AN: Okay so I can't get all the description into the story. But uh... pretty much this is a Christmas Special of Scooby Doo and TNBC crossover. I try to keep the characters as the same as they appear in the movies (for Scooby-Doo is shows and movies) so yeah hopefully I can keep the good work up on Scooby Doo's voice never really had done a Scooby Doo Fanfic before so this will be new.

Also, there will be many OCs involve in the story. Including the one, I have as Jack and Sally's child. So hope you guys do not mind about that. Anyways hope you all enjoy and have fun reading!

The gang of the Mystery Machine drives across the country dirt road that begins to drift off with some snow. The snowstorm began to pick up as Fred had trouble trying to control the van. Daphne and Velma began to get a bit worry while Shaggy and Scooby were too busy eating their snacks they pick up along the way.

"Fred, are you sure we're almost there?" Asked Daphne as she looks up at Fred seeing that he is focused on the road.

"Yeah, we're only two blocks away from the Inn."

Velma said fixing her black glasses, "that's a huge relief."

Sure enough, the gang could see a log cabin inn has a nice size parking lot as well with a big sign saying "Welcome to Donner's Inn."

Daphne looks closer as she pulls her orange hair back and zips her purple coat up, "it doesn't look like a lot of people are here."

Velma said as she too zips up her orange coat, "probably because of this storm a lot of them decided it wasn't worth it."

Fred turns into the parking lot but when he did the wheels of the van began to spin as it slides across the ice making the van go out of control as the van began to spin around in circles. Everyone in the van scream as so did Shaggy and Scooby when Fred was able to gain control of the vehicle he parked it close to the building.

"Wow, that was a close call," said Fred.

Everyone nods in agreement.

Just then Fred saw a man wearing a brown and black leather coat with a light brown fur on the hood all bundle up came running over to them. The man put his red scarf up to his mouth as Fred roll the window down to speak.

"Hey Wayne, great to see you again!"

Wayne looks at Fred and asks, "I saw what happen is everyone alright?"

Fred nods making sure that the gang is alright, "yup we all accounted for."

Wayne nods, "thank goodness please come in and get out of this freezing cold."

Fred nods as he and everyone else got out of the van. Scooby who only worn his red with little Christmas tree scarf began to shiver as he got into the snowy cold weather. Shaggy zip up his green coat but only his coat doesn't have a hood so his head and ears began to freeze.

"Burr," said Shaggy feeling the harsh cold breeze pounding against his face, "it's sure is freezing out here."

Scooby nods while shivering, "rah huh."

"Come on guys" call out Fred waving at Scooby and Shaggy, "let's get inside before the storm starts to really pick up!"

Scooby and Shaggy without a thought rush inside following their friends into the nice and toasty warm building. They could see a nice large fireplace set at the right side of the building and not far from the fireplace is a large Christmas Tree with lots of decoration on it as well with a big yellow star on top.

Fred looks at Wayne, "sorry if we're a little late in coming."

Wayne shakes his head, "no need to apologize, you all came here slowly and safely which that matter to me the most. A lot of people decide it wasn't worth coming since this storm is going to be so strong they decided it wouldn't be best to risk to coming here. Which I do understand."

Daphne asks taking her purple coat off showing her pink turtleneck sweatshirt, "so how many people other than us going to be here?"

Wayne answers, "me and my boys, of course, Sydney and her husband Dan, and a mother with her four small children."

"Not too many then huh?"

Wayne shakes his head, "there were suppose to be more to come but not with this storm of course."

Velma nods, "I can see why, when we were coming here it started to pick up."

Wayne nods, "come I'll so you all to your rooms" takes off his brown coat and his scarf, "at least you guys won't need to be sharing the same room if you don't want to."

Shaggy said, "well I do attend to sleep with Scooby a lot."

Daphne then replies, "I don't mind sharing rooms with Velma."

Wayne smiles, "alright I see what I can do" grabs three keys to each of their rooms and lead the gang up the stairs and towards their rooms.

In the meantime...

In the holiday world of old where the dark and spooky town lingered. The town looks so drastic and abandoned. The monsters were happy that Christmas is in two days as they all began to decorate their houses with some frog legs, dead rats, and other creepy things to place as their Christmas decoration.

They all stop when their leader, Jack Skellington came walking by as he talks with the small rounded man with a large cone-shaped hat, has a two face figure that turns with his own expression.

"I can't believe Christmas is almost here, Jack! What plans do you and your family have for Christmas?"

Jack said with his old pumpkin grin as he straightened his black bat bow tie, "we were planning to visit old Sandy Claws and his wife in Christmas Town and celebrate the holiday with them."

The mayor smiles, "why that's a splendid idea, Jack! I'm sure they will be so thrilled to see you!"

Jack laughs, "it's been awhile since I last seen them."

Jack kept on walking while the Mayor turns to see that everyone were busy getting their houses all decorated for Christmas.

As Jack heads up to the Skellington Manson he could smell the fresh baked cookies that Sally is making for Mr. and Mrs. Claus as well for the party. Jack smiles as he pushes the door open and was soon greeted by the friendly ghost dog Zero.

Zero's nose was a glowing as he licks his master's cheekbones. Jack laughs as he began to pet the friendly ghost dog.

"I'm glad to see you as well, Zero."

Sally walks over smiling up at her husband, "hello my dear Jack" kisses him on the bony cheek, "how was your day?"

Jack replied happily, "splendid! Everyone is super excited for Christmas to come they are all getting ready for the big day."

"As much as we are" Sally smiles as Jack nods his head.

Just then Jack heard small footsteps tapping down the twisty stairs. He looks up to see his skeleton son, Friday coming down to greet him with a nice big warm hug.

"Welcome back, dad!"

Jack laughs as he patted his son's back, "it's so good to see you too, my boy."

Jack looks at his son's black cape and made sure to tie the cape so it won't fall off by accident. Friday's orange sweatshirt really shows his black cape and his black pants off. Sally smiles as she pulls her long red hair back.

"Come on you two no time to waste we need to get to Christmas Town before Christmas Eve."

Jack nods, "well let's not waste any time now."

Friday laughs as he went to help his parents to get prepared to leave for Christmas Town.

Back at Donner's Inn...

The gang had all settled in their own rooms. All the rooms are quite the same with a nice size queen bed and a nice small size stand with a lamp, the bathroom not far only off to the right side of a corner next to the closet.

Once they all got settled in they all went back down into the lobby to find two boys one with dark brown hair and the other with light brown hair looking at all the present under the tree. The one boy is one year older than the other and both are the sons of Wayne Donner.

Fred said knowing these two boys, "hey Logan and Austin, are you both excited for Christmas?"

Austin nods as Logan speak up, "yeah, it's going to be so exciting! There's going to be lots of cool games and presents to open up! Also, Santa is going to be here tomorrow night!"

Daphne looks down to see Logan wearing a Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer green sweatshirt and Austin wearing a Frosty the Snowman blue sweatshirt.

She smiles as she replies, "I love you two sweatshirts, it's so adorable."

Logan and Austin both look down at their sweatshirts as they both said thanks to Daphne.

Wayne came over laughing, "they wanted to lite up the Christmas Spirit for everyone in the Inn so they decide to wear these identical sweatshirts."

"Daddy," asked Austin shyly, "can you tie my shoes? It came undone again."

Wayne nods as he helps his youngest son tie the blue and white tennis shoes. Logan was too excited to meet Scooby again. He petted the brown and black dog as he laughs.

"I'm so glad you all came back! This is so exciting and it won't be a holiday without you, Scooby Doo."

Scooby smiles as he leaps for joy making everyone laugh at him.

Soon an elderly woman came over with her elderly husband. Both are wearing the same blue with white snowflakes turtleneck sweatshirt but their sweatpants are different colors, the woman has blue sweatpants while the man has brown sweatpants. The elderly man seems to be grumpy as he crosses his arms while the elderly woman seems to be in a cheerful mood.

"Hello," said the elderly woman, "it's so great to see newcomers here."

Wayne said walking over to the two elderly couples, "oh they had been here before but it has been a while."

The elderly woman smiles, "oh okay, why I'm Sydney Grace and this here is my husband Dan Grace."

Dan nods not even cracking a smile.

Logan whispers to Scooby and Shaggy, "he never smiles not even when something exciting we do here at the Inn."

Shaggy ask, "why?"

Logan shrugs, "I don't know guess that's just how he is."

Then Dan finally spoke, "you guys heard about the Snow Wolf?"

Shaggy and Scooby ask as they began to shiver in fear, "t... the Snow Wolf?"

Logan shakes his head, "this is my first time hearing about it!"

Austin gulps as he held onto Scooby's collar, "I don't like this."

Sydney said patting her husband on the back, "now Dan don't scare these kids with those silly scary stories of yours."

"But it's true" shouted Dan making Shaggy, Scooby, and Austin shiver in fear, "I had seen him only for a little while but then he disappears! It was a furry white coated wolf with deep blue eyes, teeth hang low as it walks on two legs like a werewolf! They say that the Snow Wolf takes any animal or child with him and never will you see your pet or your child ever again!"

Sydney pulls on her husband sleeve as she said, "come on now enough of your spooky storytelling."

"You never have seen him as I did! Don't you children or animal go outside at this time of night or else the Snow Wolf will get you and never see the light of day again!"

Once Sydney and Dan were out of sight Fred looks right at Wayne.

"Is the legend true?"

Wayne shakes his head, "Nah, it's just an old scary child's story to scare the kids. Besides, there's no such thing as monsters or wolves that stands on its two paws."

Velma nods in agreement as she turns to see the two chickens are shaking with fear, "oh now come on guys, don't be a chicken he was just fooling around with us."

Fred smiles, "come on I'm sure there is a buffet not far from here."

Shaggy and Scooby had immediately stopped shaking when they heard the word 'buffet' they knew where there is buffet there is food to eat. With that, the two quickly takes off to go to the cafeteria to get all the food they can eat.

Velma smiles, "nothing to make those two forget unless you say anything about food."

Daphne laughs, "we better go before those two eat all the food up."

With that, they all left but Austin stood to shake and began to worry about this Snow Wolf living in the woods. Logan and Wayne both turn as they see the light hair boy shaking.

Wayne ask with worry as he kneels down in front of his son, "what's the matter, Austin?"

Austin gulps, "t... the Snow Wolf that he was talking about..."

Logan smiles, "Austin, he's just doing that to scare us don't let it bother you."

"But..." before he could say anything else, Wayne interrupts him.

"Logan is right beside as long you and your brother stay in the house you both be fine. Besides it's too cold for any children like you two to be out right now."

Logan nods, "come on let's forget about that story and get something to eat, I'm starving!"

Austin nods as he was being pulled on the arm by Logan towards the cafeteria. Wayne laughs as he follows his sons into the cafeteria.