Jack, Sally, and Friday all headed to Dr. Finkelstein laboratory with the little ghost dog following along. Once they made it towards the stairs they were stopped by a small humpback little man, wearing a long brown shirt, his one eye is bigger than the other.

"Master has been waiting for all of you," said Igor as he led the Skellingtons towards the large shed steel building.

There they see a duckbill man rolling around in his wheelchair, he opens his head as he started to scratch his brain. Igor walks up to him and tells him that Jack and his family had arrived. Dr. Finkelstein nods as his head pop back into place and turns to face the Skellington Family.

"Ah… I see you all had made it."

Friday said hugging Dr. Finkelstein, "hi grandpa! I'm so glad to be here again!"

Dr. Finkelstein smiles as he patted Friday on the back before letting go. Dr. Finkelstein looks at Igor and nods as Igor ran to grab the handle of the doors and opens it up. Soon eight skeleton raindeers came prancing out pulling a large coffin sleigh and the one to drive it was the doctor's wife Jewel who is also duck-billed wearing her polka dot dress.

"Did anyone say they need a ride to Christmas Town?!"

Jack smiles, "it's good to see you in high spirit, Jewel!"

Jewel laughs, "of course I am" see Friday as she grabs him and started to kiss him all over, "oh and I'm going to miss you so much."

Friday sighs as he looks at his parents for a little help. Jack cleared his throat as he clearly speaks.

"We best be on our way now don't want to be late for the Christmas Party!"

Jewel lets Friday go as Friday looks up at his father and whispers, "thank you."

Jack wink his eye socket, "anytime, son."

With that Jack and Sally got into the sleigh first as Friday came in afterward sitting in the back seat of the coffin sleigh. Jack looks at Zero as he jumps off making sure to have Zero be the leader of the sleigh.

"We can't forget about you now do we?"

Zero barks happily at his master as he happily floats around ready to go up in the night sky. Jack sits back on the sleigh as he started to call out all the reindeer's name as well for Zero to go. Once Zero and the eight skeleton raindeers took off into the sky they all wave down at Dr. Finkelstein, Jewel, and Igor before they couldn't see them anymore.

Friday was overjoyed to be flying in a sleigh for the very first time. He kept on looking down at everything as he saw how small the gravestones look from being up in the sky. Sally turned to see Friday is leaning over the edge of the sleigh.

"Friday, get back in your seat! You'll fall if you keep leaning like that!"

Friday obey his mom as he sat back down in the seat but kept on looking down. Sally sighs as she turns to see her husband is doing quite well with controlling the sleigh as well the eight raindeers.

Jack pulls out his red and white Santa's hat and put it on top of his head with a wide grin across his skull face, "nothing like putting the good old Christmas spirit for Sandy Claws!"

Sally just shakes her head as she continues to look forward but turn every now and then to make sure Friday is staying in his seat.

As the wind began to blow the snow began to get harder for Zero to see even with his glowing nose it was still too hard to see with all the snow blowing every which way. Zero gave out a small yelp as he tries to continue to see through the snowstorm.

Jack and Sally too began to notice that they couldn't see through the storm. This wasn't normal at all.

"Jack" shouted Sally, "are you sure we're heading the right way?!"

Jack shouted back, "I think so with all this snow and wind I can't see anything, I think Zero is too having trouble of seeing!

Suddenly the sleigh began to move back and forth as Jack began to have trouble controlling the sleigh. He did all his might to keep the sleigh and the reindeers as well Zero in all control but the heavy wind made it so much difficult for Jack to try to keep everything and everyone in control.

"I think we should land and find shelter to stay until this storm lifts up" suggested Sally.

Jack nods, "I would love too but I can't see where the ground is! I don't want us to crash into a tree or some bushes!"

Friday began to get nervous as he started to slide back and forth on the seat as the sleigh kept on rocking. He knew that this wasn't good and it wasn't going to be safe either.

Suddenly Jack lost control as the rope that is tied to Zero and all the reindeer slip out of his bony hands as he tries to grab the rope but found himself falling with Sally and Friday in it with him.

"Oh no! We're going to fall everyone stays together!"

Sally grabs hold of Jack as she started to reach for Friday when Friday lost grip and fell into the snow.


Both Jack and Sally try to rescue their son but they found it hard when they were forcefully pull back into the sleigh with the hard gust of the wind. The sleigh fell into the snow as Jack and Sally were soon cover with lots of snow while the coffin broke in half by the hard hit of the pine tree.

At That Moment…

Logan insists to help take the trash out into the dumper. Wayne was about to refuse when Shaggy and Scooby both volunteer to help and make sure Logan gets back inside safely. Wayne smiles as he nods his head making sure Logan is all bundle up.

"Okay, all three of you get back in as soon as you can! I don't want anyone to be left out in the cold!"

They all nod their heads as Shaggy reassure Wayne that they be back in no time at all. With that, the three-headed outside as Logan had little trouble trying to put the black trash bag into the dumper but with Scooby giving him a lift, Logan was able to get it in there.

"Thanks, Scooby, I owe you on that one."

Logan and Scooby look beyond to see something large sticking up from the ground. It looks to be a sleigh of some short. Logan wanted to check it out as he ran off to see what the big thing is.

"Logan, wait! We're supposed to go inside!"

Shaggy knew it was no use to get Logan to turn back now. He sighs as he looks down at Scooby.

"We better go and make sure he doesn't get hurt."

Scooby nods as they both catch up to Logan when they got closer to the largely broken coffin sleigh.

"Wow," said Logan out loud, "this is so Halloween typestyle. I wonder where the owners of this sleigh are? The Inn isn't too far so… they should have come to a while ago for some help."

Shaggy said unsure about the sleigh, "perhaps it's best if we go back inside and…"

He stops when he began to feel movement underneath him. He looks down as he saw a skeleton hand slowly moving. Shaggy and Scooby both scream as they both ran back towards the Inn but stop when they saw Logan curiously looking at the bony hands.

"Wow, that's new!"

"Logan, get out of there!"

Logan didn't hear Shaggy and Scooby yelling at him to come back. He saw something large began to move as he trip and backed up with his brown eyes widened in shock. Shaggy and Scooby just stood frozen in fear as the tall skeleton rose from the snow brushing off his black suit and pants making sure his bat bow tie is straightened. He shakes his head as he looks right at Logan seeing the boy is wearing a green and purple heavy winter coat.

"Oh hello, there young one. Do you know where I am? I can tell I'm in the human world and…" Jack thought began to race, "Sally, Friday, Zero! Where are they?!"

Logan asks still a bit shock meeting a tall talking skeleton, "I'm not sure who you're talking about but I'm not sure who you are either?"

Jack smiles down at Logan as he replies, "I'm Jack Skellington, the king of the Pumpkin Patch and leader of Halloween! Me and my family were supposed to go to Christmas Town but we somehow ended up here in the human world. Now I have to find my wife and son, I do hope they are both alright."

"King? The leader of Halloween?!"

Jack turned to face Scooby and nods surprise to hear the dog talking, "why yes, we are from Halloween Town and… I must really find my family right now."

Soon Jack and the others heard a dog's barking not too far as they all look up seeing Zero still leading the eight reindeers are all flying towards Jack. Zero was able to free himself as he flew to lick Jack on the face. Jack smiles as he petted Zero's head.

"I'm so glad you are alright, boy."

Suddenly Jack felt a movement beside him as he turns to see his rag doll wife sitting up brushing off her mix color pattern dress and her blue fabric skin.


Sally turn smiling at Jack. She and Jack embrace themselves a hug, "oh Jack, thank goodness you are alright!"

Zero started to lick Sally as the ragdoll giggles, "I'm glad to see you're okay too, Zero."

The ghost dog stops as he sticks his tongue out happily to see Jack and Sally are both alright. Logan's eyes widened more in shock to see a living rag doll before him not only that but this is the Pumpkin King's wife!

"H… hello," said Logan nervously, "nice to meet you."

Sally looks down at Logan and smile, "Oh hello, it's nice to meet you too."

She started to search in the snow, "where's my baby?!"

Jack shrugs, "I don't know but we have to find him! I hope he's alright."

Logan asks, "that's your son right?"

Jack nods, "yes, he's a skeleton just like me only he's wearing an orange sweatshirt with his favorite long black cape that Sally had made for him last year."

Shaggy gulps as he and Scooby wasn't too sure what to think of this as they just stare at Jack and Sally. Logan sees the two chickens were shaking in fear.

"Come on guys, we have to help find their son!"

Shaggy and Scooby look into the woods as they suddenly began to remember the story of the Snow Wolf that Dan had told them about.

"B… but… uh… um…" Shaggy couldn't get the words out to what he wanted to say mostly he kept staring at Jack and Sally.

Scooby then speak out, "Snow Roaf in the woods!"

"Snow Roaf?" Asked Jack in curiosity clearly not understanding what Scooby was really trying to say.

Logan thought a moment when he then realize what Scooby is trying to say, "you mean Snow Wolf?"

Scooby nods nervously, "rah!"

Shaggy nods, "and at this time at night who knows if that Snow Wolf is in there!"

Logan crosses his arms, "don't tell me you guys believe in that story too."

Shaggy and Scooby both nods.

Shaggy gulps, "who knows that Snow Wolf probably had taken Jack's son and we'll never see him again!"

Scooby nods, "Yah, rarry!"

Logan shakes his head, "oh stop it! There's no such thing as Snow Wolf!"

Shaggy points out remembering what Wayne said on monsters not existing, "well they exist and they both claim to be the royals of Halloween! Does that add any proof of a Snow Wolf to exist as well!"

Logan thought a minute, "point taken but I still say there's no such thing as Snow Wolf!"

Jack said getting tired of the argument, "enough! Please help us find our son! He's all me and Sally have! If anything happens to him I'll never forgive myself for it!"

Jack closed his eyes sockets as he tries to keep his tears inside. Sally place her hand on Jack's shoulder as she looks at Scooby and Shaggy with her pleading eyes.

"Please, we must find him."

Shaggy and Scooby both sighs as they look at Logan giving them the 'come on let's go' kinda look. They both sighs knowing there was no way out of this now.

"Alright," said Shaggy defeatedly, "you all win besides we aren't suppose to leave you out here alone, Logan."

Scooby nods too feeling defeated, "rah, I guess so."

Logan smiles, "alright let's go!"

He began to head towards the woods but felt Jack's bony hand grab hold of his arm.

"Oh no, you don't. We don't want to lose another child, one is already enough to lose."

Logan nods seeing that the tall skeleton is pretty worried, "y… yes, sir."

"Please," said Jack as he gave a slight of a smile, "call me Jack."

Logan nods, "o… okay Jack, Sally."

Sally smiles though Logan kinda reminds her so much like Friday with his enthusiastic of adventure and helping others.

With that, the others head towards the woods to find Friday in hopes that he's alright.