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Adtr509: When Peter's done training, she will be able to take on the Nine Nazgûl by herself. Maybe not win but a one or two of those evilly awesome bastards will be limping back to Mordor when she's done.

MCRasengan: His Spider-sense works a bit differently here. Only things that could cause serious harm to him will trigger it, like the arrow he caught back in chapter one.

NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin: The reason why Talion lasted as long as he did is because the Nazgûl drawn their power from Sauron or more specifically they drew their power from the Nine Rings which in turn draw their power from Sauron. Given that he was severely weakened because of the lost of his own ring, the Nazgûl by proxy are also weaker than they would have been when he still had the One Ring. And even then, the process to turn a person into a Nazgûl takes time, maybe years depending on who's wearing the Ring and given that Sauron was busy fighting Celebrimbor during those years, Talion was spared of becoming a Ringwraith so soon after putting the Ring on.

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gunman: Yeah, they are called Maria, sort of demigod like spirits that while immensely powerful, still pale in comparison to the Valar. Won't lie, half the people who've PM'd me about this story were wondering why I was pairing Peter with a monstrous spider like Shelob and if there would be any sort of bestiality going on. I just replied with 'Look up Shadow of War's Shelob. Wouldn't mind be trapped in her web…

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monkiepawn: No just one bite would have killed the deer with the sheer potency of the venom but like Elrond mentioned, Peter's behavior is more aggressive, similar to a Black Mamba, when if it's prey is still moving after it strikes, it'll attack again and again, injecting more venom into it as a result. And some spiders do in fact chase their prey. Wolf Spiders are opportunistic hunters and will even chase its prey over short distances, like what Peter did.

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"Elladan, have you noticed something strange?" Elrohir said as he and his twin were returning from a hunt along the southern edges of the valley.

"no, what is it?" Elladan asked with a curious frown.

"It's Peter" Elrohir said with a confused look as he looked around him and his brother for any possible signs of the illusive man "He has yet to retaliate against the Dwarfs like we hoped"

"Hmm, you're right. In fact, I've barely seen him at all these past few days" Elladan said with a look of realization on his face before he looked towards his sibling "Do you think we were perhaps too harsh in sending the Dwarves after him?"

"Perha-" Elrohir began only to be interrupted as suddenly they heard the sound of something snapping to their left and right as they passed a small set of trees.

Before either brother could react, something from each side flew out at high speeds and collided with the two Elven warriors. The force of the impact knocked them into each other and the breath from both as they stumbled to the floor. It was then that Elladan regained enough of his senses to see what hit him and his brother. He turned paler than a ghost as he recognized it as a medium sized Bee hive… and it's occupants were already flying out in angry swarms.

Elrohir saw them as well and felt a scowl form on his face as the Bees surround him and his brother "Oh that little son of a bi-"

Whatever he was going to say was soon drowned out by the sounds of both him and his brother screaming as they were stung by dozens of enraged yellowjackets. And not too far from the scene was Peter, doing his best to stifle a laugh as he drank from a small goblet that held a drink that looked nothing like the fine wine of Elrond's stores.

"Hehehehehe… making small catapults out of web lines and shooting bee nests at them" Peter said as he took a sip of his Grog "It never gets old…"

"BY THE LIGHT OF THE VALAR, THEIR UNDER MY CLOTHES, HOW ARE THEY ALREAY THERE!?" Elladan screamed before the pitch went up a few octaves as the Bess found a rather sensitive area to attack.

Peter winced at this as he took another sip of his drink as he set a small pipe down that he swiped from the Dwarves belongings earlier and set some pipe weed next to it before he silently slipped away with a small smirk on his face.

'Now all I have to do is sit back and watch as Elladan and Elrohir discover the Dwarves pipe and think that it was them that set this trap…' Peter thought as he took another sip of his drink 'And now all I have to do is make sure that the Dwarves get their just deserts'

"Goodnight lads…" Balin yawned as he and the rest of the company of Dwarves all settled down for the night.

The only ones who had yet to fall asleep were Thorin who was busy standing on the balcony looking off into the distance, Dwalin who was cleaning one of his axes with a cloth and a scowl on his face. The latter because he couldn't find his pipe to smoke from.

Dori sat across from him and was writhing a few things down in a small journal of sorts. Bilbo who had his own room across the hall which none of the Dwarves minded, gave them and the burglar Hobbit some much needed time to themselves before they set off again.

Bombur let out a yawn as he turned on to his side before his eyes suddenly snapped open at the sound of him crushing something "Uh-oh…"

Before anyone else could comment on that, Bombur, Bifur, Fíli, Kíli, Bofur and Nori were suddenly seized by something around their ankles and dragged up into the air and left to dangle. The startled Dwarves left out cries of surprise as the rest of the company shot to their feet and Thorin entered the room with an urgent look on his face.

"What's going on it here?" Thorin said as he looked dup in surprise to see several of his men all strung up upside down by what looked like some sort of thin white rope.

"It was him…" Fíli said as he and his brother hung there.

"It has to be" Kíli agreed with a nod as he tried to reach up and undo the line that was snagged around his ankle but couldn't quite reach it.

"Who?" Bofur questioned as he slowly spun in a circle.

"Peter" the Dwarf princes said at the same time with scowls on their faces.

Thorin frowned at that as he looked over to see where Bombur was lying and saw something reflecting the light of the candles and moonlight. He slowly approached the bed roll and moved some of the blankets out of the way and was greeted to the sight of some sort of crushed sack that looked like it was used to hold down the same white line that was holding several of his fellow Dwarves. He carefully followed the line with his eyes and saw that it led over to a small railing before it went up towards the ceiling and into the rafters above.

Thorin struggled to make out more of the string went towards the center of the room before it ended in some sort of knot where numerous strands of the same line emerged from and spread out amongst the rafters and eventually snagged the six dwarves. Apparently whatever Bombur crushed acted as some sort of trigger which led to that glob of what looked like webs to somehow reach out and snag the Dwarves.

"How's that even work Thorin?" Dwalin asked as he came to stand next to his prince and followed his line of sight.

"Magic… possibly Elvish though I've never seen this kind before" Balin said as he helped the remaining free Dwarves get the rest down.

"Hmm… I hate magic" Dwalin said with a shake of his head.

"Don't we all" Thorin commented dryly as he watched Bombur fall on top of Dori who in turn let out a pained groan as he tried to push the heavier Dwarf off.

The next several days passed in relative calmness within Rivendell. Peter in his time between getting back at Elladan and Elrohir for manipulating the Dwarves into attacking him and the Dwarves for actually being dumb enough to go through with it, had been training Arwen more and more in how to wield a blade. She was still a long ways off rom some of the warriors that Peter's faced over the years but she was advancing rather quickly. It was almost like she knew what she was doing in a way. Peter chalked it up to her just being naturally talented, unaware that Arwen had actually received instruction in how to wield a sword and dagger from her own father when she was only a century year old. Still, despite having a few decades of practice under her belt, she was still painfully inexperienced in actual fighting, be it a simple spar or the real deal.

Which is how she came to find herself on both her knees, her sword several meters away and the tip of Peter's blade at her throat.

"You're getting better…" Peter said to Arwen as he inspected the courtyard they were using for their spar.

All around them, the courtyard that they decided to house their training for the day was covered with numerous gashes in the walls and floor by the two's blades. There were even a few places where the stone was crushed when Peter applied a bit of his physical strength. Peter himself had a few tears on his shirt and one small faint white scratch on his cheek but other than that, he was in relatively good condition.

Arwen on the other hand had even more tears in her clothes with a large lightly bleeding scratch on her cheek and a small gash on her neck where Peter's blade was digging into her flesh ever so slightly. However, the daughter of Elrond seemed unconcerned with this, having already told Peter beforehand that she didn't want him to be going 'easy' on her. After all, her enemies will be far less accommodating and won't be so merciful, particularly if their Orcs.

"And yet… I'm still beaten…" Arwen said in between pants as she tired to regain her breath, her body was drenched in sweat, causing her clothes to cling to her body in a way that hinted at the nigh unrivaled figure she possessed underneath.

Something that Peter had a little difficulty ignoring.

Peter mentally shook himself as he pulled the tip of his blade away from Arwen and extended his hand out for her to take. Arwen stared at it for several moments before looking up at him with an unreadable expression before she took it.

Peter doesn't know what happened exactly, even with his semi-precognitive sense. All he knew was that one moment he was taking Arwen's hand to help her up, and the next he was lying on his back, the wind nearly knocked out of him with Arwen straddling his hips and the flat of Peter's blade held against his own neck. Arwen smiled as she leaned down until their noses were almost touching.

"I thought you once said to never let your guard down…" she said in a low voice, her eyes dancing with amusement.

Peter chuckled at this "I guess I should have seen this coming…"

"And yet you didn't" Arwen said as she lessened the weight she had on Peter's sword but remained where she was.

Peter for the most part found himself in no real hurry to remove the beautiful She-Elf from her position, if anything she earned it given that she was able to do what only four other beings in all of Middle-Earth have been able to accomplish.

Surprise him.

'I… should probably fix that. Don't want to end up being butchered by some inbred idiot of an Orc because I was distracted…' Peter thought as he and Arwen continued to look into each other's eyes. After several minutes Peter smiled a little as he rested a hand on Arwen's hip and very lightly gave her a push "You planning to let me rise at some point?"

"Perhaps… when it pleases me to do so" Arwen responded with a small grin as she remained where she was, secretly marveling at how well her body fit against his. How she could feel his heartbeat through his breast after resting her hand on it "Do you wish for me to move?"

"Honestly… I'm comfortable" Peter replied carefully as Arwen smiled and just began to lean her head closer, to do what Peter could only guess and the answer somewhat scared and excited him when-

"LOOSE!" a voice cried out and before Peter or Arwen discern it's meaning, both were drenched in cool waters.

Arwen jumped in response and sat up while Peter raised a hand to his face and wiped some of the clear liquid from his eyes before he spat out a small amount that he accidently drank.

"Well… that's one way to cool down" Peter said dryly as Arwen stood up and scanned the courtyard for the one responsible for interrupting her plans.

She then noticed several people above her and Arwen glanced up to see several Dwarves, members of Thorin's company, standing on a small balcony with buckets resting on the railing.

'You, you sniveling little jewel humpers!' Arwen thought with an icy glare directing towards the four Dwarves who even at there elevation couldn't help but shiver in slight fear at the look they received from Elrond's beloved daughter. Her entire body seemed to be shaking ever so slightly in sheer rage.

One of the Dwarves, Bofur, then spoke up with a slight quiver in his voice "Uh I think we best get along lads…"

"Agreed" Glóin responded as he and his companions suddenly vanished back into the building.

Arwen stared up at the balcony for several more moments before her glare dropped and she let out a sigh as the 'mood' had left her and likely Peter himself.

Said person was busy winging some water out of his shirt as he stood up and gave himself a slight shake, similar to a dog "Sorry about that…"

"For what?" Arwen asked with a small frown "I doubt you told them to do this to us"

"No, but I may have done something last night to get back at them for what they did to me the other day" Peter said.

"What'd you do to them?" Arwen questioned.

"Let's just say they had a rough night" Peter snickered as he wandered over to where he kept the scabbard for his sword and placed it back inside.

"Apparently not rough enough" Arwen said as she sheathed her sword as well before she placed it down next to Peter's and the two sat down on the small stairs and enjoyed the afternoon sunlight.

After spending the better part of an hour just basking in the sun and listening to the various animal calls, rushing water from the passing streams and waterfalls scattered throughout the city and the various other inhabitants of Rivendell. After a time, Arwen glanced at Peter with a small but unsure grin as her hand drifted close to his, their fingers just barely touching each other.

"How much longer will your stay last?" she asked softly.

Peter hummed as he thought it over "I'm not sure really. I was planning to stay for a few days originally but well…" he shrugged as he leaned back on the steps and stared up at the sky as it began to move away from the blues of midday and towards the darker hues of evening.

"Will your stay be… permeant?" Arwen asked as she laid down next to him, she also used this moment to slide closer to him "Perhaps finally settle down as it were"

Peter laughed at this "That does sound nice. An eternity here…"

'With me' Arwen thought to herself as she and Peter stared up at the passing clouds, mentally trying to pick out recognizable shapes from them.

Peter picked out one shape that caused him to grin a little. It was a cloud in the shape of something resembling a wolf's head.

'Heh… now that brings back memories' Peter thought as he for a moment swore he heard the ancient howls of the Werewolves of Tol-in-Gaurhoth as he watched the cloud drifting by.

Arwen saw his smile and questioned it "What's so funny?"

"That cloud right there" Peter pointed to the wolf head shaped cloud as it neared another "It looks like a wolf's head"

Arwen followed his finger and even turned her head a little before she saw the shape "Oh, so it does. But I don't see how that's funny"

"It reminded me of an old memory of mine is all. When I was a kid" Peter said as his smile fell a little.

"What was it?" Arwen asked as she pulled herself even closer to him until their bodies were touching.

"Well…" Peter started off as he placed a hand behind his head to rest his head on "After the capture Tol Sirion, my father sent me there to learn more on changing my form from Sauron who was the only one left in my father's service that could do such a thing. While I was there, Sauron had bred Werewolves and well… sometimes in the dead of the night, I'd sneak down there and watch them"

"Did they ever try to attack you?" Arwen asked with some worry, the stories of the Werewolves of Morgoth were nightmares given physical form. Their brutality and bloodlust was legendary.

"Nah, even then they could smell and sense who I was, probably Sauron's doing as a precaution. Wouldn't do for his master to hear that his only 'son' was eaten alive by a bunch of mystically altered wolves" Peter said with a snort of grim amusement before his amusement turned lighter "See when they were first created, they were young. They still had this sort of innocence to them, a lot like the hounds you have running around here"

"And in your infinite wisdom as a child, you tried to play with them, didn't you?" Arwen said with a small giggle as the image of a small child sized Peter trying to play with a large wolf came to mind.

"I did…" Peter admitted with a nod "Draugluin, the very first Werewolf ever bred by Morgoth, would watch over me as I tried to play with them. Made sure none of them got any bright ideas and make me an easy snack"

"So it's a Werewolf that I have to thank for you being here" Arwen said with a laugh.

"Who would have thought, that it was a creature of evil that ended up being my savior in the end" Peter said with a chuckle before a sad look entered his eyes "Out of all of my father's creations… I miss him the most"

Arwen nodded at that as they stared up at the passing clouds for a time until she looked back at him. She bit her lip nervously as she watched him carefully before she rested a hand on his chest, deciding that it was now or never to finally take the plunge as they say and see what comes of it. The action caused him to look down at her hand before he looked at her in slight surprise.


Her response… was to press her lips against his own faster than he thought her possible of moving.

Peter's eyes widened to the point that one would swear his eyeballs would tumble out without the added support of his eye lids. He raised a hand to push her back but in one fluid motion she pulled herself on top of him, never once breaking the kiss. Arwen felt like she was on fire as her lips meshed with Peter's, her tongue prodding at his lips, looking for permission to enter while her hands rubbed his chest and shoulders before she pressed her breasts against his torso and her waist aligned with his, letting him feel the curves of her body.

Peter shuddered at the sensation which in turn allowed for Arwen's tongue to invade his mouth and proceeded to dominate it. It was than that something awoken in Peter and he began to respond to her actions. His hands found her hips and gripped them tightly as he pulled her harder against himself. His pulse quickened and a hunger, not for light or blood, but something else, grew within him.

A hunger that only this young but breathtakingly beautiful being could state.

Finally, after several moments, the two parted to refill their lungs with air as Arwen grinded her hips into Peter's, causing both to shudder at the feeling of their respective sexual organs stirring. Arwen's laughed as Peter suddenly flipped them over so that he was on top and his hips pressed tight against her's. She licked her lips as she raised her legs up his sides and wrapped them tightly around his hips. Peter growled as he leaned down and licked her neck as he spoke huskily into her flesh.

"Careful little Elf… there are some battles that you may not be ready for"

Arwen's response was to seize him by his hair and pull his head back far enough for her to look him in the eye with pure and raw desire "Then I suppose I should be grateful I have you to help me through such battles"

Peter grunted as Arwen yanked his head back down, this time farther down her body and towards her heaving breasts before he suddenly tensed as he caught wind of another scent approaching. Arwen let out a sound of dismay as Peter suddenly pulled away from her and stood up, his gaze turning towards an archway from where the scent was coming from.

"What is it?" Arwen asked as she adjusted her clothes and stood up, her cheeks still red and her body still filled with a primal hunger.

"Company" Peter said as he tired to identify who the scent belonged to but found no answer. It was ether someone he's never met before or they were purposely concealing the parts of their scent that would let Peter identify them.

"Who is it?" Arwen asked as she adjusted her hair and tired to bring her breathing back under control while she rested her arm on Peter's own.

"Can't tell…" Peter said before he heard the faint sounds of boots with metal clasps approaching and the slight whispers of a sword's blade brushing against cloth "But their armed… and they walk like a warrior"

Peter's mood suddenly shifted from confusion to one of anger as the figure had finally came into view. Arwen, surprised by her friend's shift in mood followed Peter's gaze to see that another Elf with seemingly glowing golden hair was approaching the two of them.

'Oh no…' Arwen thought with worry as she recognized the Elf.

His name was Glorfindel, once the lord of the Elven house of the Golden Flower that resided in the city of Gondolin and one of the most powerful beings in all of Middle-Earth, surpassed only by the likes of Galadriel and Saruman and even ten it was close. He was rather tall, even by Elven standards, and possessed a great bodily and spiritual structure about him that Arwen had long concluded was a result of being resurrected by the Valar themselves to act as an emissary for them in Middle-Earth. His eyes narrowed as he approached the two, giving a brief nod towards Arwen before his eyes settled on Peter and they narrowed in barely concealed contempt.

Arwen watched the two nervously, Peter and Glorfindel's rivalry was near legendary. The son of the first and most powerful Dark Lord to ever walk Arda and the Valar's greatest warrior so close to each other, it was always a wonder the two have yet to truly come to physical blows with how sharp their words could be to the other.

'And I pray that it will never go beyond that' Arwen thought as her grip on Peter's arm tightened ever so slightly as she felt him tense even further.

"Ungol…" the powerful being said with barley concealed contempt.

Peter's eyes narrowed further at this "Glorfindel… Surprised to see you here and not back in Aman licking the Valar's heels"

The ancient Elven warrior's hand twitched ever so slightly towards his sword before he spoke "And I'm surprised that Lord Elrond would allow you to roam about unchecked"

"Well I have earned his trust" Peter said with a slight edge of smugness in his tone "Also it doesn't hurt that I may have saved his life once or twice during the War of the Last Alliance while you were… I'm sorry where were you again?"

Before Glorfindel could answer Peter snapped his fingers "Ah that's right, you were in Lindon, never once taking part in the actual conflict"

"Peter…" Arwen said as she placed a hand on his chest and began to try and push him away.

Peter turned towards her before the tension in his body waned at the expression she had on her face before he turned back towards Glorfindel "What do you want?"

"I came to tell you that Lord Elrond requests your presence" the elder being said stiffly.

"Oh, and why is that?" Peter asked with a small frown.

"…He did not say" Glorfindel replied coolly.

At this Peter smirked "Aww what's wrong? Mad that whatever Elrond wants to talk to me about is unknown to you?"

"Peter" Arwen said in a more forceful tone as she shook his arm "Stop it"

Peter grunted at this as he refocused on the Elf before him "Alright, alright… where does he want to meet?"

"On the balcony that he has reserved for when he's hosting a meeting with the White Council" Glorfindel responded.

"Oh goodie…" Peter said with a sigh before made a shooing motion with his hand towards the Elf warrior "Your dismissed messenger. Now run along and do whatever it is you normally do"

Glorfindel's nostrils flared ever so slightly in anger before he turned on his heel and marched away. Peter shook his head at the Elven bastard's antics as he felt the tension in his body slowly slip away until he felt more tired than anything "No matter how many times I see him or hear that voice of his. I develop the sudden urge to rip his hair off with my own hands and try and strangle him with it"

"And every time you do feel such a thing, I'm glad you resist it" Arwen said as she rested her head against Peter's shoulder and let out a small sigh "I wish you could try to be more civil towards him"

"Kinda hard to be civil to an Elf that once called for my head" Peter said with a sigh "Plus he's a puppet of the Valar with their power flowing through his veins and given who my father was and the blood that runs through my own... I think on some instinctual level I'm supposed to hate him"

"Hate can be a venomous thing Mellon" Arwen commented as she pulled her head off his shoulder and looked up at Peter with a slightly saddened expression.

Peter hummed at that before he turned towards the spot that he and Arwen were lying down earlier after their spar was interrupted by the Dwarves "Well, it looks like we'll continue what we started earlier later"

"Perhaps… tomorrow?" Arwen asked in a hopeful tone.

"Perhaps" Peter said with a small grin before he shot a web line towards his sword and pulled it over with a light tug.

"What do you think my father will wish to discuss with you?" Arwen asked as she watched Peter grab the sword without much trouble, or even bothering to look.

"Probably about this little pranking conflict I have going between myself, your brothers and the Dwarves" Peter said with a small shrug as he rested the sword on his shoulder while he and Arwen made their way out of the courtyard "Or it's something else"

And as Peter discovered when he arrived at the location that Elrond wanted to meet, it was something else. In fact, this something else apparently demanded the presence of Gandalf, Galadriel and Saruman himself. It appeared the meeting was about the Grey Wizard helping the Dwarves of Thorin's company do the seemingly impossible or at the very least, suicidal…

Retake the Lonely Mountain from Smaug.

"Tell me Gandalf… did you think these plans and schemes of yours will go unnoticed?" Saruman asked.

"Unnoticed?" Gandalf replied with confusion before he shook his head "No, I'm simply doing what I feel to be right"

"The dragon, has long been on your mind" Galadriel said as she turned towards the Wizard.

"It is true my lady…" Gandalf said with a small towards the powerful being before he turned his attention back to Saruman "Smaug owes allegiance to no one-"

"He's a dragon, what do you expect?" Peter said from his spot on the platform. He had moved to the far side that faced the slowly rising sun and watched with a half-bored expression as daylight neared.

"While you are quite right, but if he were to side with the enemy, the dragon could be used to terrible effect" Gandalf said in a grave tone before Saruman spoke.

"What enemy?" the White Wizard asked before he shook his head "Gandalf the enemy is defeated. Sauron is vanquished. He can never again regain his full strength"

"It wasn't Sauron's great power that lead to the sinking of Númenor" Peter said from his spot, his gaze still on the slowly rising sun "Or the corrupting of the nine… it was his ability to dig his way into one's mind with honey words and half-truths and promises. He didn't need his Ring to bring a kingdom to its knees"

"Peter, we haven't seen any signs of the enemy's servants in over the four hundred years we've watched this land" Elrond said as he turned towards Peter "Do you truly think that Sauron, in any shape or form, would let peace reign across these lands for four hundred years?"

"But are we at peace, truly?" Gandalf spoke up in a concerned tone as he leaned forward in his chair "Trolls have come down from the mountains. They are raiding villages and destroying farms. Orcs have attacked us on the road. And we still have yet to hear from the two Blues who have long since been missing after they ventured East"

"It is not the first time those two have gone so long without contacting us. I would hardly call it a prelude to war" Elrond said with a small sigh.

"Always you must meddle" Saruman said in a disapproving tone towards his fellow Wizard "Looking for trouble where none exists"

"Let him speak" Galadriel said as she slowly circled the table, but always keeping Peter in her line of sight.

"There is something at work, beyond the evil of Smaug" Gandalf said as he intertwined his fingers and rested his elbows on the table "Something far more powerful. We can remain blind to it, but it will not be ignoring us. That I can promise you"

It was than that Gandalf casted a brief glance at Peter, wondering if he knew about what he was going to speak of. He doubts that Peter wasn't aware of Shelob's brood and their locations within Middle-Earth outside of Mordor. After a brief moment of hesitation, he spoke.

"A sickness lies over the Greenwood. The woodsmen who live there now call it Mirkwood and uh… they say…" Gandalf trailed off as he tired to find the right words to describe what he's heard.

"Well?" Saruman asked with a raised brow "Don't stop now. What do the woodsmen say?"

"They speak of webs created by large, evil looking spiders that destroy and kill everything in their way. There is also talk of a Necromancer, living in Dol Guldur. A sorcerer who can summon the dead" Gandalf revealed in a grave tone "And not only that, but he has gained the services of the spawn of Shelob to do his bidding"

At that, Peter turned towards the grey colored Wizard with a raised brow "Is that right?"

"Yes…" Gandalf said with a nod.

Peter hummed at that "Now that's interesting. It takes quite a bit to bring them under one's heel. Then again if one can summon the dead, it shouldn't be too hard"

"It's absurd is what it is. No such power has existed in Middle-Earth for over two thousand years" Saruman said in an unconvinced tone "This, Necromancer, is nothing more than a mortal man. A conjurer dabbling in black magic"

"And so I thought to" Gandalf admitted "But, Radagast has seen-"

"Radagast?" Saruman said in surprise before his expression soured as he continued "Do not speak to me of Radagast the Brown. He is a foolish fellow"

At this Gandalf chuckled "Well he's odd I'll grant you. He lives a solitary life-"

"It's not that" Saruman said with a shake of his head "It's his excessive consumption of mushrooms"

"They do tend to play with your mind" Peter admitted as he leaned against the column he was near "Even make your teeth less then desirable to look at"

"I've warned him" Saruman said with a sigh of annoyance "It is unbefitting for one of the Istari wondering the woods…"

Peter drowned out Saruman's complaining, something the powerful Wizard tended to do a lot when it came to everyone else but him in the order of Istari.

'Heh, maybe that's why the two Blues left and haven't come back' Peter thought with a snort of amusement 'There's only so much of Saruman that they could take before saying 'to hell with this' and leave…'

Peter watched as Elrond adopted a sort of neutral expression on his face that Peter knew he makes when his attention is elsewhere. It looked like he was paying attention when in reality he was likely recounting his younger days with his brother or maybe wondering if his tea will be ready once this meeting is over.

'Save me some… you owe me for making me be in the same space as Saruman and her 'great' and 'powerful' ladyship here…' Peter thought with an annoyed scowl on his face before he saw Gandalf reach down from something in his lap and pulled up a cloth wrapped object.

A slight chill ran up Peter's spine as he stared at the, mysterious object while a small tingling sensation tingled at the back of his head. Elrond saw this and frowned as Gandalf placed the object on the table.

"What is that?" he asked as he moved to unwrap it before Galadriel spoke in a shaken tone, her eyes wide with both shock and even fear.

"A relic… of Mordor"

Elrond's hand paused and pulled away slightly at the mention of the object's location while Peter slowly approached the table. After a moment, Elrond steadied his breathing and uncovered what was within.

'No…' Peter thought with wide eyes as he stared at a small dagger with a dark blade and a downward cross-guard with the handle ending in an oddly jagged crowned shaped pommel. The very sight of it sent shivers up almost everyone present's spine.

"A Morgul Blade…" Elrond said, memories of the War of the Last Alliance flashed through his mind. He'd seen hundreds of both men and Elf fall to these accursed weapons.

"Made for the Witch King of Angmar and the Nazgûl…" Galadriel said as she stared at the blade before she slowly turned towards Gandalf "And… buried with them"

Everyone was silent at the implication before Galadriel continued, fear and disbelief in ever word she spoke "When Angmar fell, the men of the North took his body and that of the others and sealed them within the high fells of Rhuduar. Deep in the rock they buried them. In a tomb so dark, it would never come to light"

"That's not possible, a powerful spell lies over those tombs, hell I was there the day they put him and the rest of the nine's 'bodies' in there" Peter said as he leaned forward on the table "Even you couldn't break those spells Galadriel, not without the full power of your ring"

Saruman, who had been staring at the Morgul Blade this whole time finally said his piece "What proof do we have here that this weapon came from the Witch King's grave?"

Gandalf was silent for a moment before he sighed "I have none"

"Because there is none" Saruman stated plainly "Let us examine what we know. A single Orc pack, has dared to cross the Bruinen. A dagger from a bygone age has been found and a human sorcerer who calls himself the Necromancer, has taken up residence in a ruined fortress"

"Well, when you lay it all out like that… doesn't sound like much" Peter said with a sigh as he recovered the Morgul Blade with a sigh before he glanced at Gandalf "Are you absolutely positive that Sauron, may have possibly returned in some way?"

"I do" he replied with a nod.

Peter nodded at this as he stood up and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Look, I was planning to head for Umbar. While I'm passing through Gondor, I'll swing by Mordor to see if he really has returned" Peter said with a slight shrug "If there's evidence, even a little, that Sauron has returned to the Land of Shadow or that his servants are reunifying in preparation for his return, I'll send word and you can decide where to go from there"

"Are you sure that is wise Peter?" Gandalf said in a worried tone "If he has returned, you'll be placing yourself in grave danger"

"Of that, I'm painfully aware of" Peter said with a small grin as he turned to leave "But what's the worst that could happen? I pick a fight with a couple of inbred Orcs?"

"Or pure bred Uruk-hai that are trained for war… or worse" Elrond said towards his departing friend's form.

"Eh, then the trip will be interesting at least" Peter replied with a laugh.

Saruman watched Peter go with narrowed eyes before he turned towards Gandalf "Before we end this, I wish to speak with you why we're all here originally, in regards to this quest you and Thorin have undertaken…"

What Saruman said in regards to his feelings on the matter didn't register in Peter's mind as he slowly descended the staircase, passing by one of Elrond's advisers, Lindir, who looked a bit concerned for some odd reason.

'Heh, something tells me it was the Dwarves' Peter thought with a chuckle as he headed for his room to begin preparing for his journey. Along the way, Peter mentally mapped out the route he would take to reach the land of shadow.

It would take him just under two weeks to reach the nearly deserted port city of Lond Daer, over four hundred miles down the Bruinen. After that it was simply finding a ship with a crew, one that wasn't filled with Crosshairs, and sail down the coast until he reaches Pelargir, which in of itself would take almost a week depending on the weather. After that, it was as simple as traveling up the Anduin until he reaches Osgiliath which was another week of travel, maybe more to avoid Gondorian patrols, then head east until he nears Minas Ithil. Once there he could make his way up a hidden staircase into Torech Ungol… the home of Shelob.

'Here's hoping that she'll be in a gracious mood' Peter thought with a sigh.

Though with his luck, she won't be…

And done.

Next chapter, Peter meets with Arwen before he sets out for Mordor… and Peter gets Elladan and Elrohir one last time before he leaves.