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As she arrived at the Salvatore boarding house, Elena was quietly excited and a little apprehensive at the same time. Only just over an hour earlier, Stefan had given her a daylight ring, which was, as far as daylight rings go, quite pretty. In typical Stefan fashion, he had managed to make it feel like a romantic occasion by giving it to her as they sat on top of the roof of the boarding house just as the sun was beginning to rise. Unfortunately the romantic moment was soon over as it was now time for the business end of being a vampire to start, the part she had been dreading, which was learning how to hunt and feed. Elena had been adamant that she didn't want to hurt people and Stefan wholly supported her decision and thought that it would be a good idea to jump straight onto the bunny diet. Safe to say, Damon was totally against it and although it turned out that he was her sire, as far as Elena was concerned, she'd made her choice when she chose Stefan that night on Wickery Bridge, so Stefan, as her boyfriend got the winning vote. After that particular argument, which had led to Damon throwing a glass in the fire, Elena had stormed out, run home, got showered and changed, and had just arrived back to start her first hunting lesson with Stefan.

Elena walked into the house quietly and could hear the boys talking up in Stefan's room. Deciding to try out her new vampire skills, she silently vamp-sped to the bottom of the Stefan's stairs, and quietly listened in to their conversation. Initially all Elena could hear were rustling noises combined with what sounded like drawers being opened and closed, Elena assumed that Stefan must be packing for their trip. Elena knew that they probably were unaware of her being there so she waited until they inevitably started to argue, which predictably didn't take long.

"You're making a big fucking mistake." Elena heard Damon warn Stefan.

"No, I'm not." Elena heard Stefan reply. "If I can get Elena used to animal blood right out the gate..."

"You're reaching." Damon interjected.

"...Maybe she'll be able to bypass all the things that we went through." Stefan continued, practically ignoring Damon.

"Delusional!" Damon sang.

"Maybe she actually has a shot at this." Stefan continued, although Elena wasn't sure whether Stefan was talking to Damon or just reassuring himself.

"Wrong. You're just wrong, Stefan." Damon argued back.

"She won't be able to handle it if she hurts someone, Damon." Stefan explained. "Her compassion is her Achilles heel and everything is magnified right now." Elena smiled at Stefan being so thoughtful.

"Then you better fucking hope she's not a fan of Bambi." Damon said, Elena nodded, he did have a point, she did find deer cute. However, Elena nearly jumped out of her skin when she suddenly heard a thud which sounded like metal piercing wood. She hoped the brothers weren't playing rough. "She needs human blood, Stefan, from the vein." Damon continued. Elena shook her head, she didn't want to hurt anyone. She wanted to pretend she was still human with a small dietary change.

"Oh, come on, you know what the fuck happens. You name me a vampire who didn't kill at least one person when they were new." Stefan argued back, Elena nodding her head in agreement, although she was slightly surprised by the language coming from the brothers. They'd never swore in front of her before, however now that she had super hearing, she was probably going to hear a lot of things she didn't normally get to hear.

"You name me one vampire who went on a bunny diet and didn't kill dozens." Damon retaliated, now that caught Elena's attention. Would going straight to the bunny diet cause problems?

Caroline started on human blood, and so did Stefan. Had anyone actually started on the bunny diet without ever touching the human stuff before? Would that turn her into a ripper? she wondered.

"If she kills someone, she will crumble. How much pain do you think she could take before she shuts off her humanity switch?" Stefan asked with a pained voice interrupting Elena's thoughts and turning them back to the conversation between the brothers.

"It happens to the best of us at least once. We get over it, Stefan. A hundred years or so." Damon said nonchalantly

"No, I think I'd like her to skip that part." Stefan insisted.

"She can't learn to control the blood lust, if she's never actually experienced the blood lust" a hint of frustration was beginning to penetrate Damon's voice, although to be fair, Elena knew there was a chance that Damon might be right. What she hadn't told Stefan is that if the bunny diet didn't work, she'd try blood bags, but because she didn't want to upset Stefan, she'd decided, should that situation arise she'd go to Caroline for help, or if desperate, she'd ask Damon, although she wasn't sure how willing he'd be to help right now as he was pissed off with her.

"What the fuck are you doing? Will you knock it off?" Stefan complained. Elena getting worried that they might have started to fight, so silently she made her way up the stairs to see what was happening.

"It's a cheat. It's like giving a kid a calculator before they know math." Damon argued.

"I said will you fucking stop it!" Stefan shouted as Stefan grabbed Damon's arm, however Damon pushed his arm off of him as they stared each other down. This was how Elena found them when she entered Stefan's room. Damon and Stefan were too busy staring at each other, to initially notice her.

"Woah, what's going on?" Elena asked, deciding to make her presence known.

"We're just having a little disagreement about process." Stefan explained as the brothers continued glaring at each other.

"You're still not on board with the animal plan." Elena asked Damon as Stefan stopped the stare down with Damon and got back to packing the bag.

"Nope. I say rip off the proverbial band-aid and let it bleed." Damon looked at Elena pointedly. "You're a vampire, Elena. Be a vampire."

"Ready to go?" Stefan asked ignoring Damon and confirming he'd finished packing walking over towards Elena. Elena nodded in reply.

"Vampires eat people!" Damon called out just as they both start to leave. Stefan and Elena stopped in the doorway and looked at him. "It's part of the natural food pyramid." he continued. "Trust me, you're going to be miserable." Stefan left Elena standing there for a second staring at Damon, contemplating his words before following Stefan downstairs and out to the woods.

"Hi." Elena said, gazing into Stefan's green eyes as they were tucked up under the blanket he'd brought. Although it was romantic and thoughtful, she tried to hide the fact that it felt a little awkward. Stefan had decided to make a romantic date out of their hunting trip, 'he's taking me out for dinner' was the rationale that had popped into Elena's head. He'd brought a couple of blankets, which Stefan had carefully laid one on the ground for them to lay on and one on top for them to get snuggled under. Stefan seemed to be eager for them to make up for the lost time they'd spent not being together whilst he was out on his Ripper binge with Klaus. Suddenly Elena realized that the only intimacy they'd shared in the last six months was the kiss before her accident. She'd spent more time being intimate with Damon than Stefan, a lump of sadness and guilt came up in her throat. She immediately pushed it to the back of her head, she'd chosen Stefan not Damon, and regardless of her feelings for Damon, there was no going back now. She loved Stefan, she would always love Stefan, Stefan was safe and was going to teach her how to be a fully functioning 'human' vampire instead of giving into her natural instinct which is what Damon was encouraging. Elena had to live with her choice and make the best of it.

"Hi." Stefan smiled back before pushing back the blanket and helping Elena get up. Before they'd lain down, Stefan had explained he was listening out for a deer and they'd start hunting when he heard one. Stefan put his finger to his lips signaling for her to be quiet as there was a deer in the vicinity. Elena silently followed him as they walked through the woods towards the deer, suddenly Elena spotted her 'meal' eating grass nearby. Elena started breathing heavily, she was nervous and uncomfortable at hurting a poor defenseless animal, especially when it wasn't her true prey.

"Close your eyes." Stefan whispered as she looked up at him and then closed her eyes. Hearing the telltale whooshing sound indicating Stefan had vamp sped over to the deer, Elena opened her eyes and gasped. Stefan had the poor thing pinned down on the ground, the veins around his eyes protruding, but he wasn't hunting for himself, this was for her. He beckoned Elena over and silently pointed to it's throat where she bent down and bit into it.

The blood gushed into her mouth, however it was so disgusting that she couldn't swallow it, so instead she just pretended to for Stefan's sake. The blood was so disgusting she could only liken the disgust to the horrible taste of milk that had gone off. Elena pretended to take in as much as she could before she got up from the ground, leaving the deer to run off. She watched it as it left, feeling not only hungry, but upset that she'd hurt a poor defenseless deer in the process. It made her feel dirty as she touched the blood around her mouth, unable to hide how upset it made her feel.

"Don't worry, he'll heal. Bigger animals are more resilient." Stefan tried to reassure her seeing her being uncomfortable with this method of feeding as she turned to face him with blood all around her mouth and tears in her eyes.

"Hey." Stefan tried to soothe Elena as he dabbed at the blood around her mouth with a cloth. "You did it. I know it's hard." He said caressing her face. "But you can do this."Elena began to cry, but nodded her head confidently, knowing that if Stefan could do it, she could do it.

"I've got an idea." Stefan changed tack. "Lets forget the feeding for a little while and practice the perks of vampirism." Elena raised her eyebrow in suspicion. "Don't worry." Stefan told her. "I'm going to teach you how to vamp speed properly." He explained as he turned Elena around so her back was towards him.

"I can't do it." Elena giggled, all thoughts of the deer had completely disappeared from her mind.

"Alright, it's like the starting line of a race, right?" Stefan ignored her previous comment. "So you just push off with every ounce of strength that you have."

"Yeah, but I was a cheerleader." Elena argued back. "I sucked at track."

"Just concentrate, okay? You can do it." Stefan encouraged her. Taking in an unnecessary deep breath Elena crouched into a running position before she breathed back out. Stefan placed his hands around her waist which completely distracted her. The sensation of his hands on her body was suddenly turning her on. Learning how to vamp speed was now the furthest thing from her mind.

"I can't. All I can think about is your hands on my body." she complained.

"Oh, okay." Stefan responded innocently taking his hands off from around her waist. Elena grabbed his hands and puts them back around her.

"No, no, no. I - I didn't say to take them off. It feels good." Elena insisted, the six months without sex was beginning to take its toll and she needed physical contact.

"Yeah. What does it feel like?" Stefan whispered in her ear seductively.

"It feels like you're touching every nerve on my body." Elena said closing her eyes whilst Stefan's hands began to roam her body.

"Everything is heightened. Taste, smell, sight, touch." Stefan's whispered huskily as he started to kiss Elena's neck. This was a first between her and Stefan. Due to his blood issues, he'd never been able to pay her neck much attention. She hadn't discovered how much of an erogenous zone it was until she'd made out with Damon in Denver.

The simple thought of Damon kissing her neck sent her spiraling as pure pleasure took over Elena and she lost control, grabbing Stefan's face, they began to kiss passionately. At this point she didn't really care who she was kissing, all she cared about was the need to be kissed She jumped up and puts her legs around Stefan's waist as he super sped them together into a tree. Elena let herself back down on the ground as they continue to kiss whilst Stefan unzipped Elena's jacket and unbuttoned her pants. Elena made Stefan take off his shirt then she began kissing his chest before she moved back to his lips. Elena pushed all thoughts of Damon from her mind and concentrated on Stefan as this was going to be their first time in over six months.

Stefan vamp-sped them over to the makeshift bed that he'd made with the blankets on the ground and laid her down, but Elena wanted to be in charge for a change. She was no longer the weak pathetic human, so as Stefan laid her down on the blankets, she grabbed him, pushed him to the ground and was on top of him, straddling him in the blink of an eye. Elena began kissing him passionately again, enjoying the feeling of being an almost match for Stefan compared to before. Stefan on the other hand had other ideas and wrestled her to being back underneath him. He slid his hands inside her panties and started to play with her clit, sending jolts of electricity throughout her body. As hot as it was, something was different. Usually Stefan took things slow and methodical before he made love to her. She appreciated that she was a vampire and no longer breakable but she felt that both of their needs were purely sexual and had no emotional feelings. When he discarded her clothes and had got her wet enough so that he could enter her comfortably, her thoughts were confirmed. He wasn't making love to her, he was fucking her. She had no problem with the idea of being fucked, and considering her heightened sex drive, she suspected she was going to need that type of sex more frequently, however considering her and Stefan had been apart for so long, she wasn't sure that this was the right time to just 'fuck'.

Thinking about what was happening distracted Elena sufficiently to spoil her pleasure until she wondered what it would be like if it were Damon inside of her instead of Stefan. She knew she shouldn't be fantasizing about making love to Damon whilst having sex with Stefan but she couldn't help it. It did the trick though, she suddenly regained the momentum and became even more turned on. As her eyes closed and she imaged Damon on top of her, she could feel the tell tale signs of an impending orgasm. When it finally ripped through her it wasn't as powerful as she'd hoped, and for the second time that day, she was left feeling unsatisfied..

Moments later Stefan climaxed inside of her and collapsed on top of her for a few seconds before pushing up and looking at her in the eyes. "Told you I'd show you some of the perks of vampirism." he smiled. "Thank you." was all Elena could say as she smiled back and gave him a small peck on the lips before pushing him off to make herself look decent.

Stefan frowned, he could tell something was wrong. "You okay?" he asked.

Elena looked down at him as she ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm fine. A little overwhelmed I guess." she lied. "I think we should get going back to the house, I don't need anymore blood right now."

Stefan looked at her carefully but didn't say anything as he packed their belongings into the rucksack he'd brought. "I've got a surprise for you back at the house." he said smiling as they set off walking the short distance back to the boarding house. "You go straight to my room and I'll be up in a few minutes okay?" he asked as they approached the front door. Elena nodded in response and made her way up to Stefan's bedroom.

When she got to his room, her mind was racing. When she'd imagined her and Stefan reuniting it had been in a much more loving fashion, not as an exercise in the 'perks of vampirism'. She'd needed to imagine she was with Damon just to give her an orgasm. There was no way their sex life was going to function if she was going to have these issues going forward, maybe it was an adjustment issue considering she'd been more intimate with Damon over the last six months than Stefan.

The other thought that began to cross her mind whilst she waited for Stefan was the argument between the brothers about her choice of lifestyle. Neither Caroline nor Lexi had successfully managed to stick to the animal diet. Caroline mainly fed from blood bags. Deep down she knew that feeding from blood bags was the best way forward, but she didn't want to upset Stefan so soon after them getting back together. The deer she'd tried to feed from was absolutely disgusting, and she wasn't sure she could face an eternity of feeding like that. Also she wanted to know what Damon meant by controlling the blood lust. As much as she wanted to ask Stefan, she wasn't sure he was the right person to discuss this with. Instead she knew she needed to talk it over with Damon without the presence of Stefan.

Just as those thoughts crossed her mind she noticed Stefan enter the room. "Hey." she said, feeling like her guilty thoughts were etched all over her face.

"Hi." Stefan said back holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses in his hands.

Elena cocked an eyebrow in surprise."What's that for?" she asked.

"This is from the year you were born." Stefan smiled warmly, holding out the bottle to show her the year. "I think we should celebrate."

"Celebrate what?" Elena was confused, she couldn't remember any occasion noteworthy of celebration.

Stefan walked over to her with the glasses and champagne. "Your first feed. I know it was disgusting and traumatic and it was horrible, but you did it anyway." he explained smiling. "You survived it."

"Well, um, I wouldn't say I survived it. It actually kind of made me feel sick." Elena protested weakly.

"Listen, I choked it down for a month before I could stomach the taste. It gets easier." Stefan held out the champagne. "This, on the other hand, will go down like silk." Stefan looked at the bottle and smiled before returning his eyes to hers causing her to smile back.

"You're so cheery." Elena said trying to hide the curiosity in her voice.

"Yeah, because you're here and you're alive-ish. And you're gonna get through this." Stefan explained. Elena nodded, understanding his reasoning. "So, would you like to do the honors?" he asked.

"Okay." Elena said, trying to ignore the dark thought running through her mind that the only reason she was alive-ish was because unbeknownst to her and Stefan, she had Damon's blood running through her veins. Disregarding the thought, she turned her attention to the champagne. Elena didn't need to be asked twice for an excuse to drink champagne as she popped out the cork and it flew across the room. They both screamed and laughed as the bubbles started overflowing.

"Oh my gosh." Elena laughed as Stefan poured the champagne into the glasses.

They clinked their glasses together as a toast."Cheers." Stefan said as they went to kiss each other as Stefan's phone went off and interrupted them as he answered it.

"Perfect timing, Damon." Unlike his brother, Stefan had never mastered the art of sarcasm. "Yeah, we just got back. What?"

Stefan spent a few minutes on the phone with Damon before hanging up and telling Elena about what had happened at Pastor Young's farm although Elena had been able to hear Damon's voice over the phone with perfect clarity. Elena wanted to ask Damon about the blood lust issues and this was a perfect excuse to approach Damon and to see him without Stefan getting suspicious about it. To be on the safe side, Elena only told Stefan that she needed to head home and change, she'd tell him later that she'd gone to the Grill to confront Damon.

Once she got home she showered and changed into some clean clothing, Elena set off to the Mystic Grill. Upon arrival she spotted Damon at his usual place at the bar.

Elena approached him and began to sit down on his left hand side. "Did you do it?" she whispered to him.

"That seat's taken." Damon said without looking.

"But there's no one here." Elena replied totally looking at him in confusion.

"Well, I'm just going to pretend like there's someone there, because the alternative is just too damn depressing." Damon snapped as Elena realized this used to be Ric's usual spot prompting her to move to his other side before sitting down.

"Did you set off the explosion that killed the Town Council?" Elena asked in a low voice even though she had a feeling she knew the answer to her question. The Town Council question was a ruse to cover her real reason for seeing Damon and she needed him to believe it too.

"Am I wearing my "I Blew Up The Council" t-shirt, why does everybody keep asking me that?" Damon asked, sarcasm and irritation was dripping out of his mouth.

"Did you?" Elena asked, just to make sure before she could get to the real reason she wanted to see him.

"No." he snapped. "Anything else?" Elena hesitated, she knew she shouldn't be asking this of Damon after what had happened the night she turned and their friendship had hit rock bottom since then, especially now she knew about everything he'd compelled her to forget. Awkward didn't cover how they felt around each at this point. But Elena knew they needed to talk as she might need his help in the future.

"Yes, something's wrong." Elena looked around furtively, making sure nobody else was listening. "The animal blood is disgusting." she whispered. "It made me feel sick."

Damon rolled his eyes."Well, there's a shock." A sarcastic smirk appeared on his lips.

"I think I need your help." Elena practically pleaded

Damon sighed. "Of course you do." he grimaced. "Pick your meal." Damon pointed to a woman sitting near the pool table. "You've got Asian fusion." then he pointed at a man at the other end of the bar. "Mexican. Or how about some good old American comfort food?" he suggested, waving his hand at nobody in particular.

"No. No, no human blood. Stefan's right, I have to at least try to get through this without hurting anyone. Plus that's not exactly what I meant." Elena looked around. "Can we go somewhere a little more private?" she whispered.

Damon sighed. "Fine, come on." Damon quickly finished his drink, grabbed Elena's arm and dragged her into the bathroom with him. He closed the door and locked it behind them, he then bit his hand and held it out to Elena.

"What are you doing?" Elena asked confused. "I was going to suggest a booth, and why are you offering me your blood?"

Damon turned to face her. "You said you wanted some privacy, so here we are Elena. You can't stand the animal stuff and you don't want to feed from humans, so I'm giving you what you need. Here, drink." he commanded her.

"What?" she asked.

"You're a new vampire, Elena. You need warm blood from the vein. Maybe this will do the trick. Or not. But just, don't tell Stefan." Damon warned her.

"Why not?" Elena asked as she looked at the blood on his hand.

"Because blood sharing is kind of personal." Damon said slowly.

"What do you mean it's personal?" Elena eyed Damon suspiciously, secretly wanting to know what he meant but decided to drop it for now.

"Just drink." Damon insisted.

"Ewww Damon, no. " Elena scrunching her face up in disgust,. "That's not why I wanted to talk to you." she explained.

"Okay then, What's on your mind that you're too scared to ask your boyfriend." he asked, going over to the sink, washing the blood from his hand and then wiping it with a paper towel.

Elena took in a deep and unnecessary breath. "I overheard you and Stefan talking earlier." she told him, as Damon put the paper towel in the bin and turned back around to face her. "You said something about how I wouldn't be able to control the blood lust if I'd never experienced the blood lust. What did you mean by that?" she asked. "Caroline has great control."

Damon leaned up against one of the sinks and folded his arms. "How do you want me to answer that?" he asked. "Do you want the sugar coated version or the truth?"

Elena sighed. "You always tell me the truth Damon." she said. "Why stop now? You've never sugar coated things before. I just want your honesty."

"Let me ask you a question." Damon tilted his head in thought. "If you went home and Jeremy had cut himself with a knife and there was blood, what would you do? How would you react?" he asked.

Elena looked at her feet, before looking at Damon uncomfortably. "I don't know." she said quietly.

"I know what you'd do." Damon told her. "You'd try and resist, but it would be futile because you don't have the skills to resist. Those skills don't magically appear you know. You have to learn them through experience. Learning the theory isn't enough to prepare you for the real world, it's a skill that takes practice. Stefan can only do the bunny diet because he's experienced the blood lust. Caroline is the same, she experienced the blood lust when she first turned, when she killed that guy at the carnival."

Elena folded her arms defensively. "I don't want to hurt anyone Damon."

Damon rolled his eyes. "Look Elena, I'm just being honest with you. You asked me what would happen and I'm telling you that you are going to struggle when you come across fresh human blood. Your instincts will take over, you will go for the jugular and you won't know when to stop because you don't know when that cut off point is to step away from the ledge, before you've taken too much and end up killing someone. I can explain it but until you feel it, you won't understand what I mean. Let's just hope it doesn't with someone you love." Elena could clearly see annoyance marking Damon's voice.

"What if I try blood bags instead?" Elena asked. "If I have enough, I won't have the need for blood and being around the fresh stuff won't bother me."

Damon's face softened. "There's no such thing as being too full for a vampire." he explained. "Once you get caught up in the blood lust, there's no such thing as too much blood. Stefan can go through an entire village in less than an hour, he only stops when he runs out of people, not because he's full. You have to learn how to pull away because it's easy to get caught up in the feed. Then the feed soon becomes the kill. It is that easy to lose control." he snapped his fingers. "Only once you've learned how to pull away and resist it during a feed, can you resist it and not feed in the first place."

Elena nodded in understanding. "So why is Stefan so adamant about me going straight onto the bunny diet when he knows that I could lose control and kill someone?" she asked.

Damon looked thoughtful for a moment. "I think part of him thinks that if you never taste human blood, you'll never crave human blood, which is ridiculous because instincts will always override the brain of a newbie vampire."

"And the other part?" Elena asked, although she suspected she already knew the answer.

"I can't really answer on behalf of my brother, but I suspect he's scared he'll lose you if you feed from humans." he told her.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because when we turn we change." Damon explained. "Our personalities become heightened but at the same time we also become a little darker. We lose a little part of our humanity. Part of the reason for this is because we feed off of human blood. Our morals change and things are no longer about what's good or bad. It's about learning to survive." Elena listened to what Damon told her with interest. Nothing like this had been explained to her before, although it wouldn't have truly made sense to her until now. "When Stefan feeds from humans." Damon continued. "He almost loses his entire humanity, and he's scared that will happen to you. The rest of us lose only parts, unless we flip the switch and then we lose it all."

Elena frowned. "So you think Stefan is afraid of losing me to my possible darker side? Do you think he thinks I'll become like Katherine?" she asked.

"No!" Damon reassured her. "You are the polar opposite to Katherine, and that will be heightened. I'm guessing that it's because he won't be able to share the experiences with you."

Reality washed over Elena. "He can't teach me how to control the blood lust, because he can't control it himself." Damon smiled at her conclusion. "You think he's worried that I'll turn to you when I need help, and that you'll be the one getting me through this instead of him." Damon nodded, his smile getting wider. "Why would he think that?" she asked.

"Considering it's me you're having this conversation with right now, I'd say Stefan has every right to suspect you'd turn to me for help when he can't be there for you." Damon raised an eyebrow.

"Oh. I guess maybe he has a point." Elena said in a small voice. "Okay, so as I've already asked for your help, we need to find a solution." Elena continued. "We need to find a sensible way of helping me control the blood lust before I make a decision about my future diet."

Damon grinned. "Now that's more like it." he said. "I say we go to this memorial and I'll come up with a plan to teach you to feed from humans without Saint Stefan knowing, until we're confident that you have full control over your blood lust. Can I just ask, how many times have you fed since you turned and when did you last feed?"

"I've only fed once." Elena told Damon as his jaw dropped in shock at the news. "But I couldn't swallow it because it was so horrible. It would have made me sick" she said sadly.

"So you're starving?" Damon asked as Elena nodded. Damon ran his fingers through his hair. "Fuck, Elena. "Are you telling me that you haven't fed since you turned?" he asked angrily. Elena nodded her head like a scolded child. "You do realize you are about to go into a church full of people and you're starving. I can't give you a blood bag before the service because that might trigger the blood lust, so we'll have to hope you don't go all Ripper 2.0 on us during the service, and then I'll give you a blood bag and find a way to sort this out. Does that sound okay?" Damon asked.

Elena smiled before leaning over to him and gingerly pecking him on the cheek. "Thank you for this Damon. You don't know how much it means to me." Damon grimaced. " But please Damon, don't tell Stefan until I'm ready." she asked. Damon nodded in response as she unlocked the bathroom door and they both walked out to go home and get ready for the memorial.