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~Chirio's P.O.V~~

It was the morning of the hot springs trip and I could not be more excited about my first overnight trip with no parents, or teachers. Couple that with the fact that Haruka, Natsuki, and I have all been accepted to our chosen University to study our chosen fields of sport management, nursing, and theology respectively we were over the moon. However, for some inexplicable reason I could not help but feel anxious as if something important was going to happen almost like when me and my parents entered the spirit world those eight years past. Then again it could just be the nerves talking so I choose to ignore it for now and meet up with the others at the train station.

After two hours by train we switch to a bus that takes passengers to the various hot springs around the area. At first everything seemed normal until the bus went off the main road and proceeded further into the mountains. About thirty minutes later the bus stopped in front of a mountain cave and then I knew for sure that something was definitely wrong, but did not have too much time to dwell on the subject. We had any time to react as the bus driver and his cronies quickly tied our wrists and then ushered us from the bus into the cave at knife point.

After exiting at the other end of the cave the men had us sit around a tall red lamp in what appeared to be the town square with bridges on both sides a short one we crossed to get here while the other longer one led to a large familiar looking building. I also noticed as to why they were not afraid of interference despite the location as it appeared that there was no one manning the stalls that lined the streets. Suddenly I realized why everything here looked so familiar even though it was my first time here and if my hunch was correct then there may just be a way we can escape from here.

With that in mind I quickly reassured Natsuki who was shaking from fright with unshead tears in her eyes and Haruka who instead was giving the kidnapers a murdous glare that could even slay an Oni. I was trying to form a plan on how to first deal with the drivers cronies when the answer fell right into my lap. "Hey boss any idea of when the guy who ordered this job will get here? I'm starving and the food over there isn't help'n"! Crony number one exclaims followed with agreement from crony number two.

"Well why don't you help yourselves then? Our employer said that they would cover the bill when he gets here." said their boss and without further delay two of his three henchmen are taken care of as they stuff their faces which only leaves scrawny looking crony number three and the boss to deal with. Steeling my resolve I quickly whisper the plan to my friends to which Haruka responds, "you sure this will work Chi?", while I get an "are you nuts? They might kill us" from Natsuki. "Trust me I know what I am doing so when I give the signal head to the cave and run until you find help" I tell them trying my best to be convincing. We then procced to work the ropes until they are loose before I put my plan into action.

I then stand up while pretending the ropes are still secure around my wrists and confront the boss. I shout at him "hey what is this about? Is it ransom you guys are after, or something else entirely?" I enquire of our captors. The boss approached me with a look of irritation clear on his face as he stated, "that's for our employer to know and for you to find out. As all we know is that one of you has something they want". After that crony number three tried to grab me, I quickly released the ropes punched him hard enough he doubled over and finally grabbed his head before slamming it with my knee leaving him with a concussion and a foaming mouth.

That was all the signal the girls needed before they started booking it towards the cave and I was not far behind. Unfortunately the bridge was overtaken by a rushing river leaving us stranded with no way to reach the cave unless we wanted to risk being swept away. Even before I looked to the horizon to see the colors of twilight overtake the sky I knew we were too late and that left us with no choice but the large building at the other side. I sent prayers to every god I know including a certain river spirit that the owner was nowhere near as bad as Yubaba.

We then changed direction and starting running through the plaza in which I spied the boss panicking over his down crony and the other two having turned into pigs still trying to eat the food. However, he still caught up to us before we reached the long bridge and caught my arm. As I struggled in his grip he back handed me hard enough for my teeth to cut my cheek. "What have you done to my men girl?" he shouted in my face and my answer was simply to spit the blood in my mouth as a distraction. It worked as he pushed me away to wipe it off before he once more brandished his knife.

However, his strike faltered as without warning a roar loud enough to shake the ground reverberated through the area. I turned toward the roars' origin to see a streak of bright silver and aqua flying right to me before finding it coiled around myself in a protective manner. The aqua manned silver dragon brought his face just above mine and then began to nuzzle me as I laughed from the tickling sensation of his face fur and whiskers. "Alright Ha-ha Haku, seriously enough I get it, it's nice to see you too", I say through a fit of giggles. Meanwhile both the girls and the boss of the kidnappers stand there with eyes and mouths wide open in disbelief before the girls promptly fainted.

"Chihiro it is good to see you again, but how did you get here?" Haku asks as he coils around me a little more as if he needed to make sure I was safe and still there. I quickly respond with' "it's a long story, but for now I suggest doing something about that guy and his henchmen". As if noticing the kidnappers for the first time Haku swings his head to look at them before he growled at the boss who still had his knife pionted towards me and a little of my blood on him.

He then used his wind to scoop up the man and his incapacitated lackies before guiding them to some unseen location. "They are now within a holding cell for troublemakers", he informed me to which I responded with a sigh of, "that's great" before passing out myself from a mixture of relief and adrenaline exhaust. I could still feel someone shaking me while calling my name as the silent darkness of unconsciousness claimed me.