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Analyze This

All was quiet in Gryffindor Tower.

With the absence of Fred and George Weasley, there were no surprise dung bombs setting off to disturb the early morning hours. Everyone laid asleep, dreaming pleasant thoughts of the coming week, or having nightmares of evil professors. Everyone that is, except for one girl.

She tossed and turned all night. Sitting up and punching the sides of her lumpy pillow rather violently, she groaned and eased her head back.

Now it was too fluffy.

She was not a habitual insomniac, but often had nights where she just couldn't go to sleep no matter how hard she tried. Either the sheets weren't warm enough, but the blanket made it too hot, or the pillow was too disfigured, and no amount of hitting it could change its state. Squirming under the scarlet and gold sheets, she tried to find a nice spot in the bed; the patch she was currently in was too warm due to her antics. Shifting onto the other half of the bed, the now frustrated girl reckoned that this side was too cold. But she was determined to find the perfect spot on the bed. Rolling further to the edge of the bed, red hair strewn messily around her, she was almost satisfied. She thought groggily, 'Now I'll finally get some rest. I just need to move over a little-bit-more―'


Her thoughts stopped short, however, when she dropped unceremoniously onto the polished, hard wood floor of the dorm. Rising slowly, albeit painfully, and rubbing her sore backside, the girl cursed herself silently for her stupidity; after all, beds are only so wide... Heaving herself back onto the object of her frustration the girl no longer sought after comfort, only sleep, and let her heavy eyelids close.

All of a sudden her curtains whipped open, bright light pouring in through the broad windows.

"Get up!"

Noticing that the ball curled up in bed was not about to rise any time soon, Lark Piston ripped the covers off of herfriend's tired body and shouted over her shoulder while walking out the door, "Ginevra Weasley, get up or you'll be late for breakfast!"

Ginny resisted the urge to hex the form of her roommate, and now decidedly former friend who disappeared down the stairs to the Common Room.

Rubbing her bleary eyes and eventually getting out of bed, Ginny managed to brush her teeth, unruly hair, and put her clothes on properly (she had put them on backwards– twice). She walked slowly downstairs into the Common Room minutes later and realized that she was the last one in the Tower. Trying to ignore the fact that she had gotten about two minutes of sleep, and then been harassed out of bed, Ginny admired the usual Hogwarts scenery. It was a nice day outside, and she didn't want to spoil it with thoughts of murder.

Light gleamed on the windows, and a breeze flowed throughout the stone walls of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There were few clouds in the sky - a perfect day for flying - and it was a Monday. Mondays gave Ginny a sense of fresh new beginnings, a chance to start the week on a good note. She didn't view it as one of 'Satan's gifts to the world' as her older brother Charlie did after waking up one Monday morning with a gigantic hangover.

After all, Ginny thought, no one told him to drink that Long Island Ice Tea, or even four and a half glasses of it. The Muggle drink, which her Muggle obsessed father insisted on trying, was zero percent tea and one-hundred percent alcohol.

Walking toward the Common Room door and reaching for the handle, Ginny said aloud,

"Yeah, it's Monday. I didn't get any sleep, but I should be properly awake in a few minutes. It's going to be a great―"

Her words were stopped short yet again as the Common Room door unexpectedly shot open, smacking her soundly in the face. Slumping to the ground Ginny tried to make heads or tails of the blurry faces around her. As various people crowded around her, trying to nurse the rapidly swelling bump on her head, bloody nose, and possible concussion, Ginny thought of a Muggle children's book her father once brought home.

It was about a little boy who had everything wrong happen to him in one day. She recalled the words of the young boy and agreed with them. Indeed it was shaping up to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

"For Heaven's sake, Ron, I'm fine!"

Ron Weasley looked down at his sister skeptically. She was laying on a plush, red couch in the common room with a small pillow propping up her feet, and a larger one supporting her head. Thanks to Hermione, all traces of blood were gone from her nose, but the bump still remained. Her healing magic wasn't as strong as Madam Pomfrey's.

"Honestly," she said looking up at him, Harry and Hermione. "There's no need to coddle me." More like suffocate me, she thought. "You've done enough already."

"Hey, I didn't mean to hit you with the door," Ron protested. "But what fool stands behind one? What were you doing, waiting for it to magically open? There are some limitations to the castle, Ginny."

"I was about to open it so I could go down to breakfast." Her stomach grumbled loudly as she glared at him. "Which I missed anyway…"

"Don't blame me! If you had gone down to Madam Pomfrey and–"

"Sure, Ron, and told her what? That my prat of a brother nearly decapitated me with the door?"

"You wouldn't be embarrassed if it was entirely my fault!"

"It's certainly not mine! You come stampeding in here–"

"I wasn't stampeding anywhere!"

"– knock me nearly unconscious–"

"The way you're blabbering now, you seem plenty conscious to me!"


"QUIET!" Hermione ordered. "That's enough!"

"She started it," muttered Ron.

"Look, I already have a headache from the two of you; and if I have one, then Ginny must have a huge one."

"As a matter of fact, I do," she said.

Ron glowered.

"It was an accident," Harry put in. "We were in a hurry and weren't expecting someone to be behind the portrait. You've got to admit that it doesn't happen all that often."

Ginny grudgingly agreed with Harry. The trio was always on some mission or another, cooking up mischief. She was just cranky from lack of sleep, and getting hit with a door only made it worse. With a small smile, she let them take their leave.

"You lot are probably late for what you came here to do. I didn't mean to argue, I'm just a bittired. Go on," she said seeing Ron's uncertain look. "I'm fine."

A few minutes later, after Harry, Ron, and Hermione were gone, Ginny also left to head for her first class: Care of Magical Creatures. Grabbing her bag, she stood, and headed for Hagrid's hut.

"This day just can't get any worse!" Ginny panted, running around corners and down staircases to the dungeons.

Care of Magical Creatures was fine until she managed to trip over a rock, fall on the makeshift fence thatpicketed the unicorns in, break it, and set them loose. For the entire period she and the rest of her classmates had to chase after the beautiful, but quick, animals. When everyone left, she stayed after to help Hagrid catch the rest -it was her fault.

After another hundred apologies to Hagrid, she realized that she was late for her next class: double Potions with the Slytherins. Sprinting down the halls, her backpack flying half off her shoulder, she chanted,

"Please let him be late, please let him be late…"

Ha! The room was in sight, just past this corridor! Closer she ran; she was almost there. Only a few paces from the entrance…

"You're late."

Professor Snape must not have studied the law of inertia, because if he had, he would have known not to step in the doorway, just as Ginny was running in. He would have known that due to inertia, Ginny running at the speed she was would not be able to stop right away. He also would have known that Ginny would crash right into him, knocking him over, her backpack flying from her hands, knocking student's cauldrons onto the floor, splattering their contents everywhere.

But hey, he was no Madame Trelawney.

"Get – off – me."

"E-excuse me, professor?" stuttered Ginny, still out of breath.

"I said, get off of me! This instant, you clumsy fool!"

Hopping off of the raging Snape, Ginny stood nervously and horribly embarrassed in the center of the room. Pointing one spindly finger at her, Snape continued,

"Not only did you come late –"

"I have an excuse!"

"Silence! When I wish to be interrupted I'll send you an owl requesting it. Ten points from Gryffindor." Ginny scowled.

"As I was saying," he went on, in an eerily calm voice, "not only did you arrive late to class; you came looking as if you just battled with trolls in the mud. At least if you were to be late and make a circus of my class, you could dress decently." Eyeing her outdated robes he said, "On second thought, with your family's income, how much should I expect?"

Ginny flushed deeply. A few Slytherins snickered.

Walking to the front of the room, Snape took note of the large bump on her head, accentuated by the beads of sweat on her forehead. With the addition of this mishap, it began to take on a purplish hue. Maybe, she thought, I should have gotten it checked out; all I need is to hear Snape start on it.

"What on earth have you done to your face?" he asked.

Standing a bit straighter, Ginny said, "Sir, I'd rather not say."

"Another ten points from Gryffindor.I didn't ask you what you wanted," he hissed. "I asked you what you did."

"This is outrageous!" This indiscreet declaration came from Colin Creevey, one of Ginny's inner circle.

"Another five points from Gryffindor for your impertinence, Mr. Creevey. I really could do this all day but some ofus would like to resume the lesson. Soanswer me now, Miss Weasley."

Knowing that Snape was questing to embarrass her, Ginny stood as straight as possible and answered in a rushed voice,

"This morning going to breakfast I was hit in the head with the common room door." Laughter erupted from the Slytherin side of the room.

"As much as I expected from a Weasley," the Professor said, smirking. "And pray tell why you are late?"

Ginny kept her face impassive. "I set the unicorns loose in Care of Magical Creatures." The Slytherins were now doubled over with laughter; some were even shaking with mirth on the cold floor of the dungeon. The Gryffindors, however, shook with rage. Especially Colin and Lark.

"We've spent enough time dwelling on idiocy," Snape continued. "With a total of thirty-five points taken from Gryffindor due to rudeness," he eyed Colin, "lateness, and a general disregard for rules, I would like to continue with my lesson. Take your seat."

Walking stiffly to her seat, Ginny slammed her books on the table and sat down, her bag lying forgotten in a puddle of murky potion at her feet.

"It was just awful, 'Mione. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed in my life."

The Trio, Ginny, Colin, and Lark were on their way to the Great Hall for lunch. Summing up the day's events, Ginny walked with one hand over her face.

"Try not to worry about it," said Ron. "As much as I'd like to rub Snape's greasy face in the mud, tear him from limb to limb, pull out his entrails-"

"Ron!" Hermione said reproachfully. "You're not cheering her up, just disgusting her."

"Sorry," he said, with a sheepish grin, the murderous glintin his eyesnow gone. "Anyway, like I said, I'd love to give that spineless git a dose of his own medicine, but I can't. Last time I tried, I ended up cleaning out bedpans from St. Mungos that were specially ordered in for me." He shuddered. "Painful, painful memories."

Harry sniggered. "Yeah, for me too. Your whining and the smell nearly did me in."

Dodging the swipe at his head that Ron sent his way as Hermione smiled, clearly in agreement, Harry sidled over to Ginny's side and put a reassuring arm over her shoulder. "Just try and stay out of his way. And try and get more sleep," he offered. "The havoc you wreak when you don't is terrifying." Ginny nudged him on the shoulder, but was obviously in much better spirits.

"Seeing such happy faces reassures me that life really is worth living."

Until then.

"Oh, yippee," muttered Colin, eyeing the less than welcome presence of Draco Malfoy and his followers, Crabbe and Goyle.

"We're not in the mood, Malfoy," Ron snapped. "Go have no life somewhere else."

Draco ignored him. "Doesn't it bother you, Weasel, that your sister is being handled by Potter, here? I'd expect you to be quite jealous; you don't strike me as the type to want to share. But like they say, 'the more, the merrier.' " Ron went livid and stepped forward, pulling his wand out at the smae time.

"You know, Ferret, it surprises me that you have time to speak such trash. I mean, juggling your attention between your harem, and Crabbe and Goyle must be quite the act, a right mean feat. But you know, like they say, 'the more, the merrier.'"

Draco took pause; that remark had come from Ginny, who was currently holding Ron back with Hermione's help.

"Keep you mouth on Potter, not on matters that don't concern you," he spat, obviously affronted by Ginny's offense. "You're just a waste of space. Don't think I haven't heard about your campaign to set the animals on Hogwarts loose; it only showed that you're obviously lacking in intelligence as well."

Sensing that this was still sensitive ground he smiled cruelly and said, "Oh, don't think I couldn't tell! That monstrosity" - he gestured to the swollen bump on her head - "tells all. You've obviously got as much sense as you have money. After you destroyed your 'robes', or what was already left of them, I can see why you found the need to cozy up next to Scarface here. Hoping to hit him up for a few galleons, eh?"

Stepping closer to Ginny, his towering 6'3 frame dwarfing even her 5'6 stature, he leered suggestively at her. "Or I can always provide. I don't usually go for sloppy seconds, especially not ones beneath me," he was now practically on top of her. Fingering her robes, he concluded, "But I can always make exceptions when it concerns charity. I'm all for altruism." He winked.

All hell went loose.

Harry, Ron, even Colin stepped forward. Crabbe and Goyle went tostand beside their leader. But Ginny raised her arms to hold back the mob of her loyal friends. She was boiling. How dare he?

"Don't dirty your hands," Ron growled. "I'll do it for you."

Draco tapped his temple. "I thought they were quite filthy already."

"You - "

"Ron, I'm fine! His two-knut ravings aren't worth a brawl in the corridors that'll score you a detention!"

By now people were starting to stop and stare. "Let's just let it go." As the group behind the redhead's arms hesitated, she pushed them back forcefully. "Let it go." Ginny and turned her back on the snickering Slytherin, his laughter following the few steps she took.

"Let it go, big brother!"

Ginny told herself to count to ten - but she didn't get past four before she turned back around and walked back to the crowd. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Colin and Lark stopped to watch where Ginny was going. The students in the hallway had resumed milling around, and she was forced to push her way through to Draco. When she reached him, Ginnyprodded his turned back.

Turning around, Draco took note of who it was. "Just couldn't resist me, eh, Weasley? Decided to –"


She didn't know what made her do it. It could have been that her day started off on the wrong foot to begin with; it could have been that she was tired of taking crap from Draco Malfoy and having others stand up for her. It could have been her frustration that Draco didn't see - that half of Hogwarts didn't see - she was completely over Harry, and for a few years at that. It was most likely a combination of allthose things.

But whatever it was, it made Ginevra Molly Weasley turn around, tap Draco Malfoy on the back as proper as you please, and hit him. No, not some maidenly slap. Not even a hard punch. It was the king of blows.

Her eyes glittered dangerously as Malfoy's head sprang to the side, blood gathering in the corner of his mouth. The crowd once again stopped, watching in awe. The impact of Ginny's knuckles on his jaw caused him to bite down hard on his lip, splitting it open. His body half turned with the force of the punch. Tripping backward a few steps, Draco's hand went mechanically to his face. Everything was silent.

The only thing Ginny could hear was her harsh breathing, and the thumping of her heart beating wildly in her chest with adrenaline. Not even watching Quidditch gave her this rush.

Rushing forward to see what the source of the giant crack! was, Ron's eyes grew large; his disbelieving voice piercing the silence, "What do you know, Ginny?! You decked Malfoy!"

­­­Ginny thought that he could have at least added something melodramatic like, "Weasley's your queen, now, Draco Malfoy!"

But the look on the blond's face told her that it would have been most inappropriate.

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