Chapter One

Rumors already


"YUNIE! Wake up all ready!"

The sun shone brightly through the small room of Yuna's as Rikku enthusiastically jumped around her room, hoping in vain that her heavy sleeper cousin would soon wake up for their first day at Zanarkand High. Yuna, however, not only did not budge to the shrillness of her Al-bhed cousin's voice, she didn't even let out a moan of recognition. Somehow, the thought of being exchanged to this new school did little to appeal to Yuna.

"Ugh, Rikku," she managed to say whilst squinting her bi-coloured eyes, "ten more minutes, just ten more minutes." and with that, Yuna pulled her bed sheets over her head and continued sleeping.

Rikku raised one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows and placed her hands on her hips before protesting, "Do you really think I'm gonna fall for that trick again. 'Oh rikku come back later, I promise I'll wake up' then lock the door so I won't be able to come back in?"

Yuna uncovered herself from her bed sheets and put on her sweetest face and voice, "Uhuh."

Rikku simply giggled, "Hell no."

Understanding at once that fate would not allow her to sleep in with the help of her hyper cousin's voice, she groggily pulled the yellow flowered sheets away and clumsily made her way into the bathroom, mumbling incoherent strings of light curses.

"Great! I guess I'll see you in the kitchen, and don't keep me waiting!" Rikku yelled as she was already making her way out of the brunettes room.

Yuna simply sighed, 'I sure hope this school isn't as bad as Besaid High.'


Yuna took a deep breath as the two girls approached their destination. The girls glanced at each other before making their way into the school gate, leading into an enormous newly built school.

Yuna glanced around the yards and tables and noticed one particular thing that everyone had in common. Majority of the students had a very good sense of fashion, even though she inwardly cringed at some who seemed a little too, well, extreme for high school. She swallowed nervously as the realization of her being totally foreign to this new school suddenly dawned on her. She started to feel subconscious and wondered if she looked okay in her navy jeans and white T-shirt. Taking another glance around the school yard, she grudgingly admitted that she was under dressed.

Rikku, on the other hand, seemed unfazed by the fact that they were new and totally clueless about the new territory they had just stepped into, and continued walking alongside Yuna. The petite blonde, unlike her modest cousin, was dressed in shorts that appeared a size too small for her and a tight fitting cardigan over a halter top.

As both continued strolling through the school, they realized something rather odd. Usually, if an unfamiliar face walked into the school grounds of Besaid high, everyone's attention would've been diverted to them, however, here in Zanarkand, not only were they not acknowledged, but it almost appeared as if they were being ignored. No one paid attention to them whatsoever; everyone just seemed occupied with talking amongst their groups, acting as if the new arrivals were invisible.

"Oh my God, did you hear? Tidus broke up with Cassandra after only four days! Can you believe it? I knew she wasn't good enough for him. Well the point of me announcing this is to make all you girls know that he is now a free man." Yuna heard a brunette squeal as she brushed past a huddled group who had now erupted into loud cheers.

"Tidus? I think not! Tell me something worth listening to, hmm, like maybe Squall. Unlike Tidus, he's manly. Yep, another guy got beaten up by him. If you ask me, he got what he deserved. After all, who's stupid enough to spill milk on the Lord himself." another girl voiced her opinion on this so called 'manly' Squall before triggering a heated debate.

Yuna and Rikku looked at each other with a 'what the hell?' expression on their faces. They were both not impressed with the rumors about these two guys. Breaking a girls heart like that and beating up a guy for an accident so pathetic confirmed that the thought of avoiding them was beyond right.

"Gosh, that's just sad" Rikku mumbled loud enough only for Yuna's ears.

Yuna, who was trying to suppress her laughter, simply shook her head and walked off with Rikku next to her, leaving the group of girls arguing at who the ultimate Lord of the school was. Hoping to walk off quickly to release their laughter, their heads were tilted down, keeping their amusement to themselves. However, in the process of looking at their shoes whilst walking, Rikku accidentally bumped into a figure in front of her.

"Hey, careful." the person coolly warned

Rikku raised her head to come face to face with a long black haired girl, "Oh sorry, I wasn't looking." she apologized genuinely. She definitely didn't want to be messing with someone like the raven haired beauty, she simply seemed intimidating.

The long haired girl merely smiled at her, dismissing the accident, "That's okay, just next time, be more careful, you don't want to be bumping into people like my brother."

Rikku and Yuna gave her a questioning look, "Oh, don't worry 'bout him, my name's Lulu, yours?" she said, stretching her arm out to shake both the new girls' hands.

"Well my name's Yuna, and she's my cousin Rikku, we're both new students." Yuna stated while waiting for Rikku to let go of Lulu's hand.

"Oh, so you guys are the two new students, well lucky you, you guys are in my homeroom, plus my brother and his friends," the last five words weren't so enthusiastic as the others, but nonetheless, Yuna and Rikku just dismissed it.

The bell for entering classes had gone after minutes of meeting their first friend; therefore, bearing in mind that today was their first day of school, the two girls hurriedly made their ways to their homeroom with the help of Lulu. It felt like a maze after long countless hallways and doors; however they were finally able to make it there without doing anything embarrassing like dropping books. As soon as the three girls entered the room, they sat themselves on single tables next to each other. A few 'Hey Lulu' or 'Hi Lulu' were heard amongst the class when people realized that she had entered.

All the females in the class were either talking about Tidus or Squall and both Yuna and Rikku just didn't understand why they were always the main topic on everyone's minds.

"Hey, you seem quite popular." Rikku said while pulling her pencil case out of her bag.

Lulu simply laughed and shook her head, "The girls here are well, very two faced. They do things always with a purpose behind it. They suck up to me only because of my brother. To put it simply, they could not care less about me."

Immediately the class went quiet as the teacher entered the room.

"Good morning class, I'm your homeroom teacher for this year and I'm sure you all know my name, but for those who don't, my name's Miss Daniels." she cheerfully introduced herself. She looked like she was in her late twenties with long blonde hair tied in a tight bun.

"Okay just let me quickly do the roll. Sarah?"




"Jessi-," much to her annoyance, she was cut off as the opening of the door announced the arrival of none other than the 'Lords' of the school.

In came three males, one with orange hair, one brunette and one blonde.