It's 6/16 guys, happy birthday Sig and Strange Klug! Anyways, on to the story!

It was an sunny day in Primp. The students at Primp Magic School were studying hard for their final exams, but the weekend was finally here, so they decided to have a break for the weekend. Today, everyone was preparing for Sig's birthday. It was bug themed of course, as the half-demon loved bugs to death. That morning, Sig was awoken by Amitie in their dorm.

"Sig, wake up! It's your birthday!" Amitie said to Sig.

"Ugh, really? Yay...". Sig said as he woke up.

"Here's my present to you Sig!" Amitie said as she handed Sig a present. Sig unwrapped the present. It was an new edition of an encyclopedia of bugs.

"Wow, a new bug book? Thanks Amitie." Sig said as he hugged his girlfriend.

After a few hours, Amitie took Sig to the forest, where the party was. There were chips and drinks, balloons shaped like bugs, a cake shaped like a ladybug, and many more things. Many people were there. Raffina and Klug were arguing about something, Arle was eating curry with Carbuncle, Lemres and Schezo were making out under a tree, Ringo was watching Maguro play EarthBound on his New Nintendo 3DS XL, and others were mainly just talking. Amitie and Sig then went up to Ringo and Maguro.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Ringo said.

"Not much, what's up with you guys?" Amitie said.

"Not much either, just watching Maguro play his Nintendo 3DS." Ringo said.

"Oh, what's he playing?" Amitie asked.

"EarthBound." Maguro said.

"Oh, what's that?" Amitie said.

"It's a RPG set in the modern day. It's about a boy named Ness who must join forces with three others kids to stop the evil entity known as Giygas." Maguro said.

"Oh okay. That's nice." Amitie said. After that, they went to go see Arle and Carbuncle.

"Hey Arle!" Amitie said.

"Hey Amitie!" Arle said.

"So, Sig, happy birthday!" Arle said.

"Uh, thanks." Sig said.

"Say, Arle, what was your first adventure like?" Amitie said.

"Oh, my first adventure? Man, that was a long time ago." Arle said.

"A long time ago?...". Sig said.

"Yeah it was back when I was only six years old. I was tasked with finding three magic orbs and defeating the evil demon Fudoushi so that I could graduate kindergarten. There was a kid named Camus who also came to the tower, and he taught me how to use Bayoen. As I got the three orbs, I went for where Fudoushi was. I was beaten and tired, but then Camus came and gave me two dragon horns which helped me regain my strength. He was then killed by Fudoushi. Just as I went to attack Fudoushi, he tried to scare me by showing me my classmates melting and dying. I wasn't scared and I defeated Fudoushi and graduated kindergarten." Arle said.

"Well, that sounds like you had quite the adventure!" Amitie said.

"Yeah, I know." Arle said. Amitie and Sig then decided to have some fun and relax. After a few hours, it was time for Sig to open his presents. He got a new net from Arle, a box of sweets from Lemres and Schezo, some binoculars from Lidelle, a book about demons from Klug, some rare bugs from Ringo, a Game Boy Advance with a copy of Pokemon FireRed from Maguro (The copy has all bug Pokemon on it's team), and many other things.

"Wow. Thanks everyone. What wil we do now?" Sig said in his usual emotionless tone.

"Well, we could have a Puyo tournament!" Arle said. Everyone agreed with her. They

then started to play random modes of Puyo. Amitie won against Raffina in Fever, Lemres won against Klug in Tsu, Arle won against Carbuncle in OPP, Schezo won against Mrs. Accord in Active, Sig won against Maguro in SUN, and Ringo won against Riskusma in Deka Puyo Rush.

For the second round, Amitie won against Lemres in Mini Puyo Excavation, Arle won against Schezo in Foursight, and Sig won against Ringo in Slot. The final round had come after 2 hours. It was sunset.

"Well, here we are! The final round!" Amitie said.

"What mode should we play." Arle said.

"Let's ask Sig! Hey Sig! What mode do you want to play?" Amitie said.

"Endless Fever." Sig said. And they indeed played EndlessFever. It got very intense. They were neck to neck in chains. They had managed to offset each other time and time again. It would only be a matter of time until someone slipped up. And indeed, Arle made a mistake of putting a four-piece on the wrong puyos. The next time she dropped a puyo, she was covered in nuisance puyo and her field was filled up. Amitie and Sig were still countering each other, but eventually, Sig managed to get rid of his entire field. He got an all-clear bonus and managed to cover Amitie's field with a 15-chain. The victor remained. It was Sig.

"Congratulations Sig!" Everyone said as Amitie and Sig went back to their dorm for the night.

"Well Sig, did you enjoy your birthday?" Amitie said.

"Yeah, I did. And I'm glad I spent it with you." Sig said as he planted a kiss on Amitie's hand. He had a very good day with his friends, but now was the time to go to sleep.

The End.

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