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Pt 1: Prologue

Harry Potter, former Boy-Who-Lived and Man-Who-Won, sat in his home at 12 Grimmauld Place brooding.

In 1998, he had been cautiously hopeful. Voldemort had been defeated, though there was much loss of life. He and his friends had done what was required and collected the various enchanted items which tied Tom to the mortal plane.

It had taken getting captured by Snatchers and confronted by Bellatrix Lestrange to learn that she had a horcrux in her vault. Dobby had almost died in rescuing them from Malfoy Manor – Bellatrix's knife was cursed. Because Bill was a cursebreaker, he happened to know the only counter for the curse on the knife. It has also allowed the scarring on Hermione's arm to be minimal.

It was a good thing that Dobby had survived. When Harry had been near making a deal with Griphook to break into the vault, Dobby had spoken from the bed close by. He had pointed out that Kreacher could retrieve the goblet because Bellatrix was still considered a Black by magic – the only reason he could have visited her when Sirius ordered him to "get out of here" unintentionally allowing him to leave the house rather than the room.

Harry had immediately called Kreacher and explained that another item like the locket was in Bellatrix's vault and that he wished Kreacher to retrieve it to be destroyed. It worked. Harry had been relieved that breaking in to Gringotts would not be necessary.

Though they had tried, it had been impossible to hide the destruction of the cup from the others in Shell Cottage. Bill had been horrified to learn that this is what they trio had been handling. When he heard the story of the locket, he had immediately started working to break any residual effects from them.

All of them had residue – and Harry's scar was the worst. It had taken Bill several hours to help get rid of the residue. Ginny had been called to Shell Cottage by Bill and the residue from her own possession had been found and handled.

Harry had been last because his "residue" was, in effect, an accidental horcrux on its own. His lack of occlumency because of poor training had caused there to be some bleedover from Harry to Voldemort.

This was both fortunate and unfortunate. It was fortunate because this caused Voldemort to rapidly mentally review his horcruxes and the flash image of the diadem told Harry where it was – he remembered it from the Room of Hidden Things. It was unfortunate because it alerted Voldemort that something was going on.

And so it was that the group had to immediately set off to retrieve the Diadem before Voldemort retrieved it and hidden it elsewhere. And Harry was not at his best, though he was recovering much more quickly than he had in the past – the drain of magic had been plugged..

An infiltration had started and Snape and the Carrows had been run off. Neville, having become a master at manipulating the Room of Requirement, helped to quickly retrieve the item, allowing for Bill to help destroy it before the Death Eaters had even been alerted to their presence.

Fleur and the Weasley parents had immediately been set off to gather any who could fight. The Weasley twins had announced it on Potter Watch. The lack of need to madly scramble about to find the last horcrux save Nagini had given McGonagall and the other Order members time to organize.

Harry had gone to Dumbledore's portrait. The tense conversation vis-à-vis Harry's scar had astonished Dumbledore's avatar. He immediately explained how to retrieve the stone from the snitch and Dumbledore's actual shade was called. Snape's true position was explained.

Harry, at that moment, grudgingly accepted it – but that didn't mean he liked the man any better than before.

Though it grated on him, Harry was tasked with saving himself until Voldemort could be confronted. Minerva was in charge of the Order members, who would direct every adult volunteer. Neville was in charge of the students. Ron and Hermione would join the DA.

Tonks and Remus both insisted on fighting. Harry, as soon as he was away from the Order members, had called on Dobby and asked the utterly loyal elf to do one job: Ensure Tonks survived at all costs. Harry knew that any or all of those fighting could die and he wanted to ensure that his Godson would at least have a mother when it was all over. Harry had already made a will when he was at Shell Cottage to ensure that his godson would inherit the majority of his wealth if he died. Griphook had assisted in ensuring that it was properly done in payment for his life having been saved.

The fight had been brutal. The defenders were unexpectedly assisted by the house elves led by Kreacher and the attackers were unexpectedly assisted by the acromatulas from the Forbidden Forest.

During the battle Harry had used his invisibility cloak to attack when the defenders were sorely pressed. Newly freed from the sliver of Voldemort's soul, the Dark Lord had not sensed him. Fenrir Grayback and Bellatrix were both laid low with assistance from the hidden defender.

Many would assume that the lack of a visible Harry Potter would have caused morale to suffer. Neville's stout presence had made up for it. The students who fought were now used to following his lead and the presence of Ron and Hermione in assisting him had convinced those who fought that their missing saviour supported his lead. It in the midst of fighting formerly shy-quiet Neville, hardened by the year of dealing with Death Eaters, had somehow summoned the Sword of Gryffindor when confronted by Nagini. He had enraged the Dark Lord when he used the venom-impregnated sword to kill the beast.

It was the moment that Harry had been waiting for. He moved out from under the cloak and attacked from the flank, distracting Voldemort from trying to take revenge.

When the two icons for each side confronted each other, many of those around the battlefield paused to watch this confrontation. Harry's defense of a disarming charm against a killing curse shocked those watching. Before anyone could react, however, the two spells collided, the killing curse was reflected and Voldemort was defeated.

The toll had been painful for many. Remus had been lost, as had Percy Weasley, who had given his life to defend his brother Fred. Colin Creavey had snuck back in and had lost his life. Many DA members had been killed, as well as many of the adults who volunteered. Lavender Brown had been mauled by the Fenrir Grayback, though he wasn't in his full wolf form.

Severus Snape had been killed before the attack. Harry assumed it was because he had been found out as a traitor, but using the resurrection stone Harry found the truth: Voldemort had assumed that Snape was the master of the Elder Wand.

Snape also pointed out what Harry hadn't considered: He was now the holder of all three Hallows. Even Dumbledore's portrait and shade had not led Harry to that realization. Snape's ghost at least got the satisfaction of calling him a dunderhead once more time.

This one fact, however, was what had ultimately led Harry to where he sat now.

When everything had been sorted out, Harry naively thought that his struggles were mostly over.

In order to ensure that the guilty were punished and that there was no coverup, Harry had allowed it to become widespread knowledge that the Resurrection Stone from the Tale of the Three Brothers was found and could be used to help the DMLE to ensure that those guilty of murder, rape, and other crimes could be convicted. It also could be used to ensure that those who lost family members could talk one more time to their loved ones for closure. Harry had wisely ensured that the Stone was under the control of those who would not succumb to the urge to repeatedly call their loved ones back: The Goblins of Gringotts. There was one more instance for which to Stone could be used, and that would later have some importance as regards Harry's situation.

Any witch or wizard could call back a loved one a single time and a single time only. The contracts ensuring this limit were ironclad. The DMLE could also call a victim back a single time as well. Harry had even used the influence he had as the defeater of Voldemort to make this into law.

But as those who were at the battle told stories, it got out that he had the other Hallows. And even with assurances that the Elder Wand was destroyed (it wasn't but it was locked away) many came to challenge him.

He and Ginny, once both were clear of any residual influence from Voldemort, found that they didn't have that "deep connection" they used to feel. And so Ginny moved on with Harry's blessing. Ron and Hermione got together. Those who attempted to catch the Boy-Who-Lived were almost all opportunists or thrill seekers.

And so Harry was hounded into a very private and limited life.

In the end, he had very few places he could go in the Wizarding world. And though he had more success in the Muggle world (he found a love for music and movies) the number of times he was spotted were far too many.

Tonks had survived due to Dobby's intercession. When she awoke later in the infirmary, she was heartbroken to learn that Remus was dead and angry at Harry for interfering with her choices. This didn't last long as she did recognize that Harry had ensured that her son had a parent at least. Harry visited regularly and, using glamours and Teddy's abilities, they did spend time together having fun in a way that Sirius had never been able to with his own godson.

However, even Teddy had eventually realized that his godfather wasn't happy and couldn't live a life if he stayed in Great Britain.

And so Harry Potter, the Defeater of Voldemort, sat within his house brooding over his lack of options. This however, was about to change.

As Harry drank his butterbeer, he considered the direction of his life. Suddenly, Kreacher walked in. "Master Harry. Miss Hermione has arrived by floo and wishes to see you."

Harry gave a small smile. Hermione, at least, understood him somewhat. "Send her up, please."

"Yes, Master." Kreacher shuffled out of the room. Very soon his bushy-haired best friend was coming in.

"Hullo, Hermione," he said as he stepped forward.

Hermione stepped into him, giving him a hug reminiscent of the Hermi-Hugs of long ago. "Hello, Harry. How are you doing?"

Harry gave a rueful and pained smile. "Oh, you know. Just working in my studies."

Hermione sighed and looked at Harry's study and all the various books he had acquired over the years. While she was an academic at heart, she knew that this wasn't the life that Harry would enjoy leading. "I can't believe I of all people am saying this, but I wish you studied less and lived more." The two sat down in two chairs that were near each other.

Harry snorted. "You know why I spend most of my time here. Out there," he vaguely motioned toward an outside wall, "there are still too many people who either want to worship me or to take me out." He gave a low chuckle. "I like a good challenge as much as the next wizard, but there is a limit to my patience."

Hermione nodded and listened for a moment. "Where's Teddy?"

Harry laughed. "Over at Bill and Fleur's trying to be cool in front of Victiore."

Hermione grinned. "Teddy might be Remus' son, but he sure acts a lot like your own father acted toward your mother, if all the stories you've gathered are right."

Harry snorted. "A bit. At least he's not acting completely foolish – Remus was always more sensible."

Hermione nodded. She hesitated and asked. "And how is Tonks?"

Harry sighed in exasperation. "You work in the same building as she does – you could just stop by and see her."

Hermione replied, "Yes, but I am most often in the bowels of the DOM. When I get out all I want to do is go home and pick up Rose and Hugh."

Harry shrugged. "It's life. So, what brings you here?"

Hermione hesitated and then said, "I think that we both know that you aren't happy here. You spend all your time studying but it's not a full life."

Harry said wryly, "When I was in school, I could never have imagined Hermione Granger ever say that someone could study too much."

Hermione gave Harry a briefly annoyed look and then continued, "I might have a solution. I just don't know if I want to give you the option."

Harry was interested. "What do you mean?"

Hermione considered and said, "Something I'm studying has yeilded some surprising information and those higher up want to try something. The trouble is that in the end there is a very large chance that you either will be gone forever … or dead. There is only a small chance for someone to come back from it."

Harry was skeptical. "What kind of crazy scheme are they considering?"

"Do you remember when you used the stone to talk to Sirius?" she asked.

Harry nodded, thinking back. "Yeah." Have gave a gentle smile. "It felt good to clear things up. It helped me to get over my guilt."

Hermione nodded happily at that. Harry's tendency to feel guilt over everything around him was one of his more unpleasant tendencies. "Do you remember the presences he talked about?"

Harry nodded again. "He said something about them trying to understand him and then sending him on to the afterlife."

"Yes. Well. The DOM experts have been studying the Veil since then. They realized that the Veil doesn't automatically kill. The presences, according to Sirius are not evil but just very alien. But they are very powerful. We want to send someone to talk to them. But it might be a one way trip."

Harry snorted. "Yes. According to Sirius, they weren't too concerned about his desire to return."

"Right. They called him adversarial. So what if someone came who just asked to learn and who asked to be sent back afterward?"

Harry considered that. "Wow. They want to try to understand what seems to be god-like creatures who are too alien to understand individual concerns." He looked back toward Hermione. "And what if they just kill me after I learn about them?"

Hermione answered, "That's the biggest danger. That's why I was so hesitant to tell you. If they agree to send you back it will tell them what they need to about the Veil and those beyond it. They could kill you which would mean that what you learn from them will be retrieved using the Resurrection Stone. But you would be dead. Or they might send you somewhere else. Or maybe even to another time in the future or past." Hermione sighed. "They need a volunteer who is willing to accept the consequences of whatever happens. Live or die, coming back now or in another time, being sent to another place. They don't want someone suicidal because someone like that would likely just be sent on. They don't think they could get someone who has a family or future plans to volunteer."

She looked at Harry. "So that leaves someone like you: Someone who has a great will to live but could accept dying. Someone adaptable to almost any circumstance who could live on if they were sent to another circumstance. Someone who is accepting of almost any type of being, even if they aren't human. Someone who doesn't have a sense of human or personal superiority. In summary: Only you could do it."

Harry considered that for a long time. Hermione let him think about it – she had outgrown the need to keep talking when there was something to be decided or done. Finally he asked, "How secret is this? I don't think I can decide unless I talk to a few people."

"Such as?" she asked curiously.

"Well the obvious are Teddy and Tonks." He looked at her. "To be truthful, I'm very tempted. Even if this place is better than when Sirius was stuck here, it still gets … closed in for me. I use glamours to go Muggle but I get tired of not being able to just be me. Even though I've tried to hide it, most people who know me know how unhappy I am with things. And while I'm not suicidal, I long ago lost my fear of death."

Hermione nodded and then Harry could see the tears in her eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked gently.

She looked at him. "I just feel like I'm losing my best friend. I hate this. It just isn't fair!"

Harry stood up and moved to guide Hermione up and hug her. She clung to him. "I understand." They embraced for a long moment and then he stepped back. "It kind of reminds me of Frodo from those books. Just because you saved the world doesn't mean that you can enjoy it. Sometimes it takes moving on to another place. But like Frodo, it will make me happier that my friends and family can enjoy a happier, safer life."

In the end, he talked to everyone he was close to, including the Weasleys, Tonks, Teddy, and a few others. No one was happy with it – but they all understood.

One conversation was exasperating for Harry. When he had explained what he was thinking of to this particular being the response was emphatic. "Dobby understands. Master Harry is not happy here. Master must do this. Dobby will go with Master."

Harry was taken aback. "Dobby. This might be dangerous. While I might need to do this, there is no need to risk your life."

Dobby's face took on a determined look. "Master Harry Potter saved Dobby. Without Master Harry Potter, Dobby would not be happy. If the Great Harry Potter goes, Dobby follows. Dobby is free to choose. Master Harry always says this. Dobby chooses."

Nothing Harry said would dissuade the small being. Finally, he capitulated. Dobby showed a trace of smugness at that.

Harry spent an entire year getting ready.

Ron was the most confused. "Why are you doing all this? You're loading up on potions ingredients and a bit of gold. What's with all the rest? And all the muggle stuff too."

Harry took a drink of firewhisky and answered. "Truth is, I don't know if I can get back. If I'm dead – well, this stuff will be lost. But I'm not taking anything which is irreplaceable. But if I end up somewhere all alone, we're going to need food and we don't know if I'm going to have to grow food from seeds. That's why we've got all that in the trunk. I figure we can do without meat if I run out. Magic might not be able to create food, but we can duplicate, so I'm not too worried.

"If I end up in a world which is primitive, Gold may be beyond them. So besides a bit of gold and silver, I've got gems, crystals, Muggle-made jewelry, and a few other things I can sell. I've also got a bunch of wood.

"If I end up where people are wielding swords and all, then I have enough to use that as barter if Gold doesn't sell or if it's illegal to own or something. If I end up in a more modern world, it's unlikely that they have all the same music and books. I'm bringing enough actual books, including a set of Hogwarts texts, but a modern society will likely have computers and I've god a huge amount of stuff stored that way. I've spent enough to have a whole bunch of music and stories that they might not have access to. It cost a lot of money, but it actually means that I've created an archive which is actually useful for safety measures here as well as in a trunk." Harry snorted. "That's the most iffy – I can turn it on and access a bunch of stuff but if it breaks I don't' know enough to fix it.

"I'm also taking a bunch of magic and muggle drinks as well – most societies drink alcohol and I can likely sell it for supplies. And since I've got Moody's old trunk, I can fit everything in that. And that goes in the moleskin pouch. Dobby will even travel in the trunk. I've spent a year figuring on every possible place I could end up."

He turned at Ron, who was still a bit leery. "Consider this: Worst case is that I live and lost everything I'm taking with me which kills Dobby. I've got nothing. Next worse is that it's so alien everything is useless. Everything else I can probably deal with."

Ron considered what Harry was saying for a long moment. "Would you want to come back if you can?"

Harry sighed. "Honestly? I don't know. If I have a choice – it could go either way."

Ron nodded and went back home. But of all of Harry's friends, he was the least accepting of Harry's choices. Harry understood – but he still decided he would go ahead with it.

The final step he took was to put into place a contract which would activate unless he specifically rescinded it. He turned over all the Black assets to Tonks for Teddy's benefit as he was nearly the last of that blood. The Potter assets he hadn't spent would go to the Weasleys save ten percent. There was a very small amount of gold remaining in the Potter vault which would be used as investment capital to build up the Potter resources. Until a Potter by blood could claim it magically, every hundred years the estate would be disbursed to certain families and institutions save ten percent. This would be repeated as long as it was feasible.

Harry considered if he ended up in the future, he might conceivably need to have a vault to come back to. Once all the preparations were made, Harry threw a party where he said a conditional goodbye to everyone.

Teddy had been both sad and happy: Sad to lose the closest thing to a father and happy that Harry would no longer suffer from loneliness and being under scrutiny or threat. Harry had given him the Marauder's Map and his invisibility cloak. Teddy promised to pass them on to his children.

And so, 14 years after he had watched his Godfather fall through it, Harry was standing in front of the Veil within the Department of Mysteries.

Hermione, looking on with tears in her eyes, said, "Okay, Harry. Good luck. And if you end up somewhere else, promise me that you'll live a full life." Most of the other DOM employees were also looking on.

Harry gave a cocky grin, actually starting to feel enthusiastic about this. He replied to Hermione's admonishment, "I'll do my damndest. Give my love to everyone."

Hermione nodded. And Harry casually walked through what had long been termed as "The Veil of Death" with a spring in his step.

Everyone watched for a long moment. Hermione was about to walk near the Veil to cast some diagnostic spells when suddenly a light emerged from the portal when nothing had ever before come from.

Hermione gasped when she recognized Harry's patronus. Harry's voice came from it.

"Okay, Hermione. You can stop feeling guilty. I actually am alive – but I'm not coming back there.

"The beings on this end are completely outside of our understanding. They have no concept of time or the limits of a physical existence. In exchange for permission to send this message, they are closing the portal I came through on this end. It will truly be a Veil of Death from here on out.

"During the whole episode where I was talking to them, different scenes from my life played out. They took the form of people from my past, good and bad, to talk to me. Kind of generous of them actually. They say they are of Bajor – whatever the hell that is.

"During the 'Eternal Now' that they exist in, another human showed up. I get the idea that this guy is important to them but I don't know how. These beings agreed to send me with him back to where and when he lives. Since he gave his name as 'Commander Benjamin Sisko of the United Federation of Planets' I assume that this is either the future or a completely alternate dimension.

"So, I wanted to make certain that you knew I survived. Tell everyone that I sent this message back and that I lived. I love you, Hermione. And I love all the rest to. Shed no tear for me. I have a new life. Goodbye."

Despite Harry's admonishment, many tears fell down Hermione Granger-Weasley's face as the glowing stag disappeared as though it had been a dream.