The trip to Hatzilakos's office was killer on me. She chewed me out for the better part of an hour. I tried to tell her that I was just trying to stand up for Manny, but she didn't want to hear it.

"You were cussing out Holly Sinclair in the middle of the hallway, do you think that is acceptable behavior?" She asked me.

"Do you think it's ok that she was calling Manny a racist?" I asked in return.

"You'll be serving detention for the next week."

"But Ms. Hatzilakos..."

"Continue to try my patience and I'll have you suspended." She added. I sighed as I stood up and walked out.

As I left Hatzilakos's office, Emma was waiting for me.

"So what did she want?" Emma asked.

"I tried to stand up for Manny and Daphne gave me a week's worth of detention." I replied as I spit in a trash can.

"What? That's so unfair!" Emma cried out.

"Tell her that." I replied as Emma wrapped her arms around me. "God, I fucking hate these Lakehurst kids."

"They're just trying to make the best of it, just like we are." Emma replied, the voice of reason as always.

"I don't care, Heather's demon spawn sister convinces the entire cheer squad that Manny is a racist for breaking up with Damien and she gets off scot free while I get detention. If the Lakehurst kids are trying to make things work, they have a funny way of showing it." Emma turned my face to see her.

"Don't let them get to you James." She said. "Soon enough, we'll be out of here and you'll never have to see them again." I smiled.

"What else will we do once we get out of Degrassi?" I asked. Emma gave me a smirk.

"Well, maybe when I get my dorm room at Smithsdale, I can kick my roommates out, put on some honey vanilla shampoo, and make my man feel like he's the luckiest man on Earth." She replied teasingly.

"Please stop, I don't wanna get...excited in the hallway." I pleaded, feeling myself get...hard.

"All right, all right, I'll just come over to your place tonight and we can talk more." Emma said as she kissed me goodbye. As she walked away, I wasn't even pissed about Hatzilakos anymore. Emma just had that effect on people. I swear to God, she did.