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Dean pushed open the door to the small coffee shop, smiling as the familiar aroma hit him. He waved at the readhead behind the bar. "Hey Charlie, how's it going?"

"Good. My shift ends in a couple minutes, wanna catch up over hot chocolate?"

"Hot chocolate sounds good," Dean agreed, glancing at the rain drizzling down the shop windows. Charlie busied herself making hot chocolate and Dean plopped down on a bar stool, pulling out his laptop to work on his english essay.

"Here, have a muffin," Charlie said, sliding him the baked good. "When was the last time you've eaten?"

Dean decided to be honest. "Breakfast."

"It's nearly five!"

Dean shrugged and went back to his essay. Charlie closed the computer. "No homework until you eat."


"No buts. Shut up and eat your muffin."

Dean sighed and took a bite. He hadn't realized how hungry he had been, and he quickly devoured the rest.

The door swung open and a tall guy stepped in, about 20 years old. And Dean would be lying if he said he wasn't drop-dead gorgeous. He had messy black hair and five-o-clock shadow. But the most striking feature was his eyes, which were the bluest blue Dean had ever seen. He was wearing jeans and a grey hoodie. "Hey Char!" He called cheerfully. "Sorry I'm late."

"I hope so. What's the excuse this time?"

Cas held up a box. "I stopped to pick up a pie."

"Ooh, from your brother's bakery?"

"The very same."

"Forgiven," Charlie said, grabbing the pie.

The man put his apron on over his head and tied it in the back. He grinned at Charlie and nodded his head at Dean. "You gonna introduce me?" He asked.

"Oh yeah! Dean, this is Cas, my roommate and favorite coworker. Cas, this is my best friend Dean."

Cas smiled at Dean. "Nice to meet you."

"Y-yeah, you too." Wow Dean, smooth.

Charlie opened the pie box and removed the pie. "Regrettfully Cas, I'm going to have to share this pie, because Dean here is an idiot and hasn't eaten all day."

"Hey!" Dean protested. "I ate the muffin, what more do you want from me?" Charlie rolled her eyes and Cas just laughed.

"Fair enough." He glanced at Dean's laptop. "Paper due?"

Dean groaned. "Yeah, Mr. Roman is a dick."

"Oh, my brother Gabriel has him, says he's horrible."

"Gabriel as in Gabriel Novak, freshman?"

"Yeah! You know him?"

Dean snorted. "He's got quite the reputation around campus."

Cas groaned. "What's he done now?"

"Well, no one can prove anything, but yesterday Mr. Roman's classroom was filled floor to ceiling with those balls you find in ball pits at little kid's parties. Which I am by no means discouraging, by the way."

"Sounds like him," Cas said, unable to hide a smile.

"What about you, have you already graduated?"

"Yeah, got my art degree. I'm working a couple part time jobs right now and making art on the side."

"Cas's paintings are gorgeous," Charlie gushed. "He's the best artist I've ever seen."

Cas looked at his feet. "I wouldn't go that far..."

"He's modest, but I swear his work is incredible."

"I bet," Dean said. Cas smiled at him shyly. Shit, that was cute.


At that moment a group of girls walked in, and Cas left to go help them. Dean served himself a slice of pie.

"Dude," Charlie hissed. Dean paused with the fork halfway to his mouth and raised his eyebrows.


"You think Cas is hot, don't you?" Dean winced.

"Is it really that obvious?"

"Dean, you couldn't keep your eyes off him."

Dean shrugged. "It doesn't matter. Face like that? He's probably got girls throwing themselves all over him." He looked back at Cas only to see one of the girls at the counter shamelessly flirting with him. "See? Case in point."

"No stupid, watch," said Charlie, turning Dean's head back around.

Cas brought the girls their drinks. "So," the girl said. "Would you maybe, like, want to catch a movie tomorrow?"

Cas looked visibly uncomfortable. "Um, sorry. You seem sweet and all, but I'm not, uh, really into girls."

The girl blushed. "Oh, sorry." She quickly collected her drink and left with her friends.

Cas returned to Charlie and Dean, sighing. "That was awkward."

"Oh yeah," Charlie scoffed. "You've got such a rough life, cute girls falling head over heels when they so much as glance in your direction."

"That'd be great if I wasn't as straight as a fucking rainbow slinky," Cas cracked. Dean snorted. Charlie rolled her eyes and reached for the pie.

"You're lucky you brought me pie, otherwise I would kick you and your sarcastic ass out of our apartment."

"Aww, is that the only reason you put up with me? My baked goods?" Cas teased.

"That and your seemingly endless supply of fandom knowledge and awful puns."

Cas laughed. "Good to know."

Charlie looked over at Dean and raised her eyebrows. "Well, that was fast."

Dean looked at the pie and realized he had subconsciously eaten half of it. "Shit! I'm so sorry!"

"No, don't apologize! You must be starving! Do you want to join me and Cas for dinner after his shift? We were going to hit the Roadhouse."

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to intrude."

"No problem, we'd love to have you!" Cas assured him, smiling brightly. He had a really cute smile. How was Dean supposed to say no to that?

"Alright then, sure."

"Great!" Charlie cheered.

When Cas moved away to help another customer, Dean turned to Charlie with a smirk on his lips.

"Your dinner decision wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Jo bartends on Thursdays, would it?"

"Don't even start," Charlie grumbled, elbowing him in the side. Dean just grinned.

"Oi, Char, Alfie's here, you ready to go?" Cas called. Alfie, a brown haired guy in a baseball cap, waved at them.

"Alright, let's hit the road!"

Dean slid his laptop back into his bag and slung it over his shoulder.

Charlie bounced out the door with Dean in tow, her breath clouding in the air. Dean shivered. "It's finally starting to feel like fall."

"Halloween!" Charlie cheered.

"It's only late September, Char."


Dean laughed, but stopped when his teeth started chattering. Cas looked over at him, concerned. "You look like you're freezing, do you want my sweatshirt?"

Dean tried to hid his blush. "Nah Cas, it's fine, then you'll just be cold."

"No, seriously. I've got a long sleeve on under this."

"You sure?"

"Totally," Cas said, pulling off his hoodie and handing it to Dean.

"Oh wow, thank you."

"No problem."

Dean was instantly warmer as soon as he slipped the hoodie on. It was soft and cozy and smelled really good. Was that what Cas smelled like? Wow. Dean could get used to that.

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