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Over the years I have been writing RS fanfiction, there have been many 'little moments' - poignant, serious, lighthearted or simply funny - that have traipsed through my mind. While these little scenes fit within the canon series, there has been no way to legitimately weave them into the current tale.

The Vignettes of Steele Series follow the Steele children as they grow. Thus, as we know now (November 2017), there are three different 'books' in this series:

Vignettes of Steele: Olivia
Vignettes of Steele: Sophia
Vignettes of Steele: Holt

Each chapter of these stories is 1500 words or less: Brief and hopefully enjoyable.

From 11/20 until 12/31/17 I will be adding a Vignette story every day or two. After that, as they strike me.

I hope you enjoy!

And far more importantly - I hope this holiday season finds you each happy and well, and will provide you many happy memories for the years ahead.


January 1988 – Ten weeks old

Laura stood in the open, private doorway of Remington's office and leaned her shoulder against the jamb, a pile of folders clutched to her chest. She allowed herself a brief moment to simply enjoy watching him where he sat at his desk, feet propped up on the corner, leaning back in his chair, cup of tea near at hand and reading a newspaper.

"That's what I love about you, Mr. Steele. You arrive late, then just dive right into the day," she commented with false enthusiasm as she made a 'get up and go' gesture with her fist. Remington lowered his paper then peered at her over the top of it, giving her a crooked grin.

"We each have our roles, Mrs. Steele. Yours is to slog through the seemingly endless mountains of paperwork—"

"While yours is to sleep in late then peruse the movie listings at your leisure, as you concoct a plan for how you're going to sneak out this afternoon?" she challenged, lifting her brows at him. He pursed his lips in amusement.

"Really, Laura," he feigned insult, "I'll have you know I'm currently reviewing our investments, whilst considering a few changes to assure our financial future." She nodded her head slowly, as she approached his desk.

"Nice try," she answered, drily, as she dropped the stack of files on his desk. "I'm afraid Humphrey, Cary, Albert, William, or whoever it is you have in mind will have to wait," she commented with a little too much glee, as far as he was concerned, as she flounced back towards the door.

"But, Lau-ra—" he cajoled, for posterity's sake.

"Files," she cut him off short, as she stepped into their private breakroom, reaching for her mug and the coffee pot simultaneously. "And Mr. Steele," she called back to him, "I know Olivia's on your lap."

He looked down at their infant daughter, who was peering back at him with a pair of bright blue eyes like his own and raised a brow at her.

"And that, a stór, is why you'll never be able to slip one past your mother."

On his lap, Olivia smiled and cooed, kicking her little legs in answer.