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Chapter 1: Tossed around worlds.

U. S. Chicago: Police Radio.

"All units be advised, the suspect has been spotted near the power plant right next Blume's research center, he's considered armed and dangerous, caution is advised."

"Central this is partol, bridge to the power plant is elevated requesting, CTOS access, over."

"Copy that, attempting to get CTOS access, over."

Aiden Pearce, "The Vigilante", " The Fox", was inside of a Blume reasearch center that was next to a remote power plant, Blume has put considerable resources into this one research center with no clear sign as to why, thanks to the profiler Aiden was able to track down several afilliates to the research site and discover several shipments of strange materials and even stranger power sources, beyond fishy and also really strange, Blume had already alot of power politically and in infrastucture thanks to CTOS, but they never bothered with new scientific breaktroughs or anything of the sort, it wasn't exactly the top bussiness of the time, however he has known Blume long enough to know that whatever it was their goal it couldn't be good, it had been already two months since the last time he had contacted T-Bone, He watched his back from the Rosario brothers and so far Blume hasn't put down the bounty on his head, and bounty hunters and assassins and fixers have already been close to getting his head, but so far there has been no luck in their side an as far as he had a say in it, there would never be, and any chance he had to disrupt Blume, is for him also a chance to get back at them for all they've done, they were neck deep in all the shit of the criminal world as were The Club, The Pawnee Militia, The Fixers, The Viceroys and any of the Corrupt politicians that were also up until recently in Lucky Quinn's pocket, this private investigation was pure pleasure for him.

However he was expected, his personal disruption of Blume on the past few months had their security on alert practically 24/7, he did manage to sneak in to research center but he didn't manage to get too far without being detected, apparently Blume had also negated access to the bridge that leads to the site so that the police couldn't get here, so that there would possibly be no witness… this had trap written all over it, the guards that he already had found hadn't been pretty good at their job though as he had already disabled them with his baton, and turn their own devices against them as he was approaching the center of the facility.

"Well well, the vigilante has arrived, glad you could join this little scientific demonstration of ours." said a voice through a speaker.

"And you are?"

"Well Mr. Pearce, I'm known as Doctor Carver, and I know that you are curious as to what we have been working on."

"You could call it that."

"Well then go right ahead, see for yourself."

As Aiden stepped pass the next door he found himself in a round, large room with multiple scaffolding and at the center, a big white sci-fi like generator that had some white sparks coming out of it every once in a while, the room was massive, this generator was in the middle of it with a bit of a drop down, and at least two floors of scaffolding up.

"What is this?"

"This my dear friend is our new power generator that we have been working on, impressive isn't it, in this research center we manage to discover a new type of energy, clean for the environment, self-sustainable, and also compatible with most of the current tech."

"What's Blume's catch?"

"Oh, you mean this?"

As he said that a massive white pulse came from the reactor like an explosion, Aiden readied himself for the wors, but it wasn't a pulse meant to do him harm, well, at least not directly, he checked his phone and noticed that it was active but all of its main hacking functions were disabled, everything related to CTOS had stopped working, just then teams of fixer started appearing from entrances to the sides of the room… of course, he immediately jumped down a floor or two and dove for cover while firing at any visible fixer with his signature silenced 1911.

"Well you see Mr. Pearce, if this was purely for the sake of scientific research Blume wouldn't have put THAT many resources into it, but as of now, this power source we created is now directly tied to CTOs, and it's also directly tied to any device that has acces to CTOS, this is beyond any hacking tool that any outside or even inside Blume could create, this isn't connected to anything, this is the source, the source of power for CTOS as a network itself, anything connected to it can be unplugged, but the "it" cannot be powered off…. Granted this is a small range prototype, but with time we could make it go around an entire city, we could make sure that no hackers could enter the system anymore, we could maybe even in the future prevent any sort of violence, control anything that needs power, just with this multi-purpose switch."

"As if Blume needs any more control." Aiden muttered to himself as he took cover from the shots beign fired at him, Aiden kept changing positions constantly, as he moved he caught of fixer coming down the stairs to find him, he whacked the first one that came down viciously with his baton, then he grabbed him and used him as a human shield against the other fixers coming down the stairs, he shot about three people in the head in the span of a couple seconds, shot the last one the leg making hin fall and then release his prisioner finishing him off with his baton and using it right after to whack the guy in the floor and the stomp his head for good measure, after that he was on the move again, running faster than ever and shooting anyone that came in clear shot view.

"Come on people, this should be an easy job for you now, his access is disabled, what's taking you so long?!"

Aiden didn't stop for a second, more people were coming down but he was ready, with pistol in one hand and baton in the other he rushed the next couple of fixers that came too close, he slid to trip one guy while he shot the other in the shoulder, he got back up and hit the guy twice across the back of the head, as the other one was getting up he shot three times at his guts, another guy came close ready to fire, Aiden got out of the line of fire just in time, then proceeded to charge in and kick his knee with such strength that it bent backwards, as he was screaming he shot him in the head. There were four more fixers coming down, he rushed for cover behind some crates and other construction equipment scattered around, the fixers came down firing with SMGs, they had seen were he went so they move in to flank him from both sides of the crates he was hiding but as they turned the corner, Aiden was already gone, in fact he was right behind the couple that was closest to him, he whacked the first one on the back of his head and once again in his face head knocking him out.

"What the fu-" the other one didn't last long as before he could shoot Aiden grabbed his arm, whacked the the SMG out of his hands with his baton, Aiden whacked the fixer in the stomach and the smashed his head agains the crate and finnish him he kneed him in his face, the other guys were coming around, Aiden pulled out his pistol again now fully reloaded and shot the first guy in the head, the second one he rushed at, pushing the gun away to get out of the line of fire and at point blank shooting him twice in the stomach, he then grappeled him with his baton, even more fixers were coming, another three were coming from the front while others were still coming, Aiden trew his prisoner with all his strength, making hin fly a bit before landing next to his friends, he was still alive and one of the fixers went close to try to aid him in some way, that was his last mistake as Aiden triggered with his phone a little gift he left on the fixer, a homemade sticky explosive.

"Oh, Shit!" were the fixer's last word as he and his partners went down in an explosion of fire, smoke, blood, and body parts.

The explosion however did more than just kill them, it was close to the base of the generator, it took some serious damage, and sparks of white energy started flying about, both the remaining fixers in the upper level and Aiden took cover from them.

"How the…? Where did you? What?!" Asked Doctor Carver unsure of what just happened.

"You thought I need CTOS for everything!? I know how to make my own tools!"

"I didn't expect explosives… shit, fuck! I didn't plan for this!"

"That's human factor for you."

"The generator has become unstable!, what have you done?!, Someone go down there and kill that asshole I need to fix this!"

"Oh no you are not, it's time to dismantle your work." said Aiden more to himself than to Carver, he needed a way out of this death trap and he would need CTOS in order to have the best chances, he needed to destroy the generator, not a too difficult task.

"Hey he's over here, he's running for- tlakc" The fixer didn't get to finnish as he was shot in the head by Aiden, he himself was running to a better position to throw another explosive at the generator directly this time, the fixers were closing in, getting ready to shoot at him from railing up top, but Aiden was faster than them and more agile, he started jumping up a set crates to jump at the railing himself, he jumped high and aimed his landing at the first fixer that came into view, kicking him off the railing and getting ready for his buddies who were coming fast around the corner, the scafoldding still provided plenty of cover in the area he was in so he could take them by surprise, when the first guy came around Aiden was right next to him he knocked his gun out his hand with his baton and later disabled him quickly with a whack of the baton and an elbow, turning around to fire at the next guy right in the head, there was one more guy coming but he got surprised by Aiden, he couldn't even aim, Aiden grabbed his gun, ducked low just in case and fire a bullet at his skull trough his jaw.

That was the last pack of fixers for the time being, it was time to throw the explosive, directly this time, once Aiden got himself in a good position, threw the explosive and remote detonated it, this time the result was worse, the white sparks were flying everywere, a barage of them went directly for a fixer and completely fried him, killing him in a matter of seconds, the generator also started sending more shockwaves creating a soundwave like ambient, making it difficult to hear, balance oneself and even see, but Aiden didn't have time to worry, he had to take the chance now that the last of the fixers were stunned by the shockwaves, just when the sparks started to lower Aiden bolted for another location to trow one final bomb, running and climbbing up the scaffolding to a viewing plataform that had a perfect sight of the center of the genarator Aiden managed to see also a window thaled over to something akin to a control room, there was Dr. Carver desperatky trying to regain control of the situation.

"How the fuck does this… wait, Pearce!" Carver yelled at Aiden as soon as he spotted him.

Aiden wasted no time and shot at Carver, however it was for naught as the glass was bulletproof.

"Goddammit, Pearce listen to me! You have no idea what you are doing, this generator is sucking energy from the power plant plus its own source of energy, you know how much power goes into this!?"

"So much for self-sustainable."

"Pearce once this generator blows there's no telling what could happen, the energy contained has become extremely unstable, just go over to the terminal from that viewing point, please help me stabilize it I… I might even convince Blume not to kill you."

"I seriously doubt that."

"Pearce for fuck sake, just help me save my project, and our skins in the process!"

"You are just gonna lock me up in here, turn your generator up again, lock me up and hand me over to Blume."

"Pearce please this is bigger than you, this energy, this is the only prototype, the worlds needs it!"

Aiden looked over at the generator shooting sparks of lightning and shockwaves the turned again to Carver "Once again seriously doubt that… even more so if it'll belong to Blume, they already did so much, as long as I'm here they won't do more." Aiden turned back from Carver and started going to a good spot to throw the sticky bomb.

"Are you fucking kidding me- Pearce! For fuck sake think of this, we don't know what will happen, this entire building could blow up! Don't you have someone to go back to you suicidal maniac! Just think for a second, what about all those citizens that think they need you, and even if you if you live this you won't stop me or Blume, they-"


The sticky bomb was stuck to the center of the generator.

"You son of a bitch."

Aiden was already in cover and ready for the explosion "Your friends at Blume don't need any more control over this city, or any other, besides, thanks to them I don't have anyone to exactly go back to, but that's for the best... and I'm also not the only one out there that won't stop until all that Blume has done is exposed, until their corruption is stopped, there are many out there, people that won't be played easily, and also… as long as I can decide, my fate is my own, I choose it, no one else, and like you said we don't know what will happen."


"And what I choose is to NOT let Blume have this."

"You maniac!"

"That's my choice, and I'm NOT LOOKING BACK!"

Aiden press the detonator in his phone, KPRAM sounded through the research center as the generator unleashed a massive white shockwave that covered the entire room, Aiden braced himself for whatever it was to come, another shockwave came, all the fixers were already running, some getting disintegrated by giants white bolts of lightning, Aiden was right now the closest to generator and as a small but blinding shockwave came, it engulfed the center of the room in a white light and as soon as it was gone, so was Aiden.

"That motherfucker, where is he?! Where the fuck did he go?!" yelled Carver that was trying to regulate the energy from the control center in a last-ditch effort, but he couldn't control it, not anymore and a giant release of energy was coming.

"Shit." were his final words before the explosion.


"This is patrol! The Blume research center has… Blown up!"

U.S. New Marais: Top of the church.

"Oh ho… Zeke… It's fully charged"

This was it, Cole MacGrath, The Electric Man, The Demon of Empire City had charged up the RFI atop the tower of the church of New Marais, the device could kill The Beast, but also do so much more, thanks to it all the victims of the ongoing plague, a plague created by the explosion that gave Cole his powers, could be cured, but there was a price… the RFI will get rid of the remnants of the Ray Sphere, but it would kill all of the conduits, the people with powers. And it was all of them, dormant active, it didn't matter, all across the world they will all die… but it was either that or let billions of people die by this plague and even more, let John, The Beast continue his work of activating the conduits in order to save them from the plague, the process also meant an explosion that needed the presence of other people… so they could die as some sort power battery, John may be doing it for humanity's survival, but too many innocents were dying, the chaos will just continue, if it meant that those millions of people could live, the billions, then Cole will make the ultimate sacrifice.

"Go on, man, push the button."

As Zeke, his best friend also affected by the plague, reluctantly told him to end this once and for all, gigantic steps could be heard on the streets, The Beast was near, heavily injured but ready to keep going, Cole had already battle it a couple of minutes earlier, his friend, Nix had died because of it… for Cole and The Beast this was round two of their first fight back in Empire City, and it was still going, all that Cole had to do was push the button and it would all be over, but he was fully charged, as well as the RFI his Electrokinesis, Electromagnetism and Cryokinesis were all amped up to a new level.

"No. Not just yet."

If he was going to die soon, then he'll die fighting and winning this round too, he wanted to do this.

"EeAaarrrgg!" Cole Screamed as he jumped off the tower ready for the final fight he would have with The Beast, it wasn't even a fight, Cole's powers had been so overcharged that he an endless supply of electric energy, and his powers themselves were also overcharged, his trusters that he generated to glide now let him fly on his own, something he never achieved before, take that world, take that other conduits, for at least now he could finally fly. And that was just the start, his bolts… oh, his bolts were now missiles on their own, and so Cole fired electric missiles one after the other, never stopping. John was paralyzed, he couldn't even fight back, the storm of lightning projectiles was just too great and they were devastating. Cole didn't waste time and got ready end it, electric rockets, grenades, blasts and shockwaves just pulverized into John's gigantic volcanic body, at the end even John's body started to explode on its own from the sheer annihilation, he couldn't fight, not anymore an so he collapsed to his knees, Cole had already landed next to him, all the extra energy spent, now he had to just push the button.

"Do it."

It was Kuo, like Nix she was also one of Cole's friends, now former NSA agent and conduit she was one of the persons that pushed Cole to do good… except at the end, once they found out the RFI would kill all the conduits, Kuo became selfish at the very end, she didn't want to die, then again nobody wanted to, but here she was now, she betrayed them, joined forces with her former NSA partner John and try to stop Cole and Nix from powering the RFI, she was defeated and in fact it seemed she didn't want to fight anymore, she was dirty, covered in rubble, coughing and crying… crumbling, Cole rushed to help her to her feet.

"It's okay."

"It's not okay… you made the right choice. Hell, Nix even made the right choice."

Well, Nix did it more for revenge against The Beast, she didn't give a damn about the world, but… he couldn't blame Kuo TOO hard, this was the end for them after all, heh… they also never got to finish the dilemma that was the relationship between him Kuo and Nix... Women.

"I was… I am scared." was Kuo final reason and in a way… apology.

"I am too..."

"Do it, Do it."

Cole did it, after letting Kuo go, he got the RFI ready to fire, once all the energy was ready, he released it, making a giant energy explosion that covered the entire world, killing all active and dormant conduits, the people of New Marais held their breath as all the monsters including the Ice mercenaries, the Swap beasts, and also all the conduits started just dropping dead, Kuo, The Beast… Cole.

But all the people affected by the plague were saved, the plague was gone and soon people were starting to party, celebrating being alive.

Zeke though Cole would go down as an unsung hero… but the People of New Marais knew what Cole had done for them, How he saved and helped them time after time, how he exposed Bertrand, the dictator of New Marais for his crimes, how he gave his life for them.

The Demon of Empire city became The Patron Saint of New Marais, a funeral was made with thousands delivering flowers at the church next to his casket and a piece of debris that now had The Amp, Cole's weapon, impaled into it like a sword into a rock. After all that was done Zeke took Cole's body to sea on a tugboat, so he could say goodbye to him alone, he was his brother after all, and in his opinion, one of the beings with most humanity in the world, Cole's body was delivered to sea… funny, Cole couldn't stand in very large pools water for long before his powers started backfiring and started harming him… maybe it was fitting… maybe not, but it was proper goodbye.

The casket was dropped to the sea, and as it was floating Zeke saw as a giant lightning bolt lighting from the ongoing thunderstorm struck the casket and as of that it started to sink, Zeke didn't know what if this was nature paying respects or some kind of joke… but either way, it was fitting for his brother. As Zeke started sailing back to land, he could have never guessed that the casket was now empty.

U. S. Riverport, Massachusetts: Monarch H.Q.

"Jack come on! He's getting close… I don't how fucking long it'll take that… thing… to find us… Jack, please stay with me."

"It's a… Reaaaghrar… harder… than it looks like Will…. Daaggh… Uh hoo, ha."

Jack Joyce was not having an easy time, he was fighting with all his strength to maintain a physical form and not give in to the void that was timeless space, ever since he got back from Thailand to help his friend things have gone upside down, long story short, he and his friend Paul activated a time machine, a time machine designed by William Joyce, Jack's brother. They created a fracture in time, a stutter, Paul didn't come back from the time machine, well he did but not in that time, and he came back much older, and as something worse, as the head of a corporation with plans for humanity to survive the end of time, and that included stealing the time machine and killing William, they failed however, as the chronon particle fusioned with Jack and gave powers that control the flow of time, he wasn't the only one, as Paul also had those powers, in fact he used them to disable Jack and kill William… or so it looked like in just two days in total Jack with the help of Beth Wilder made plans to bring down Monarch and stop the end of time all thanks to counter messaure William made on the instructions of Beth…

Beth Wilder, she became a guardian angel for the two brothers, she became stuck on a constant loop of time fulfilling a role for her entire life, being tossed around time two times, once to the end of time, the second to the past, all of that time travel, seeing herself fail and begin process anew broke her in the end, it cost her her life… but it wasn't in vain, she helped Jack survive his ordeals through time travel and guided him in a direction to stop Monarch, Jack did it indeed, he went back in time to find the counter meassure, he pulled himself back to the present to retrieve it from Monarch, and then went back in time to save William… they constantly told him that time could not be changed, that it was a constant loop that could not be broken, but he kept trying… and succeeded, he saved William while maintaining the illusion of his death and keeping the loop… it was pure luck but it worked, they traveled once more to the present to stop the fracture for good, Jack, however, had to face Paul once more, and this time defeated him, as Paul was deteriorating under the Chronon syndrome, the same syndrome that was affecting Jack right now… Jack and Will did stop the end of time, but it was temporary.

Martin Hatch was behind the scenes, he had manipulated all of Monarch into turning against Paul and also into putting himself in a position power, Martin Hatch was a shifter, a being that exists inthe end of time, creatures with hive minds that live in peace while time is stopped, for them time is fire, quite literally actually, as such he had worked to bring foward the end of time, he failed once, but now he was trying again, he had managed to make a stutter inside Monarch's H.Q. and was now pursuing Jack and Will as they were attempting to stop the end of time once and for all.

"Jack, we are getting close to the lab with the time machine, just hold on, please brother, if our theory works, it will all be alright."

"I hope you are right Will, hnng… the shifting is coming faster, it burns..."


"Don't worry, I won't go down that easy… ha… we are here."

The Chronon syndrome was the sickness that affected those that were Chronon active, for all intents and purpose Jack was a shifter, with an individual mind however, but it was becoming difficult to keep a solid form in and out of stutters… he was becoming something like Hatch, a blur of Chronon particles, a thing… but that had also helped both Jack and Will realize some things about the shifters… they realize that some things that Jack affected were out of the regular loop of time, in other words, shifters could actually change things, they were out of the loop, and as such they could alter it, Hatch had done it, he showed them, Jack worked with him a bit to try and get treatment for his Chronon syndrome and to find a way to bring Beth back. Jack didn't trust him for a minute as he knew Hatch, he encountered him while the first fractured occurred and realized he was not to be trusted, he got away from him as soon as he could and now he and Will were going to play their card.

After a lot of practice and pain, they found out what exactly Jack had to do to stop the end of time once and for all, with the time machine of Monarch acting as a conduit, as it was the one that created the fracture, they would use the countermeasure and Jack would manipulate the Chronon particles and end the end of time, that and try and cure his new syndrome… there was but one problem.

"I'm disappointed in you, Mr. Joyce." Hatch was right on their tail.

"If you are trying to escape the syndrome, you should realize it is too late, becoming one of us is your future."

"Will ready the time machine and the countermeasure, I'll… heuug… deal with this." Jack said as his image started to shift more violently, Will nodded and went to the time machine to get it ready.

"It's futile Mr. Joyce, you will become one of us sooner or later, and the end of time is the only place for us truly live, a place without suffering, a place of pure peace as a collective."

"I… ehgg.. become one of you… I won't abandon my brother." said Jack barely being able to stand on his two feet.

"I must say, William is a talented and ingenious man, he made all of this possible, but sadly, he's not one of us, you are, however."

"Jack I just need one more minute!"

Jack understood the message, he went back to staring Hatch in the eye, the bastard never losing his creepy smile.

"We are gonna stop the end of time Hatch, my brother and countless others will live their lives."

"Hmm… I'm sorry Mr. Joyce but you won't stop a thing." Hatch stretched his hand and created a stutter bubble around Jack, this was different however, they were already in a stutter to begin with, the bubble was doing something else entirely, it was accelerating the Chronon syndrome, creating an ambient of time that was prime for the one affected to become part of the infinite, and this space was hurting Jack, inside the bubble Jack was screaming, one could hear it, a distorted voice screaming like if it was on fire, Jack felt like he was on fire.

"Time is fire Mr. Joyce, the pain won't stop until you let go and become part of the infinite, and the end of time won't be stopped, not by you, or your brother." Hatch started walking towards William with intents to possibly kill him, while Jack was trapped in what was basically a torture chamber, or furnace for that matter… even so, Jack couldn't let go, he wouldn't, the pain in his body was immense however and his image and physical form was scattered across the bubble, contorting in painful ways.

"Jack I… Jack..." William stood there in fear seeing the state his brother was in, while also seeing Hatch walking closer to him, showing his smile, and also starting to shift his image and form appearing to be a white scattered energy like if it was broken glass from time, showing his true nature.

"The end of time cannot be stopped William, for what is worth, I'm truly sorry."

William stared at Hatch for a bit, then at Jack, out of desperation we worked a final idea, he readied the counter measure.

"That won't work on me William, as long as we are in the stutter, nothing can stop me."

"Guess what dipshit, me and my brother we never stop trying." William tossed the counter measure directly at the bubble.

"I thought you smarter than William, that's not gonna do anything, Jack is one of us now, or he will be soon, you are the only one remaining in the stutter, and I need to make sure you won't interfere."

Jack was in pain but he saw the counter messure, it was ready, he realized what Will must have done, he needed to reach it and grab it, it was painful, extremely so, puting himself back together into a solid form just to grab the damn thing, he managed to form his hnads around it, and he pushed the trigger, Jack could barely think, he could hear the voices of the hive mind that the shifters had, he didn't stop however, he would do the same thing he did to bring himself from the past to the present all by himself, the one time he did it was thanks to the counter meassure, now he'll do the same thing but with a different purpose, with the help of the counter meassure and it's energy he started to form himself back up, the pain didn't stop, but he was regaining control, and he wasn't done, he started creating a barrier around him to repel the energy of the buble, he could feel it now, what clearly connected him to the infinite, he didn't want to be a part of it, he didn't want to lose himself, he wouldnt he won't be a fucking slave, he won't let that thing harm his brother, he won't let him fucking die because of this, and he won't end here, not now he FUCKING WOULDN'T!

As Jack though this he releases all the energy of the countermeasure into the bubble, he could feel it, the pain, ending, like he could breathe, he could feel his body reforming, his connection to the infinite… severed, he finally released all of that energy and shattered the bubble he was in.

Like a soundwave combined with the sound of glass breaking Hatch turn back a couple steps away from William as he saw the bubble he created shattered, something that should have been impossible, and stared at a fully formed Jack holding the countermeasure.

"Persistent, Mr. Joyce." He said as he stretched his hand to create the bubble again and he did, but he saw Jack walk out of it like it was nothing, he couldn't understand, this shouldn't… he then realized that he couldn't exactly feel Jack like before, he wasn't tied to the infinite anymore, his figure wasn't shifting anymore, he was cured of the syndrome.


"It worked, holy fucking shit, it fucking worked!" William shouted in happiness. Jack stared directly at Hatch ready to fight him now, feeling free again, feeling ready and at full strength.

"You stay the fuck away from my brother!" Jack shouted and immediately he time dashed right to him, kicking him and sending him flying across the room and against the wall.

"Will get it ready again, I'll hold him off, this time for good."

"Jack… you are okay..."

"Better than ever. Go."

William couldn't believe it, his brother was back, he seemed cured too, but they couldn't waste more time, or time itself would end, as soon as he went back to the machine with the countermeasure Jack readied himself to fight Hatch.

"You really shouldn't interfere Joyce." said with Hatch standing back up, his body shifting constantly, but he finally didn't have that creepy smile, and that was satisfying. "I have spent too much to let it go just like this."

"Bring it on then, you son of a bitch."

Hatch dashed forward, Jack had seen what Hatch could do while dashing, his power was devastating, he activated his powers to repel him back with shield, the time sphere that he created was enough to push Hatch back, but not for long. He dashed out of the sphere and started firing at Hatch's distorted form with his burst fire pistol that he had taken from a Monarch guard, the bullets weren't doing much however, they were doing something… not enough however. Hatch started creating time blasts around Jack, he dashed away as fast as he could and started running faster, in a different flow of time to be specific that allowed him to move much faster, he ran circles around the explosions and got close to Hatch and trew a hook around his face, it hit, this seemed to have affected Hatch more as his form shifted and disorted even more, he was now more now like the first time he saw him as a shifter, an agressive, screaming, disorted thing that seemed like it just wanted to kill.

Jack dashed away immediatly, even if now he could fight back, Hatch was still monstrously strong if he landed hits on you, Jack continued firing at him and Hatch getting mad started to rush after Jack while he kept getting away, Jack drew Hatch into a corner of the room waiting for him dash at him again, he di, and as soon as that happened Jack slided to the side and behind him in the faster flow of time, his time sprint as he called it, with Hatch in the corner he trew a time blast at him, out of all the things this seemed to have done the most as Hatch screamed in a viscious howl and some parts of his figure… were gone... as if they were destroyed, Hatch did get angrier though.

He started firing time blasts and bubbles out of his hands in quick succession, Jack ducked the first barrage and dashed away from the second, firing at Hatch until his magazine was empty, Hatch didn't waste time and dashed away to a better location, he unleashed a massive time blast similar to what Paul had done in his final fight with Jack, Jack himself ran away from the blast until he was at a safe distance, he did spot Hatch moving… dashing, shifting wildly in random patterns towards him, before he could react Hatch was at his left and delivered a palm that also carried a small time blast that sent Jack flying and rolling across the floor. It hurt, the time blast itself hurt, not time, time didn't burn anymore, but still, Jack couldn't take another hit like that, Hatch was right next to him again though, this time however out of desperation Jack trough a time buble of his own at Hatch, it was different however, it had an orange smooth line around is shifting form, it stopped Hatch, in fact it seemed to have damaged him alot as he was stuck in it, Jack took this chance to look at himself and his hands, his powers and shifting form were in fact emitting that orange color, similar to the harnesses of the striker soldiers, but more smooth. He also looked at Hatch trapped in this bubble he created, it dawned on him how his bubbles weren't supposed to work in stutters as time was already stopped, but this bubble did something different, it created a space of time inside the stutter, when shifters were out of stutters they just disappear, but here Hatch couldn't disappear, he was both in a stutter and out of it, and being in flowing time was complete pain for him.

Jack had a new tactic now, reloading his magazine, he shot at Hatch, doing alot more than before, the bubble collapsed and Hatch was free, but severely damaged with more parts of his distorted body missing, Hatch started fireing his time blasts again, but Jack rolled away and ran to avoid the blasts, sliding over tables to avoid the blasts, he ran a giant circle around Hatch, then dashed to him shoulder bashing him away and fireing his pistol damageing him in a deep concentration thanks to his Chronon powers.

The magazine was empty soon, and Hatch was on the move again, but this time Jack wanted to end this in one final heavy assault, as Hatch was dashing erraticly Jack aimed carfully a time buble to stop Hatch in his tracks, it hit true, and Jack took the time to arm himself with a Monarch carbine rifle that was against one of the walls, he fired the entire magazine, the only one it had, after that he tossed the carbine aside and time sprinted behind Hatch and delivered a left hook to the back of his head. He dashed away as Hatch became free from the bubble and dashed against Jack, he unloaded an entire magazine from his pistol as he kept backing up from Hatch, he also fired a time blast to do some major damage, it hit, but Hatch retaliated with one of his own, Jack rolled away and as he got up dashed behind hatch and kicked him forward, then time sprinted in front of him to deliver two hooks and a push kick to sent Hatch flying. Jack immediately dashed behind Hatch one more as he was flying to punch him again and knock him down, once he was on the floor Jack froze Hatch with his time bubble and unloaded another magazine directly at Hatch.

Hatch was now missing his entire left arm and some other chunks scattered around his body, there wasn't blood or meat however… just pieces of white and black disrupted energy around him, and it wasn't enough to kill Hatch, parts of his missing chunks were already regenerating, shifters did need to be destroyed multiple times before they could actually die… but whatever was the case Jack needed to fully destroy Hatch until there was nothing left, some containers of Chronon besides a table gave him an idea.

Jack started running again at his normal speed around Hatch while firing, Hatch himself tried to erratically dash towards Jack but Jack was able to dodge the assault and put Hatch in a bubble again. Using low bursts of his time sprint he delivered several punches to Hatch's face and stomach, he then dashed behind him to once again hit him on the back of the head, Hatch sustained the assault and dashed backwards, behind Jack to try an shoot him with another time blast, Jack rolled away and fired one of his, but Hatch dashed away this time. Jack followed him however, dashing right next to him and drop kicking him into a time bubble he created and fired all the bullets he could at Hatch. Hatch himself was already extremely damaged, that was something new for a shifter, he had never had to fight someone who could actually fight back against him. Jack didn't waste time however as he kept fireing, dashing in tackleing Hatch out of balance and dashing away to Hatch couldn't strike back, Hatch dashed in to finally strike back with another of his punches but that was what Jack wanted as he slid under Hatch's legs and fired at his head to stun him, getting up Jack dashed backwards and elbowed Hatch on the back of the head with extreme force, he then time spinted to his right to deliver a hook, then dashed to his left to do the same from that angle, sprinted to the front to ounch in the stomach and kick foward dashed behind for another punch at the back of the head and getting in position for an uppercut from the front to sen him into the air, once Hatch was on the air Jack sprinted to a table, use to a boost to jump and delivered a flying punch that sent Hatch straing into the Chronon containers…

This was it, Jack was exhausted but he had enough energy for one final time blast that would detonate Hatch and the containers, while Hatch was trying to get up, shifting violently Jack fired his blast, and Hatch exploded with the containers in what could only be described as loud, agonizing screech.

He had done it, he had defeated Hatch… for now, he had to go back to Will and finish this, once and for all, however, as soon as he started walking towards Will he heard the sound of Hatch starting to reform himself faster than ever… he had to hurry and finish this one and for all, and kill Hatch in the process… how though… Jack thought and he remembered something important… it could work but, there was a danger to it… if it meant that time won't end and that Will would be safe… then so be it.

"Jack, it's ready, you just need to power it with some Chronon particles and..."

"Will listen to me, I'll do it, I know the process, I'll do it, but you need to leave, now!

"But why?"

"It's Hatch, he won't stop coming back I want to destroy him for good so that he can't return to repeat this fucking mess again."

"How do you plan to-… you are gonna use the countermeasure, just like Paul when he dissolved."

"Yeah, but a lot more energy now, to both fix the fracture and kill him."

"Woa. Whoah, whoah, Jack hold the fuck on, last time you did that it started your Chronon syndrome, this could start it again, or you could also be destroyed and..."

"Will listen to me, we both know how this works, only a shifter can change things for good, I'm gonna change it, and make sure it doesn't happen again, you said it yourself Will, we don't know what will happen, I could be destroyed… or not, but whatever happens I'll make sure Hatch is destroyed and that the fracture is fixed."

"But Jack."

"Will listen to me, I'm ready to do this, we both know it has to be done, even if something happens I'm not gonna die a desperate sick man, I'm cured, and I'll end it that way."

"Then we should end this together, like brothers."

"… I can't Will, you are the only thing I have left, the blast could be dangerous for you this time… and if Hatch manages to touch you… he could kill you right there and then, Will the world needs you so that whatever happens after now can be dealt with, and whatever happens, don't come back for me if I disappear… don't start this mess again Will."


"I need to do this alone Will, remember… I love you, now go."

Will didn't move, standing stupefied for a couple seconds.

"Go!" Jack insisted, and slowly but surely Will made his way out of the room. Jack was alone now, ready to fix the fracture, he started powering the countermeasure to fix the fracture… there was only one ingredient missing.


There he was. Hatch pounced on Jack's back trying to grab the countermeasure, but failing, in his madness Jack grabbed Hatch by the face and pulled him close to the countermeasure.

"I have noticed something Hatch, you always use those damn eyedrops in one of your eyes, those same eyedrops that contain Chronon, well I want you to use that eye..." Jack put Hatch's eye against the countermeasure "...look right at this..." Hatch attempted to struggle out Jack grip Jack had a solid hold on him. "… and say cheese!"

Jack activated the countermeasure and the entire room got filled with a blast of Chronon energy… Hatch was finally destroyed and Jack's body dissipated. When the stutter collapsed Will went back into the room… to find the countermeasure alone… Will immediately pulled out a scanner he created to verify the strength of Meyer-Joyce field, the fracture was fixed, the signatures related to Hatch were destroyed… and Jack was just gone, not destroyed but gone… to where he didn't know, Will was beyond saddened, to lose his brother again… but he didn't lose it like last time, this time they were on good terms, they saved the world together… and like his brother said, he didn't die a sick man, he didn't turn into one of those monsters, he fought to the end and in a way he won… he was still out there just… not sure were, in what flow of time… he could try and get him but… Jack was right, he couldn't let something like this happen again… he would research though, he might never get to find his brother again but… he would never stop trying.

Earth Space: Space Station Talos 1. Year 2035.

"Who-what-am I talking to?"


"Morgan? Maybe. I see a person who looks like Morgan Yu."

They had found each other, Alex Yu and January were talking… Alex Yu the brother of Morgan Yu, was talking with a cybernetic operator, a machine that had been programmed by Morgan Yu with clear directives and intentions… his purpose was to help Morgan remember and make Talos 1 self-destruct to avoid the propagation of the Typhon, the aliens that Transtar used to make neuromods.

Why did Morgan need to remember, well she had basically made herself her own test subject for the implantation and removal of neuromods aboard Talos 1, she was chief, but also one of the main test subjects, say what you want about how cold she could be in matters of work but she rather put herself at risk for her own experiments. The neuromod implantation and removal has consequences and one of them was that whenever you remove a neuromod your memory would be reset to the point where you installed it, erasing any point in between.

Morgan was kept in a simulation of the same day for… god knows how long, she signed up for it, but problems started to occur, first of all, there was supposed to be a process to recover the memory loss in the process, that was skipped entirely and second the process and experiment went wrong once the Typhon broke containment, murdering and propagating themselves across the station, Morgan escaped the simulation once it broke thanks to January. January helped Morgan get across the station and arm herself with a singular purpose, the destruction of Talos 1 so that no Typhon could escape and reach Earth, that also included everyone aboard.

January was made by a previous Morgan, a desperate Morgan that wanted to make sure the Typhon won't reach Earth… but the present Morgan, the one that had a red left eye do to all the neuromods she installed, injected trough her eye, to be able to survive in Talos 1 against the hordes of Typhon, she had learned other truths, there was another way to solve this massive problem, and that was to activate a Null Wave Transmitter prototype on the place the Typhon broke containment, that device would destroy all the Typhon on the station alongside with all the coral, the thing they weaved, without harming the machines, humans or research, it was, in fact, the original plan, Morgan found a video were she and Alex planned the details for it… she even found evidence that there was an operator that she created to guide her across that path, October… however, she never found the actual operator… she could take a guess at what happened though. She did find another operator she made, one called December, that operator had plans for Morgan to escape Talos in a secret escape pod and warn Earth… December was killed by January.

January would do anything to keep Morgan deviating from his path, including killing or getting rid of certain obstacles, just like her brother would delete almost all videos of January and try to convince Morgan to use the Nullwave so that their research wouldn't be for nothing, it was almost like they both had gone insane, Alex with his fear of failure and her past self with all the memory loss and experiments, which one was the original plan? Who was her original self? It didn't matter, she was her own person now, her own Morgan Yu, she had experienced so much, fought so much, she had saved all the survivors she could find… save for the murderer in the kitchen, he was killed, she had spared the life of the Dahl, a guy that had instructions from Morgan's parents to kill her and Alex if things went wrong and it meant shaming the family, toxic family for you… the point was that Dahl had an escape shuttle out of Talos 1, big enough for all the survivors, Dahl had neuromods, and once removed his instructions were forgotten, essentially they brainwashed him but it served a purpose, they had a way out, she had also installed the nullwave and armed the keys for the self-destruct, all she had to do was push a button… she had made her choice, there was only one matter left.

"Morgan. Be cautious. Your brother is unstable. He may not permit you to activate the self-destruct. Also, he's armed."

"Unstable? is that a joke, Operator? You've let this machine poison you Morgan. I wish you understood. I've bent the course of this entire station around what you wanted. I let you persuade me. And now you are gonna throw it all away? Just stop and think for one goddamn second, Morgan!"

"The safety is off on his firearm."

"I think you said enough."

Just as Alex was about to shoot January Morgan used a taser she had to stun her brother and make him go unconscious, after that she tossed the taser aside and stared at her unconscious brother.

"I'm aware that you've primed the arming keys to destroy Talos 1, so I find the activation of this Null Wave Transmitter station… puzzling."

"January… I'm going to activate the Null Wave… there are still some things here that are important."

"The directives you gave me require that I do everything in my power to ensure you destroy Talos 1 and all the Typhon. Detonating the station safeguards the earth. And perhaps provides a small measure of reparation. You know how Neuromods are made. The demand will only increase. In the future Alex envisions, many will die for the benefit of a privileged few. I won't relinquish control of the Terminal."

January was right, Neuromod were made with Typhon and Typhon so far seemed to reproduce only by killing living beings, humans specifically, if the demand increased, criminals and other undesirables would be sacrificed for the benefit of the few able to afford Neuromods, blowing up Talos 1 meant safeguarding Earth… and it also meant everyone aboard would die… a lot of them didn't deserve it, she also didn't want to kill her brother… could humanity play with fire and not get burned, she did, she had installed some Neuromods that enhanced her human capabilities… but she used most of them so she could use abilities similar to that of the Typhon, control energy, blasts of kinetic force, Psychic powers, electric burst, fire traps, turn into small objects, telekinesis, she could feel that tinkling feeling inside her, that Typhon voice that wanted to rip everything apart, but she was still herself… if she could... maybe there was a way she and Alex could change things… what they witnessed, could they use it to learn instead… maybe…

"January… I made my choice, I'll give Alex, me, and the others, and even humanity a chance… to change things."

"If you want the Null Wave you'll have to kill me."

For some reason, this didn't seem hard at all, Morgan pulled out her shotgun from her back and killed January… the shotgun was overkill, but she didn't care, it didn't even have to do with that January was an operator, a machine… she must have really wanted this, if anything it made her more determined. She now had access to the Null Wave, that was the first part of the plan she had made, now the second part, get everyone out of the station.

There was a message coming through… it was Mikhaila, one of the survivors.

"Morgan… I don't know if you've seen… but there's alien matter ripping through the hull. You have to move, we have to move. Bozhe moi… every window in the station… it's engulfing the place. it's everywhere.

"Okay, it's time, I'm ready and everything here is set, tell Dahl to ready the escape shuttle, everyone there must go, got it?

"Yes, we'll see you there."

That was that… now it was just getting Alex to the shuttle. "sigh, come on Alex, you are in for a ride."Morgan sighed as she pulled all her strength and carried Alex over her shoulder as best she could, Alex might be extremely heavy… but the one of the Neuromods she installed help with that… it was still going to be hard.

She managed to reach the elevator in the arboretum of the station without resistance, the place itself had lost gravity, that did make things easier but now on the elevator as they were reaching the lobby she could see Typhon outside the elevator, two Telepaths, massive shifting masses of black tendrils, they usually had mind controlled individuals with them, this wasn't the case here however, didn't matter, they were already dangerous with their psychic blasts were still dangerous. If she was going to have any chance of bringing Alex to the shuttle bay then she would have to take them out, she dropped Alex and got ready to get out of the door of the elevator with her pistol, a recycler grenade, and her Typhon powers… she could disable one telepath, but she would still need to dodge the psionic attack of the second one… this much thinking for something that wouldn't really last minute… but that's how she survived in Talos 1, and telepaths were dangerous so it paid to be cautious.

She bolted out the door and used her psycoshock to completely disable one of the telepaths, she threw the recycler grenade between the two and started running while shooting at the other one, the active telepath managed to survive the recycler grenade and it tried to blast Morgan but she dodged out of the way with her phantom shift, leaving her after image, with the telepath focused on the after image Morgan laid down a superthermal trap, a power that let her laid down an explosive fire trap, it killed the telepath.

That was that, now back to grab Alex and to the shuttle bay. She carried Alex through the door to the shuttle bay, there was the shuttle ready to take off, there was however a group of mimics and two voltaic phantoms waiting for them… this was unexpected, but fine if this was the last that she needed to fight then so be it. The mimics started to crawl towards her, she dropped Alex and pulled out the G.L.O.O. cannon from her back to freeze them in place on the floor and the walls, she immediately shot two of the four mimics with her pistol to shatter them, back to the phanthoms, she froze one og the with the G.L.O.O cannon and then used a her lift field power to toss the statue up, once it landed it shattered, killing the phantom., tthe other one tried todeliver a shock balsy to Morgan, but Morgan dodged out of the way and slid towards the phantom shotgun in hand this time, the phantom got knoecked back and as Morgan was behind it she trowed a kinetic blast that pushed the phantom to the ground and shattered the remaining mimics, Morgan got close to the phantom, she did get schoked do to the close distance, that however helped her recover some of her psi energy, besides her suit took most of the damage, she got her wrench out and smacked the head of the phantom, splitting it, after she pulled the wrench out the phantom was dead… with all the Typhon taken care of it was time to take Alex to the shuttle.

Morgan walked inside the shuttle with Alex on her shoulder… there were people inside surprised a bit from seeing Alex but they didn't really question it, however, they did get surprised at the next bit. Morgan came to the pilot cabin and gave Dahl some clear instructions.

"Every survivor that could be found is here mam." said Dahl.

"Good, now Dahl I want you to listen to me, I'm gonna walk out of the shuttle and then I want you to launch this shuttle and get to Earth."

Dahl didn't blink, or showed much worry, he was surprised though."Are you telling me you want me to leave you in this fucking death trap?"

"The Typhon are still loose, I gotta finish it, so it will either be that plan A works and all Typhon are destroyed or then goes to plan B which is hitting the self-destruct… I need everyone out of range Dahl."

"Well fine, if you really wanna finish this is your fucking funeral mam… anything I should tell your parents or that sleeping fat ass you left in one of the chairs if things turn for the worse?"

"Alex will understand, for my parents, how about a nice fuck you."

"I'm not sure I can say that to my bosses... but I can try to sugar coat it, alright the moment you walk out the shuttle there's no turning back mam."


As she walked out some of the survivors gave her weird looks, some tried to stand up and say something but in the end, they didn't, when she was out Dahl began the launching sequence.

"Ready or not, starting debark operations. Pre-flight check is who gives a shit. Hang on to your seat. This will be a rough ride."

The ship debarked and flew away, with that the survivors were safe… now there was only one known living person in Talos 1. Morgan Yu. And she was ready to end this once and for all, she started rushing back toward the bridge to activate the Null Wave but something seemed off… as soon as she was near the elevator she saw it, it was The Nightmare, a being that exists only to hunt Morgan as the Typhon started to consider her a threat to their species. Morgan didn't want to waste time with the thing so she used another psycoshock blast to damage and stun it and she rushed for the elevator before the massive bulky black being could get close, the door closed and Morgan went up.

The Nightmare followed Morgan trought the station, trough the arboretum, that it already folloed her this far was something different, this one was persistent, she kept moving though, with her jetpack still functional she headed towards the bridge, but the Nightmare catched up quick and and laucnched itself at Morgan with it's massive form, and did somethng unexpected it reached out with it's tantacle like arm and it damaged Morgan's jet pack, the one she used to fly on zero gravity, she spun out of control and grabbed on to the closest thing she could find, the Nightmare went sailing off but it bounce around the walls and started to go back again at Morgan, however she had recovered and used her phantom shft to launch herself towards the open space of the arboretum, the place that had trees, but the Nightmare was right on her toes, she spunned around with the G.L.O.O cannon in hand and fired at the thing at its feet as it landed on another wall, stucking it, she pulled out her pistol and fired away, it only got madder as it broke free.

Morgan tried to fire with the G.L.O.O cannon again, but it didn't fire, it was empty, frustrated she just trew the thing at the Nightmare and since they were in zero-G the nightmare flew away, directly at wall that had lightning currents running trough it, the thing got stuck and started to convulse in pain, Morgan took the chance to just try and get to the bridge, she couldn't use her jetpack or her phanthom shift, she had used the last of her psi enrgy on the last one, so she just got rid of the jetpack and started using her arms to propusle herslef towards the door. In the end, she managed to reach it but as she was opening she saw that the Nightmare got free and was coming at her again.

At the other side of the door Morgan formulated a plan, she was basically at the bridge but she still had to deal with the Nightmare, but it was weak so she used her last psi-hypo that she had and set a superthermal trap at the door, after that she climbed some beams so she was on hidden spot on the ceiling. The Nightmare came but it immediately got stuck by the fire trap, it got hit hard, just as that happened Morgan drop down on top of the Nightmare with the Q-beam and firing at the head of the thing, the weapon could make the Nightmare explode but the thing was restless. Morgan hoped off the Nightmare still filing the Q-beam, she got at close range and stuck the end of the weapon right at the head of the Nightmare, this was it, the Nightmare fought till end however and swatted Morgan aside, however the Q-beam got stuck on the monster's head and not long after it tried and failed to get it out, it exploded. Morgan got up, the Nighmare was dead, but then end of the Q-beam got destroyed, not only that, the Nighmare did manage to damage Morgan's helmet and even her psycoscope when it hit her, she pulled the helmet out tossed it aside as she started walking towards the terminal to activate the Null Wave, she also tossed aside the psycoscope as she would possibly no longer need it, she walked towards the terminal and pushed the button, she'll let the Null Wave do the work, now she just wanted to sit for a moment, and so she dicided to sit at the chair that looked like a throne, with one hand on her pistol and the other on her shotgun, she just looked trough the window, she saw the Null Wave do its job and clear the Typhon… she was, however, looking at something else, the stars, they were beautiful.

Something went wrong, of course it did, as soon as the Null Wave finished it acted up and fired again, a massive energy wave that started slowly to rip the station in two, Morgan sincerely didn't care, the Typhon were gone, she had done it, there wasn't really anything else to do, she didn't feel like there was something else she needed to do, maybe the original Mogan did had some other plans… but she wasn't her, she Morgan but… not at the same time, the old recordings did said that she had dreams were she falled outside of herself… maybe this was it? Didn't matter soon it won't matter, but in the end, she did fix things, she closed her eyes as an energy wave hit the bridge, in those seconds Morgan felt freer than ever, maybe it was the Nullwave but she could feel that voice, that Typhon voice go from a voice to barely even a whisper, she felt like herself more than ever… whoever she was… she banished in the flash of light that the energy wave generated, after that the bridge got ripped apart.

Morgan wouldn't know that the Typhon survived, nor what would happen to Earth, or that a Typhon would be made re-live her memories… perhaps that was for the best.

Remnant, Forest in Anima.

Cole woke up from his slumber and found himself in a green forest with tall trees and large vegetation in general, he stood up and scratched his head as he tried to remember what had happened, he remembered The Beast everything, he remembered dying, but now he was here… was this the afterlife then…

"Where am I?" "Hello!" No one responded, not that there seemed to be anyone anywhere near at that, he seemed alone for now, he stood up and dusted himself, he stared up at the night sky, he did notice something weird however, there was the moon, it was bigger though… and it was shattered.

"What the…?" Cole looked around and he spotted his shadow, in it he recognized that it was missing something… he didn't have his amp, that sucked but at least things were different, it meant that maybe this was the afterlife, that the RFI must have actually worked, The Beast must have died and that plague must have been cured… he could only hope. For now, however, he needed to find where he was… he still had his bag, and his phone, in a way he didn't dare but… he had to try, he pushed the button and tried to get a signal from someone.

"Hello? Zeke? Anyone?" no one answered, Cole looked around and seeing nothing he started to move in a direction that seemed almost like a road… maybe a road to the afterlife, who knew… however, there was nothing else to do… he did try to use his radar pulse… there wasn't a power source anywhere near.

"Great… I can already feel slightly… thirsty."

Cole walked for a good 20 minutes in the same direction with nothing more than the sounds of the night forest, it was quite peaceful, but there wasn't any sign of… anything, he did spot something ahead… a clearing, but in there, there was already someone, two people in fact, a guy with jeans and a grey t-shirt and a guy with trench a black trench coat, a ball cap, black jeans it seemed, black shoes and a green sweater underneath the trench coat, they both had guns pointed at each other, Cole decided to watch for a second and figure out what was going on.

"Who are you." said the guy on the trench coat.

"It's that how you greet people huh?, Pointing a fucking gun at them?" said the guy with the t-shirt.

"I haven't been able to trust a lot of people this last few months, especially in a strange forest like this, you seem ready for a gunfight though."

"Yeah well I haven't exactly been in very good spots either, are you here for a shot at that bounty Monarch has put up, is that why you are?"

"Monarch? Never heard of them."

"Now you are just bullshitting." Jack raised his gun higher, Aiden did the same.

"How so?"

"Everyone near Riverport knows who Monarch is."


Jack made a quizzical face however his thoughts were caught short as a sound came from the bushes, both him and Aiden turned their head towards the source of the sound, not their guns though, a man in a grey and white t-shirt, a sling bag and dark blue pants came out of the bushes.

"Now I feel it would be better if we all calm down here, everything can be fixed here if we talk for a second."

"And who are you!" Jack said as he raised his hand at Cole with Chronon particles alongside some bright orange lines, showing off his powers while also still aiming at Aiden.

"...The hell?!" Aiden exclaimed as he saw the little show Jack put, never shifting his aim from him, Cole didn't seem bothered however, he merely raised his arms.

"Now, you don't need to alter yourself man, " he said as he raised his hand in a surrender like way.

"And why is that? Are you with him?" Jack asked waving his gun at Aiden.

"No, but there's not really a need for anything drastic here."

"How can I trust you? any of you two?" Jack asked as he looked between the two, Cole simply started crackling lightning in his hands, Jack looked surprised while Aiden merely raised an eyebrow, for him things were just getting weirder.

"As you see I'm just like you." Cole thought Jack to be a Conduit, how were they both alive was a question running through his head, however, Jack had different thoughts, the lightning seemed like it could be a variant of Chronon powers, the words 'I'm just like you' didn't help as there wasn't to his knowledge any other Chronon active individuals besides him that weren't shifters, in his head that meant that this guy was a shifter.

"Son of a bitch!" Jack exclaimed as he threw a time stop bubble at Cole, freezing him, if he was shifter that bubble would do damage to him, just like Hatch, he turned his attention at Aiden that seemed surprised, he, however, shifted his attention back at Jack, Jack himself threw a time blast at Aiden, however the blast wasn't instantaneous, it was more like a projectile, one that he could see coming, and immediately he dove and rolled out of the way and range of the blast.

Just what happened, Jack thought, his blast and powers were supposed to be instantaneous, unless… he could feel it, there was no fracture in time, it was also different, he didn't quite felt the Meyer-Joyce field, no massive break of time or flow of time, as a result, his control over time seemed to be weaker, they also seemed to make a heavier toll on him…. alright that made some sense… but then how… he could not finish his thought as Aiden finished his roll and started firing shots at Jack while continue to move, not staying in the same spot.

To Aiden's surprise Jack didn't die from bullets, must have been those strange powers, he continued to fire, however, Jack seemed to have reacted and dashed up to Aiden to charge him, Jack was still fast, but Aiden had extremelly fast reflexes, reflexes that he had used time after time to kill multiple criminals at once in one quickdraw, these reflexes acted up just quick enough to counter Jack's charge by stepping really quick and slightly to the side, he pulled out his baton with his left hand and smacked Jack across the face and then on the stomach, using his left arm Aiden held Jack in a lock by the arm, then he shot Jack on the foot, his Chronon power protected him, but it did something, Aiden didn't stop as he elbowed him on the stomach again and trew him out of the lock, away and into the ground

Jack was surprised, but he couldn't think much of it, as he recovered from the throw he dashed away and tried shooting at Aiden, Aiden himself ran towards the trees for cover the moment Jack pulled out his gun, Aiden shot back from cover and Jack himself ran at normal time for cover, just then Cole got freed from the bubble… was that like 4 to 6 seconds, Jack's powers really did became less effective, Cole himself was confused, but assessed the situation quickly, he thought the best he could do was try to immobilize these two before they killed each other, he tried to use his cryomancy powers… but they weren't working, they weren't there.


That alerted Aiden and Jack that Cole was free. Cole had a direct shot at Aiden, they looked at each other for a second, Cole then aimed his hand at Aiden and fired a barrage of alpha bolts of lightning at him, Aiden rolled out of the way just in time shifting his priorities at Cole, he fired the last two shots of his pistol, hitting Cole on the leg and shoulder, he didn't know what to think of Cole just yet so he tried to not kill him, but it seemed he was also resistant to bullets… great. Cole shot another barage at Aiden as he was hit and this time Aiden couldn't dodge all of them, two bolts hit him on the center mass, it hurt, but it wasn't as bad as other things he has suffered, he rolled with the punches and got back up, Cole got ready to fire something more potent this time but got knocked around the back of the head by Jack who time sprinted behind him, he continued the sprint in front of him punching Cole in the stomach then dashing to the side to deliver another punch to the face… that was the last of his energy, he started backing away as Cole came back to his senses and shot a Magnum bolt at Jack, missing as Jack rolled to the side and started running and shooting, Cole fired more Magnum bolts, missing as Jack kept running in cirle and fireing, Cole put up a polarity shield to deal with the bullets as they were getting annoying, Jack took the chance to stop and trow another time bubble but this time Colde dodged and fired another Magnim bolt that hit Jack on the chest sending him backwards.

Cole didn't saw Aiden coming, Aiden himself threw a grenade on the floor next to Cole while he was distracted. Bang! Came the sound as the grenade exploded, Cole was sligthly stunned while Aiden charged in and shooting Cole on the chest and delivering a flying knee at him, Cole dropped to one knee but recovered, he got up and fired a Magnum bolt, Aiden sidesteped it and with his baton smacked Cole at the arm and then at the leg, he tried to fire with his pistol at Cole's head but he grabbed his arm and with his strenght force him to drop the gun, Cole was going to deliver a palm of electric energy straight at Aiden but Aiden himself moved quickly after losing his gun, with his baton he whacked the arm that was holding him, he then ducked and spun his own arm and body to get free of Cole grip just in position and time to avoid the palm, more skill than strength there, his spun ended behind Cole and he elbowed him on the back of the head and with his baton also hit him on back of the head.

Cole was far more resiliant than Jack, and so as he got hit again he tried to back hand Aiden, but Aiden slid between Cole's legs, Cole tried to catch him using his fist, delivering a small electroshockwave to the ground, Aiden managed to avoid it though, grabbing his pistol again and leaving another grenade for Cole in the proccess, the grenade exploded and both rolled out of zone of impact, Aiden being unscathed while Cole took most of it, Cole did get up though and started fireing Magnum bolts at Aiden again, Aiden rolled, doged and ran out of the way of the bolts, Cole trew one of his own electric grenades at Aiden, and he dove out of the blast just in time as he was running, he got shcoked sligthly by the very end of it but nothing major, he started shooting back at Cole with the last shot of the magazine, Cole dove and rolled out of the way and fired another bolt trying to predict where Aiden would be, it didn't hit him as Aiden got used to Cole's hand gestures to know when he was going to shoot, so he stopped on his tracks, that only gave Cole more chances to fire though, Aiden ducked and weaved the first two bolts but got hit by the third… however, it didn't stop him, as he once again rolled with it, with more difficulty this time but he managed none the less, Cole had to admit, this guy was more resilient than even some conduits he had faced in Empire city.

Aiden reloaded his gun and dove and rolled forward to avoid another set of bolts, he actually got quite close, both Cole and Aiden tried to shoot the other, both spun in place to avoid the shots and were about to deliver another melee attack, Cole a punch of electricity and Aiden a backhand of his baton… however both got cut short as Jack charged in back into the fray, Jack shouldered Aiden on the side sending him away… he, however, didn't pay much attention to Cole's lightning punch and so the small electric blast separated the three of them, everyone was on their knees, Aiden sprunged to action first besides being the one that had been shouldered, and as payback he shot Jack on the stomack, Jack fired with his pistol and Aiden dove out falling on his back and fireing at Jack, Jack dashed foward and this time he actually managed to hit Aiden with a punch, he was going to send another but in that little time Aiden had gotten up to a knee and blocked Jack's punch, he shot Jack on the shoulder and wacked him again across the face with his baton, Aiden turned around and sawCole ready to fire another bolt of lightning, he ducked and let the lightning bolt hit Jack, then he rushed foward towards Cole, he shot Cole in the knee and then tried to smack him again sending him away, however as Aiden had dropped to a knee he send another small blast of lightning to the floor, stoping Aiden's advance and made him back away slightly, Aiden shot again at Cole but Cole blocked it with a quick and short polarity shield, Aiden got close with his baton, Cole blocked the coming strike and tried to punch Aiden, Aide dodged out of the way of the punch and also of another one that Cole trew with swift side steps, he then hit Cole on the sides with his baton and blockes with his right arm a punch that was coming his way again from Cole, they held their arm in a strenght lock ther for about a second, Cole then opened his palm to deliver a close range surprise Pincer bolt that hit Aiden on three spots of his right side, Cole delivered a magnum blot to Aiden's chest and used and alpha blast to send him directly at a tree, stunning Aiden.

Cole saw this as an opportunity to paralyze Aiden but he got jumped by Jack again, being roundhoused kicked in the stomach this time. He was thinking of trying his sniper bolts to focus down and caught Jack and his blink like movements… but that power cost too much of his energy, he didn't have a way to recharge either… he'll have to try the old-fashioned way. Jack sprinted again and punched Cole on the face but Cole responded by sending a close range alpha rocket that knocked both of them away, Cole, however, didn't suffer damage from his own attack unlike Jack who was on his back, Cole moved in running towards Jack, Jack however raised in a second and trapped Cole again in a bubble and shot his entire magazine at Cole, overloading the bubble and making it end sooner, the impact of all the bullets at once hit Cole hard, knocking him on his back, Jack dashed and kick Cole while he was on the ground sending him rolling on the ground, Cole got up, and while Jack was reloading he fired antoher bolt that hit Jack on the stomach, annoyed Cole got close, spun and delivered a lightning palm at Jack, the small blast knocked Jack back but he time sprinted, got close to Cole and in short sprin burst delivered several punches at Cole, however, Cole managed to block one of the punches and tried to blast Jack with a Magnum bolt, Jack dodged the attack and dashed when Cole tried to punch him. Jack was moving really fast but, if Cole had learned something from Jack was that he tended to attack from the sides or the back… and if his instincts were right, he was to his back, Cole threw a back kick and it hit true, Jack was sent a couple meters away holding his chest, it was a strong kick, soon enough Jack saw Cole coming with another electrically charged punch, at the moment he saw it he hadn't time to dodge and he already had spent too much energy dashing., he just put his hand forward trying to catch the punch… and he did, there in the middle of the clearing lightning and Chronon particles were fighting on a lock of strength, Jack holding Cole's punch and Cole trying to push forward, however they heard a beep between them, they look down and saw a grenade.


Aiden had gotten back up and after the explosion went directly after Jack and Cole that had landed next to each other after the explosion, he smacked the now stunned Cole at the back of the head with his baton, then his face, shot Jack on the foot again, round house kicked his face, turned back, kneed Cole on the stomach and then smack Jack across the face with his baton, Jack dropped to his back while Cole reacted and blocked the back hand pistol whip that was coming his way, he then ducked a strike from the baton and tried to shoot at Aiden. Aiden dodged the bolt and fired at Cole's shoulder, it hit but Cole fired back at that exact moment with his other hand, the Magnum bolt hit Aiden and knocked him back, Jack came back dashing and punching Cole on the side, then dashing towards Aiden who rolled with this literal punch no matter how much his body was hurting, Jack ran and fired at Cole as he started running in circles, Aiden did the same, also fireing at Cole, Cole put a polarity shield against Aiden but had to endure Jack's shots, he tossed a lightning grenade in front of Jack hitting him with the blast, he turned around and fired an alpha rocket at Aiden, Aiden slid underneath the rocket fireing at Cole, Cole did get hit by the first shot but blocked the rest with his polarity shield, Aiden spun dodging another bolt from Cole and back handing him with his baton and side kicking him away, Aiden wanted to throw another grenade but Cole shot another blast that knocked Aiden away. He didn't saw Jack preparing a time blast however, and got hit by the full force of the time blast and went flying to away.

Here they were the tree of them, back again standing in sort of triangle in the clearing, just for a second they looked at each other, trying to figure out what would the other do, the three rushed back at each other until they all saw a purple light with a small yellow core in the middle of the tree of them, it exploded separating them and knocking them on their asses.

"What the hell is going here!" screamed a woman in a strange, red, quarantine/astronaut-like suit, she was stretching her left hand out as the other held a pistol, she also had a shotgun on her back. "Why are you-"

"Don't come close to him, he's a time anomaly!" Jack yelled pointing a finger at Cole.

"A what?" Cole responded

"He's is dangerous!" Jack said again ignoring Cole

"Dude, you were the one that started attacking me, both of us!" Cole retorted

"Haa… You also seemed really happy to do the same!" Aiden finally speaking retorted back.

"I needed to stun you so you guys wouldn't kill each other." Cole argued

"Why would you care!? Came the voice from Jack while Aiden asked: "That's your idea of stunning."

"It would have worked if you hadn't keep getting up! Just how much electricity can you take!?" Cole asked pointing a finger at Aiden an ignoring Jack. Aiden for his part didn't answer.

"Why are you here? The fracture has been fixed!" Jack shouted directly at Cole.

"What fracture?!" Shouted Cole back

"THE FRACTURE IN TIME DAMMIT!" Jack shouted… then there was silence, Aiden, Cole and now Morgan looked at each other sharing glances and shrugging. Jack did notice, and was getting confused.

"The fracture… at Riverport?… with the time machine and Monarch?… the destroyed bridge?… the train on the building…?" Jack continued, trying to get some sort of answer, but the three people before him did the same routine… did they not know, but the guy was shifter… or was he…? Jack really didn't put much time to think things.

"I mean… you control time, you must have noticed… right?" he spoke directly at Cole

"… Lok man, if time control is you power let me tell you that's not my power."

"But then what…?"

" I control electricity," he said as he crackeled lightning between his fingers, Aiden did look at the show, but kept ready in case another fight came, same as Morgan, Jack, however, had a rather perplexed expression on his face. "Tell me did you saw me moving like you, or doing anything similar to you."

Jack pondered and realized he was right. "Then you… but you said you were just like me."

"I have powers, I'm a conduit, aren't you one?"

"Conduit?… no… I would be called more as a... shifter, a Chronon active individual."

"A what?" Cole responded

Jack didn't know what to think or say at this point, Morgan and Aiden were still quiet, eyeing the two protagonists of the conversation, Cole also seemed, confused…

"Have you heard of Conduits? Of the destruction of Empire city?"

"Empire city?" Aiden spoke up.

"Yeah, my city, the one that got destroyed by The Beast."

Aiden didn't know what he referred to by Beast but he did know one thing. "As far as I know there isn't a city called 'Empire city'."

"What?!" was Cole's response

"… Yeah, I haven't heard of a city like that either." spoke Jack this time.

Cole was confused, all of them were looking at each other confused, however, the next question came from Morgan, the newest arrival.

" What year is it?" After looking all of them over and noticing their clothing, she couldn't help but have a knacking feeling, it was really classic fashion for her time. Or in other words old.

"Huh?" said pretty much the three of them in unison.

"What year is it?!"

There was silence for a second but Cole was the first to respond.

"2011" came his number with no doubt on it.

"… 2016." came the number from Jack, he and Cole looked at each other again perplexed.

"… 2014:" Came the voice of Aiden now, now the three of them were looking at each other, in silence. They all slowly turned to Morgan who was the last one remaining to give any sort of number.

"… 2035." she said with a sigh, everyone else seemed a bit surprised… but not much at this point, considering her outfit, they all stood there in silence, for a moment, eventually, though Aiden came close to a tree and finally slumped against it, drawing the attention of everyone else. He seemed tired, he was holding his stomach, taking heavy breaths, he was injured from all the fighting, mainly all the shocks. Jack, Cole and Morgan looked at each other until all of them went close to Aiden to check on him, as soon as they came close though Aiden pulled his gun at them, still sitting against the three and still breathing heavily, the threat was clear however.

"Now calm down dude, we just-"

"Calm down… snort… that's rich coming from you, you are the one that attacked both of us."

"I thought he was a… time monster.!"

"Thanks." Cole said sarcastically

"And you came out pointing a gun at me!"

"I pulled a gun at a stranger after waking up on a strange forest I have no memory of going to, or entering, a stranger that also seemed armed and ready to do same, I really don't know who pulled the gun on who first."

Jack stayed silent, slightly gritting his teeth for not being able to come up with a justification, he panicked plain and simple, he let out a sigh and decided it was best just tell that.

"Look… I panicked, I told you there's a bounty on me… I'm a wanted man."

"Hmm… well, you are not the only one… for either of those."

There was a silence and everyone stood still, Aiden still pointing a gun at all three of them despite his injuries.

"So what's gonna happen next? What was the plan?" Aiden finally spoke, Jack and Morgan were wondering how to defuse this, however, Cole took a step ahead and answered.

"I'm going to help you get back on your feet, I can heal you right away."

"Really? You are not just gonna come close and shock me again?"

"I will shock you… but it will heal you, think of it as a defibrillator."

"How can I trust you?"

"… you don't seem to be too injured, but still, it might be your best option, and there don't seem to be a lot around here pal."

Aiden kept his gun trained… however he eventually lowered it and with a nod gave Cole and in extent the others permission to get closer, Cole got close and gathered lightning around his hands, it did look like a defibrillator.

"So… I take it is normal for us to have people wanting to kill us?" Aiden asked the group in front of him

"Regular part of life by now." answered Cole, Jack and Morgan didn't really answer but the silence it went around as a yes.

"And fighting people to reason is another pass time?"

"Once again, I wasn't trying to kill, just subdue… and yes it has happened, there has been a couple fight first, become friends later."

"Hmm… same here actually… does that apply to the rest" he said eyeing Jack and Morgan

"More or less..." responded Jack.

"It was in a way." said Morgan thinking of Dahl and in a way her brother. Aiden acknowledged the answers with a humm.

"So would that make us friends now?" Cole asked as he was ready to heal Aiden.

"Actually help me and then we'll see." Cole gave smirk as an answer and healed Aiden, from Aiden's point of view this guy wasn't lying, it was like a defibrillator, there was a bit of a sting but apart from that he was surprised… his heavy breaths stopped and also did his pain, he didn't feel the burns anymore or anything of the kind, he was about to pull himself up when he saw the man had just healed him was offering him a hand, he took it and with his help got back up. Jack was surprised and Morgan was in a way fascinated that just like that someone could be cured or healed.

"There, name's Cole, Cole MacGrath." Cole said still holding Aiden hand this time in a handshake

"Hmm… Aiden Pearce." Aiden said as he returned the handshake, let go, and then started looking at the others, same as Cole.

"I have to say thanks, you did stop us from just… killing each other, you..." Cole started saying towards the woman that stop them.

"Morgan, Morgan Yu."

"Morgan?!" Jack asked stranged at the name, it raised an eyebrow in Cole, not so much on Aiden.

"Well… Morganna… but I prefer Morgan a lot more."

"Huh, Fair enough?". Jack responded

"And you…?" Morgan asked Jack, he was the last one remaining and he had already said his name to Aiden… in a way, but still, it was better to follow the example of the others.

"Jack Joyce... for what is worth, I'm sorry for panicking." it was acknowledged by the others.

All of them started walking towards the middle of the clearing, when Cole addressed the Elephant of the room.

"So... anybody knows where we are?"

"No." was Aiden dry answer.

"Not the slightest idea." said Jack.

"Don't even ask me." was Morgan's response.

"Well… I wouldn't know, has anyone seen any sign of civilization? Roads, lights… anything?"

"In the almost half an hour I've been here I haven't seen any of those, just… forest." said Jack.

"Hmm… there's no sort of signal around, which is strange considering I should have access to at least an internet, mobile or satellite signal whether is connected to CTOS or not." said Aiden pulling out his phone, double checking for anything that might tell them where they were.

"CTOS?" asked Morgan at Aiden.

"… I'll explain later…" Aiden tried to look for something on his phone but anything trying to connect to anything showed error and there wasn't any map available via satellite either. "Hmm… yeah, there's nothing I can get we are, no signal, no map, can't tell where on Earth are we."

"If we are even on Earth that is." said Morgan.

"You are not suggesting we are in some sort of Alien planet are you?" Jack asked.

"It wouldn't be the strangest thing here considering that we all seemed to be from different times, and if I had to guess we all woke up in this forest without knowing why." everyone nodded their heads, Cole put his hand on his hips as he started walking around slowly, thinking.

"To be honest I thought I was somewhere in the afterlife." Cole said.

"Why is that?" Aiden asked Cole

"Well, before I got here the only thing I remember is well… dying in an explosion."

Aiden looked surprised, but he immediately looked both at Jack and Morgan who had a similar expression to him. Cole also noticed this too.

"I take it that-"

"We are again in a similar scenario? Yeah Cole, I think we are." Aiden said, while Morgan and Jack nodded their heads.

"Was it an explosion by any chance?" Cole asked the three of them.

"Well, it was an explosion of sorts, like a massive release of energy." Jack said answered for his particular case.

"For me it was a giant wave of energy." said Morgan.

"… Something between the two." Aiden said as he pointed at both Jack and Morgan.

"Huh… so could we be death?"

"I felt pretty much alive the moment I was shot with lightning bolts and charged by two guys with superpowers."

"Again I'm sorry." Jack said in defense.

"For someone normal, I gotta say, you might be the toughest person I fought that doesn't have powers." Cole said to Aiden

"I'll take it as something special..."

"Anyway as far as we know we are either dead or on a different planet… unless one of you comes from a place with a fucking shattered moon." Jack said looking up at the moon.

"It is interesting though." Morgan said walking next to Jack and looking at the moon.

"I mean shouldn't we be maybe freezing or something if it is shattered." Jack asked

"It doesn't work that way, something like that would only happen if the moon fully disappeared, or if it got completely destroyed, as it is even if it was fully shattered it would still coalesce itself together due to its gravity, and it would have the same effect." Morgan explained.

"You seem to be petty knoledgeable." Aiden remarked.

"I was on a space station, is something you would more or less expect, you do learn a couple things about space when living on it."

"So I take this isn't also the Earth of the future."

"No… my moon was intact."

"Okay then, what should be our next steps then." Cole asked

"We should start moving somewhere, wherever we are we can't stay here, we aren't exactly close to anything, I haven't even seen a river or something edible." Aiden said.

"So we just go… where?" Jack asked trying still come to terms or trying to reason where they were.

"Anywhere we can go… I came in that direction." Aiden said pointing behind him towards the trail he came from. "Didn't see anything of note, or much open space besides this clearing."

"The forest is pretty dense, when I was coming up I couldn't see much either, we seem to be right in the middle of it." Morgan said joining in the conversation.

"Great… middle of nowhere." Jack said as he walked and looked around.

"I didn't see anything either, we should look for a high spot, a vantage point where we could look for any sort of road or city."

"Seems like the best course of action." Aiden said.

"I did spot a mountain." Jack said, everyone turned towards him. "It was pretty far away though, like maybe a three or four hours on foot, and that was before I started walking this direction."

"Well seems we have a destination, where did you came from?" Aiden asked, Jack pointed towards the bush he came out of.

"Okay… maybe it's better we move while we have energy left on us." Aiden said o the others.

"I don't disagree." said Morgan a little more eager for at least having a plan.

"Let's go then, not like we have anything better to do." Cole said

"Well, let's move." Jack said as he started walking towards the path he came from, everyone followed him. "We should be able to see the mountain through the trees a little bit further, from then it's just a long walk through the fo-" He didn't end his sentence however as he stopped in his tracks.

"What?" Aiden said as he and the others came close, and saw what stopped Jack, in the bushes they could see a pair of big red eyes looking at them, then they hear the snarl of something akin to a wolf or dog.

"What the fuck." Cole said as he backed away slightly, same as the others. As in cue a black werewolf-like creature with red eyes and a bone mask with red markings and bone spikes on its arms and back came out, a beowolf… not that any of them knew it's actual name though. It walked calmly staring always at them, looking at them as prey.

"It's that a… werewolf?!" Jack tried to guess.

"Maybe? Who knows." Cole said.

"I'm really starting to think we are in some sort of Limbo."

"Just as long as we don't need silver bullets." Aiden said as he pulled out his gun, Jack did the same, Morgan pulled her shotgun from her back and Cole took aim with his electrified hand, however, more started coming out of the woods and bushes, there were more, many more, an entire pack of them, and they were slowly approaching. Aiden, Cole, Jack and Morgan backed up into a cross formation covering each other's backs, prepared for whenever the beowolfs would strike.

"They are covering all sides..." Aiden said gruffly

"Claws and teeth seem razor sharp… and those bones might be like armor..." Morgan said cocking her shotgun.

"Whoever this goes, let's make sure to not hit each other." Cole said.

"You seem the most explosion-happy out of all of us with those rockets." Jack said as he started accumulating Chronon energy on his hands.

"Don't worry I won't hit you."

"...Right." Jack and Aiden said in unison.

"Boys! Uh..." Morgan yelled, the beowolfs were getting anxious, and getting ready, in a split second one of the pounced while the others followed it's lead charging, however as that happened everyone sprung into action. Cole jumped up towards the pouncing beowolf and creating a gigawatt blade on his arm he cleaved it in two from head to tail, he landed with a small thunder drop creating a small distance between him as his groups of beowolfs. Aiden rushed another group while shooting one beowolf on the legs, it fell to ground and Aiden jump over it and kept going, the beowolf tried to get up but it got finished by Morgan's shotgun, she then dashed away to fight her own group, Jack did the same running towards another beowolf, put it on a time bubble, released half magazine into its skull and kept running towards a group, as soon as the bubble broke, the head of the beowolf got shattered.

Aiden had slid to the side and dropped another grenade next to the beowolfs, one died while the others came out injured, Aiden rushed in shooting at knees and shoulders, the closest beowolf to him dropped to a knee but still tried to swipe at him, Aiden dodged and with his baton on the left hand he smacked and backhanded it before shooting a couple times it point blank on the side of the head, it died. The next beowolf was still alive from explosion but heavily injured and sluggish and so Aiden finishied him with another swift strike of his baton at its leg and then face, knocking it down and shooting at its head while it was on the ground, two more however came around trying to charge him, Aiden rolled out the way and then charged to the closest one, it tried to grab him and knock him to the ground, but Aiden shot at its head, stunning it and procceding to jump on it'd leg up to his head, blancing on it'd head and shoulder to shoot at its head about three times, the beowolf was lossing its balance and so Aiden jumped on its head, stomping it and came down with his baton cracking the bone mask and bringing the boewolf to the ground hard. The other one swiped at Aiden but he blocksed the swipe with his baton by hiiting it on the elbow joint, and smacking it across the face he then kicked its leg with such force it bent backwards, it howled in pain , Aiden then shot at its chest twice before it tried to swipe at him again, Aiden ducked past and the beowolft tried to back hand him but he blocked it and with his baton, avoiding the spikes, and apllying pressure on its elbow broke its arm, also bending back wards now, he took the chance to reload and then finished off the beowolf shooting it on the back of the head. Another beowolf came charging at him, however, Aiden run towards, and like if it was horse mounted him spinning around its neck and started shotting at the back of its head, the beowolf came crashing down, it was alive but Aiden whacked it's head viciously until bone cracked and black blood came out, finally he curved stomp it, finishing it, and like the others it's body started dissipating.

Jack for his part had dashed to the side of a beowolf and punched its head, it did hurt, however the beowolf was knocked backwards and as it was falling on its side Jack locked him on time stop bubble, tow more beowolfs were coming but he quickly blasted them with a time blast, killing them instantly, he then fired some bullets at the beowolf stuck on the bubble, however he was cut short by the snarl and swipe of another beowolf, Jack dashed away and again back with a kick, he then to delivered two punches and a kick to it's balls, it worked to Jack's surprise, he did it on instinct, not because he thought it would actually work but he capitalized getting away and shotting at its head, th beowolf stumbled backwards and fell dead but another one came to replace it, Jack tried shooting its face, it kept at away but the bone armor protected it. Jack had to reload, just then the other beowolf came free and got pelted by the bullets Jack had shot into it, it was greviously injured but alive non the less, it swiped at Jack but he rolled out the way just in time, the other beowolf also came back to it's feet and joined the fray, jack had to move fast so he did, he time sprinted around them and rushed one delivering sevral punches to its head so that it pushed back, the other one was coming to strike him but he delivered a back kick to it and knee to its chest, he trapped this one on a bubble and fired some shots, then he turned to other one and combining his dash and sprint delivered a really strong drop kick. It went flying and hit a tree, killing it, maybe a broken neck or just injuries, it didn't matter, the time stop bubble broke and the other beowolf also died.

Just then another beowolf came pouncing Jack, he didn't react in time and fell with the beowolf straddling him, Jack managed to dodge a bite and tried to fire, but the gun just made click… he had run out of ammo, he just then avoided another bite adn tried to think of a way to get out of the situation, but he then saw Aiden jump on the beowolf's back and shooting at the back of its head, the beowolf started to slump and Aiden hit it on the head with his baton and jumped off, Jack rolled out of his position, got up and dashed kick the beowolf on it's head, making it fall on it's back, right there Aiden shot at its head, killing it.

"Haa, he… thanks." Jack said to Aiden, breathing heavily.

"Youn are welcome." Just then another two beowolf cam and tried to attack them on unison, however they both looked at eachother and seemed to agree on an unspoken plan, they both rushed straight at the beowolves, Jack dashed foward and punched one beowolf in the face, disorienting it before rushing to the other one, Aiden meanwhile smacked the head of the beowolf twice with his baton before using it to sweep its leg, it fell and Aiden busted two caps and it's skull, Jack dealed with the other one punching and kicking, he managed to kick it's knee and make it stumble, just then it tried to swipe at Jack, but Aiden shot at its arm, making fall limp, Jack then kicked the beowolf away and blasted it with a time blast.

"Hooo… that's that." Jack said, however he was tossed something on his hands before he could think something else, it was a short, break action, two-shot shotgun… really short too... could possibly be used with one hand.

"You are gonna need that." Aiden said as he tossed Jack two small pouches full of shotgun shells. "Let's go now, we gotta help the others." Aiden said running off, Jack adjusted the pouches and followed him.

Once Cole had landed his thunder drop he aimed a grenade at the group he had just scaterred, a group of about eight beowolves, the grenade exploded leaving some beowolves convulsing while the others tried to charge for him, as they tried to get closer, Cole kept blasting them with high power magnum bolts, switching hands between bolts for a better rate of fire, the beowolves got close eventually and tried to pounce him or swipe their claws him, but Cole evaded their pounces rolling away and sidesteped their swipes, when they were finally really on top of him he started several backflips to avoid their attack and got to safe distance to continue blasting them, he kept this up while backing up from them until the beowolves were dead from the immense amount of electricity, that was three dead, two more from the grenade, only three more remaining, those beowolves recovered from their convulsing state.

Truth be told Cole could have ended them much easier, be he had already wasted too much energy in the fight with Jack and Aiden, if he wasted much more too quickly he'll be empty before he could realize and then… he'll be almost useless and also more vulnerable, so he would have to play it simple and play it safe, using powers that used less energy. The beowolves were closing in and this time Cole thought it appropriate to charge right back at them, he jumped and kicked the jaw of the closest one, as he was still on the air he fired more bolts at its face and descended with an electric punch to its face that killed it. The next one tried to swipe at Cole but he ducked and delivered an uppercut followed by a hook, the beowolf was knocked away and Cole shot more magnum bolts at the other beowolf, it was trying to pounce on him but the bolts knocked it out of the attempet, Cole delivered a palm that generated a elcetric explosion right at the beowolf's chest and rushed it with a backflip kick that knocked whatever little life it had left out of the beowolf, the only beowolf remaining tried to charge at Cole and maul him but, Cole turned around and creating two gigawatt blades he cleved it by the mid section.

So much for these things, Cole thought, they weren't that different from the swamp mutants… they seemed more deadly though, there was a fifty-fifty chance that a swamp mutant actually just knocked you down and leave you… this things however, it didn't seem like the case. Cole got knocked out of his thoughts by a tingly feeling, one he knew, electricity not from his body.

On her end Morgan had dashed behind a beowolf and blasted it's scalp with a shotgun blast, killing it, however tow more coming for her, that was fine however, she out down a superthermal trap, that kncked the beowolfs down and lighted them on fire, she got close to them and used her shotgun to finnish them, she needed to reload, she finishied but just then a beowolf took the chance to pounce at her bringin her to the ground, it tried to bite her, however the bite just got blocked by her backslash power, a barrier of energy that allowed her to just take no damage from an attack, when the beowolf bounced it got pushed back from Morgan and she took the oportunity to shoot at it with shotgun and pistol, the beowolf got shot in the chest with a shotgun blast and then recived four shots going up from the chest to the head, it fell backwards dead soon after, Morgan got up and ready, there were three more beowolves coming for her, she avoided a swipe from one and sent a kinetic blast that separeted the three of them, she then blasted the leg of the closest one off with her shotgun, it took two quick shots but it worked, she then moved for the other two shooting with her pistol at them, both of them got pelted with shots but kept their position and started moving towards her, she slided past their swipes and bites shooting at one twice on the chest and once on the head when she got past them, the other one tried to punce her, but Morgan dashed with her phantom shift to the side and shot the beowolf twice on the side with her shotgun, it fell down from the power of the shots, she shot at its body with her pistol while it was on the ground, it was still alive however and so she got close and pummeled the life out of it with her wrench.

Despite handling herself well enough it was getting troublesome, she wasn't fond on wasting so much ammo like this, but she didn't see much other options, her powers also were taking a toll on her, even though they were easier to use thanks to that Typhon voice out f her head… or at least quiet, but without the psycoscope they were slightly harder to manipulate, she right now had enough psi energy for one more power, but that was it… more beowolves were coming three more came from the bushes and next to them was the beowolf with the leg blown off crawling rather fast towards her, she wasted no time and seeing them all together she shot an electrostatic burst that separated the beowolves and stunned them, now she would have to think, the best way to take them out… but as she was thinking a two lighting bolts stroked two of the beowolves and soon Cole was there finishing the beowolf without a leg with a kick to the head that send it flying across, there she saw as Cole basically took the remains of the electricity from the electrostatic burst and used it to what seemed to be powering himself up.

"So… that's how your powers work?" Morgan asked Cole.

"Yeah… I need to suck electricity basically, it fuels me and my powers."

"I can do something similar… look it doesn't matter if it hurts me, I need you to shock me."

Cole pondered for a second, he also saw the beowolfs convulsing but starting to stand up on all fours, he got close to Morgan and prepared himself. "I'll shock you… but I don't need to hurt you." as he said he extended his hand close to Morgan, he created a little ball of sparks on his hands that started to throw some sparks at her, however like Cole said, it didn't hurt her, the energy went through her, refilling her psi energy without trouble or pain, for Cole's part it wasn't either a problem, it was always convenient that he could produce more energy than he absorbed.

"Feeling ready?" Cole asked Morgan with a smirk, he was also signaling at the beowlves, Morgan answered with her own smile.

"Totally." was her answer.

Both of them got ready,Cole extendig his hand with electricity taking aim and Morgan with two fingers on her forhead and the other on her shotgun, the three remaining beowolves were now coming for them, Morgan hit the closest one with a psycoshock, it blew it's head off, the other two were assualted by Cole who shocked both of them with Magnum bolts, one more that the other, the one he focused on was less injured than the others, and so he came close still shooting bolts and with a solid electric punch he delivered a small explosion that killed it, the other one started coming back from its shock but got immediately whacked across the head by Morgan's wrench, it fell down and Morgan delivered a strong trike that split its skull, soon it was dissipating.

Cole and Morgan looked around, there didn't seem to be any more, whoever another small group came out of the bushes, six more, one came in charging, however before both could do anything it got interceped by some shots at its arms and legs, imediatelly it got its leg swept by Aiden's baton, Aiden went to another two beowolves while Cole took the chance to get on top of the downed beowolf and pummeled its head with punches and finally shot it's head with two Magnum bolts, killing it. Aiden rushed two beowolves shooting one on the arms and legs and bashing it across the face with his baton, he ducked their swipes and jumped on the other one, shooting it once and using it as a stepping stone to jump back at the other one and with his baton back hand it while in the air, the beowolf fell down while the other go pushed away, Aiden turned back to the other one that had recovered and was going to swipe at him from above, Aiden side stepped and shot its knee making it drop, Aiden struck, backhanded and stiked again it's head and finally shot two bullets at it's jaw killing it, the other one was getting up but soon got roundhoused kicked by Aiden on the face, falling down again, then with three swift strikes to head, the beowolf was dead.

Two more beowolves were getting ready to strike, Aiden was ready, however the beowolves got hit by a superthermal trap that Morgan put down, they flailing and whimpering trying to put the fire out, Aiden looked back and saw Morgan with her hand extended out, making it obvious she was the one that did that, Aiden looked next to her and the final beowolf was ready for a pounce.

"Watch out!" Aiden shouted, Morgan looked behind her and saw the beowolf, but soon it got blasted with what could only be described as a sphere of white energy, one of Jack's time blasts, soon enough there was Jack, putting one of the burning beowolfs in a time bubble and dashing towards the other one shotting it and killing it with his new shotgun.

"Oh man!… this works AND feels better than expected!" Jack said to himself, Aiden started shooting the other beowolf, Morgan followed suit with her pistol, once the bubble broke, the beowolf flew away from the impacts of the bullets, it was clear enough it was dead, another final beowolf jumped from the threes to the ground to try an attack, but Cole saw it and dropped on him cutting both its arms off with his gigawatt blades, then with an elctric palm he pushed it away and into the ground, Jack was right next to it and soon enough he finished it with a shot to the head.

That was it… everyone now had heavy breaths, the bodies were dissipating and the fire was also dying, good too, they wouldn't have to run from a forest fire.

"Okay… that seems like all of them." Cole said

"Seems so… at the end they weren't that tough huh." Said Jack reloading his shotgun.

"You almost died." Aiden said back at Jack.

"Apart from that."

"Hmm..." Aiden didn't felt it was necessary to say anything else, Morgan was quiet, she was hunched over a dissipating beowolf, looking at it, due to their black form and body she thought for a second they were Typhon, but no, that was not the case, Typhon didn't dissipate like this, their skin also looked different, they didn't normally have red marks, and also more importantly, didn't grow bone spikes or masks, the fact they weren't Typhon really relieved her.

"Well, could have gone worse." Cole said looking over the dissipating bodies.

"We should get moving soon." Aiden said looking at Jack now. "You still remember where you came from?"

"Yeah it's..." Jack stopped his sentence however, he looked behind Aiden and Cole with widen eyes, behind them and behind the threes were a couple of giant red eyes looking at them, Morgan also saw them and stood up immediately also with widened eyes, soon a massive roar and the sound trees being ripped apart and tumbling to the ground could be heard, alongside the tremors on the ground. Cole and Aiden didn't seem fazed however, in fact, they hadn't even turned around yet.

"Of fucking course..." Aiden sighed turning slowly around.

"There always has to be a big one..." Cole also sighed doing the same.

In front now of all four of them was giant Ursa Major, bigger than most hunters of Remnant usually saw, once again they didn't know that, it hardly mattered however.

"This one… looks like a giant bear." Cole said.

"It's a lot more armored… and I would say that's a lot more fat to chew through." Morgan said, the Ursa Major replied with a snarl.

"I think it heard you." Cole said to Morgan, she actually responded with an apologetic smile, everyone got their powers and/or guns ready again.

"Does anybody have a plan here." Jack asked

"You mean besides not letting it hit you, try to hit hard and also not hit the armor?" Aiden said looking the giant bear over, Morgan was right, it's body may have too much fat for normal bullets, and the head and jaw also looked better protected, and getting close to it was going to be hard… however, there might be a chance to slow it down.

"We gotta stun it, with whatever we have, doesn't matter, also go for the legs, its joints, the head, slow it down!" Aiden shouted at the group, they seemed to agree, and separated a bit, the Ursa Major took this a sign to attack and so it charged at them.

Everyone rolled or dashed away from the hulking beast as it charged past them tearing pieces of grass and dirt with its claws as it skidded across the ground to turn around at the group, Jack and Cole were the first to strike, Jack dashing in close blasting one of its legs with two shotgun blasts and dashing away immediately from some massive claw swipes, the leg didn't suffer that much damage, Cole rushed from the front shooting bolts at its head, he got close ducking a swipe and stabbing it with a gigawatt blade in each arm, they both stuck to its stomach, the Ursa growled and so Cole dissipated his blades and ducked under and backflipped over claw swipes, he then jumped on it's arm and used to boost himself up and fire bolts and rockets directly at the Ursa major's back, it snarled and tried to back hand Cole but he was too far away by now, and the ursa was already bieng pelted by bullets being shot by Aiden and Morgan, both using their pistols, then Jack came back dashing and jumping towards the Ursa's head, he delivered a strong punch and fell rolling on the ground, the Ursa staggered but nothing more than that, Jack shot twice and reloaded and kept shooting at it until it got tired and tried to maul him with both its claws, Jack sprinted away immediately and got to safety, Morgan and Aiden moved around the massive beast shooting it at it's head, arms and legs, soon it was being shot from all directions with bullets from Morgan, Jack and Aiden and lightning bolts from Cole, they were all going on a circle avoiding staying on the same place for too long. The Ursa was throwing wild swings trying to catch its attackers, but they were running too fast, eventually it started trusting its claws forward as in to crush them or stab them, once they landed, they generated small quakes and shattered the ground were they stroke, it went around as a good idea to not let that hit you.

Everyone kept running around avoiding the attacks and shooting at the ursa while shooting at it, Jack almost got caught by one of the but he spinted around and kept going, the Ursa suddenly felt something on his back, something that exploded, Aiden had trown a sticky explosive at it's back and detonateded it, the Ursa attacked at direction of the explosion on instinct, Aiden dived over the claw trust and kept running and shooting, then it recived two rockets from Cole who closed the distance after the rockets and deliver a punch that delivered a small electric explosion, after that he kept running, the Ursa tried to catch him with a swipe but Cole just jumped over it, Morgan came up with a superthermal trap and a kinetic blast, the Ursa got knocked backwards slightly burning, it didn't see her get close and shoot her shotgun at close range directly at the head, she kept rushing and avoided a giant swipe by sliding between it's legs, delivering another shotgun blast to it's stomach, the Ursa was about to turn when it got hit by one Jack's time blasts, immeditely Jack went for two punches and a kick at the head, he dashed away before the Ursa could swipe, soon Cole was trowing missile and grenades at it, the Ursa tried to maul him but Cole dodged and slashed at the creature's side with his blades, he rolled away from another claw trust, the Ursa didn't see Aiden coming from behind and sliding between it's legs shooting at it's jaw, the Ursa was standing on it's two legs from the shots, Aiden got up and started shooting and smacking with his baton it's left back leg, shooting at it and striking it's knee and backswinging abot three times before shooting again at the head, Aiden ducked a backhand swipe and striked twice at he Ursa's head, he spun around just in time to dive over a claw swipe, however he left two grenades behind, they exploded and stunned the Ursa, the Ursa itself was getting mad and started swinging madly, however soon it one of it's arms got stuck in a time bubble that Jack created, Aiden, Morgan and Jack shot at the bubble until it broke pushed the Ursa's arm aside, Jack dashed close and shot twice before dashing away and reloading, Morgan also came close and shot with her shotgun before phantom shifting away from a sloppy claw swipe, Cole came in shooting lightning bolts at it's head, along with a final rocket, Cole soon back flipped away from a claw trust and kept going, the Ursa Major was getting really tired and dizzy from this hit and run the group was doing, it was snarling quite loudly.

Aiden came back shotting at the bone masked head and striking it again before rolling away from another claw trust, the Ursa didn't saw Morgan and Jack climb on it's back a deliver several shots across it before jumping off, Morgan got away while Jack kept close and dashed towards the Ursa to punch it three times on the head with his time sprint, it got in it's two legs to try and swipe Jack but he ducked and punched it on the stomach and kicked its leg, Cole came into the fray with a flying kick to the head, together with Jack they started punching and kicking the Ursa, Jack with his time sprint and Cole with with his strikes that delivered electricity and small explosions while both were dodging and ducking swipes, trusts and strikes, Jack punch on the head with an uppercut and shot it before dashing away, Cole created a gigawatt blade and grazing its face, he then back flipped kicked on the jaw and got aay in time to avoid a massive bite, Aiden came back climbing the arm of the Ursa to get a clear shot at its head, after two shots he managed to get its eye, the Ursa roared and shived him away, Aiden fell but got up and rolled away from a massive groudpound, the Ursa felt a lightnig blast on its side, it was one of Morgan's, from a decent distance Cole was using what was left of the electric burst to power himself up alongside with Morgan, Jack was also at their side, gathering Chronon particles, together they attacked the Ursa, Cole with a rocket, Jack with a time blast and Morgan with a kinetic blast, the Ursa was hit hard on its left side from all the attacks and flew and rolled over the floor.

"Keep going for its left side!" Aiden shouted soon they were all back into action but the Ursa had had enough, with a mighty roar it stood on it's two back legs and started pounding the ground as soon as the group got close, it was making small quakes without stop, preventing them from getting close, it was also trying to go toward them at the same time, however they kept running around shooting at it, the Ursa started pounding the ground harder, it started pulling pieces at out of the floor and trowing them at them, everyone started dodging massive rocks of dirt that were coming at them, Morgan had to slide under a giant barage of debris the Ursa made by draging it's claw aroundthe floor, Aiden rolled away from a giant rock trown his way, same as Cole who also got rocks trown his way, Jack dashed past the boulders but almost got caught by one tossed in front of him, another rock was coming his, he stopped it mid flight with a time bubble and used another to freeze the Ursa's left arm before it could trow anything else, he and Morgan shot at the bubble breaking and damging its arm, it got furious and started trowing more rocks directly at them, it got so focused on Morgan and Jack that it forgot about Cole and Aiden.

"It's gotten pretty aggressive." Cole said to Aiden.

"It's left side still injured."

"We cannot really get close."

"Or try and shoot at it like this… we need to get rid of that arm." Aiden said pointing at the Ursa's left arm, it had parts basically torn off. "Think you can cut it?"

"… I'll need to get close."

"Then I'll make a distraction." Aiden said running back into the fight, Cole followed him and got ready for his time to strike.

As Jack and Morgan got away from the boulders and groundpounds Aiden moved in shooting, the Ursa trew a rock that Aiden rolled away from, he kept getting closer and shooting until he had to dive away from a ground pound, soon came another and Aiden fell on his back, the Ursa had a massive rock over it's arms and it was going to use it to crush Aiden, but just before the Ursa could bring it down Cole came in with a gigawatt blade in each arm, making big slices on the Ursa's arm, it dropped the rock just befoe Aiden, Aiden himself widened his eyes at how close it got and back away immediately, it let out a big scream of pain, however the arm was still attached.

" Shit." Cole let before shooting a Magnum bolt at the Ursa, the Ursa was going to make another ground pound but Aiden saw it coming.

"Jack! The arm!" Aiden yelled over, Jack did catch the idea and stuck the Ursa's arm in a time bubble, everyone with a gun shoot at the bubble and once the bubble broke, the arm came off. The Ursa started screaming and howling while flailing it's other arm around in pure rage and pain, it wasn't focusing on anything however, Cole and Jack kept it occupied shotting at it with bolts bullets and time blasts, staying a safe distance from the flailing.

Morgan came in to help Aiden get up. "Even without its arm it's not stopping." she said picking him up and bringing him to his feet.

"At least now it's not throwing rocks at us..." Aiden looked at the Ursa for a second, in all the flailing he spotted a hole on the top of it's back… it must have been done from the explosive and the shotgun shots from Jack and Morgan.

"You are thinking something right?"

"I have an idea… if only it would stop flailing."

At that Morgan got ready and released a psyschock blast that stunned the Ursa, she also clutched her head, using so many powers was taking its toll on her, Aiden looked at her with worry.

"Just go!" Morgan yelled at him, Aiden nodded and reloaded his gun.

"Make sure to get its leg!" Aiden shouted at her as he went towards the Ursa, Morgan stopped clutching her head and cocked her shotgun, she started to also go towards the Ursa.

The Ursa had falledn to its now three legs still stunned soon Aiden slid beneath the Ursa, shooting it at the head, forcing it in it's stunned state to it's two back legs, Aiden climbed the Ursa's back pulled out his baton and trust deep into the hole at the top of its spine, the Ursa howled loudly and tried to shake Aiden off but hehel on, Aiden made sure to get his baton at an angle and started pulling, forcing the Ursa to stay on its back legs, Jack and Cole continued to shoot at it mindfull to not hit Aiden with their blasts, Morgan came close and started working on the Ursa's left leg, after four shots it finally came off and the Ursa fell foward with Aiden still on it's back. Aiden pulled out his baton tearing apart some flesh and inside the hole he left a remote explosive, he hopped off and looked at he Ursa, it was whimpering and snarling still trying to flail its claw at the group, Aiden pulled out his phone and detonated the explosive, finally killing the Ursa, everyone covered their eyes from the explosion as small chunks came flying before finally dissipating on thin air, alongside with the rest of the Ursa.

"Akh… akh… he's dead… finally." Aiden said recovering his breath, everyone was more or less the same.

"Let's just… ahh… get away from here before something else comes..." Jack said, Cole used his radar pulse to see if there were any other monsters near.

"I don't sense anything near… but I agree either way."

"We should be careful… they are pitch black… they'll possibly try to ambush us from a dark spot..." Morgan said as she reloaded her guns.

"They must love the night then… we should start moving, get a safe distance away and camp until daytime, it would also do well to see what ammo we have left after all that." Aiden said to the group, everyone nodded and so Jack started leading the way to the path he came from, away from a place that didn't look much like nice clearing anymore.

A/N: Holy hell it took me more time to write this than it should… anyway, if you reached this far, welcome to New surroundings, a multi cross-over series staring the protagonists of Watch Dogs, Infamous, Quantum Break and Prey (2017). Now the reason I wanted to make this story… well started with Aiden and Cole, I really felt both of them weren't getting to much love on the crossover realm (mostly rwby… but it is true in other cases.) people tend to prefer Delsin or Marcus for this kind of thing, me personally I prefer Aiden alot more alongside with Cole and in regards to them... I tend to hate when people think that characthers from Watch Dogs can hack EVERYTHING in any universe even when CTOS DOESN'T EXIST on that world! It doesn't work that way! Another thing that I wanted to touch with Cole is how he's not exactly ovepowered, he is a power house but he has weaknesses beyond water, I'll also try to keep all the characthers balanced, I won't make them overpowered… regarding the others, because of rwby's rule of four, I decided to bring more people, took me a while to decide but it ended being both Jack from Quantum Break and female Morgan (thought the group could use a female and I like her design) from Prey, mostly because the crossovers for those games are pretty much non- existent, and I lke their powers and characthers.

And so I came with this group of people that I thought could work well on the rwby universe, speaking of which as a general basis of what to expect, this fic will start 2 and half years before the events of Volume 1. We have two and half years to explore Remnant, right now they start in a forest near Mistral, just think what this group of people could do in two whole years.

As far as anything else, I take any criticism regarding my writing style, the way I make fight scenes, if I portayed the charathers right and that kind of stuff, I can't promise consitent updates but I can do my best so this fic doesn't end unfinished like oh so many others, also don't expect chapters this long always, this lenght of chapter will mostly be for special chapters, critical ones and such… depends which point I want to reach on a chapter. Next chapter I'll also nerd over what each characther can do… and as a final note: Oufits!

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Cole: His hero outfit from Infamous 2

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