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Damon and Elena pulled up outside the property in Richmond where which Damon had purchased as the safe-house, closely followed by Bonnie and Jeremy in Bonnie's car. After the earlier revelation regarding the strength of power emanating from the fetus, they'd clued Jeremy in on everything regarding the baby being magical. They collectively decided any magic to be performed after they'd arrived at the new property as they weren't sure what effect it would have upon Damon and Elena.

Elena got out of the car and stood in front of the impressive mansion and looked to Damon who had a massive grin on his face. "A normal house would have been fine." Elena sighed.

Damon furrowed his brows. "Eww, no." he said shaking his head. "The master suite is in it's own wing and has an adjacent library, which I thought would be perfect to be turned into a nursery for the little one." he grinned. "Plus I don't want to be woken by the neighbors every morning."

Elena knew he had a good point. Being a vampire had one big downside when it came to everything being heightened, that was sleep and noise. Being tired affected vampires in a different way to humans. They didn't get sleepy, but they did get tired and their bodies did need rest, especially considering the amount of alcohol they would consume to help curb their blood cravings. Although Elena couldn't drink alcohol, she was becoming tired more frequently due to the pregnancy, which was why they'd decided to go to a club that evening and see if blood straight from the vein would help Elena feel better.

Damon led them up to the house and opened the front door and gestured for Elena to be the first one to go inside. Elena had to admit the house was beautiful. The grand hallway had white marble floor, leading off war a huge dining room already housing a huge dining table, a fully furnished parlor and she could see a large kitchen further down the hall. A grand staircase led up to the first floor. She could tell from the outside of the house there were more downstairs rooms, accessible via the parlor, kitchen and dining room.

"Is this okay?" Damon asked, his voice sounding a little nervous.

"It's...it's...beautiful." Elena put her hand to her mouth, clearly emotional before turning to Damon, jumping into his arms and wrapping her arms around his neck before kissing him.

"Ugh...will you guys get a room." Bonnie sighed as she walked in through the door.

"Now that sounds like a wonderful idea." Damon grinned as he swept Elena off her feet, bridal style.

"Damon!" Elena chided. "Put me down." she said as Damon kissed her nose.

"I'm kidding." he sighed. "Now we're here I need Bonnie to do a spell for me." he said.

"Already?" Bonnie asked.

Damon nodded. "I haven't heard from Stefan or Ric for the last forty eight hours. I'm a little worried about them. You think you can do a locator spell?" he asked.

"Sure." Bonnie shrugged. "But I'll need a map and some of your blood." she told him.

Damon took a map out of his pocket and led them to the dining room. He unfolded the map and placed it on the dining room table, before he bit into his hand to draw blood. "Where do you want it?" he asked.

"Right where we are." Bonnie told him as Damon let little drops of blood drop onto the map from his hand. "That's enough." Bonnie said as she closed her eyes to chant the spell. "Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Sequitas Sanguinem." she said, however the blood didn't move. "Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Sequitas Sanguinem." she said again, but again nothing happened to the blood. However it appeared Bonnie could tell there was a problem. "It's fighting me." she looked around at everyone.

"Are they cloaked?" Elena asked.

Bonnie shook her head. "If they are, I didn't do it." she said, however suddenly she smiled. "Can I put your hand on your stomach?" she asked Elena who pulled her top up to allow Bonnie to touch her. Elena put her hand over Bonnie's just to reassure the fetus that she was happy for Bonnie to do this and that Bonnie was to be trusted. "Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Sequitas Sanguinem." said again, this time the blood on the map began to move until it settled over New Orleans.

"So does that mean they're fine?" Jeremy asked.

Bonnie frowned. "Yeah." she said.

"What's wrong?" Damon asked.

"Something is cloaking everyone involved in the prophesy." Bonnie told them. "I can only find people by connecting with the baby. Let's just hope this is the prophesy itself creating the magical cloak and not the baby." she said.

"So what do you suggest we do?" Jeremy asked.

"I suggest we take a break for the rest of the day." Damon offered.

"We can start looking for answers tomorrow." Elena agreed. "I say we take a day off from worrying and explore the house." she winked at Damon.

"Let's go." Damon said, as he began to show them around the house.

Stefan decided it was time for Ric to be filled in on everything before they went through the journals and papers. Elijah had gone out for the night and Hayley the rude werewolf he was hiding had gone to bed, leaving Ric and Stefan in the parlor with just whiskey for company.

"So, what did we already know?" Ric asked Stefan. "I wasn't around for most of it, so it's now time to fill me in with the full version not the abridged one don't you think?" he asked. "And why the hell has nobody explained to me how Klaus survived. I staked him with the white oak stake." he said.

Stefan sighed. "Okay, so the night you died, Bonnie put Klaus into Tyler. When you staked Klaus, you must have closed the coffin lid too quickly as fire needs air and there was nothing to fuel it, so it went out immediately, meaning Klaus could be put back into his original body." he told an impressed looking Ric. "Elena choosing me meant she had to cross Wickery Bridge, Rebekah was a little pissed you'd killed her brother so she forced Matt to drive off the bridge." he said.

"Didn't you have time to save Elena?" Ric frowned.

"She forced me to save Matt first." Stefan told him. "And I listened, thinking I could get back to her in time." he said sheepishly. "What nobody knew was she had Damon's blood in her system which Meredith had given her earlier after she'd had a knock on the head which had caused her to have a brain hemorrhage, which meant she became a vampire."

"I'm not going to ask why you listened to her." Ric said, his face contorting with anger. "But is that why you and Elena are no longer together?" he asked.

"Yes and no." Stefan replied. "It wasn't the fact that I saved Matt instead of her." he smiled sadly. "But her being a vampire changed everything. We were cursed to be together." Ric frowned at Stefan's words. "Her becoming a vampire meant she was no longer completely bound by the curse. She only fell for me because of the curse, instead her true feelings were for Damon. Once she died, she could explore her real feelings as she was with her soulmate. Instead I couldn't as my part was too blinded by the curse to notice anyone else." he explained.

"Why the curse?" Ric asked.

"Two thousand years ago, Silas and Qetsiyah, two of the most powerful witches to ever exist, who belonged to a coven of witches called the Travelers agreed to marry." Stefan explained. "Because she loved Silas so much, Qetsiyah created a true immortality spell for them to take on their wedding night to bind them together for eternity." he told him. "Except Silas wasn't as in love with Qetsiyah as she was with him. Instead he was in love with her hand maiden, Amara."

"So this is the Silas guy everyone keeps referring to?" Ric asked, pouring himself a generous glass of whiskey and filling Stefan's glass.

Stefan nodded. "Silas gave the immortality spell to Amara. Qetsiyah found out and was more than a little pissed." he shrugged.

"I bet." Ric said.

"Qetsiyah put Silas in a tomb and created a cure for immortality, hoping he'd take it and kill himself." Stefan explained. "Qetsiyah then created the other side for all supernatural beings, so if Silas killed himself, he'd be stuck there for eternity with Qetsiyah." he said.

"Nice lady." Ric raised his eyebrows and took a sip of his whiskey. "What about Amara?" he asked. "Wouldn't she be there?"

"Amara herself wasn't a witch." Stefan told him. "If she died, she'd find peace." he said as Ric nodded in understanding.

"But she was immortal." Ric frowned.

"Silas seems to think she's dead." Stefan told him.

"So what's the curse about?" Ric frowned.

"Qetsiyah's immortality spell was so powerful, that there were no loopholes." Stefan explained. "Meaning there had to be some way of life mirroring the death's of the immortals." he said. "So shadow-selves were created." he told him.

"Doppelgangers?" Ric asked.

Stefan nodded. "Yeah." he said. "The Petrova doppelgangers are the shadow-selves of Amara and I'm a shadow-self of Silas." he explained. "There was some turmoil within the Travelers after that, and Silas's friends and family cursed the shadow-selves to repeatedly fall in love just to torment Qetsiyah." Stefan told him.

"I'm taking it there was some kind of loophole." Ric offered.

Stefan nodded. "Apparently Qetsiyah's family begged the spirits to break the curse, so the spirits offered a prophesy." he said, handing a copy of the prophesy to Ric who read it very carefully.

"So how did you guys end up involved?" Ric asked.

"I was pissed Elena was a vampire and I could see I was gradually losing her to Damon. It was just a matter of time." Stefan explained. "And when Bonnie put Klaus's body back into Tyler, the spirits of the witches were pissed and she couldn't use her magic." he told him. "Then is stepped a kind Professor who offered to show her an alternative way to practice magic." he said sarcastically.

"Black magic?" Ric asked.

"It's called Expression." Stefan told him. "It requires massacring twelve to fuel the witches power." he said.

"And Bonnie agreed to this?" Ric asked.

"She didn't know what was fueling her power." Stefan explained. "The first massacre was when Pastor Young blew up the town council." he told him.

"All of the town council?" Ric asked, wide eyed.

"Pretty much." Stefan shrugged. "This all led us to an island off Nova Scotia, searching for a cure which required us to raise the immortal being Silas."

"And you did." Ric sighed.

Stefan nodded. "Yeah." he said. "And now he wants to lower the veil to the other side completely so that when he kills himself he can be at peace with Amara. But it also means that every dead supernatural being will come back." Stefan told him.

"That's not good." Ric frowned. "So the prophesy will stop Silas from lowering the veil." he asked.

"Now this is where our information gets a little hazy." Stefan told him. "We know Silas's friends and family put their magic into the bloodlines, this now fuels Silas's current abilities to get into peoples heads and make them see things. Apparently he can also read minds." he explained.

"Which is why Bonnie took so long to make sure I was me." Ric offered.

Stefan nodded. "The witches told us what to do for the prophesy and we did it." he told Ric.

"Meaning I came back and Elena ended up as a pregnant vampire." Ric smiled.

"Elena getting pregnant wasn't what we expected to happen." Stefan chuckled.

"Well she's expecting now." Ric began to laugh before he turned serious again. "So what exactly are we looking for?" he asked.

"Anything about the Travelers." Stefan told him. "Their behavior, the type of magic they use, type of spells they do. Any rituals. The usual stuff." he said.

"Where they travel to?" Ric asked raising an eyebrow.

"That and what happened to the coven." Stefan said. "They were a big coven but they broke up. What happened to them? Where are they now?"

"Let's hope we find answers." Ric said as he drained his glass.

Stefan handed the letters over to Ric whilst he began to immerse himself in Kol's journal. They both sat there for what seemed like hours, barely uttering a word, with only the occasional request to fill their glasses with more whiskey. He hadn't found anything out of the ordinary so far, the journal had been more about Kol's exploits regarding sex, drugs, booze and killing than anything related to the Travelers themselves, although he was with them at the time. He had noticed there was a lot of killing though, which wasn't much of a surprise, as Kol was a looses canon. It was only when he got to the third occasion of the full moon did Stefan notice a pattern. He frantically flipped back through the pages to the first full moon and began to make notes, as he flipped to the pages containing the words of what happened during the second full moon, did he grab Ric's attention.

"You found something?" Ric asked, raising his eyes to Stefan's.

"I think I have." Stefan replied. "I can't be sure." he said.

"What is it?" Ric asked, putting his papers down.

"They were performing sacrificial massacre's to fuel their power." Stefan frowned. "They were using Expression." he said.

"And?" Ric asked confused as Stefan realized Ric was in the dark regarding how the bloodlines worked.

"When the Travelers created the doppelgangers, they created something called a bloodline." Stefan explained. "Silas's friends and family put all of their magic into these bloodlines to create the doppelganger curse and also to feed Silas magic when he needs it." he said.

"But you can't be a witch and an immortal." Ric frowned.

"He has some siphoning abilities." Stefan told him. "He's not very strong, so to keep his power topped up, the rest of the Travelers continuously channel some of their magic into the bloodlines." he said.

"Okay." Ric said, not understanding where Stefan was going with this.

"Now Damon and Elena's baby is either siphoning the magic away from Silas, or it is channeling it." Stefan said. "We don't know exactly which one yet." he shrugged.

"Right." Ric frowned. "So what do these sacrifices have to do with the baby?" he asked.

"According to this journal every full; moon, the Travelers would give Kol twelve women to fuck and kill." Stefan told him. "Whilst he did this, one witch would watch on. Each time it was a different witch." he said.

"So every full moon they would take it in turns to power themselves up with Expression?" Ric asked.

Stefan nodded. "Not only that, but according to Kol's journal, the magic in each witch faded over time until they powered themselves up with the next massacre." he told Ric. "But I don't think the magic usually fades with Expression." he said.

"You think Silas was sucking it in?" Ric asked.

Stefan nodded. "What we don't know is if any of the residual magic stayed in the bloodlines, or even if the baby is siphoning the magic from Silas." he said. "What we do know is, if they are still somehow carrying out this ritual, there is a chance every full moon this baby is going to get more powerful as it drains the extra magic from Expression." he explained. "The baby is literally blocking magic from getting to Silas and is sucking it from the Travelers. Every piece of magic put into the bloodlines could end up fueling this child's power."

"So that's two thousand years worth of witch power?" Ric asked.

Stefan nodded. "Including Silas's own magic. Making this baby possibly the most powerful witch to ever roam the earth." he said.

"With the added bonus of two thousand years of Expression massacre's." Ric sighed. "How powerful is Expression?" he asked.

"There's enough power in three massacre's is enough to kill a witch." Stefan told him.

"And this baby is going to be feeding from the magic of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of massacre's." Ric's eyes widened. "It won't survive." he said.

"And if it does." Stefan interrupted. "It may be so powerful, it'll be out of control and extremely dangerous." Stefan said quietly. "We're going to need to talk to Bonnie. He said.

Damon and Elena had decided time to put 'project Beremy' into motion. With all of the bad things going on around them, it was a nice change to focus on something that was good and a little more fun in life. They'd decided to split duties, Elena would talk to Bonnie about Jeremy and Damon would talk to Jeremy about Bonnie. Damon saw this as a win, if Jeremy and Bonnie were busy occupying each other's time, this would leave him and Elena plenty of time to be alone without question being asked or eyebrows being raised. This was going to be essential as Elena's sex drive was increasing with the baby hormones and Damon was more than willing to sacrifice his time and accept his parental role to help with her urges. There was also another matter he wished to discuss with Jeremy, one that would require him to be on his best behavior. For that he'd prepared for them to have a chat in the summer house near the pool, where he'd had a mini fridge fitted and filled with beers. Alcohol was always a good start to get Jeremy on board with his plans. Damon opened a bottle of beer and handed it to Jeremy, before opening one for himself as they sat inside the summer house staring at the pool outside.

"What are you up to?" Jeremy asked, realizing Damon was being nice to him for a reason. "You're giving me beer and being nice, which means you're up to something." he eyed Damon with suspicion as Damon tried to put on his most innocent face without succeeding, causing Jeremy to raise an eyebrow.

"You're right, in a way." Damon admitted. "Elena needed some girl time with Bonnie, away from prying vampire ears, aka me." he told him. "But you're right, I do have a few things I want to talk to you about." he said.

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "I knew it." he said. "Go on, what is it?" he sighed.

"This is man to man stuff." Damon frowned, practically choking on the words referring to Jeremy as a man. "Nothing bad, in fact it could benefit you in the future." he smiled, nodded and patted Jeremy on the shoulder in a brotherly fashion, which caught Jeremy's attention. This wasn't what he was expecting. "Although I'm not sure about the first point, which is why I have carefully removed all wooden objects which could be converted into a stake." he grinned.

"Go on." Jeremy narrowed his eyes at Damon before taking a swig of his beer..

"The first thing is about Elena's pregnancy." Damon told Jeremy. "As you already know, the baby is strong. It would kill a normal woman." he said as Jeremy nodded in agreement. "Luckily Elena is a vampire, but she is still getting tired more easily." he said. "We're going to see if we can fix that." he frowned.

"How?" Jeremy raised an eyebrow.

"Fresh blood from the vein." Damon told him as Jeremy looked shocked. "Don't worry, it doesn't involve killing people. Elena and I have done this before. We go to a club, dance with a few people, feed a little off a few and compel them to forget. Your sister even gives them some sound advice to help them in the future, in payment for their blood." Damon nodded as Jeremy looked at him in shock.

"Aren't blood bags enough?" Jeremy asked.

"Normally yes." Damon explained. "But if you need the extra energy, it has to be straight from the vein." he told him.

"What about me?" Jeremy offered. "She can drink from me." he said as Damon shook his head.

"She won't." Damon told him. "Trust me, it's easier to drink from a stranger. We're planning on going tonight, to see if it works." he said.

"And if it doesn't?" Jeremy asked.

"Well then we'll have to find some witchy workaround." Damon suggested. "But I think it will." he said. "This brings me nicely to my second point." Damon smiled. "It means Elena and I will be leaving you and Bonnie alone together." he told him with a smirk on his face. "You two seem to be getting a lot...closer lately. Is there anything you want to share?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Why the hell should I tell you?" Jeremy frowned.

"Firstly, Elena and I want you both to be happy." Damon started, however Jeremy looked unconvinced by that statement. "Also, if you're wanting to share a room, then we have no problem with that." he said.

"Why would Bonnie and I..." Jeremy started as he suddenly realized what Damon was hinting at. "We haven't gone that far yet." Jeremy frowned.

"I know." Damon nodded, taking a swig of his beer. "But should you want to consider it, I'm a master of getting the mood right for seduction." he grinned.

"Is that how you lured my sister into bed?" Jeremy raised an eyebrow.

Damon nearly choked on his drink. "Hell no. She seduced me first." he frowned as Jeremy looked at him in disbelief. "Kind of." he shrugged. "That doesn't matter. Look, however long you've been together, whether it's the first time or the hundredth time, romance is part of being with...someone." Damon sighed nervously.

"I have had the birds and the bees talk you know." Jeremy frowned at Damon in amusement.

"I know that." Damon sighed. "But this is Bonnie and from what Elena has told me, it will be her first time and maybe, if you were to be her first, you should make it...perfect." he said.

"And how do I do that?" Jeremy asked.

"Romantic dinner for two...candles, champagne...soft music." Damon suggested. "Make her feel..special." he grinned as he went to the fridge and pulled out two more beers, taking the caps off and handing another one to Jeremy who took it.

"And where do you suggest I take Bonnie?" Jeremy asked.

"You don't need to take her anywhere." Damon grinned. "I can serve better food than any restaurant in Richmond." he said as Jeremy snorted in disbelief causing Damon to frown. "Vampires have heightened senses." he explained. "So when food tastes bad, it tastes really bad." he said as Jeremy nodded in understanding. "So you'll find most vampires are excellent cooks and have generally trained to be a chef at some point." he told a surprised Jeremy. "Except your sister. But she doesn't need to learn as she's got me." he grinned.

"So you're offering to cook?" Jeremy asked, raising his eyebrows as Damon nodded.

"I can knock together a Salvatore special before Elena and I go out tonight." Damon explained. "I'll leave you with the instructions on how to re-heat it, along with a bottle of champagne." he offered. "You and Bonnie will have the house to all yourselves. Elena and I won't be back until late, and we're in the opposite wing, so we can't hear you." he grinned.

"That's reassuring." Jeremy winced. "Look, are you sure about this?" he asked. "Has Elena agreed to this?"

"She knows what our conversation is about." Damon told him. "Elena is fully on board with the idea." he said. "Look, we don't know how long we're going to be stuck here, meaning we all need to be as happy as possible. And I just think this might improve the odds a little." he grinned. "It's a win win situation."

"Fine." Jeremy sighed.

"Don't sound so enthusiastic." Damon frowned. "Here." he said handing Jeremy a credit card. "Order some flowers and shit. Make it romantic." he advised him.

"I can't take this." Jeremy said shocked.

"Yes you can." Damon sighed. "I'm rich, I can afford it." he told him. "I took the liberty of finding the best florist in town." Damon rummaged through his pockets and handed over a card to Jeremy. "Give them a call and order whatever you want. I'm going to start on dinner." he told Jeremy, and with that Damon got up and left, leaving Jeremy stunned at the conversation.

Caroline walked into the Grill after the final graduation planning committee. The entire week had consisted of meetings and discussions whilst everyone, except Matt was away. If she were to be honest with herself, Caroline was feeling a little bit lonely, and she noticed she was especially missing Stefan, he was the person who always cheered her up.

The one job Caroline hadn't had chance to get around to was to send out her graduation invites. She didn't have a large immediate family, but there was plenty of friends of her family to invite and ask them for graduation gifts. As Caroline didn't have much company, she decided to head to the Grill to write out her invites. That way, if anyone suspicious turned up, she'd know about it. As she entered the Grill and took a seat at a booth and ordered a soda, she noticed Matt was talking to Rebekah at the bar. Although she knew she shouldn't listen in, she couldn't help herself.

"It's just been settled." Caroline heard Rebekah tell Matt. "I'm gonna show you life as you've only dreamt it. We'll start in Italy. There's a lovely little church outside San Vittore in Brienno. Romantic spot. Popular for weddings." she said. "And then I'll show you the Northern Lights in the springtime, the Simatai Gorge from atop the Great Wall of China, every inch of the Louvre. We'll see it all when we're done here because we can. We're alive, but...I understand if you don't want to." her voiced lowered as Caroline rolled her eyes as the waitress appeared with her drink.

"China, Paris, the Northern Lights...It's a date." Matt replied, which shocked Caroline. "But, Rebekah you and I...this isn't gonna work. I need to keep my love life a low-vampire zone, too, okay?" he added as Caroline breathed a sigh of relief. The last thing she needed was for Matt to get tangled up with Rebekah of all people. Especially since she knew what Rebekah did to men if they annoyed her, just like she'd done to Damon, not that Caroline was upset about Damon getting hurt of course.

"Of course. I get it." Caroline heard Rebekah reply, as she took a sip of her soda.

"So whatever happens on the road, stays on the road, all right?" Matt told Rebekah, causing Caroline to nearly choke on her drink. "That little wedding town in Italy? Don't get any ideas about turning me into a vampire so that we can live eternally ever after, you know what I mean?" Caroline was going to have to check whether Matt was on vervain.

"I'm sorry, are you saying...?" Rebekah began, almost as startled as Caroline.

"I've never set one foot outside of this town. I have no college plans, no idea what the future holds for me...But I do know that it's time that I start truly living." Matt told the Original vampire. "And, since you almost killed me this year, I figured it's your obligation to show me how." she overheard Matt explain his reason. Caroline had to admit Matt had a valid point and was only using Rebekah, and as long as Rebekah knew Matt's true intentions, she doubted Matt would come to any harm. Although Caroline decided she needed to warn Matt of the dangers of being with Rebekah.

"Well I guess I'd better start planning that itinerary." Caroline heard Rebekah tell Matt. "I'll speak to you later." she said as Caroline watched her walk out of the Grill with a big smile on her face. As soon as Rebekah had walked out of the door, Caroline got up and stormed over to Matt.

"Seriously Matt. Are you out of your mind?" she asked a confused looking Matt. "Traveling the world with Rebekah of all people. You do know what she did to Damon after he..." she stopped when she saw the confused look on Matt's face. "Never mind." she backtracked.

"No offense Care..." Matt frowned. "But it's not really any of your business." he said.

"She'll use you as a sexual plaything..." Caroline started as Matt's face erupted into a grin.

"And?" he interrupted. "I don't see any problem with that." he grinned.

"But Matt..." Caroline sighed. "This isn't you." she frowned.

"Care..." Matt stopped her. "I'm a single guy with no ties." he told her. "I've just been offered an all expenses paid, around the world trip with a hot girl which will possibly involve no strings attached sex. I'm not going to turn it down." he said as Caroline heard someone purposely make a noise behind her, prompting her to turn around to see who it was.

"Can I help you?" Caroline asked the woman who was short, with dark hair, flecked with gray, who looked to be in her fifties.

"I was wondering if anyone has seen this girl." the woman replied holding up a picture of Elena, Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy at the Lake House, pointing at Elena.

"Yeah, that's Katherine." Caroline lied, trying to keep her distance from the woman, just in case she sensed Caroline was a vampire.

"Has something happened to her?" Matt asked with a look of fake concern on his face.

"I don't know." the woman replied with a sad look on her face.

"Who are you?" Caroline asked. "Her mom?"

"Yes I am." the woman nodded, clearly lying.

"I haven't seen her for..." Caroline frowned as if trying to work out when she last saw her.

"It would be last September at the Homecoming dance." Matt interrupted. "She was my date." he told her. "But she got into an argument with a guy called Mikael, who I thought was her dad." he lied. "She left and nobody has seen her since." he told her.

"Can you describe Mikael?" the woman asked.

"English accent..." Matt started.

"Yeah, that's her dad." she said. "Where is Mikael?" she asked.

"He left the same night Katherine left." Caroline told her.

"Do you know where they went?" the woman asked.

"No." Matt replied.

"But everyone just assumed they went back to Seattle." Caroline added as Matt nodded in agreement.

"Are they missing?" Matt asked.

"Probably not." the woman smiled. "Mikael was supposed to tell me if they were moving." she lied. "I've been trying to get hold of them since October. This was the last place I knew where they stayed." she said. "Well, at least I know where to look now." she smiled. "Thank you, you've been a real help." she said as Caroline and Matt smiled back.

"If you find her, can you ask her to call me?" Matt asked. "She never returned any of my calls."

"That sounds like Katherine." the woman sighed. "Take it from me dear, it means she's blown you out and isn't interested." she shrugged.

"Well I hope you find her." Caroline lied.

"Me too." the woman replied. "Well thank you for your help." she said as Caroline realized she needed to get some hair, prompting her to give Matt a glare.

"Wait!" Matt said as he stopped the woman. "I'll see if I can find the last number I had for her, even though she's not answering." he told the woman as he got out his phone.

"I'll look too." Caroline added, who was stood behind the woman as she rummaged through her purse for the locket and some nail scissors. Matt managed to distract the woman long enough for Caroline to find her scissors and trim a couple of strands, letting them drop into the locket, without touching the woman.

"Sorry, I thought I still had it." Matt shrugged after Caroline had given him the thumbs up.

"Me either." Caroline told the woman.

"Well thank you for looking anyway." the woman said. "You've both been incredibly helpful." she smiled, and with that she left the Grill.

"Seattle?" Matt turned and asked Caroline after the door had closed.

"It was the furthest away I could think of without looking at a map." Caroline scowled. "Well, looks like I need to call Bonnie and tell her we have the hair." she said as she got out her phone and pressed Bonnie's speed dial, however it went straight to voicemail. "I wonder why she's not picking up?" she frowned.

"Maybe she's busy." Matt suggested.

"Doing what?" Caroline asked indignantly.

"With Jeremy." Matt offered.

"Why would she be..." Caroline started before stopping. "Oh..." she said. "And how do you know this and I don't?" she asked.

"Jeremy called earlier." Matt told her. "Apparently Damon gave him a helpful man to man chat which involved sharing his knowledge." he smirked.

"What type of chat?" Caroline frowned.

"Let's just say, I think Damon and Elena have left Bonnie and Jeremy to spend a romantic evening together, alone. If you know what I'm saying." Matt told her.

"Why do I not know about this?" Caroline asked. "Bonnie's my best friend." she complained.

"Jeremy told me Damon was going to cook them a romantic meal and then he and Elena were going out for the night to a club to...feed." Matt screwed his face up at the last word.

"They're doing what?" Caroline practically screeched. "This is ridiculous." she said. "I've got to take this locket to them tomorrow. Damon Salvatore is going to get a piece of my mind." she said huffed before storming out of the Grill, only stopping to drop money on the table where she'd been sat and collect her graduation invites.

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