hmm?'

'It's no wonder you were always so good with your cause.' He smiled as he tucked a strand of blonde hair back behind her ear, leaving a soft kiss to her forehead. 'You are quite the orator, Mrs. Banks.' She shrugged with a loving giggle before laying her head down upon his chest and burying her head beneath his chin. 'You're right though, my love, the two of us need to stop spending so much time on unimportant things and make the most of the years we have got left with our children. They aren't going to be young forever.'

'No, they aren't.' She sighed with a gentle smile as she watched her precious children squeal and giggle happily whilst they frolicked around. 'More's the pity.'

'Mother, father, will you come and play catch with us?' Jane asked excitedly as she and Michael hurried over to them with their ball, looks of pure hope on their beautiful faces.

'Only if you admit defeat this time,' George chuckled lovingly up at the two of them. 'I don't want another hour-and-a-half long game like we had the last time we played it.'

Winifred giggled with their children before Jane and Michael hurried off to find a good space to play in, George kissing his wife's temple. 'Let's make some memories.' He smiled.

So that's exactly what they did.

Winifred was sat on the edge of the bed that she shared along with George later that evening whilst she played gently with her fingers as her hands were in her lap, a deep sigh escaping her as her heart was racing and she tried to think of the best way to speak to her husband about her newest desire. She knew that she had to approach the subject as calmly as possible, and she had prepared herself for both possible scenarios but she knew that her emotions would run wild as soon as the words were out of her mouth. I want another baby. She couldn't just come out and say it, no matter how much she wished to, but she knew that her husband would be loving towards her even if she did. 'Winifred?' A gentle gasp escaped her lips as George's slightly concerned voice broke through the silence of their bedroom, her gaze leaving her lap as it came to meet directly with his own and she watched him as he made his way over to their bed. 'My darling, what's the matter?' He asked softly as he took her hand in his and gazed deeply into her soft blue eyes.

'Before you start worrying, George, I'm not sick.' She reassured him with a loving smile, a deep sigh of relief escaping him as he cupped the roundness of her cheek in his palm. 'There's just something that I've been wanting to speak to you about ever since Mary Poppins left, and I haven't known quite how to start.' She spoke gently as her heart raced.

'Just say it, my love, whatever it is.' She took a deep breath before letting it out to try and compose herself somewhat. 'You really are nervous, aren't you?' He stroked her face.

She nodded as she sucked her lower lip and gentle tears formed in her eyes, a tearful sigh escaping her as she allowed George to bring her into his lap and hold her in his arms. 'Listen to me, darling,' He told her gently, Winifred nodding against his shoulder. 'I am not going anywhere, so whatever it is that you want to talk to me about, take your time.'

She let out a soft sigh of relief as she nuzzled his neck affectionately, blinking back her tears as she forbade them to fall. She didn't even know why they were there in the first place. 'Do you remember when you took me out to dinner two weeks after Mary Poppins left and we were talking about Jane and Michael? You said to me that we should have a third baby so that we could raise it properly and give it the attention that we never gave to the two of them when they were so young, and I know that you were only teasing at the time but the thought stayed with me.' She sniffed, chiding herself as a tear danced down her cheek. 'I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, George.' She released the breath that she didn't even know she was holding as he brought her away from him slightly, her arm sliding slowly around his shoulders as she sat up in his lap. 'I want a baby.'

George was silent for a moment as he processed his wife's words, his arms remaining around her slight waist as she trembled in his lap and her soft tears continued to fall down her porcelain cheeks. He saw the slight relief on her face when he allowed a loving smile to form upon his lips, a beautiful smile appearing upon her own as she sniffed tearfully.

'Why are you smiling?' She asked, her tears coating her words as she stroked the dark hair at the nape of his neck with her fingertips.

'Because you're beautiful.' He chuckled as he ran his hand along the slight curve of her side. 'And because you've just said the words that I've been struggling to say for weeks.'

'Do you mean?' The surprise was evident in her eyes as she gasped softly through her tears, a gentle chuckle escaping him.

'Yes, sweetheart.' He tucked a soft strand of blonde hair back behind her ear. 'I was teasing when I said that we should try for another, because I wasn't sure if you would want to. When you brushed it off and changed the subject I thought that it was your way of letting me down easily, and so I didn't bring it up again. But now you've said it, I feel like a weight's been lifted off of my chest.' She giggled lovingly at him before brushing countless soft kisses against his smooth lips as she cupped the sides of his neck in her hands.

'I can't believe it.' She breathed as she pressed her forehead to his own, allowing him to run his hands tenderly along her spine through her nightgown. 'So what happens now?'

He didn't answer her in words, choosing instead to press his mouth against hers and fall back onto the bed with her as she giggled happily against his lips.

It was the most perfect sound in the world.

Author's Note: Hey guys, thank you for reading the first chapter of my story! I thought I would explore what life for the Banks' would be like after Mary had left, one reason being because I think it would be fun and two, because there are hardly any stories with Winifred and George in. At the end of the movie he became so loving to his wife and his children, so I thought I would dedicate a fan-fiction to their new life. I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters and please leave me a review! Thanks! x