Philip Swift saw first-hand what the Angels had done to many people. He didn't want this to be the norm. While countless of lives were being sacrificed in an attempt to fend of just one Angel, countless more died from the aftermath of the battles. "Maybe, just maybe, I can do something about this crisis," he said out loud. Phil had started research with a couple of his buddies to create some sort of barrier to protect Earth from the aliens. The result that they got was just what they needed: a spray-like adhesive, resistant to all kinds of conditions. Phil had singlehandedly created an instantly bonding chemical mixture that would stay on anything that it was applied to. With this new discovery, they would certainly contribute many things to mankind.

A friend of Phil knew of a corporation called TAPE, and quickly told him about it. TAPE stands for "Terrestrial Aid Pilot Electronics". This corporation is widewidely known for creating the state of the art mechs called Flexers; these are used for fighting against the Angels.

Many ideas were discussed as to what would be done with the new barrier. "We could initiate a partnership with them, maybe sell it?" Though all of them knew selling the product was out of the question, they didn't have a lot of choices. They weren't currently helping with anything per se, but they weren't stading around doing nothing either. There was also the question of how could the barrier protect Earth. Initially, the Swift team theorized that the aerosol form of the project could be sprayed over the exosphere. This theory was discarded after they realized they didn't have the means to fly out into such a place.

"Look, all I'm saying is that there's no way we can protect Earth with this... this aerosol. I say we sell it to them, no strings attached." It was clear that Phil's companion had given up on the project, and so had everyone else.

"Hey! We can't give up on this! The barrier might not be good enough for the whole planet, but what about those mechs they use to fight the aliens?"

"What about the mechs, Phil? Let's face it: they don't want this. If you want to go and do some co-op with TAPE, go ahead. But we are going to research something else; something that might actually be useful." And with those words Phil was left with a nasty scar in his heart that no amount of adhesive or magical fixing spray could fix. Person after person left the room, leaving Phil with the aforementioned scar and the ghost of a friendship that he thought was impossible to break. After all this time, his colleagues would ditch him with no effort. Why? Why must this happen to those with good intentions? A never-ending spiral of emotions drowned Phil to the point that he could almost choke on them. The tears welled up in his eyes, as a knot grew and grew in his throat. Are friendships this fragile? Are they more fragile than the very skin in which we inhabit? Useless. That's basically what they had called the fruits of their labors. That's what they had called him. Was he really useless? They hadn't done anything to benefit humanity, so everything was done in vain. Everyone had left the room now. The emptiness around him felt like he was in a void. Unable to move or speak, he fell down into a pile of negative emotions, and all of them poured out like water out of a leaking tank. Sobs filled the office while tears dampened the carpet. His life was being transformed and reassembled. He saw it all now.

It was time to bond, seal and repair his soul.

Releasing his last cries of anguish, he stood up with his remaining strengths and walked outside. Despite being in a state of shock, he managed to walk all the way to his "house". In actuality, his house is just a room in the office building that his ex-buddies worked in. Everyone had their own rooms with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and sleeping quarters. Phil took out his key and turned the knob. Inside was a simple living room: couch, TV, and coffee table. On the other side of the room was the kitchen. The countertop was made of marble, and the appliances were stainless steel; a fridge, stove, and microwave was all that he needed. After standing still for a few seconds, he walked to his sleeping quarters and threw himself onto the bed. There seemed to be some draft of some sort, since the room was colder than usual.

"What now?" He asked to... the roof? As ridiculous as it sounded, he was right to ask such a question. What should he do now? Left with nothing but his creation and his office building, he was at a loss for words or actions. It was almost as if his will to live left, along with all his friends.

Suddenly, he remembered that his creation didn't have a name. If he was to create an alliance with TAPE, he needed to give a name to his "spray". "Those mechs they use... they're called Flexers, aren't they?" He pondered for a while, and had made his decision.

"Flex Seal"

Of course. How come he didn't think of it earlier? The thought that a mech could stand a fight against an Angel without suffering extreme damage was exhilarating. Flexers were created with the sole purpose of eliminating the Angel threats. However, TAPE has so much money before a Flexer can be deemed "too expensive". In other words, if a Flexer isn't minimizing damage to a point where production wouldn't result in losses, then they are scraped off. Not much is known about the inner workings of TAPE except that they created Flexers and are working against the Angels. Government officials are skeptical and almost afraid of such a corporation. Phil, however, saw them as the ultimate opportunity to turn the situation around. If Flex Seal could be used in conjunction with Flexers, they might be able to destroy Angels with little effort. Thoughts like these led to many other and, soon enough, Phil found himself dozing off into a semi-sweet slumber. That draft didn't help to keep him awake. Instead, it did the opposite.

"Well, Phil? Is this what you want?" A voice was calling out to the sleeping man. Obviously, this is a dream. Swift was in a vast expanse of nothingness. It was dark, yet he could see himself perfectly. He turned around looking for the source of the voice, but found no one. The voice called out to him again, knowing of his confusion: "Don't worry Phil, it'll be alright. Sooner or later, you will be enlightened to the ways of TAPE."

"What do you want from me? Why have my friends betrayed me?"

"Phil... I know not of the intentions of your colleagues; I only know that they are fools. Someone like you needs to be praised for such a wonderful invention. Now go! Make the world know of the wonders of Flex Seal!"

Phil had awakened in his bed. Getting up, he checked the alarm clock by his bed. Not more than an hour had passed since he took that nap. Feeling invigorated, he took a shower to refresh himself. The dream had made him think of his decisions. He wanted- no, needed to go to TAPE. Flex Seal wasn't as useless as he had been told. Yes, it was an epiphany. He didn't know who the person that talked to him was, but it felt right to be praised for his work.

It'd be some time before he'd need to go to bed. He stayed watching the news for a while. After a nighttime ritual, he went to his bedroom. Phil could've sworn that the AC was in its usual temperature, but somehow it was colder. Regardless, he fetched another blanket and went to sleep. Tomorrow he'd do it. Tomorrow he'd go to TAPE and change his life.