Ancient Blood

Heya! Orpheus here! So, it seems that I was finally able to pull this together after such a long wait. I've reworked the plot, reworked the characters and reworked the powers, so I think that its finally ready to go up. I do hope its up to snuff though. Welcome, the rewrite of Shinton no Naruto: Ancient Blood!

Chapter I: Protecting the Snake's Den

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Life is a complex system that science has tried to recreate as long as humanity has had some understanding of it. It has always laid just out of our reach. Once upon a time, there was a group who were capable of creating it, but the jealousy of their rivals has forced them to scatter. Only their descendants remain. Powers of Health, of the Soul, of the Mind, of the Flesh and of the Blood are only theirs to wield. This is their story.

[November 2, XX08 – Red Light District, Konohagakure no Sato]

Darkness enveloped the Red Light District of Konohagakure, the new moon preventing even moonlight from illuminating the most crime-ridden part of the village. Dashing through the night was a cloaked figure, too fast for any of the prostitutes, drug dealers or solicitors to even register. When the dark blur finally stopped, it was in an alley with a heavy, metal door on one of the buildings. It didn't stand very tall, perhaps one and a half meters at most, though the cloak wrapped tightly enough that nothing else could be discerned.

Knocking on the door, the figure waited for a slot on the door to open and backed up. Two brown eyes peered out the new opening and looked left, then right, before looking down. "Password?" A voice asked.

"Nue." The cloaked figure responded curtly, purple eyes shining from beneath its hood. The slot closed and the sound of locks and latches being undone could be heard even through the thick steel. The door then opened up to reveal the owner of those brown eyes. He was tall and broad in the shoulders, with a close-shaven hair style that showed only the barest trace of black follicles. With arms suited to crush skulls with just his grip, it was no wonder that the brown shirt he wore was sleeveless. Over that, he had a matching vest made of the same material the Jounin flak jackets were. On his hip was a rather heavy looking kanabo with large, steel studs that looked more like spikes. The doorman moved out of the way enough for the hooded figure to enter before shutting the door once again.

The cloaked figure entered and ignored the few patrons that sat in the bar, drinking sake and foreign alcohols, eating less than decent food and flirting with the barmaids. It moved with surety in its steps. That said, the figure's footsteps never made a noise and the way its cloak moved at the hem implied it glided like a spectre instead of walking like a mortal.

The figure soon arrived to another door and knocked on this one as well. At the command of "Enter!" it obeyed. Instead of opening the door, the figure acted more like a phantasm and walked through the door.

The only other figure in the room grinned a slimy smirk upon seeing it enter. He stood at an impressive two and a half meters with a lithe figure that one would describe as lanky. Within the man's green eyes an obvious amount of cunning and madness could be seen that mixed to create something far more terrible than either alone. He wore his jet black hair to his shoulders in a greased back style that glistened in even the low light of the office. His clothing was hard to pin down whether it was once white but became stained red over time, or whether it was bleached to try and eradicate the blood stains but only partially successful. On the man's waist sat several knives, but the figure knew this man had far more hidden in his clothing than could be reasonably counted. "Naruto, my boy, I'm glad you could come! I have a job and your… skills would be just perfect for it!"

The figure, Naruto, reached up to pull down his hood with a nod. He revealed spikes of blonde hair an inch high, those piercing violet orbs with slits for pupils and an impassive look on his childish face. "At your service, Rattlesnake." The blonde replied rather easily and with more than a little respect for the man.

"Ya see, I've got these punks messing with my sales over on Saru and 7th. They run out of some tenement that's in even worse shape that that shit hole you can a home, no offense."

"None taken. It is beyond my choice right now. So, you want me to get taxes or take the profits you lost by force?" Rattlesnake grinned and shook his head. "I see. Okay, I'll take care of it. I'm assuming they're unaffiliated?" At the man's nod, the blonde smiled for the first time that night. "Good, that means I don't have to hold back. I'm asking the same price as before."

"Don't worry your cute little head over that. Just make sure you bring me back theirs. Hell, I'll even pay you for their product if you bring it back so I don't have to send a courier." Naruto nodded at that and pulled his hood back up and turned to leave. "Oh, and I heard Mai was looking for you. Just delivering the message though." He showed understanding with another nod at that before leaving the same way he came.

Once outside again, Naruto focused his will and felt the ground becoming further away from him. Within a moment he was levitating above the rooftops, looking down at the Hidden Leaf. Violet eyes scanned the roads until he found the street-corner that Rattlesnake had mentioned.

The blonde began moving fast enough to be a dark blur against the stars to anyone looking up. It was unlikely anyone be suspicious enough to investigate or even report it though. Ninja and civilian alike had grown very superstitious thanks to the constant appearance of a dark spirit every night on the Red Light District. The thought actually brought an amused smile to the boy's lips.

That smile was replaced by an impassive look as he landed on a flat roof that gave him clear sight of a seven-story tenement that looked even more rundown than the residence the Hokage had gifted him with after he was accepted into the Shinobi Academy. Outside of the apartment tower was a gaunt looking man with a sunken face and shaky hands who kept looking back and forth down either side of the street. Obviously, he was waiting for someone. Perhaps I should wait for that person to show up as well. Naruto thought to himself and contented himself with sitting atop the roof. It would be interesting to see who was brave enough to buy from someone unaffiliated with Rattlesnake.

It was not much longer before his patience paid off. It looked to be some Chuunin. Not even a poor one at that. So that's what it was. They sold to people who didn't know any better. Naruto shook his head with more than a little disappointment. It wasn't his fault they were ignorant: rules were rules. He didn't make them, he just had a job and did it. They were his family after all. When the rest of the village had abandoned him, Rattlesnake, Mai and the Boss took him in. True, he worked for them, but they still treated him like family.

Pushing those thoughts away, Naruto kept his cloak close to his body and made his way to the roof of another nearby building. He wanted to make sure he was following the rules correctly. Once the Chuunin had gone inside one of the rooms on the first floor, that's when Naruto decided it was enough. Moving quickly through the air, he landed just in front of the door and placed a paper tag on it. When it glowed, he knew that the sound barrier had been activated. Phasing through the door as if it was air instead of wood, he was content to see he wasn't noticed. They were in one of the other rooms. If he were to take a guess, the product was stored back there.

Levitating through the apartment, he kept his chakra to minimal levels even as he heard the two individuals. "This is the stuff you want, if you're looking for a good time." The dealer remarked aloud. Even as he spoke, Naruto heard something else from him. "Gods, I hope the boss knows what he's doing. He's not from around this part of town, he doesn't know what happens to those that go against Rattlesnake.

"And how much was a gram of this, again?" The Chuunin asked. "I just hope that Rei is right. This stuff is supposed to get me so high I won't remember that mission ever again. I just can't stand the nightmares anymore."

The blonde had heard enough, both from their words and their thoughts. They were weak, and he wouldn't allow weaklings to taint his big brother's territory. Stepping through the closed door, he held up his hand and felt pressure build up before molding it. The two sensed a newcomer and both looked down. The Chuunin seemed confused as to why there was a cloaked child, but the dealer began sweating profusely. "Shit… shit! Not you!" He backed up quickly, but ended up tripping himself over a box of needles that just happened to fall over at an opportune moment. "Fuck!" He cursed as a few of said needles penetrated his leg in six places.

"I'll deal with you in a bit. For now, I must punish this man." Naruto explained in a matter-of-fact tone as he looked at the Chuunin. Pointing his raised hand at the teen, who was surely no more than 15 or 16, he watched as the shinobi was raised a few feet off the ground until his back was pressed firmly against the ceiling. The man seemed to have trouble breathing and was gasping for air even as his arms and legs were spread wide. "Everyone knows that you don't buy from anyone here except for Rattlesnake. If you want to live a full life, that is. Ignorance of the law is no excuse." The Chuunin couldn't even gather the proper air to respond until he finally stopped struggling. Using the force he grabbed him with to toss him across the room like a limp rag doll, Naruto then laid his violet eyes on the dealer.

As soon as his focus was back on him, the man tried in vain to move back. Naruto slightly waved the fingers of his lowered hand. They were obscured by the cloak, so the dealer couldn't see them. The effects were visible though, as used needles on the floor all rose into the air and slammed into the dealer's exposed flesh. He screamed in agony, even as the depressors were remotely pulled back. What was once used to inject drugs was now used to extract blood from the helpless drug dealer. Floating forward, Naruto looked down at the man, who was whimpering as tears left his eyes and dripped onto the floor. All of the syringes suddenly pulled out simultaneously, causing his whimper to become a shout.

"You knew what you did was wrong. I could hear your thoughts, your fears. You knew this would happen and still took the risk instead of letting Rattlesnake know ahead of time. For your crimes against nii-sama, there is only one punishment. You know what it is already, don't you?" The man didn't answer, he just shivered as his tears mixed with the slowly increasing puddle of blood that gathered beneath him. Looking at the man with distaste, Naruto gathered an invisible force around his first two fingers, which were extended while the rest of his fingers were closed. Making a single, swift motion he watched as a line formed across the dealer's throat and head became separated from torso. Ignoring the blood that soaked into the floor, seeing as he floated above it, Naruto pulled a scroll from one of his pockets and opened it. Some unseen force began to grab all of the drugs – he believed it was probably opium – and push them into the scroll, which swallowed them greedily. Rattlesnake would really appreciate it. Well, that and the rest of the work that he would be putting in tonight. There was plenty of more to do if he was going to turn this in as a successful run.