Truth Belongs To Everyone Disclaimer: Just about everyone in here belongs to J.J Abrams and Bad Robot productions. Thanks for letting me borrow them (-; A/N: I'm sure that there will be some time inaccuracies but this is my first fic and I'm trying.REALLY!! Hope you enjoy it and please review. (Takes place following Truth Takes Times {Great Ep.})

Emily Sloan's funeral was held within a day of the CIA team's arrival back in California. Dixon stood apart from his friends, his head dipped slightly, eyes hard and black as night. He felt his stomach clench with the first feelings of emptiness and longing that he had allowed himself to feel since the SD-6 take down.

His musings were interrupted by the movement of people around him. He watched as Sydney bent to place a bundle of yellow roses on her friend and mentor's casket. His guilt returned as though he was back in the chopper watching as an innocent fell to her knees.

Michael Vaughn and Jack Bristow flanked Sydney on either side, offering their support. Amongst her turmoil the most clear and evident thought remained that Emily would now be at piece. No longer worrying over her husbands dealings, or looking over her shoulder for his assassin. Her pain had been silenced and for that reason alone Sydney was grateful.

From miles away, clear across the continent all the attendees, thoughts and feelings were clearly displayed. The satellite image, although grainy provided a picture like no other. An innocent had been lost, not the first, but hopefully one of the last. The image clicked off to be replaced by a computer screen of 'Stormy Night' and the room's only occupant dropped her head in a moment of remembrance.