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Chapter 8: Protectors.

A caravan was passing by the road in direction to the north, they didn't feel like traders however, they felt like refugees. Even though things on the south settlements would eventually die out and the world itself will recover, there was no telling when it would happen, and the idea of a gang war between the families was scary enough for some families to leave their homes and search somewhere safer. People knew that their everyday life was at risk if the smugglers decided to fight each other, prices would go up and in turn, people would get desperate.

Desperate people meant violence and fear, and that translated to Grimm and bandits. And with huntsmen and huntresses already with their hands full, they knew things would only get worse. The council was starting to neglect some requests in favor of fixing the internal struggle that plagued Mistral at the moment… Which made it difficult for people who now had no choice but to flee their homes and find someplace safer, whether it was within Mistral itself, or other settlements like Kuchinashi, Windpath or Seriamis or any of the villages in the outskirts. Some people were considering even going all the way to Argus.

The caravan of people was mostly people that were already traders, three people. But they also had two families with them, they offered Lien in order to travel in their trucks all the way to their destination. Phamos was one of the traders and knew one of those families personally, he couldn't say no to them, not everyone had the means to travel the roads quickly and when it seemed that the Council won't help them the best they could do was stick together. His business partners agreed, however, it didn't squash the feeling of tension in the air.

They kept themselves busy, playing games while on the road and telling jokes, and making plans for a brighter future, it was the best they could do to make sure they wouldn't attract Grimm. However, they were forced to stop when one of the tires popped.

"Shit!" Phamos yelled as he hastily wrestled for control with the wheel and managed to break before going off-road, the two other trucks behind him stopped abruptly as well, once the crisis was over most people jumped out of their seats to see what had happened.

"You hit a rock or something Pham?" One of his fellow traders asked.

"I don't know, didn't see anything." He started examining his front tires, he was able to see a hole in them, didn't seem like a normal deflation, or something piercing, it had been ripped. "I… I think I hit something jagged."

"I don't see anything, you need help? Do you need my spare or are you fine with yours?" His friend offered as a group of curious heads came from behind the truck.

"What happened? That was a rough stop…" A mother and two kids looked over, the kids jumped out the truck and took the chance to stretch their legs.

"We're fine, relax, we just hit something and we'll just have to replace the tire and we'll be right on our way."

"Can we help? Can we see how uncle Phamos fixes it?" One of the kids asked.

"I mean if they want to help and he's fine with it… Pham what you say?" the trader asked his friend.

"Y-yeah sure…" Phamos was still looking for what he had hit, the tears were too odd to be a normal rock.

"Okay, you can go, but don't get in the way of Uncle Phamos okay?" The mother jumped out and also took the chance to stretch her legs.

"'Kay." The kids agreed and together with their fathers and the traders began to get the tools they needed, Phamos looked over the scene, still looking for what he had hit, searching everywhere. Until he found it, and he was surprised to see it hadn't been a rock, it was a set of camouflaged road spikes.

"What the-"

"Wait- Stop! Don't move!" A voice said to behind him as he felt a gun being pressed against the back of his head, he hadn't even heard it coming. Phamos turned a bit to see as more people appeared from the trees and bushes, bandits.

"Aah!" One of the kids stumbled back as he saw a bandit aiming his shotgun at him.

"No! No! Get away!" A mother and a father tried desperately to grab their kid but were stopped by more bandits aiming their guns at them.

"You move! You try anything funny! You even twitch and you and him will be blasted bitch!" One of the bandits yelled in their faces, the bandits did let the kid return to their mother and father, but now they were all aiming at them like a firing squad.

"Please… just take our stuff, we have some things of value, just take this and leave us be." Phamos begged.

"That's how it goes, so you best move so we can get to those trucks." The bandit hit him on the back of the head.

"The trucks?!"

"Are you deaf? We are taking everything, trucks included so get your stuff, handed over to us, and fix the wheels if you don't wanna die." The bandit forced him to get up and dragged him towards the front tires.

"What!? But then you'll just leave us here in the middle of nowhere… you'll leave us to…"

"Think we give a fuck you piece of shit, how about we kill you right now then, all of you, maybe that will make it easier." A bandit with a particular happy trigger finger said, she seemed ready to kill them all.

"Please don't, we just-"

"Then fix your tires you fuck!" Another bandit hit Phamos again in the back of the head, he was now bleeding. He got up however and started to get his tools and replace the tires with the help of another one of his trading partners.

"Hurry up, should we kill some of these people so you get the message?" One of the bandits threatened.

"We are going, please just… let us work." Phamos' friend begged as they kept working, both of them weighing their options.

"There are many, and they are all around…" Phamos whispered as he looked from side to side seeing about twelve bandits around them, and those were the ones he could see, there were more probably on the bushes or behind their trucks.

"They want to kill us, why? They are going to kill us, they won't bother to let us live right?" Phamos's friend whispered back.

"Just don't do anything that provokes them, maybe then we'll be fine." Phamos said to his friend, only to not hear anything in return. "Fer?" Phamos looked over discreetly, and he could see he was watching something, from under the truck, and he looked astonished.

"Pham…" The man whispered, scared of bringing attention to himself, Phamos looked at what he was looking at, from under the truck they saw as one bandit was quickly being put on a chokehold by a man with a cap and dark coat. The man snapped the neck of the bandit and the others next to the trucks were none the wiser.

They continued their work, a bit slower but, they started to glance around and they could see more bandits disappearing. They saw the man with the cap, they saw a trail of grey and orange, they saw subtle traces of sparks, and they saw purple energy overwhelm some of the bandits as someone covered their mouths and dragged them to the bushes. The two families that were back against the truck ready to be fired upon saw it as well, that had been all the bandits on the perimeter.

"Why you slow down you fuck, work on it or you are going to get your brains splattered out, work faster!" A bandit shoved their gun to their head again.

"Hey… where did Marsus go?" Another asked.

"What? Marsus?" The bandits turned around to see many of their buddies gone, without a trace, they began to get scared as they aimed towards the forest and bushes at the side of the road, two of them kept aiming for the families while the other called for their friends.

"The fuck are all you doing? Where did you go? Answer!" One of the bandits yelled as they got nothing but silence, the bandits watching the families turned around, and that was when they struck.

Jack was the first to strike, or in his case freeze the two bandits that were paying attention to the two families were surrounded in a Time Stop bubble, the bandits jumped in surprise and freaked out when a silver and orange streak move faster than their eyes could catch, it rushed one of them with a punch, knocking them out and dashing towards with a shotgun blast.

The kids screamed and the families closed their eyes, hugging and crouching down to take cover. Morgan was the next to strike as three bandits were set on fire with a Superthermal trap, they started to scream and the rest of the bandits started to fire towards the bushes and at the place where the orange streak had been.

"What the fuck?!" A bandit yelled as he was firing at one of the bushes, he got shot at the back of the head by Aiden, he rushed in brandishing both guns and shooting several bandits, the ones that were frozen in time and another three close to them, all of them right on the heart or head. Once he got close he holstered one gun and pulled out his baton, smashing one bandit's teeth in and shooting his leg and then striking at him again.

He moved fast, after finishing that bandit Aiden quickly took down the rest, he dashed and kicked a bandit's leg before anyone could shoot and smacked him across the face, he did a quick takedown on another bandit by hitting him, grabbing him and making him flip over. Aiden quickly turned to swing at another bandit's liver and performed a spinning hook kick to his head. Jack joined him and watched his flanks running towards another bandit, grabbing her by the neck and smashing her against the ground. He quickly rushed forward and punched another three times before Time Dodging away from fire.

Cole decided to make his appearance by firing multiple pincer bolts at the bandits that were trying to fire at Aiden and Jack, he fired more bolts as well, enough to knock them down, he spotted a group of four and he used a shockwave blast to push them into the air and blast them with a lightning rocket, it was enough to send them flying over the trees, they were most likely dead.

While Cole joined the others on subduing the remaining bandits Morgan hung back waiting to see if someone made a move for the travelers, once one bandit noticed them, she moved. The bandit looked at them ready to use them as hostages but he failed to spot Morgan, she shut him down using her Psychoshock and moved behind the truck to flank the remaining bandits, she blasted two on the back with her shotgun and blasted more away with a Kinetic Blast, knocking them down. One of them remained conscious and tried to crawl to his weapon, but he received a stomp on the back.

"Hey! Wait!" The bandit begged in fear, he was scared, it had been twenty-six of them and they had just lost, all of that and they had been wrecked before they could notice, he didn't want to end like that, either way, Morgan used her shotgun like a club and bashed him across the head.

With their work done and with all bandits either knocked out or dead the team approached the traders and the people that were traveling with them, at first they backed away in fear, still in shock from the experience, but as they saw them they realized they had actually come to save them, and they did.

"You are safe now, are you okay?" Cole asked them, they were still perplexed at what was happening, but eventually one of the kids spoke first.

"You- you saved us?"

"Well, yeah we did. Are you okay? Are any of you injured?" Jack asked them.

"We- we are not thank you, thank you so much… I thought we, if they stole everything we would have to-" One of the adults started to thank them, alongside the others.

"It's fine, it's fine, do you need any more help?" Morgan asked them.

"They- they broke our tires and we still need to replace them." Phamos said as he nursed his head.

"We can help you with that if you need us to."

"No, no, we're fine, it's just… what about them?" Phamos pointed at the bandits that were knocked out. The parents were making sure their kids didn't look at the dead ones, they won't shed a tear for them, but it was still hard to look directly at recently killed people.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of them." Aiden said as he and the rest of the group began to drag the bandits away.

"Are you… are you going to…" One of the parents began to ask.

"Don't worry, they'll be fine, their weapons however…" Morgan said pointing at Cole who grabbed a shotgun from the bandits, with his lightning and electricity he blew the gun to bits. "Regardless they won't be attacking anyone any time soon."

Phamos repaired the tire and meanwhile the team got all the bandits that were still alive and tied them up to a couple of trees, by now all their guns had been exploded thanks to Cole and any other weapon they had had been discarded or also destroyed in some way.

One of the bandits began to wake as soon as they were done. "What the-" he struggled, but it was in vain, he looked back up and saw the team staring at him. "Who are you? The fuck you think you have done? Get me out of here or-"

"Or what?" Aiden asked him.

"We'll… we'll kill you!"

"Because that worked out so before, well didn't it." Morgan said pointing next to him, they had tied them next to their dead friends.

"You… you bastards, why would you-"

"You planned to kill them, right?" Cole asked him in retort, the bandit couldn't really make a comeback and he knew it.

"Please no, we… you where are our…" The bandit spotted the pile of broken guns and other weapons. "Hey come one we can't fight, we are just… just."

"You are too far away for us to carry you to a village or with large enough spot for all of you, we can either kill you here and make sure you never do anything again, or we maybe we can do what you had planned and leave you to the Grimm… either way you won't be an issue." Aiden threatened him.

"But for all the shit you deserve, we aren't going to execute you, it's very simple, never return here or we'll make sure to kill you or arrest you if you are lucky enough to be near a place with a jail, either way you are done for, got it?" Jack asked him, the bandit didn't respond.

"Well you ran out of luck buddy, right now you are on your own, good luck." Cole said as they began to walk away.

"Hey please, you can't do this, have some mercy please… leave the others but not me I… I just went with what they said, I'll never-" The bandit stopped as he saw them turn around and look at him with a glare that stopped whatever words were coming out of his mouth.

"Ask the forest and the Grimm for mercy, we have none for you." Morgan said to him, they left him and his unconscious friends to either survive or die in the wilderness, once they returned to the trucks, they were ready to go.

"Thanks again for saving us." Phamos thanked them again.

"Relax, it's our pleasure, more or less…" Jack stretched his arms. "We are just glad you are okay."

"Yeah, me too… did you kill them?" he asked.

"No, but they'll have a really hard time picking themselves up and trying to do this again." Aiden said.

"If you say so... do you need anything? I cannot help but feel we should reward you for saving us somehow or…" Phamos got interrupted by a hand.

"There's no need, really we are fine." Morgan said, waving him off dismissively.

"But… by any chance are you going straight north?" Aiden decided to ask.

"Uh, we are. You are also doing the same?"

"We live in Wolfpine, it would be nice to not walk all the way there." Cole said.

"Oh sure, sure go ahead, we'll be happy to have you."

"He will have to go on the back, he has lightning and he can't really go and sit next to the wheel." Morgan warned Phamos.

"Yeaaah, it's better I don't do that." Cole admitted.

"That's fine, there's still some space on the back, if you don't mind sharing some space." Phamos said, the group all got comfortable either as copilots or on the back of the trucks, Cole got to share space with one of the families there, they were still shaken by the experience, but they were glad they had been saved, and also glad that for now they had people that could protect them.

"So… are you a huntsman?" One of the kids asked Cole.

"Uh... no, not really."

The team said their goodbyes to the traveling group as they hopped off the trucks, back in Wolfpine were going as usual, people traveling through the station and trading merchandise, more people were passing by, but what stood out was the aura of peace around the town. It was considered a small beacon of peace and normalcy, if one the travelers that a couple of months ago the town had Grimm problem and was attacked by bandits, they wouldn't have believed it.

It had been another month since the team decided to take upon themselves to watch the roads and defend travelers from bandits or other dangers, four bandits gangs or raiding parties had been taken down in that time, and others they took the chance to kill large packs of Grimm. They couldn't save everyone, they had arrived to see hanged, shot or hanged bodies twice, but this day they managed to arrive just in time.

"I see you were successful today." Vanna greeted them.

"Barely made it, we'll need a car or something if we are gonna keep doing this." Aiden stretched his legs.

"You must have at this point cleared the south road and sent a clear message, maybe you could rest for a couple of days."

"You know, doesn't sound so bad." Cole said while stretching his arms.

"Should eat something as well, you went on the road at five in the morning and now it's… what? Three in the afternoon."

"I say that today we should try Saren's noodles." Morgan called out as soon as she heard something about food.

"You seem hungry today." Aiden commented.

"I'm starving, she's right we haven't eaten since breakfast." Morgan grumbled, and then her stomach grumbled.

"Hey you are among the ones that wanted to go early." Jack said.

"Doesn't mean I'm not hungry now, what about you? You are usually the hungry one." Morgan said, Jack didn't even argue that, but he tried anyway… and couldn't come up with a comeback since he was in fact hungry as well.

"Hey… okay I am hungry, but I was just saying." Jack tried his best.


"Well anyway let's go, you two are not the only ones hungry, and I would like noodles, guess first we would need to drop some stuff at Bo's though." Cole said.

"Let's go do that quickly then." Aiden agreed.

"Go do that, right now it's my break, might as well enjoy it with you guys." Vanna replied.

"Really? What's the occasion?" Aiden asked.

"A successful day? I don't need an excuse to eat with people I can have a nice chat with." Vanna shrugged.

"Huh, fair enough."

"Not everything is complicated, Pearce, now you lots go before I get bored and I eat on my own. My break is not eternal." Vanna said as she sauntered off.

"Uh… yes ma'am." Jack answered for them as they awkwardly hurried back to the farm, once they reached the door they opened it and announced their return.

"Bo? Murray? We are back!" Cole called to see if there was anyone in the house, Bo was the first to answer.

"Oh, you are all back. So…" Bo was washing the dishes, he usually didn't meddle in their business but this time he worried a bit.

"We did some work, so uh... the young ones?" Jack said changing the subject as the team got rid of some stuff, Morgan put her shotgun in the makeshift drawer they had made for their personal stuff, Aiden hanged his coat and Cole put his bag on the sofa they had.

"They are fine, they like to chit chat while working on the crops, they spend a lot of time there and might be- oh no they are here." Bo pointed at Murray and Miri coming through the door, and then focused on the dishes.

"You are back!" Murray pointed out the obvious. "So was everything okay?" He was still curious though.

"Mostly, we did manage to save some people." Morgan said.

"So… you found some bandits then?" Miri asked this time.

"We did."

"Are they…" Miri wanted to know, a part of her wanted to know if they were dead, part of her was scared if they were still out there, but another part of her would like to make sure they weren't near.

"All that matters is that we saved everyone today, they were okay, and they… trust us, they'll have a very hard time trying to hurt anyone else." Aiden patted Miri's shoulder, he chose his words carefully as well, they all hoped that eventually Miri could move past her fears and whatever else she still hadn't moved on from. She deserved better after all, she deserved a life where she didn't need to hold on hate or be fearful.

"... Right." Miri quietly nodded. Off to the side Bo went close to Jack and whispered to him.

"Did you kill them?" Bo asked, he tried not to pry, but h had to know what kind of example they were making, for both Murray and now Miri.

"Just the ones we needed to, the rest were tied to trees." Jack confessed.

"Good." Bo let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding, it wasn't ideal, but he could live with it.

"Are you all gonna eat lunch, we did prepare some stakes for you." Murray asked them.

"Thanks but Vanna actually invited us to eat with her today, we'll save it for later." Cole said.

"Oh, okay… uh when you are back can I talk with you Cole?" Murray this time seemed more embarrassed.

"Sure, we'll be back maybe in a couple hours maybe."

"Is there anything you want or need Bo?" Jack put his shotgun on the drawer.

"If you can buy some take out for the next day over, anything should be fine… as long as it is not from Seria's raw meat, I know some people like it but they can go to hell." Bo answered.

"Noted." Jack said as the team started to go back outside.

"Well, we'll be back." Aiden said as they were about to leave. "And Murray."

"Ah yeah?"

"Don't touch our guns." Aiden said, Murray was smart, but curious and it was better if he didn't try to fiddle with their weapons… there had been one incident.

"... Right, sorry."

"Don't worry, just make sure it doesn't happen again. We'll see you later okay?" Morgan calmed him down so that the teen didn't look so gloomy, Murray nodded and so they went out to Saren's noodles.

Wolfpine was quiet on the afternoon, the sun wasn't setting yet but most people were content selling and passing trough, most people and the most recent "refugees" that passed through to the north either went directly to the train station or decided to rent for an indefinite amount of time at the two inns that the town had, this meant there was indeed far more people, but it also worked as a way to make the town grow. Merchants that usually traveled more decided to set some roots and stay on Wolfpine while the events blew over, others even decided to stay for the time being as the town was safer than they had hoped, some were better off even and decided they would have a better life working on the farms.

It was odd how being on the verge of losing everything made some of them find something possibly better, and even more, to find hope in this little town that seemed ready to expand with the help of all these new people. For now things were quiet at Saren's noodle stand, it was near the central market of Wolfpine and open to most, vanna was already there when the group of four arrived.

"Ah… I see you have company." Saren said to Vanna, he was one of the many food stands that had decided to stay in Wolpine a long time ago and took care of the stand with his apprentice son.

"I do, which means it's gonna be four more bowls for them."

"I want mine with that mushroom soup you make if that's fine." Morgan said.

"I want the one of chicken with vegetables please." Jack voiced his order as well.

"Vegetables soup and eggs." Aiden ordered as well.

"I'll just take the one with the dumplings." Cole said, they paid in advance and waited for their food.

"So, another month here, and you have gone from cleaning Grimm nests to fighting for the people and rescuing them from bandits." Vanna said.

"Don't we talk about these things regularly? Do we always have to talk about our… uh after hours work?" Morgan asked.

"Hey I'm pointing it out for a reason, every time we have talked about is because you have gone above and beyond from what I've expected from you, at this point… you are barely guards at this point, not that I was able to order you from more than a couple months ago, you are more like independent Huntsmen at this point." Vanna said.

"Where are you going with this?" Cole asked her.

"I'm just mindful, you have been excellent help to this town and done more in less than six months than… a lot of us in years."

"Well we happened to be passing by, guess the stars aligned I guess, you took us in, and we decided we had to help." Jack said.

"True, but in reality, I haven't thought of a way to thank you."

"Like Jack said you let us stay… before that we had nothing, we were… almost barely surviving." Aiden said.

"We let you stay, but by squatting at Bo's place."

"It's not like we are freeloading." Morgan said.

"You are not, but I get a feeling it's not fair on either you or him."

"I mean he doesn't mind." Jack commented.

"No… but I do wonder what it is you are hoping to create, what are your goals? I don't even know why you four decided to stay here. I get you were desperate and that you stuck around because it was the right thing to do. I'm more thankful than you could ever believe, but I don't even know what you wanted in the first place… where were you going somewhere else? We just happen to be on the road… were you escaping something?" Vanna asked them, they grew quiet.

"Maybe not escaping but we…" Cole began.

"We lost everything, we needed to start anew." Morgan said quickly

"So you want to find a new life huh… do you want to settle here?" Vanna asked them, they remained quiet, there was nothing wrong with that… and maybe just maybe if their tale was actually true they would have. But no, they weren't from Remnant even, hadn't even been six months in this new world, where they homesick? Sometimes, focusing on their missions to eliminate Grimm or bandits helped them, but they were still lost.

"I'll take the silence as you don't know yet." Vanna said, their bowls of noodles arrived just then.

"Thank you." Aiden said for all of them.

"Not a problem, you do look pensive though, you looked happy a second ago, what's gotten into you?" Saren asked them.

"I asked if they wanted to settle down here and well… it seems they don't know." Vanna said.

"You don't eh…" Saren stuttered.

"We just focused on doing what we thought was right, shouldn't that be enough?" Jack asked Saren.

"Don't worry about it, hey you four have helped us and saved us from the moment you got here, but if you wanted to go somewhere else, I would understand, me and my son traveled through six different settlements before deciding to stay here, we liked it here, but if you are not sure if to live here or not, well you have the right to look at other options." Saren counsel them.

"What about the guard, the Grimm… or Miri even, we can't just decide to leave." Morgan said.

"Listen, you have been here for somewhat three months, as your guard captain… if that title even matters to you, I order you to think it over. I can't force you to stay here, damn I would for you to stay, but on the other hand, if you want to live somewhere nicer, in another kingdom or even just dedicate yourselves to something other than guards and farmers, I can't hold you down." Vanna said.

"Are you sure you don't need us? Are you sure it would be fine?" Cole asked.

"Relax, what you did was enough, and if you want to venture out there and find your calling whatever it is, I say you should, we'll be fine, I mean the guards look like they learned a thing or two." Saren commented.

"Oh they did, they felt… inspired to do better." Vanna chuckled, the group remained pensive, without saying much, eventually Cole spoke.

"When we got here… we wanted to try and start anew, we agreed together to make ourselves a new goal, to help, to make things right, to make a difference. You deserve something better so we tried to help the best we could."

"And now… you want to do even more, you want to go out there and help even more people, you are able to fight and you want to make things right." Vanna got the idea.

"It drives us, more than we care to admit." Aiden said as he eyed his noodle soup.

"But then again maybe we should try and live a normal life, isn't that what most people want?" Morgan asked.

"You are not most people, you should know that, you can't even stay still knowing there's a threat to someone out there." Vanna said.

"If you want to really go out there, you could enlist as huntsmen, as a team even, maybe that would fit with what you want." Saren suggested.

"That's not a bad idea Sar, maybe even that would help you." Vanna said as she tapped Aiden's shoulder.


"Sadly I can't teach more, I barely know my own stuff, and if you want to learn more about aura and work on getting your semblance, mabe signing up with the huntsmen and huntresses could give you more insight, you will definitely not find more about it in this town." Vanna laughed.

"You still have helped me a lot." Aiden said.

"Charmer, but the truth is cannot teach anything new, you figured most things a while ago, it's not a bad idea, you can get to see the world, find what you are looking for, help people… And if you are concerned about Miri, don't worry, you don't have to be away for long and you can always come back, and Wolfpine will always welcome you, all of you." She said.

"I stand by that, my shop will always be open for you." Saren said.

"Thank you Saren, it really means a lot, boys what you think?" Morgan asked them.

"Well… we still had that vacation plan, maybe it would be a good time to think things over." Jack said.

"I mean the idea doesn't sound bad, we could do it, maybe that would be better for us. But regardless thanks, to both of you for all you have done." Cole said.

"Yeah, thanks Vanna for having us… and you too saren thanks for the advice, and the food." Aiden thanked them.

"Don't mention it, you should eat that before it gets cold though." Saren said.


"We came to eat and relax, think it over, but for now let us enjoy ourselves." Vanna said, they promptly began eating before their soups got cold, and overall discussed more lighthearted matters. Unaware they were being watched.

"It's them?" A cloaked figure next to a truck asked another.

"Yeah those are them, the guy in green is definitely the one with the black coat, still has the cap, the rest you can tell as clear as daylight."

"Let's see if they are really what they say, time to sick them." The cloaked figure said as they rummaged through the truck, at the end of it there were a couple of cages, big one with sleeping Grimm inside. There existed natural saps that had effect on Grimm, some of them came from the Forever Fall forest in Vale, others came from the east of Mistral and from a special Oasis on the south parts of Vacuo. Anyone that wanted to make a Grimm fight pit, capture them for research or educational purposes, or in this case send a special kind of message used these saps.

They used a strong-smelling ooze to wake the three Beowolves, they were older than usual, they weren't alphas but they had more bone armor than the average, they would still be partially asleep, enough to follow some simple instructions. The moment they were fully awake,they would not be able to direct them, step by step the guided them out of their cages while they were still dazed, then came the final part, Forever Fall's sap, they made the Grimm smell it and very quickly threw a fragile jar of it towards the noodle stand. The Grimm now were more or less awake, barely dazed now, but their instincts made them follow the smell of the sap, focus on it, and if there was a human or faunus lifeform near… destroy it.

"What we actually did was that we stole a ram statue, Paul kept it as a memento." Jack told his tale while they were still eating noodles.

"From where?" Morgan asked as he slurped her noodles.

"Oh from a police station, they never figured it out I think." Jack laughed at the memory.

"Why the ram statue?" Vanna asked him.

"It was oddly nice looking, like really, that road trip was crazy overall, we got into trouble but you know what, it was worth it." Jack said, those had been better times, things were simpler.

"So you were always reckless." Aiden laughed.

"Screw you Pearce, you are one to talk." Jack pointed at him.

"Heh, yeah." Aiden simply chuckled, at that however they heard a glass breaking and then screams and some growls, Grimm growls.

"Guys, something's happening." Cole told them as they turned around and spotted the broken jar with a peculiar aroma, three Beowolves were going towards Saren's stand at full speed.

"Crap!" Cole yelled as he got off his seat and blasted all three of them with lightning and knocking them back, Aiden may have left his coat at the farm but he still had one of his handguns and his baton, so did Morgan and Vanna, and Jack, well he was still a time shifter.

Aiden, Vanna and Morgan fired on two of the Beowolves while Cole fire three magnum bolts at the one in the center and grabbed it, he shocked it enough to disintegrate it, Morgan used her Electrostatic Burst to push one of the Beowolves towards Jack, who floored it by rushing behind it and punching it towards the ground with enough force to break its neck. Meanwhile Aiden went close to the Bewolf, him and Vanna shot at the limbs and finally Aiden smacked it down with his baton enough to break its face bone plate, swung at its leg to make it fall and stomped on its neck to kill it.

They turned in multiple directions to see where they had come from, they looked bewildered at how it was possible for Grimm to get that far inside the walls, something was definitely off.

"Just those three? How? If the attacked the alarm should have sounded and even if not there should be mo-" Vanna got caught off as the five of them were hit by a barrage of smoke bombs, they coughed and hacked as they tried to see if they could spot their attackers.

"Everyone okay?" Cole asked as he coughed.

"We are fine, out the smoke this is a trap!" Aiden ordered.

"Don't have to tel-" Cole got stopped as he stopped a fiber wire from wrapping around his neck completely, he was partially blinded but not enough to not see when someone tried to strangle him, he held one hand awkwardly in front of his neck to stop it. Aiden, Morgan and Jack got attacked as well, Aiden managed to turn around and avoided being strangled, he ducked and kicked the guy's leg, hit him twice with his baton and knocked him away with a kick to the side of the head.

Jack Time Rushed before he could get strangled and jumped for the guy that was about to strangle Morgan, he flew at him with a superman punch to his face and three follow up punches, and all the while Morgan spotted the attacker that had tried to get Jack, she blasted him away with a Kinetic Blast.

The person trying to strangle Cole had picked a very bad approach, even if strangling was useful against most people with aura or not, Cole simply channeled electricity around him and through the fiber wire. The man screamed in pain and Cole used the back of his head to hit him on the nose, a backwards elbow, he managed to free himself and turned around with a point-blank lightning palm, magnum bolt and an uppercut. The man was sent flying in the air and Cole used his Lightning Hook to grab him out of the arin and smash him into the ground, making him go unconscious. He flashed orange as he hit the ground, they had aura and there still were three remaining.

Together him and Morgan used a shockwave and Kinetic Blast to disperse the smoke, now they could see their attackers, all of them had cloaks to disguise themselves but underneath they seemed to have pretty much normal attire with hard leathers, rough, and all-purpose with leather gloves.

"Assassins." Aiden could guess, they didn't target anyone else but them, not even Vanna who was still next to them aiming her handgun.

"Alright who sent you!" Cole yelled at them, they didn't respond and simply pulled guns and knives, one of them however pulled out a dagger that shifted into a longsword in the flick of an eye.

"Have to make it difficult don't you? Well it wasn't like you were getting away." Morgan threatened. The assassin jumped in trying to distract them by firing their guns from the sides, however Jack stopped them with a Time Shield before they could do much.

"Yeah, not gonna happen." Jack held up the shield, making bullets stop midair drop to the ground or bounce off. Once they stopped shooting Jack rushed for one of the assassins with Morgan, Aiden and Vanna focused on another and Cole went ahead against the guy with the longsword. However fast the assassin was Jack was faster, well at least initially, his punches bounced off the guy's aura and he had to duck and retreat before he cut with knives.

But that was when Morgan came in with her Phantom Shift, pushing the assassin away with a Kinetic Blast and shooting at him with her handgun, the assassin dodged he bullets but it left him open to being kicked on the knee and elbowed on the back of the head by Jack, jack again had to back away as one of the guy's knife began to float and go against him, independent of its owner.

"Oh shit." Jack cursed as he ducked, sidestepped and he yelped as he sliced on his forearm, but he got away enough with a Time Dodge to aim at the knife and put it on a Time Stop and rush back in. Morgan was having difficulties, the assassin was fast, and even though she could keep him at bay with her abilities, she couldn't reliably hit him, she shifted away to avoid being sliced and the betted all and used her Backlash to ram into him and shoot him.

The assassin got repelled and got pushed right into Jack, but before Jack could do anything the assassin spun around with knife and pistol and shifted focus continuously in a whirlwind, shooting one direction with his handgun and controlling a knife telepathically in the other, he effectively fought both Morgan and Jack at the same time, until both of them had enough and decided to just go for it, they had gotten enough cuts and nearly got shot enough, Morgan used her Lift Field and made the assassin fly in the air, Jack rushed into the air and punched and kicked the assassin down. The assassin tried to recover but he paused and realized he couldn't move, Jack had put him on a Time Stop and now Morgan used something new.

She had been practicing, and finally had figured out how to use her abilities with dust, she still had some with her, grasping between her fingers she made an alternate Lift Field, one that froze his feet and grounded him. Then with her other hand and another kind of dust she used her Psychoshock, and not only struck at his mind but set him on fire. Finally he was sent flying by Jack with a Time Blast.

Aiden and Vanna for her part has another kind annoying opponent, one that could vanish in a cloud of smoke and teleport around like a ninja, Aiden had gotten battered around slightly as the assassin kept appearing and disappearing, Vanna had been pushed aside more than once and both of them were getting pissed. The assassin went in front of Aiden and he blocked the multiple knife strikes and dodged bullets, he was about to hit back but the assassin went behind him and sliced at his ankles, making Aiden drop.

"Ggrrr." Aiden was seething now, Vanna covered him with shots in his state, he was protected by his aura but he would get a death by a thousand cuts if he didn't figure out something, changing position wouldn't do anything as he could most likely follow, he would have to focus. The assassin vanished again, he was prowling somewhere.

"How do we hit him?" Aiden asked Vanna, but she looked as lost as him, every semblance was different and if even some were similar or the same, the people that used them varied, he doubted Vanna had ever fought something like this before. Not like he had either.

"When he comes in we must counter him, and make sure he can't run." Vanna said as the fighting continued, Aiden took a deep breath and focused on his surrounding, he had made split-second reactions before he even had aura, he just had to concentrate, he purposefully let his guard down and faced away from the last spot the assassin had been, he focused and suddenly he felt it.

It was like a sound in the air, a subtle shift in it, he turned around and smashed his elbow into the assassin, followed by a kick and a hit of his baton. The assassin disappeared in fright and appeared right next to Vanna, who hit him with one of the stools in Saren's stand, he teleported again behind Vanna and was shot by Aiden right in the head, his light blue aura flashing, he disappeared again and this time Aiden rushed to the location and tackled him to the ground and hit him three times with his baton. Only for him to disappear and appear behind him, Vanna covers him however by shooting at him, Aiden spun around and hit him three times with his baton, countered an attack with a kick and shot from his gun, ducked another and kicked him twice across the head right into Vanna who also punched and kick the assassin a couple times.

Together they landed a solid beatdown on the bastard and with two shots to the knees they prevented him from disappearing again. Aiden grappled him by the arm and threw him away.

Cole had been fighting the assassin with the longsword pretty evenly, the guy didn't commit to an attack and focused on staying out of Cole's reach and dodging, regardless of what bolt or attack Cole threw the assassin focused on evasion, he was fast and flexible, he wasn't small even he was even a bit taller than Cole himself.

"Either really trained or he has something special" Cole thought as they fought, the assassin indeed had a semblance that boosted his natural speed and his flexibility, he avoid two bolts by doing a split and jump into a handstand, before flipping over Cole with a jump and trying to hit strike at him with the longsword, Cole was adept enough to dodge all of the attacks, and parried the blade with gigawatt blade. Cole counter attacked with a point blank bolt of lightning but the assassin bent in a way that didn't seem possible from his current position, he bent and struck in an awkward angle and kept going, bending again to dodge a punch and slicing Cole at the side a catching him off guard.

Cole backflipped to get away from another strike and put his hand over a shallow cut in his chin.

"Oh that's how it's gonna be? Fine then!" Cole challenged him as he rushed forward, he went at it with all he had though. The moment they were close Cole used a small shockwave blast to off-balance the assassin and push him back, he went to strike again but feinted at the last second, waiting to see where the assassin would dodge. When he did he blasted him with a burst of lightning bolts, he hit him and followed up with a flying kick and with various punches.

The assassin tried to dodge but Cole managed to follow him, he jumped on him and shot bolts from the air, he used his thrusters to go higher and then fall down with a thunder drop, the assassin got knocked down and Cole took the chance to electrify him while the ground, he writhed in pain and kicked Cole away, but before he could run away Cole dashed in with punch, a lightning palm and spinning kick and a somersault kick. The assassin went flying backwards and then he spotted that his comrades had as much success as he had, their auras flashed as they tried to repair the damage but they had realized that things weren't going in their favor.

"So giving up now?" Jack asked the assassins as their surprise attack had now completely failed, before they could have run and gotten away, now there were guards surrounding the fight.

"I suggest the three of you freeze and come willingly. Don't force us to make you comply." Vanna warned them. However they weren't about to be taken prisoners, none of them wanted that, so they decided to fight.

"As you wish." Aiden said the assassins rushed them, however working together they brought them down, if before they weren't able to beat them, now they had less of a chance as they were working in tandem.

Aiden hit the leg of the assassin with longsword and Cole zapped away the flying daggers of the other assassin, meanwhile Morgan and Vanna focused on the disappearing one, Vanna managed to spot him, shoot him and kick him right into a Superthermal trap that Morgan timed almost perfectly. She caught the vanishing ninja in an explosion of fire, he went up in flames and was quickly put out by the guards that both saved him from burning alive and also beat him down. Jack for his part worked with Cole to bring down the assassin with the flying knives, Aiden smacked the assassin with the longsword in the leg and shot the knives out of the air, Jack rushed him with punches and Cole two-timed his attack between the two assassins.

Aiden beat the assassin with knives on the back of the legs, smashed the back of his head and then kneed him on the temple, sending him to Jack who kicked him in another direction and put him in a Time Stop.

"Shoot him!" He yelled and Aiden, Morgan, Vanna and two guards shot at the Time Stop, one it broke the assassin's aura broke and he pushed right into a stand of fried chicken, where a lot of frying oil fell on him and burnt his face, he was still alive however, just with permanent scars.

Cole ducked out with the last assassin, landing punches and avoiding sword swings, he used his gigawatt blades and strike at the legs, his aura almost breaking then ack came in with a couple of punches, Aiden then came net with his baton hitting him across the face, Morgan then rushed and shot his leg and pistol whipped him and finally Cole went in with a flying kick and a point lightning missile. The assassin's aura was crushed, and he was left spazzing on the ground, completely out of the fight.

"Hah…" Jack let out a breath he had been holding. "Is it over?"

"I think so, I doubt they can stand up." Morgan said.

"Everyone, grab them and shackle them, they are staying in the dungeon!" Vanna shouted orders at her guards, just then the first assassin to be knocked out began to stir.

"That one is still awake." Aiden noticed and quickly went to him and stepped on his head, pinning him down. The assassin didn't say anything or begged. "Okay, you were sent after us right? Who ordered the hit?" Aiden pressed his foot down slightly harder.

"Isn't it obvious?" The assassin asked back.

"No, it isn't. I bet we have a couple ideas but it will be better if you just tell us." Cole snapped back.

"Yeah like why even attack us with Grimm, in the middle of town." Jack added.

"I would like to know who would dare to attack my town as well, you are gonna tell us." Vanna asked.

"Grr, your shitty town doesn't matter, we don't care about that, we were just after these four." The assassin said.

"With Grimm, tell us and don't make me search your head." Morgan warned him as she made purple energy around her hand, she actually couldn't do that, but the point was to make the assassin believe she could.

"Look it should be fucking obvious, you've been hitting the roads time after time, great job, but you pissed the leader of the Golden Blades for what you did." He said.

"Who?" Aiden asked as he pressed down his foot again.

"Heh, you don't know? He's the owner of Fairwind now and he's pissed you've been hitting at his boys."

"A bandit lord has taken over Fairwind? And he sent you with Grimm to hunt them" Vanna asked.

"We were supposed to give a clear message," The assassin struggled to say as Aiden's foot pressed against him. "Nobody messes with the Golden Blades, not now, we were just hired to hunt these four lady, he doesn't care for you or your shitty town. But them… oh, he has a bone to pick with you, he wants you to know that you aren't safe anywhere, he'll find you, and he'll find a way to kill you." The assassin said to the team, all of them frowned and looked directly at him.

"It's that all? Just a gang lord mad that his boys aren't getting as much loot, mad that some people just don't take it quietly?" Aiden asked.

"Is that all or did he ask for something more?" Morgan emphasized.

"He just wants you dead, doesn't matter how or who's on the way, all he wanted was your heads. You four are screwed, he has gotten stronger and has more people now that he has taken the town."

"Oh… We'll see about that." Cole said, Aiden resisted the urge to stomp on his head and let guards take him to the dungeon.

"So we are being hunted now eh?" Jack wondered.

"I mean someone had to get mad at our good deeds." Cole said.

"Enough to attack the town." Morgan looked around her, the fight hadn't been that long and the stands hadn't been wrecked too bad, but the screaming and the amount of danger, it wasn't good.

"If the Golden Blades are as petty as they sound, this could happen again." Aiden said.

"And they are just after us, no one else." Jack added.

"At least they aren't after Miri." Cole sighed in relief.

"Yeah, but I doubt they'll care, they'll do whatever they want or need to do to get to us." Aiden brought up.

"Think they would invade?" Morgan asked, no one really knew.

"For bandits to invade a town would… well not be unheard of, but it will certainly be very stupid on their part, especially because of how well defended we are." Vanna said to them.

"Yeah… and yet they took a town." Morgan said.

"That's… worrying." Vanna admitted, she looked as the team all looked at each other, they seemed to have similar ideas. "What are you thinking?"

"You are going to leave, the four of you?" Miri asked Morgan as she packed some things.

"... Sadly, I'm sorry Miri but if we stay here they'll come back, and the last thing we want is for anyone else to get hurt." She said.

"But… If you are not here then maybe the others will come as well, maybe." Miri was afraid, she didn't want to say it or use the excuse but she did feel that the moment they left, someone will come to drag her back into slavery.

"I know you are afraid Miri, but we have checked time and time again, they don't even know you are here, and we cannot also risk people finding out, you'll be safe, you can trust Vanna, Bo, Murray. They'll always have your back." Morgan said to her.

"But I… I don't want to lose you, you are all like a family to me, if you go I want to go with you!" Mri this time cried.

"Miri you can't, I know it's not nice of us to do this now but listen, you deserve a normal life, a life away from fighting, away from danger and one were you can just live in peace. Wherever the four of us go, there will be trouble and knowing us we'll get into even more. You want to get away right from what happened right?" Morgan asked her, Miri didn't want to say Morgan was right, but she nodded and sobbed all the same.

"Well, we'll go right into it and we don't know when it will end, our lives… really aren't that peaceful, we just keep fighting and keep going because it's what we do best, we can't drag you into that, we don't want to force you to do that."

"But when you are done… then what?" Miri asked.

"We'll most likely do whatever we can to make sure not any more bandits or criminals the advantage of the situation."

"I thought you said you weren't huntsmen."

"We aren't… but maybe we are more like them than we care to admit, maybe by the end of this you could consider us a group of three huntsmen and one huntress." Morgan laughed. "We… mostly them, they like sticking their noses whenever someone's in trouble, they like to be heroes, I mean that's how we rescued you after all." Morgan said, she didn't want to say anything related to more people needing them, first it would be a lie to say they knew that and second it still wouldn't be fair on Miri.

"...Okay, but will you come back?" She asked, Morgan didn't answer right away, she had to think of her words, all of them had already lost a life in another world, making a promise of this sort wasn't a lightly made decision, especially when all of them knew what it meant… what it felt to sacrifice everything in order to do the right thing. Morgan decided to sit next to Miri on the sofa to be more face to face.

"Miri I'll tell you something, we really aren't from around here, you figured that out already I guess, we have sacrificed everything before and came here with nothing, but truth be told every one of us made that choice because it was the right thing to do at the time… We are still trying to figure out what to do in our lives. Wherever that leads us, don't tie yourself to us, what we want from you is to live your own life, whatever it is you want. It cannot be with us… but… Vanna did say we would always be welcome in Wolfpine, so no matter how far or for how long we are away, we can always visit." Morgan patted her shoulder, it wasn't perfect, it wasn't fair, but sadly she didn't know if she and the others would rather do anything else than go out there and fight themselves to make a difference, in the end Miri might not understand, not yet, but she nodded all the same and hugged her.

"Just don't die please!" She begged as she cried.

"Heh, don't worry, we have stuck together so far and we'll keep doing that… if it had been just one of us I'd be worried, but the four of us, heh we'll manage." Morgan said.

"Right, keep going, it's left, then right and keep going." Cole instructed Murray, who had wanted to get a lesson or two in fighting, with time cut short this was all that he was gonna get so Cole made sure to drill as many basics as he could in just one afternoon.

"Okay, I get it… I think." Murray said as he practiced jabs against Cole's hands.

"You'll get, you'll just have to keep practicing, do stretches,do general exercise and should be fine, better than most believe me." Cole wasn't really wrong, yes he wouldn't really reach levels like him or others if he just practiced sparingly but he would be better off than other people.

"I- Okay, okay…" Murray knew this, he guessed that if he ever wanted to fight properly he would have to really commit himself.

"Why do you want to learn how to fight?" Cole asked him.

"Is so that… well in case something ever again happens to be ready and… now that you are going. I did wonder once or twice if I should have gone to a combat school, but by the time I wondered I was pretty old, and I never got to learn, living in the country. But then you appeared, all of always trained, practiced and did amazing stuff, for a while I thought that maybe I could learn just in case." Murray looked down, slightly ashamed of his story, he didn't feel he had it in him really.

"Trust me, you are doing fine, besides you are younger than when I started." Cole chuckled.

"...Wait, really?" Murray was dumbfounded.

"Yeah, even if we take away the most crazy stuff and bring it all the way to when I first started fending for myself, I say you have like three to four years advantage over me." Cole said.

"But… really, huh and how did you keep going?" Murray asked.

"To tell the truth, I just always kept going, even when everything turned against me I just had to keep moving on and getting through it." It was true, when he got his powers he did become far more powerful than any normal human from where he was from could ever dream of. But there were many conduits that didn't make it, he only got stronger by going through challenges, and oh boy even the power generator or blast cores liked to be challenging sometimes. But his determination carried him through, even at his lowest when Zeke betrayed him or when he failed against the Beast.

"If you just keep going, no matter if others do it better, no matter how many times you fail, perseverance is what really matters, hell I say is the best thing we have. If you keep it up you'll be able to do whatever it is you need to do, and if you really want to take care of Bo and Miri… I know you'll do just fine. You got the heart for it kid." Cole said to him.

"R-Right… Yeah, what about you? Will you and the others be fine?" Murray asked.

"Heh I think so, you know they've been some of the most reliable groups of people I've met, so far they've lasted the longest. I say we are ready to face the world." Cole smiled. "So, think I can teach a couple more things before the day's over?".

"Yeah." Murray agreed.

"Thanks for everything Bo, really, for taking us in, for letting Miri stay, for not kicking us out, I don't know what to say or how to repay you." Jack spoke with Bo in the kitchen.

"... I just did what seemed right at the moment, that and Murray worked hard to convince me." Bo shrugged.

"You never liked us very much did you?" Jack asked, but with a smile on his face.

"No." He answered honestly. "You seemed like trouble, you saved the town though and I guessed it wasn't my place to judge, then Miri appeared and I was even less sure, but I've grown to respect her, and I do respect all of you. You have lives I don't understand and maybe that I wish I didn't know about, but you are good people." Bo said.

"You know it counts that you are honest, really. Hey think you would have taken us in if it wasn't for Murray?" Jack asked.

"Not likely." Both Bo and Jack laughed. "Still thanks for all the help on the farm, for all you did on the town, I hope… that you find what you are looking for, whatever it is."

"Yeah, I do too."

"And as I said, you are good people, scary, intimidating and capable of killing, yet you only do it when you need to. Do keep it that way, and don't become monsters, I've seen it happen to some people, damn just I've seen it with people that think themselves invincible because they have aura… they either die fools or become too arrogant, and none of the guys I saw that were liked compared even closely to you." Bo expressed his concerns, those times that were for their general well being were rare, there were no hard feelings though, they were adults and they were capable, and yet still he was concerned in a way.

"Don't worry, we know, we have gone through it for a while, but hey we actually work together now the four of us, I mean before we did but now we are tiger pack you could say. And we know what you are talking about, we do what we have to… but we try to not become something worse, we've all been in some tough spots and I think… I think together we'll be able to make the right choices." Jack admitted.

"I hope you do."

"Are you gonna be okay handling those four?" Aiden asked Vanna at the guard barracks.

"It'll be easier than handling the four of you, heh, don't worry I'll make a call and have some people pick them up and give them to Mistral. Before that we'll chain them to the walls by all limbs if need be."

"Good, I'm sorry we can't stay, but I trust you when you said that you will all do fine."

"With less Grimm and less bandits we will." Vanna admitted.

"Okay, good." Aiden turned around to leave, he felt though that he should possibly give more of a proper goodbye. "Listen I know we said it before but-"

"I know." Vanna interrupted.

"Yeah I figured." Aiden said. Vanna for her part didn't directly look at him.

"Hey are you sure that this is what you want to do? All of you?" Vanna asked him, they wanted to make the Golden Blades pay, but to leave Wofpine, well they were partially going in that direction beforehand.

"Someone has to, and we agreed on it, maybe it's not a normal life-"

"But the four of you aren't normal." Vanna sighed. "We'll be fine, I just thought that if you ever left, it would be a little more… on a happy note."

"It usually isn't, most goodbye like this… usually are bittersweet at most."

"Fair enough. But are you ready?"

"Me and Cole have fought crime before, we have been in tough scenarios and I know what is and feels to be constantly watching your back and waiting to see if someone is actually hunting you down. Jack and Morgan, they also have been through a lot, but I'm sure we'll adapt."

"You really have done this before, fought a gang or even something close to organized crime." Vanna was slightly surprised.

"I have experience."

"Without aura?"

"No comment." Aiden chuckled.

"Guess I'll never find out then uh?" Aiden didn't answer immediately, there was a lot to him and the others didn't want to talk about, not being from Remnant wasn't a light matter, it was better that way.

"Well depending on how you look at it can be a happy note, nobody died, Miri's safe, this town will grow and maybe will come and visit if-" Aiden focused back on them leaving.

"If you don't go too deep into shit."

"Heh, yeah." Aiden admitted than more than likely they would face thing they weren't used to, his track record made him wonder how deep and far they would go, but he was content, Wolfpine didn't need them anymore and neither did Bo, Murray or Miri, it was more than he could say for Chicago, maybe eventually it was going to be like this. He was surprised when Vanna grabbed his arm however, there was something she wanted to say.

"Just… take care of each other, and don't die Aiden, please."

"Heh, don't worry. For once when facing something like this, I'll have people watching my back, and I'll do the same for them."

With their goodbyes said, the following day the left early after a healthy breakfast some guards and other people decided to say goodbye as well, some had food for the journey, some had some other gifts, Jack got a scarf and Morgan had actually gotten the purple robe jacket she had checked out the first day, and multiple times after that she would admit. It was pieces of fabric both black and purple sewn together in patterns to make this robe aesthetic, it extended on her sides and backside reaching just above the knees and was decorated with four purple strands of fabric. It was surprisingly light and warm on her opinion.

"So here we are now. Back into the wilderness and on to adventure." Jack said as they kept walking down the road.

"Bet is gonna be a different vacation than what you had planned." Aiden said.

"Oh yeah instead of relaxing by a lakeside we are gonna be fighting bandits and taking down gang lords, amongst other things I guess." Jack said back.

"Hey, sounds more fun actually, and we finally get to see more from the rest of Remnant." Cole said.

"It might be interesting, guess we'll have to see." Morgan said.

"Heh… here we are going for it… and we are still walking all the way." Jack looked down.

"Yeah." Aiden said.

"Yep." Cole continued.

"When we get the chance we are gonna have to get a van or a truck or something." Morgan said as they kept walking south, ready to take on whatever Fairwind had to offer.

A/N: So there we go, Wolfpine Arc over, at first I didn't plan for it to be this long but hey, I felt it was for the best, it really helped to set the stage and find a way to move the story forward, this is the beginning of a journey that's just going to keep getting crazier. I love it.

And now regarding someone's outfit change, well I always planned for Morgan to get the robe jacket, if you want a visual representation do search for Control's asynchronous suit, basically that but purple and back and more of a… hmmm how would you say… less completely geometric and without the front two strands, it's a cool outfit but Morgan's version is a bit more simple and practical depending on how you look at it.

As for the rest of the things going for the future, don't worry, I do have a plan.