So I got the new Shadow of War game and played it after spending half a day going through Shadow of Mordor again to get me caught up and I have to say… best weekend spent playing videogames in months!

So this story will have everyone's favorite wall crawler Spider-man end up in the Tolkien universe or more accurately, born into it. Now the first question comes if Peter's born into this world, will he have his powers? Yes, he will along with a few others or some of his existing powers will be altered slightly to accommodate for this world's deep mythology.

Now the next question is what will he be… the result of the union of the first and most powerful Dark Lord of Middle-Earth, Morgoth and his ally at the time, Ungoliant the first and most powerful Great Spider. So yeah, Peter's going to be pretty powerful, like I won't say godlike but damn well stronger than most, like on par with the likes of Gandalf the Grey at least and if you know your Middle-Earth lore, then you will know that is still fairly powerful.

And on that note, fore warning, I'm going to go deep into the lore of Middle-Earth that a lot of people may not know outside of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, which both only brush the very tip of it all, so my advice read the Silmarillion and a few other books from the History of Middle-Earth series at the very least, it'll help somewhat, hopefully… The Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War games go into more detail about Middle Earth and the world's history to an extent as well, so I suggest giving those a look too.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or Lord of the Rings/Hobbit/Middle-Earth characters seen, mentioned or used.

Middle-Earth, an ancient and vast land that's seen its fair share of great and terrible events since it's creation tens of thousands of years ago by the Valar. Its inhabitants were numerous and diverse, some people of good, some of malevolent evil and others not quite one or the other, but somewhere in between…

And standing before the river of Bruinen was one such being. They stood at roughly five foot eleven and covered in pitch black chain mail like armor which was partially covered by an equally dark hooded cloak of Elvish make. Their head was covered by a helmet that covered the entire face and possessed two small distinct eye holes that almost seemed to glow red in the hood's shadow. Across their back were two handles to a pair of swords that resembled something vaguely Elvish but possessed several characteristics of blades found in the world of Men and Dwarf. All in all, the figure cut a very noticeable sight in the Elf guarded forests surrounding the Elven city of Rivendell.

Their name, well the closest translation in Weston was Peter, a name he much more prefers to be addressed as then the one given to him by his… father.

Peter kneeled won by the gentle flowing waters of the Bruinen river, faintly sensing the magic that ran through it before he stood up and sighed.

"You Elves… you never make it easy, don't you?" Peter said to one in particular. He took several breathes as he placed a single foot into the ankle-deep water before suddenly a faint tingling in the back of his head went off just as he heard the faint sound of an arrow being let loose. Peter's world seemed to slow down momentarily as he stood there before he suddenly lashed out with his hand and caught a single arrow, the bladed tip ending just inches away from his face.

Peter snapped the arrow's shaft before glancing towards the tree line across the river that the small missile originated from. He could faintly make out several forms in the trees, Elves most likely, and the sounds of several horses approaching farther back. Peter dropped the snapped shaft in the water as he took another step forward, then another and so on until he was steadily making his way across the waters. The tingling in the back of his head continued to increase in intensity until it felt like his head was throbbing as he finally reached the other end of the river and took a single step on the bank.

Several Elves, all armed with bows and their arrows notched, emerged from the trees and bushes and slowly circled Peter until he was cut off on both sides. Peter didn't react as he held the gaze of the Captain of this squad.

Peter saw the Elf, rather young and fare looking, like almost any Elf he's met over the years, was about to speak before Peter beat him to it.

"My Sindarin is a little rusty, mind speaking in Weston?" Peter asked as he folded his arms across his chest.

The Elf gave Peter a curious gaze as he spoke "Why are you here?"

"Here to meet an old friend" Peter said with a simple shrug as he could here the horses fast approaching, if it was who he think is, then this whole mess will be sorted out soon.

'Or go completetly to hell' Peter thought with a grim snort.

The Elf eyed Peter warily "Who is this friend you wish to meet?"

Peter was about to answer when suddenly two chocolate brown colored horses erupted from the forest and brought their steeds to a halt. They were Elladan and Elrohir, the near identical twin sons of Elrond and amongst the very few people in all of Arda that Peter not only trusts, but considers friends.

Peter gave the two Elven warriors a small nod as they approached him and the other Elves. Elladan was the first to speak as he approached Peter with a grin while Elrohir gestured for the archers to stand down.

"Peter, why didn't you send word that you were arriving? My brother and I would have gladly welcomed you" Elladan said as he clasped Peter's arm.

"Well I wasn't expecting my welcome party to be so friendly" Peter said dryly as the two shook hands before Peter held out a fist to Elrohir and bumped it against the young Elf warrior's.

"Apologies mellon, but Orcs have been spotted roaming the lands and you don't strike the image of an ally with your attire" Elladan joked.

"Well, it does do a wonderful job of putting people off the idea of approaching me" Peter said as he reached under his cloak to remove a heavy bag attached to his armor with an odd wet black stain at the base and tossed it to the two Elves.

Elladan grabbed it and was surprised to find how heavy it was while Elrohir gave it a curious gaze before his nose winked at the smell it gave off "What is it?"

"Retribution" Peter said simply as he watched the two Elves open it carefully, mindful that on more than one occasion Peter has played them for fools.

To this day, they could still feel the bee stings on their faces from when Peter gave them a beehive disguised as a basket from Gondor supposedly.

Elladan opened the bag and carefully peeked inside and felt his eyes widened slightly as he reached in and grabbed a small handful of messy braided black hair and pulled out the severed head of a dark green colored Orc's head.

"What is this?" Elladan said with a frown while he held it up towards Peter.

"That…" Peter said with a small nod towards the terror-stricken face of the long dead Orc "Was the Chieftain that captured your mother years ago. Finally tracked him down to a small settlement on the shores of the Rhûn sea"

Elladan's eyes narrowed as he turned his attention back to the dead Orc's head in his hands while his brother gave him an incredulous look.

"You carried a severed Orc head over several thousand miles?" Elrohir said before he took a small sniff of Peter and covered his nose "Well that would explain the smell"

Peter snorted at this "Actually he was alive, up until I passed by the Iron Hills. After a bit of miscommunication between me and their King, Dain, the little bastard there tried to make a run for it. So I cut his head off and carried it the rest of the way"

"Why did you capture him alive?" Elrohir asked with confusion.

Peter shrugged "I thought that you, your father and Arwen would want a little… retribution"

Elrohir frowned at that while Elladan placed the Orc head back in the back "We… thank you… for this, I suppose"

Peter frowned at that "You don't approve of what I did?"

"No, had it been me that met this creature when it still drew breath I would have not been as merciful" Elladan said as he handed the bag to one of the Elves near him "We're just not quite used to such… gifts in such a manner is all"

"To each their own I suppose" Peter said with a shrug as he turned to leave, much to the twins' confusion.

"Where are you going?" Elrohir questioned with a slightly amused look.

Peter stopped and glanced back at the two Elves "Don't know yet, figured I give Umbar a try"

"That's quite the long journey Peter" Elladan said with a raised brow while his brother nodded in agreement.

"It will take you weeks, perhaps months to reach them" Elrohir said before he and his brother shared a a look followed by a nod before he returned his attention back to Peter "How would you like to stay with us for a few days. Resupply and tell us of your journeys in Rhûn and the lands along the eastern ocean"

Elladan nodded in agreement "And Arwen will be delighted to hear you've returned, if only for a short while"

"I don't know…" Peter said in an uncertain tone "Will your father allow that?"

"Of course he would, he considers you a good friend of our house" Elladan reassured the man.

Peter gave him a skeptical look "Then how come every time I visited in the past, he always wants me to leave as soon as possible"

"Because he was afraid that you'd end up sleeping with his daughter, our sister, at the time" Elladan and Elrohir said in dry tones simultaneously.

Peter blinked at that "Wait what? I've never tried to sleep with your sister!"

"We never said you tried" Elladan said with a sigh.

"If anything, it would be Arwen that would sleep with you" Elrohir shook his head "She's quite fond of you"

"Well then I suppose it's good that I've been away for almost a century" Peter said as he turned back towards the two Elves "She has to have met another young Elf-ling around her age by now correct?"

His question was met with silence.

"Oh…" Peter said before he began to rub the back of his neck "She's at least visiting her grandmother in Lothlórien, right?"

Agaian, he was met with silence and dry stares from the twins.

"Dammit… your father will be displeased" Peter said with a sigh as Elladan and Elrohir broke into laughs as they gestured for Peter to follow them back to Rivendell while the Elves that Peter first encountered melted back into the woods with a few shadowing the trio back to the last Homely House East of the Sea.

Over half an hour later the trio had finally arrived back in Rivendell and almost immediately made an interesting sight to many of the community's residents.

Peter was currently on Elladan's steed as they slowly made their way across the small bridge that led to the main gate. Elrohir was struggling not to laugh at the sight his twin and Peter made while Peter was bust complaining right into Elladan's ear.

"I'm just saying, it would make more sense for you to have let me ride this horse back alone while you rode with your brother. That way we don't strike such an odd image to the others" Peter said as he adjusted his seating "Plus riding on the back of a horse like this is uncomfortable. It's almost as bad as riding a Caragor bareback!"

"My brother did offer his horse to use" Elladan said dryly as he rubbed the neck of his horse.

"Yeah well this one looked better" Peter said as he glanced at Elrohir's steed "That one looks like something even a rider of Rhoan wouldn't want"

The horse made an indifferent huff while Elrohir chuckled as he patted the mare on the side "Bah Peter's just jealous that you took his stall in the stables, don't listen to him"

"I slept in there one time, and even then, I slept on the rooftop!" Peter complained as the trio arrived at the stables. Peter and Elladan had a bit of difficulty getting off since both men decided to get off the same side at the same time.

Elrohir shook his head in amusement as he began to remove the saddle of his horse and passed it to one of the Elves' that maintained it and the animals that would be held here.

Finally, Peter's boots touched the ground before he pulled the part of the cloak that stuck to the horse's hindquarters and frowned at the fabric "Ugh, this is why I hate riding any sort of animal with a short body"

"Next time, wrap the cloak around your waist" Elladan joked as he handed off his saddle and rubbed the nose of his steed before looking around the stable to see that quite a few horses were missing, including his father's.

Elrohir picked this up as well as he glanced towards one of the stable hands "Where is our father?"

"Orcs were spotted near the south, approaching the Hidden Pass, lord Elrond assembled a hunting party to intercept them" the Elf said.

Elladan frowned at this "Our father left without us?"

He then glared at Peter "This is your fault!"

"Wait what? How is it my fault that your father went out and wiped out a bunch of Orcs?!" Peter said in annoyance.

"If you had just arrived a few hours earlier or soon then when you did, then me and Elrohir could have joined our father in wiping them out" Elladan said with a huff.

Peter scowled at the younger being before he raised his hand and pressed his index and middle finger down at the base of his palm.


"UGH!" Elladan yelped as his face was covered in a small glob of some sort of web like substance.

"Well now you can spend your day wiping out the traces of web in your hair" Peter snickered. He then glanced at Elrohir with a grin under his helmet as the other twin began to back away with his hands raised.

"Peter, Peter…" Elrohir warned the man as his arm began to angle towards the son of Elrond "If you do this, I can't guarantee your stay here will be peaceful"

At this Peter smirked as he raised his hand and took aim "As the saying goes… worth it"


It was over an hour later that Peter had finally gotten into settling in the guest room prepared for his stay after spending the better part of ten minutes running and hiding from Elrond's sons after he left a hefty dose of webbing in each Elf's hair. It would take hours for them to remove it entirely and it may force them to shave their head completely to be rid of the silk like substance.

If there's one thing that Peter's learned about the Eldar, it's that they could be quite attached to their hair and the thought of having to shave it off was like asking a Dwarf to shave.

"I swear, a Dwarves love for gold and the various other riches of Arda seem to be only surpassed by their love for their beards" Peter said with a chuckle as he removed his cloak to show his black chainmail armor possessed a large faded silver spider on the chest that mirrored a similar design on his back.

Peter began to carefully remove the sturdy but ancient armor along with his swords and dagger before wrapping them in a thin cloth and placing it in a small trunk at the foot of his bed. Peter doubted he would need it for his stay here and if by some chance someone did manage to breech this realm's defenses, well then maybe they deserved a shot at Peter unarmed or armored, it's the least he could do.

'Never let it be said that I'm not fair' Peter thought as he looked down at the clothes that were given to him by an Elf maiden. The shirt was light and rather loose, by Elvish standards at least while the pants were a dark grey and fairly comfortable if a bit tight around the waist. The boots he was offered he decided to forego in favor of his own.

After dressing and making the necessary adjustments to his clothing, Peter silently exited his room, being sure to cast a careful gaze around the halls for signs of Elladan and Elrohir. Those two won't let his actions go unpunished for long and given the severity of his crimes, their response would be great. Peter looked forward to it, he rarely gets to indulge in his own childish nature given that half the people he's usually surrounded by either were old and far too busy to entertain him or simply wanted to mount his head on a pike buried in a pile of dung and leave it for the crows and maggots to feed on.

After seeing no signs of Elladan or Elrohir or any possible traps, Peter slowly slipped out of his room and began to silently make his way down the halls, passing numerous windows that showed the various waterfalls emerging from the surrounding mountains. It was just as Peter had reached a small courtyard filled with a wide variety of blue and purple flowers that Peter sensed someone following him. He paused hin his stride and casted a brief glanced over his shoulder but saw no one, but that didn't mean they wont there, watching him.

"Hmmm…" Peter hummed as he resumed his trek into another hallway before he suddenly leaped out a nearby window.

Peter could sense his follow rush towards the window he escaped out of as he fell almost thirty feet until he landed in a noiselss crouch on the ground. Peter stood up and glanced towards the window to see the silhouette of a woman there before they vanished back into the hallway, likely to find another, safer route to his level.

"Heh, almost expected to see her jump too…" Peter said to himself as he began to quickly make his way deeper into the small Elven haven, his path passing through a myriad of bridges, courtyards, staircases and the odd ledge or two.

As the day progressed and Peter nearly was caught by his hunter, he entered a small hall that held a number of artifacts and paintings that displayed some of Middle-Earth's greatest moments, both ill and good.

"It'll be a while until she finds me in here" Peter said with a small grin as he slowly made his way up a small rounding stair case and came before a stone statue with a slab of smooth stone covered in a simple blue cloth in its hands. Resting upon it were the shards of Narsil, the sword which Isildur used to cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand.

Peter stopped as he gave the several thousand-year-old weapon a brief look over, still finding it hard to believe that this weapon was the one that was used to defeat Sauron of all people. Peter then turned his attention to the painting before the shards which showed Isildur with the broken sword in his hand and before him Sauron reaching for him with the hand that possessed the One Ring.

"What a sight that must have made" Peter said to himself as he studied the image for a few moments before his gaze flickered farther down the hall to an archway that led into a darkened room.

Peter's eyes narrowed as he left the painting of Sauron's defeat and carefully approached the darkened room. He paused at the archway only briefly to break off a candle from one of the candle sticks on the wall and brought it inside and began to slowly light some of the other candles in the room. Minutes passed as Peter moved from one side of the room to the other, slowly brightening the darkened chamber. After lighting the final candle, Peter blew out the one he was using and placed it on a small table as he turned towards one of the walls opposite of the doorway to show a large faded painting.

The scene displayed, was that of Middle-Earth's first and most powerful Darklord, Morgoth and before him was the towering nightmare that was Ungoliant, the first and most powerful spider and the one that drained the Two Tress of Valinor of their sap, poisoned them and then proceeded to drain the Wells of Varda dry. In their time, they were both considered the greatest threats to the world and could have very well destroyed the Valra had Morgoth not betrayed Ungoliant after they fled to Middle-Earth.

Peter's eyes rested on their forms as he stood there in total silence, wondering what his life would be like had their 'partnership' not dissolved by a combination of Ungoliant's never ending hunger and Morgoth's lies and even fear of the primordial spider. Peter sighed as he placed a hand on the faded image of Ungoliant as very faint memories of a dark but oddly warm and caring voice echoed through his mind.

"Rest my precious little spider… rest and soon the light of the Valinor shall be yours to feast upon for all time…"

"I suppose it's a good thing you've long since perished…" Peter said quietly to himself "You'd be absolutely revolted by what I've chose to become…"

Hours seemed to pass as Peter didn't remove his hand from the image of Ungoliant or his eyes from the malevolent form of Morgoth. As the sun began to set and the sky turned from blue to a myriad of reds, yellows, pinks and purples, a voice that could sooth even as the most terrifying of Balrogs echoed through the room

"I thought I'd find you here…"

Peter jumped a little at the suddenness of the voice as he scanned his surroundings for signs of the voice's owner. Finally, he heard movement not far from him and he looked to see Elrond's only daughter, Arwen, slowly emerge from around the pillar that she was standing behind when she first spoke.

"My lady…" Peter said as he gave his follower from earlier today a slight bow.

"My lord…" she replied with a slight bow as well, her smile never faltering as she held his gaze with her warm grey eyes.

Out of all of the elves that Peter has met over the centuries, Arwen still, in his eyes, remained the most beautiful. Many claimed that her beauty rivaled her ancestor Lúthien, but Peter thought she surpassed her by quite a bit. Then again, he may have been a bit biased given that he's never really met Lúthien or gotten to really know her before her 'second' death.

Arwen was clad in a breathtaking black dress that while modest to the point it bordered on maiden, it displayed a near scandalous neckline that drew attention to a white gem that hung between the valley of her breasts. Her hair hung down like a waterfall of shadow and was decorated with several small white sparkling gems that made it seem as if the night sky was upon her head.

The daughter of Elrond rose to her full height before she glanced at the painting that Peter was staring at and frowned a little as she saw the image. Out of all of the paintings that her father has collected over the years, this one was her least favorite, and part of it had to do with how it always seemed to dampen Peter's spirits a bit whenever he sees it.

"Why do you trouble yourself with the origin of your birth?"

Peter glanced back at the painting before he shrugged "Helps remind me what I could become if I'm not careful. I doubt Middle-Earth can survive the rise of a new Dark Lord with a hunger for all light in existence and beyond"

Arwen carefully approached Peter before she placed a small hand on the side of his face and gave him a meaningful look "Peter… you are not your mother, and you are most definitely not your father"

"Oh, and what makes you say that?" Peter asked with a snort as he held up a hand and for a brief moment, the entire room grew a little darker as it seemed the shadows themselves began to enlarge and lengthen.

Arwen glanced at the surrounding shadows as some began to take the forms of spiders almost before she grinned and placed her hands on the one Peter was using to conjure the shadows. They receded almost immediately and light from the candles filtered back into the room, casting a warm glow that wasn't present previously.

"Simple, had you truly been like them or held the potential for such evils, you would have struck me down for doing this… and would have consumed this entire room" Arwen said before she leaned up and gave Peter a small kiss on the side of his cheek before she pulled him away from the old painting and towards the doorway "Now come, my father is holding a banquet in honor of our recently arrived guests"

"Guests?" Peter said with a raised brow as he followed after Arwen "Who?"

"A small company of thirteen Dwarves, a Hobbit and one of the Istari arrived not shy an hour ago and my father is throwing them a feast" Arwen said as the two left the chamber and approached a small stair case that would take them near the location of the feast.

Peter chuckled at the image of thirteen Dwarves, a Halfling, and some old Wizard all together in the same room with Elrond "Well, I always do enjoy a bit of entertainment with my meals"

Arwen's musical laughter drove away any shadows still lingering in his mind as he allowed the Elf to lead him towards the feast.

And done.

Next chapter, Peter meets an interesting company of Dwarves, a Hobbit and a Wizard…