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Something's wrong.

You see, I think there is something wrong with my coworker and I haven't gotten the slightest idea what it is. I worked at this place for a few months now and the dude in the next cubicle to mine is pretty easy to predict. His life was a simpleton one so I could write down what he does when he's at work.

First off, he doesn't talk to people. Only when needed. I guess he's an introvert but damn, he really never talks to ANYONE and I mean it. Last time I heard his voice was when he was asking for some extra staples and that was months ago.

Second is that he never left his cubicle unless he had to eat. I don't know if that's because he's too diligent or if it's part of his introvertness but that's just sad. One thing he does is smoke on breaks which I offer to join him. It's more like he lets join him so I don't pester him anymore. When we do smoke, silence ensues.

Third is that never hangs out with anyone from work and goes straight home. I've tried to invite him to drink and even offered him a treat on me but he declined and just went home.

I could go on, but you get it. He is a true introvert, a lone wolf among men. With the number of attempts I've made to make him open up sort of broke me since I always knew I was good with people. That man is the living proof that I am not. Fuck.

Until one day, after he was absent from work for like weeks and came into work that I saw something so unusual. So bizarre that he might as well be called Jojo.

That day, I saw him smile.

It was like seeing the sunshine after an eclipse covered the sun for months. It was so bedazzling that it made me smile too. No, I wasn't falling for him. Fuck you if you thought of that but if not, you're okay. He got called in by HR but he looked so positive that it's like he was being called for a commendation and he seemed like a different person. What happened in the days he was gone?

"Hey, what's wrong?" Connor asked, looking concerned as he sipped his black coffee.

"What, why you asking?" I retorted.

"You're doing the thinking face."

"I do not have a thinking face."

Connor then made this face where he creased his eyebrows and pursed his lips to the right. "This is the thinking face."

"Be glad I am not drinking hot beverage or it would've ruined your lovely face," I warn him.

"Thank you very much, my lady."

This man is my boyfriend. Sometimes he's an asshole but god do I love him. Connor has an undercut hair and is wearing a dark blue t-shirt with small skulls printed all over it, some dark jeans, and a pair of Vans that I bought him last week. He smiles at me with his stupid fang exposed. I already talked to him to get it fixed but he said the dentist would probably just remove his tooth. That's not how dentists work on fanged teeth…

"You're thinking about Wolf again, aren't you?" He smirks at me.

"No!" I deny.

"Come on, even I know there's a huge change with him ever since he got back. You can't help but feel sorry for him before but now he's like possessed by a positive spirit." Connor takes a huge gulp of his coffee.

"Who's not worried of their fellow coworkers?"

"So you are worried?"

"You and your fucking questions… I swear to god."


"Of course I'm worried!" I take a spoonful of my ice cream sundae. "You see a man who doesn't speak nor make attempts to do so and now he's a bright ball of sunshine and everyone likes him! Like, someone replaced him or something!" I take two bites. Mmm, cookies and cream.

"So?" Connor shrugged.

"So!? Con, the man changed in a matter of days!"

"You changed in a matter of days."

"This is different! I was a bitch, yeah, but I've always been a social person! Wolf doesn't do socialization. Never."

"You keep calling him wolf, but that's not his real name, right?"

To be honest, I never knew his name. I just called him Wolf since the lone wolf thing works whenever I thought of him. I never bothered to look at his ID as well…

Connor and I left the cafe and got back to our workplace. Before I go back to my cubicle, I decided to look for Wolf to see what he's up to during lunch. It's still pretty early and I know Wolf eats at the company pantry. Terrible food, if you ask me. Most people just come here to eat lunches they made at home… But I doubt Wolf cooks his own lunch. I've seen him eat the slob here like it's edible.

I see Wolf's back as he is sitting across a woman with a seriously long brown hair. She wore an off-shoulder white shirt, paired with a slim-fit dark blue jeans and a heels probably three inches high. Simple outfit but she's one of those few who can make rags look like Chanel if they ever choose to wear them. Wolf ate something from a boxed lunch as he talked to the chic lady.

"You're a stalker now?"

I turned my head and saw Connor's face next to mine. "Don't be noisy!" I hush him.

"Who's that with Wolf?"

"I don't know, I never saw him with anyone so I'm guessing a friend?"

"Or his sister?"

"Really Connor? They look nothing alike."


"Only showing up to work like recently? Connor, your investigative eyes disappoint me."

"Sorry, Sherlock. I don't see everything like elementary like you do— Wait." Connor looks at Wolf with furrowed eyebrows.


"They're calling us…" Connor points to Wolf and the lady and I turn to see the lady gesturing at us to come over…

"We got caught because of you," I bemoan at him as I walk towards their table.

As soon as we got close to them, the lady smiles at me and seeing her up close makes me think that I've already seen her before… I can't forget such a pretty face… Was it Instagram? Twitter? Or maybe a Youtube makeup tutorial video?

"Hey," Wolf says to me as he face me. "Monika said you guys were looking at our table for a while now. Need something?"

"No, not really!" I deny.

"Like they'll buy that," Connor whispers to me.

"You never introduced me to your coworkers, love," the lady smiles at me as she say that to Wolf. Love? This dude's girlfriend is this goddess?

"Oh, right. We've been so busy these past days." Wolf then stands up and gesture at me. "This is Zoe. She's works on the cubicle next to mine and he's… " Wolf scratches his head. "Sorry, I don't know your name. I think you're from another department?"

"It's Connor, man." Boyfie offers his hand.

"Sorry." Wolf shakes it.

"Nice to meet both of you," the lady says. "I'm Monika, his fiancée."

I blink a bunch of times. "Wait, fiancée? You guys are getting married?"

"Um, yeah," Wolf sheepishly confirms as he scratch his head. "I proposed to her like weeks ago and now we're just trying to make it happen."

What? He's getting married; WHAT? I shake my head a bit. "Oh, congratulations then!" I decide to go along for now. It's not like I really knew him so overreacting to that would be probably rude. I mean, I thought he is not the marrying type.

So after that, Wolf explained that he first plans to tell his parents personally and then they would start planning for the wedding. Wolf said I'm invited and Connor can be my plus one. After a bit of more chit chat, we left Wolf and Monika and went back to our cubicles. As I sit down on my chair, I feel like something is missing. Something…

Right! I really think I've seen Monika somewhere. She's probably on Twitter so I took out my phone and opened the Twitter app. I notice a notification from Creuset. Probably still wondering if I already watched the show she recommended. Now's not the time for that! I scroll down on the app and just as I am to give up looking for Monika on Twitter but then I tapped on the notification… And I find a picture of Monika. Well, not a picture; an art piece. It's Monika doing a pin up for a summer two-piece bikini and it looks really well-drawn. I look at the tags of the post and one of the tags. Wolf's girlfriend… Fiancée, I mean… She looks exactly like Monika! Wait, even her name's Monika! What's the meaning of this!?

I ended up thinking about it the whole time at work. I managed not to screw up anything work-related but man, it was tiring. I was really close to… You know what, let's not talk about that.

I still am thinking about Monika and Wolf… If Monika's her real name. Is it? Is she some roleplayer gone to serious and mistaken herself as Monika? Her green eyes sure looks real, even her ridiculous long hair. I'd know if they were fake even from a distance. I've dealt with wigs and contacts a lot so I'd know.

Where did they even meet in the first place!?

Of course, Connor already told me I was weird for being worried about Wolf but I just can't help it. With my previous work place, everyone had someone to talk to but Wolf just sat in his cubicle alone and eats alone when it's lunch time. It's like he's invisible. And now he's super sociable and has a fiancée. Fiancée from a video game!

Yeah, I've played Doki Doki Literature 's was one of Creuset's first recommendations. I wasn't sure what it was for, the story that is. Don't like Sayori and if I had to pick a favorite, it'd be Natsuki. I'd pick Monika but she's crazy. I wouldn't get along with Yuri; I never did well with bookish-types.

At the end of my shift, I went ahead of Connor; he goes out later than me so… I'll just see him later in my apartment. I can't wait for him since my phone's almost dead and I don't want to drain my phone just waiting for him. Guess who also gets off work same time as me? Wolf. One of these days, I'll have to ask for his real name…

SO. I followed him going home… Am I a stalker now? No, of course not. Okay, I probably am right now. But my curiosity will kill me if I don't figure out who or what the hell is Monika. And there I am, on the same train as Wolf and he just looked at his phone as he is sitting down. He gets off the first stop so I did as well and keep my distance as I follow. I wonder what he would think if he found me… Nah, he wouldn't. I changed my blazer into this jacket I bought online and wore a baseball cap. Wolf enters a small cafe near the station. Of course, I follow him inside.

Someone waves at him from a booth on the far end of the cafe… The one waving is a cute little girl with shoulder length hair, wearing an off-shoulder top matched with a frilly white shirt that makes her sooooooooo adorable. Wolf has a little sister? Doesn't look like him though. At all… I sat down few tables away from them where I can see them clearly. The little girl apparently isn't alone in the booth; a gloomy looking woman with shoulder length half shaved hair sat across her and seems also happy to see Wolf. She wore a white t-shirt that said 'I'm an author' to which I highly doubt and a pair of dark leather pants and boots. Edgy. Edgy girl says something to Wolf and then laughs. Wolf just sits down and they just… Hang out?

Why does he have a lot of female friends? Where's Monika? I move to a closer table so I can catch their conversation.

"Basically, Holly's got me working like a horse. We had to grab some of her stuff from her apartment but breaking into a dead woman's room wouldn't look good so we had to do it at night."

I turn my head to the edgy girl. I can't believe what I just heard. They were stealing!?

"Well, Holly needs her stuff," the little girl says. "I don't think you're the type who would lend clothes. And Holly probably would like to wear something other than black."

"Hey, I have other colors in my wardrobe."

The little girl looks at edgy incredulously. "Let me guess, white and gray?"

Edgy girl looks stunned. "I-I also have red…"

Girl, you need a better wardrobe choices.

The little pouts. Cute. "Next time I go shopping, you're coming."

"I'm not shopping for clothes."

"When was the last time you bought clothes?"


The two keep fighting over clothes while Wolf just looks unsure what to do. You disappear for a month and now you're covered in bitches!? I mean, I don't know how they're involved with him yet but I can only assume the worst.

"Clothes aside," the little girl changes the topic, looking real excited. "You said you're really gonna marry Monika."

Edgy bangs her hands on the table. "Holy shit, for real!?"

"Could you not make a scene, please?" Wolf asks. "And yes, I'm serious."

"Wouldn't that be, I don't know, difficult? She's doesn't exactly have papers, being from a video game and all that shit." Edgy folds her arms.

The little girl then notices me looking at her so I immediately look away and pretend to look at the menu. Shit.

"That lady keeps looking over here."

"Who?" Edgy says.

I keep my stare at the menu but I heard someone standing up from their table. Calm down, probably going to the toilet…

"Hey," a voice next to me says.

I look to my right and saw edgy girl looking down on me. Her eyes are so menacing…

"You got a fucking problem with my friend?"

"Luce, don't!" The little girl says as she tries to pull her back to their table. "Don't make a scene!"

"No, I felt like someone's been watching and now that you mentioned it, I can't just let this bitch stalk us and pretend she's invisible." She slams her hand on my table. "So!? Who the fuck are you?"

"Guys, let's just calm down… Wait, Zoe?" Wolf notices me as he walks towards my table. Now I know my disguise isn't so great after all. "What are you doing here? Aren't you with Connor?"

"Know this stalker, Sherlock?" The edgy girl who is apparently named Luce points at me.

"Stalker? I mean, yeah. I know her from work."

I see them being occupied talking so I take a step to get away from them—

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere, kiddo," Luce warns as she holds my shoulder with an iron grip. "You're gonna talk, and we're going to talk a lot."

Mama, if I don't come home for Christmas, I just want you to know your spaghetti sucks but I still love you lots.

"Guys, she's a friend."

I turn to Wolf and thank him silently as I am still worried that this edgelord will hurt me.

"This creep's your friend?" Luce raises an eyebrow at me.

After a minute of Wolf calming his friends down (mostly Luce), they let me sit with them at their booth. They order drinks and I just order a rootbeer float.

"So you're just curious what's going on with Sherlock here?" Luce says as pockets her smartphone. "You could've just asked like any normal person."

You're no normal person. "Yeah, I guess."

"Zoe, is there something wrong? I don't think I messed up at work," Wolf wonders.

"I… "

What am I supposed to say? That I was worried when he was gone and when he got back, he's completely different? Wouldn't that sound like I like him? Because honest to god, I don't like him that way.

"It's alright," the little girl pipes up. "Being gone from work then just popping out of the blue would make anyone curious."

This girl is an angel.

"Amity, you're too naive. We can't take her word for it just because."

This edgelord is the devil.

"Luce, I told you she's a friend and I invited her to the wedding."

Wolf is apparently an angel too.

"I guess if she's invited, then she's alright." Luce offers her hand. "Name's Luce. Sorry if I wasn't , you know, nice earlier."

I take her hand and shake. "Zoe."

Luce's eyes widen. "Zoe? Your name is Zoe?"


Her grip on my hand tightens. "Zoe Edensworth?"

"How did you know my last name?"

Luce lets go of my hand. "Holy shit. To think I would meet you IRL."

"Uh, do I know you? Wait, are you following me on Twitter?"

"We've met. I mean no. We haven't but I sort of know you. It's a long story. Like, thirty six chapters long or so."

"That doesn't really explain anything."

"Okay, bottomline, I don't know you but I've heard of you. Believe me, this is confusing even for me."

"Okay?" I decide not to follow up on that since it sounds really confusing. Maybe she actually is crazy.

"Then you've already met Monika?" Amity asks as she takes her milkshake from the waitress that just arrived. She sure likes to change topics.

"Yeah, she was with him during lunch break at work,"I say, taking my drink. "She probably brought him lunch."

Do I ask them? That Monika is from a video game?

"If you're invited then there should be no problems with you knowing Monika's an android, right?" Luce grins at me.


Color drains from Luce's face. "Wait. You don't know?"

"Know what?"

Wolf just facepalms. "Luce…"

Amity has the face of disappointment. "Luce."

Luce looks desperate. "Hey! You said you trust her!"

"I did but I didn't say I told her about Monika's condition."

"What's going on?" I ask.

Wolf just looks at me seriously.

"This is a really long story and it involves why I was gone for weeks. Will you listen?"

At last. That's what I came for so my answer is pretty obvious. They say curiosity killed the cat, but the thing is, that line isn't even complete.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. And I want my questions to be satisfied with answers.

I return his seriousness with earnesty. "Yes."