Hey ya know what I'm feeling crazy so we're gonna do a perspECTIVE CHANGE WOOHOO NEW CHARACTERS THAT'S RIGHT.

It was about noon when Sam started really craving sugar. To be fair, it'd been a long day. He was only a couple weeks into school and he was already up to his ears in homework. (And it's worth noting that he was pretty tall, so his homework load was not to be fucked with.)

He ducked into a nearby bakery, Heavenly Desserts, and looked around. The only employee he could see was a cute guy standing on a chair, hanging Halloween decorations from the ceiling.

"Hello?" Sam asked, before he noticed the guy was wearing headphones. He approached him and tapped his shoulder. The guy jumped and fell off the chair. Sam caught him. The guy took out his earbuds and laughed.

"Nice catch," he teased.

Sam set him down. "No problem."

"Were you gonna order?"

"Oh! Yes, can I have a cinnamon roll please?"

"Sure thing. And I'll let you have it for free if you help me finish putting up the decorations, I could use your height."

Sam laughed. "All right, why not?" He agreed.

His height did indeed prove useful, and he didn't even need to stand on a chair to decorate. Once the two had finished, the man put Sam's cinnamon roll in a bag and slid it across the counter. "There you are. Nice to meet you, uh,"

"Sam," Sam supplied.

"Sam," said the man. "I'm Gabe."

Sam reached for his pastry and noticed the phone number scrawled on the side of the bag. Gabe winked. "Call me sometime, Sam."

Do I have ant Sabriel fans here? Also I just realized I mentioned how tall Sam was like 3 times in 250 words but he's a moose so I feel justified. Roadhouse chapter is next.