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"Thank you, dear reader. Thank you people. And thank you Peter Cullen for being the voice of Optimus Prime. I really mean it. So, if life is killing you, Dear Reader, may the escape give you strength as it does me."


The golden light of dawn warmed the exposed face of a boy in a cocoon of blankets. He groaned, and pulled the blankets up to his curly brown hair that stuck out like quills.

"Liam," called the boy's father. "Time to get up!"

Liam groaned again, and made no move to get out of his nice warm bed. His father pocked his head around the corner, and saw at his son in his rat's nest. He marched down stairs and started cooking. Not long later, the smell of salted bacon crept into Liam's room. The boy pocked his head out, then dragged himself free of his blankets. Shuffling down to the kitchen, Liam sat at the table, and earned a smile from his father.

"One of these days it'll be you making breakfast." Stated Will.

"I only make P.B. and J. sandwiches." Mumbled Liam, rubbing his eyes.

"Get the orange juice, please."

Liam shuffled to the fridge, then back.

"Cups too." Will said, flipping the omelet in the air.

Liam shuffled slowly to the cabinet, and got two glass cups. Soon both sat and ate their buttered toast with omelets and beacon.

"Are you excited?" Will asked.

"No, I said before that I hate being the new kid. Besides, with the aliens around, shouldn't school be canceled?"

"It's been three days. We need things to get back to normal. Or what constitutes as normal."

Silence—save for the crunching of bread, and the ticking of a clock—crept over the kitchen.

"I wish the aliens would have destroyed the school. And all the schools."

"Sorry," Chuckled Will. "We aren't that lucky."

Some later, Will and Liam strolled up the last block to the middle school. His school neighbored the High School that was equally humming with life. Busses rolled past them, and swarms of teenagers and kids flooded out. But it wasn't the stares Liam resaved for walking with his father that sent shivers through his stomach. It was the cold, watchful gaze of army men that stood sentinel in the parking lot, and school entrances.

"Okay. Have a good day, call me or Mary if the aliens come, and try to make friends." Will said, rubbing his son's hair.

"I would prefer to make friends with an alien." Liam murmured, eyeing the Irish Military and other students.

"Love you," Will murmured, then started marching back down the street. "I'll pick you up later."

Liam watched his father march for the harbor, then turned to the horde of students swarming into the schools. He hesitantly merged with the mass, and navigated the halls full of thin orange lockers. His crinkled map that consisted of classes, hours, and rooms guided him. The first on his map was History, which was on the other side of school.

After navigating himself through the mass of students, that nearly all where taller then him, he stepped into his classroom. Posters of maps, and a rough timeline were pinned to a board in the far back and side. Students either dashed, or shuffled to their desks. Most clamed desks at the back or middle of the room. But the more eager sat closer to the front. Liam sat near the front, beside the window that looked out to the forest. He gazed out, searching the sky for the alien planet. But all he saw was clusters of clouds, and a swirling flock of birds.

"Good morning class," Announced the teacher. "Welcome back. But those of you who are new, I'm Dimond Harrison, and I'm happy you're all here. I know the Transformers has everyone exited, but we can't let that get in the way of education. So, before we begin, I'll like to introduce your new classmates. When I call your name, please stand, and tell us what you like to do. Afterword, we'll do an attendance cheek."

Miss Harrison picked up her clip board, and searched for the marked names of new students.

"Samuel Potter." She called, but none rose. She called again, but still was answered by silence.

"I think the aliens ate him." Jested one of the boys, and earned chuckles from his friends.

"Moving along," She hummed, writing an 'x' on the board. "Liam Regan."

Liam slowly rose, and tried to ignore the multitude of eyes on him.

"I like tinkering." He said, then sat back down.

"What do you like to tinker?" Miss Harrison asked.


"That's cool. Thank you for sharing. And lastly, Abagail Gates."

A girl along the front row stood up. Her long auburn hair was pulled back in a French braid. And like Liam, freckles sprinkled her cheeks and nose.

"Hi, friends call me Abby. And one day I want to be a software developer." Abagail said, then sat back down.

"Thank you for that. And I'm glad to see someone wanting to go into that field. Now, when I say your name, raise your hand."

Liam stared at Abagail, till she turned to him, and he quickly turned away to the window. And after a while the prickle of her gaze lifted.

"Robot lover." Whispered a boy's voice behind him. But Liam only smirked.

"Thanks for noticing." He retorted.

"You do know they're worst then terrorist, right?"

"Only some."

"Commie." Scuffed the boy behind him.

"Look who's talking." Liam retorted, and turned around to see the boy smirk. He was a bulky boy with brown eyes, hair, and tanned skin.

"I'm Victor."

"Hi." Liam whispered, trying to stay under the teacher's radar.

"Do you have any robots?"

"Some, but they're not impressive."

"Boys?" Miss Harrison addressed them. "Something you'll like to share?"

"No Ma'am." They both replied, and she carried on.

"Let's talk later." Victor whispered.

Will marched down the docks to the white and blue finishing ship. A man in his sixties stood before his crew that prepared for the day. But he gazed past them, watching the rolling waves. The seagulls called their claim on fish. And he focused to hear the secret voice of the sea. He sensed something was out there, but Will's voice called him back.

"Hi Regan," The captain greeted.

"Captain," Will smiled. "Nice day."

"Yes, my bones haven't told me otherwise."

Will stored away his things, and helped bring aboard the last of the cleaned and repaired nets. They casted-off, and headed for the fishing grounds. Waves bet against the hull, and a flock of seagulls called about above them. They sailed for hours, and found another flock of seagulls circling, and swopping close to tach fish.

"Cast the net lads!" ordered the captain. And the crew complied. The net stretched out wide, and scooped up unwitting fish. They let it drag for a bit, then hoisted it. Water flowed freely from the net, and the fish flapped about. It wasn't terribly full, but it was better then nothing. After getting the fish stored, a navy ship quickly grew nearer.

"Captain," Called one of the crew men. "They want to talk to you!"

Will watched the Captain climb up, and took the radio microphone from the man. The Captain's face went somewhat dark. It was a look that only came when something was brewing. He and others watched their Captain argue with the man on the other side, then after the Captain put the microphone down, he stepped out and leaned on the railing.

"We're heading back boys," He announced. "They don't want us out here."

"But we barely caught anything!" Yelled a crew member.

"I know. But they didn't say anything about what course to take home, so long as it gut us there fast."

The crew men didn't smile, but they shared a determine look. The ship turned back, but they headed off to an area that showed activity on their monitors. After a while as they neared the activity, they lowered the net, and let it drag in the fish. Then the ship slowed, and the rips grew taut. The man that watched the monitors came darting out in a panic.

"Somethings in the net!" He yelled. "Somethings in the net!"

"We want something in it, Dean!" Called the man beside Will.

"This isn't a fish!"

"Then what, a shark?"

"I don't know, but it's big!"

"Let me see." Grumbled the Captain, as he marched up.

"I see something!" Called a crewman that leaned over the side of the ship. Others leaned over too, and watched as the nets lifted a large oval shaped pod. It was blue as the sea, but red where fish were squished between it and the netting. Just beneath the surface was a large gray form.

"It's one of them," Said one of the crewmen. "Cut the rope!"

Just as he said it, the form moved as if awaken by a terrible sound. And most crewmembers moved away in fright.

"Wait!" Will called, and pulled the man away from the riggings. "Wait a moment!"

"Do you want to die?" Barked the crewman.

"No, but it could be an Autobot."

"You're crazy!" Growled the crewman, and stormed way as the Captain stepped closer.

Will leaned over, and tried to peer into the pod. With his still gloved hand, he hesitantly reached out to the pod. It was soft and squishy, and seemed to vibrate. The form moved again, making him jump back. But then he saw that it kept tossing and turning. Placing his hand on it again, he felt it brush past. It reminded him oddly of when Liam was restless in Maggy's belly. He wondered how the Transformers where made. And how different, or indifferent they were to humans.

"Will," Said the Captain. "you shouldn't touch it."

"I think it's harmless—" He began, then saw the crewman, dart forward with an axe. Will felt his body move to intercept him, while his mind only vaguely processed what was happening. His hands tried to pull the crewman away, but he still managed to hit the pod. A small gash spurted blue liquid. And the form trashed about.

Hands grabbed Will, and pulled him from the crewman. Freed, the crewman swung the axe high, and landed in a great gush of blue. A metallic hand punched through the gel like materiel, and tried to tare itself free. Blue liquid exploded in a fountain onto the axe wielding crewman. And in the moment when fear stunned all, Will tore himself free, and dove for the crewman.

The Cybertronian wrestled with the collapsed pod, and the nets that caught onto its arms and kicking feet. Unnatural sounds that could only be described as yelps, and moans came from her. Will tore the axe from the man, and darted over to cut the ropes. And down she went with a great snap that jerked the ship, and a wave splashed the deck and crew. All grew deadly silent, save for the whistling wind, and the hiss of waves.

"Damn it!" Barked the crewman as he rose to his feet. "Whose side are you on Regan?"

"What if it was an Autobot?"

"Autobot, Decepticon, there is no difference!"

"Lads!" Boomed the voice of their Captain, silencing all. "That's enough! Let's get home, and report it."

"Yeah, report Regan."

"Check the hall, now!" The Captain barked to the crewman, whom hesitantly complied. And Will received plenty of glares on the way back.

As she sank, she wrestled with the net that still clung to her leg. Her cooling compartment took on some water, but she automatically stopped taking in air, and resisted the urge to cough out the water. She soon hit the bottom, and managed to tare most of the net off. Though bits of it still clung to her. Her wide blue optics darted franticly around, and she flounder about as she tried to swim, but couldn't. Then she grew still as a familiar sound echoed through the water.

Not too far above her, two forms steadily approached. She kicked backwards, making whining sounds. The singing answered, and she grew still as the singing grew louder and more familiar. Though she didn't know how, she knew that they were Blue Whales. And their songs matched perfectly to her hazy memories of falling into recharge.

They swam to her, and the calf swam around her gleefully. The mother sang softly as she drifted on. The protoform floundered after them, not wanting to be alone in this strange place. And she didn't like the seaweed not too far away, fearing it possibly hiding something. Like a hungry thing that could jump out, and drag her into the darkness. After a bit, she studied their movement, and tried to copy it. It worked a little, but they where slipping away from her. She made a high wailing sound, and they both turned and swam back to her. Her legs awkwardly kicked, and pushed the water to move forward. It was slow going and she struggled to not sink. But the mother and calf swam slowly, and guided her as the sun drifted to their left.

Darkness grew, and she saw seaweeds dancing on the rocks below. In her momentary distraction, the whales slipped way, and she struggled to keep up. Their songs faded, and echoed everywhere. She wailed onto the darkness, but was only replied by her echo.

The protoform softly whimpered, and swam along the rocks that slanted upward. Then a golden light steadily turned white. The light danced above her on the waves, making her nearly forget to keep her cooling compartment closed. Looking down, ribbons of light danced on the rocks and swaying seaweed. Climbing onward, she soon quickened her kicking, and neared the surface. As soon as her head rose from the water, her cooling compartment struggled to take in air, and expel what water made it in.

As she struggled between coughing and inhaling to cool her systems, she crawled to shore and collapsed on the rocks. Soon she stopped coughing, and her internal systems returned to normal. Shivers soon racked her body in the cool night. Gazing around, she saw trees and bushes sway and hiss. Rising to her hands and knees, she wanted to call out, but she was bombarded by a multitude of languages. Still to new to this knowledge, she couldn't pick any. She made a wailing sound, and hoped something would reply. But only the biting and whistling wind replied. She tried again, but still nothing.

The protoform nearly started to sob, but then a light in the distance blinked to life. Not knowing what else to do, she rose her knees, and tried to place her feet on the rocks. Her feet slipped on the uneven, and wet rocks. But she managed to find a relatively secure area, then rose on trembling legs. She towered over the trees, and made out shadowy outlines around the light. Then her foot slipped, and she plummeted back down to the rocks with a yelp. Shakenly rising to her knees that throbbed, she looked to her hand that pounded even worse.

In the light of the moon, she saw a rock protruding from her hand as blue liquid leaked to the rocks. She held her hand close to chest as she sobbed. Pushing herself forward, she crawled with one hand up to the grass. The grass felt soft on her aching knees that was scraped, and bleed only a little. She crawled to the trees, and examined her hand. Pain rippled through her hand, in tuned with her shivers. And she didn't want to touch it, and risk more pain. She simply held it close to her chest, and hoped it would feel better soon.

A deep rumble cracked over the sea, drew her attraction to the sea. Wide optics caught the flash of lighting, and soon drops of rain fell on her with faint clanks. Turning to the light, she began crawling for it. Fat and more constant ran drops fell on her. Cold water ran over her sensitive body, and leaked into crevices that carried the cold deeper to her core.

The protoform sniffled and trembled all the way to a small wood that encircled two structures. One was a house with glistening windows. Looking in to one of then, she saw a small room with a shadowy figure gazing at a square box that showed obscured images.

Too scared to get the figure's attention, she crawled to the barn, and carefully slid inside. With the doors closed, she crawled to the back beneath the loft, and made a nest in the hay. It was dusty and smelled old, but it was dry. Though, she still shivered, and curled around her hand that dried with her blue blood. Rain fell in a heavy volley against the walls and windows. Even with thunder rattling the walls, the protoform drifted deeply into recharge.

Longer chapters coming soon, I hope after finals.