So yeah, I suddenly had a lot of inspiration after watching a gameplay video of Friday the 13th, playing Mononofu (a turn-based game, I'm not talking about the manga. Also, the game is NSFW), going through some manga I know, and thinking about some horror-related stuff. I hope you enjoy.

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Evelyn Gremory was a strange child. He was the younger brother of Rias Gremory, the heiress of the house of Gremory. Unlike his sister and older brother Sirzechs, the Satan Lucifer, he didn't inherit the crimson hair the Gremory were well-known to have, sporting golden brown hair instead; additionally, his eyes would constantly change color, though they seemed to favor honey brown and wine red.

Despite being a boy, he certainly didn't look like one; his face was round and soft, his large and wide eyes were slightly upturned and a seemingly permanent faint smile was on his soft lips. His hair was styled in a hime cut, flowing down to his waist. His delicate frame gave him a frail appearance, not unlike a princess. His choice of clothing didn't help much. He liked to wear clothes that were loose, making it difficult to tell his gender. At formal events, he wore gender-neutral clothing that also did little to help identify his gender. Far too many times, Evelyn was mistaken for a girl.

What made his stand out from everyone, though, was his personality. He was playful, and not in the childish way. He would tease other children, though it never went to the point of being considered harassment or bullying. Evelyn also was, in simple terms, somewhat perverted. He would spend most of his time with female Devils, making playful remarks about their looks. This earned him the ire of his parents, who wished he would spend more time with male Devils. Sirzechs, however, was happy that he was popular with the girls. Rias, not so much. Just like Sirzechs was a siscon for her, she was a brocon for Evelyn.

These details led up to what Evelyn was doing now - sleeping. He scratched his exposed stomach lightly, drooling as he dreamed of something he liked - cute girls. Sadly, he was woken by a knock on his bedroom door. Opening it, a silver-haired maid spoke gently. Grayfia said, "Evelyn-sama, your parents request your presence."

Groggily opening his eyes, the twelve-year-old boy said, "Fine. Just let me get ready." He crawled out of bed, putting on the clothes he had set aside the night before. Trudging down the hallway, he rubbed his eyes and yawned. Arriving outside his parents' throne room, he knocked on the door and said, "Mother, Father, I'm here." He walked in, and noticed that his entire family was there: Zeoticus, his father; Venelana, his mother; Rias, his sister; and finally, Sirzechs, his brother and the Satan Lucifer. Nervously, he asked, "What's this about?"

Chuckling, Zeoticus said, "You really don't remember? You and your sister get your Evil Pieces today!"

His eyes sparkling, Evelyn exclaimed, "It's today? I can't wait!" Laughing at his enthusiasm, Zeoticus summoned a magic circle leading to Ajuka Beelzebub's laboratory. The entire family went into the circle, and they disappeared in a glow of red light.

Inside the lab, Ajuka smiled when he saw the Gremory family. He said, "Lord Gremory, Lady Gremory, Sirzechs. I see you're brought the kids. Let's get started, shall we?" He ushered them towards a table with a rather large box on it. On the top, there was a square with an imprint of a hand on it. The Satan Beelzebub said, "All you have to do is put your hand in the indent and channel your magic. Who wants to go first?"

Rias raised her hand and excitedly shouted, "I want to go first!" She dashed up to the box and practically slammed her hand on the top. The box released a dark red glow, before a hatch in the front opened and fifteen chess pieces fell out, scattering all over the table.

Coughing, Ajuka said, "I really need to get around to adding the tray to catch the pieces." Picking up the pieces and observing them, he said, "Well then, Miss Gremory, it looks like you are quite the lucky girl." He held out the pieces to show them, and the adults were shocked. The green-haired Devil finished, "You have five mutation pieces: a Bishop and four Pawns." Giving the pieces to Rias, who was trembling in delight, he turned to Evelyn and said, "It's your turn now."

Evelyn tentatively placed his hand on the box and channeled his magic. On the inside, he was nervous. Would he have any mutation pieces? What if he wasn't as special as his sister? What if-

He was cut off from his thoughts when his pieces came out. Once again, the adults were shocked. Ajuka shakily took a deep breath and managed to say, "It seems that you are just as impressive as your sister, if not more. Your mutated pieces are the Queen, one Bishop, one knight, one rook, and all eight Pawns." Turning away, he muttered, "I need a drink… or ten. No wonder Falbium hates dealing with things like this." However, the other adults heard him. Internally, they understood how he felt.

Sirzechs whimpered and shouted, "My little bro and sis are so special!" He scooped them up into a bear hug and cried tears of happiness. They groaned and begged him to let them go, but he didn't listen.

Zeoticus proudly said, "Well then, it looks like my children are even more special than I thought!" He yelped when his wife pulled on his cheek.

Venelana asked, "And what do you mean by that?" She smiled sweetly and continued, "Do you mean to say that you thought they wouldn't be special? And for your information, they are our children. Not just yours."

Ajuka groaned at the two family catastrophes happening in front of him. He sighed and yelled, "If you're going to continue this, then at least don't do it in my lab!"

Although Evelyn was happy to receive such a distinctive set, a nagging voice in the back of his head asked, 'What if I don't deserve my Evil Pieces?'

A few months later, Evelyn stood in front of his parents. He said, "This is all I ask of you. Please allow me to do this."

Zeoticus sighed and said, "Why do you wish to do this? You are the younger brother of the heiress of the Gremory family. You have almost everything you want. Why do you want to explore the world?"

Evelyn replied, "You are correct. However, by exploring the world, I will be able to learn faster and gain possible allies. Additionally, I hope to gain peerage members."

Seeing no fault in the logic, the man sighed and said, "Very well. All I ask is that you stay safe. I pray that you find what you seek."

After spending the rest of the day preparing and trying to get Sirzechs and Rias to let go of him, Evelyn finally left for his journey. He held out his right hand and summoned a magic circle he created himself. It was pure white, and released an almost silver glow. It had a simple design, and within the center, there was a large ornate lily.

Stepping into it, Evelyn turned around to face his parents and brother. He smiled and said, "I'll come back. I promise." With those words, the magic circle glowed before the effeminate boy disappeared, the magic circle vanishing a second later.

Appearing in front of a forest, Evelyn said to himself, "First stop, get a familiar so I can have some form of defense. Hopefully I'm the first one to be here this month." He walked towards the edge of the forest when a figure appeared from behind a tree.

The man yelled, "Hello, young Devil! I am Zatoji, the Familiar Master! How may I help you?" He blinked in surprise at what appeared to be a young girl in front of him.

Evelyn bowed slightly and said, "Hello. I'm here to find a familiar so I can protect myself during my travels. Is there any way you can help?" Zatoji promptly led him into the forest. For about ten minutes, he listened to the man talk about the creatures in the forest. During that time, he took mental notes about the abilities and weaknesses of the ones Zatoji mentioned. A few moments later, he felt something call out to him. He tugged on Zatoji's shirt and said, "I think I feel something calling out to me. What does that mean?"

The man blinked in surprise and said, "What you're feeling is very rare. You're sensing the creature that is meant to be your familiar. Most of the Devils who come here choose the familiars they like the most. Follow that feeling. I'll come with you to see what it is."

The duo trudged through the forest, soon finding a cave hidden near a rocky cliff. Hesitatingly, they went inside. What they saw amazed them. The walls and ceiling were lined with crystals and gems, bathing everything in a crystalline light.

Hundreds of creatures even Zatoji never saw before roamed the caverns, looking curiously at the intruders. Evelyn and Zatoji ventured even further in, eventually finding a cavern larger than the ones they went through. At the end was what could only be described as a behemoth. It was gigantic, and seemed to be made of boulder-sized violet gems. It had a regal look, practically like a king from some fantasy anime; Evelyn blamed Rias for getting him hooked on anime. He also thought it looked like King Arthur from Sonic and the Black Knight but without the trailing cape; once again, he blamed Rias for introducing video games to him.

The giant looked at Evelyn and bowed down. Looking to Zatoji, the boy saw that the man was gaping in shock. Shakily, the Familiar Master shouted, "How is this possible? I've only heard of this creature in myths!"

Evelyn asked, "What do you mean? Isn't this a sub-species of earth elemental?"

Shaking his head, Zatoji said, "No, but you're close. I've heard that golems can come in different kinds, but this one is practically a myth among myths. This is a gem golem! It's made of crystals and gems, and simply touching anything that contains minerals or carbon will repair it!"

Blinking in shock, the young Gremory asked, "So how do I make the contract?" After getting the instructions from Zatoji, he held his hand out at the gem golem. He announced, "I, Evelyn Gremory, command thee to become my familiar and carry out my will. Rise and follow thy commands!" A magic circle appeared on the golem's chest before disappearing. Panting at making a contract with such a powerful being, Evelyn looked up at his familiar and said, "I guess I better give you a name now. I'll call you Amethyst." The newly named Amethyst let out a deep rumble and nodded. Picking up its new master, it carried him out of the cave and to the edge of the forest.

Zatoji gently patted Evelyn on the head and said, "Congratulations on getting a wonderful familiar. And thank you for showing me that I still don't know every place in the Familiar Forest. You're a very interesting young girl. Good luck on your journey."

Summoning a transportation circle, Evelyn said, "I'm glad you're happy. I hope you learn a lot about those caverns." As he started to disappear, he added, "Oh, and I'm a boy, just so you know." He vanished with an amused smirk as Zatoji gaped in shock.

Evelyn spent the next few months traveling around the world, spending most of his time in the United States of America. While he was there, he heard stories of a cursed location called Camp Crystal Lake. It took him a few days to arrive. When he did, however, it was nighttime and he could sense someone trudging around.

He heard what sounded like a mix of scuffling and heavy breathing. Ki ki ki... ma ma ma... Evelyn tensed when he sensed someone right behind him. When did they get there? He would have noticed them due to his Devil senses!

He quickly jumped out of the way and turned around in time to see a hulking figure swing an axe at where he was standing a moment ago. Looking at the man, he saw that the stranger was wearing a dark grey jacket with a worn-out brown shirt underneath, dark blue jeans, and scuffed platform boots with laces. He had no hair, and wore a hockey mask with three red triangles on it, one on each cheek and the third between the eyeholes.

Evelyn chuckled and said, "It looks like you're real, Jason Voorhees. I know your story." Using his magic to scan Jason's mind and remembering the accounts of the survivors of Camp Crystal Lake, he said, "You were killed here when you were young. Your mother went on a killing spree to avenge you, but was killed as well. You now continue her work by killing anyone who comes here to indulge in debauchery and sin."

Jason tilted his head, curious as to why his mother's voice had suddenly disappeared. Evelyn said, "I have a proposition for you. You join me, and you can punish real monsters for hurting people. What do you say?" He leaned forwards playfully, waiting for an answer. A few agonizing moments later, Jason slowly nodded.

Clapping his hands, Evelyn exclaimed, "Perfect! You're the first to join me!" He reached into his pocket and took out his Queen. He said, "Now lay down and put this on your chest. I'll do the rest." When the killer of the camp did so after a few moments of silence, he released his wings. He chanted, "I, Evelyn Gremory, revive thee, Jason Voorhees, as my servant. Rise and be blessed as you walk these lands as my Queen!"

Jason's body glowed red before he got up. The man grunted in surprise when he looked at himself. His skin was repaired, and he felt different. He felt stronger, faster, even better than he ever did. Grabbing his axe, Jason returned to his shack to gather his belongings. He was looking at his mother's shrine when Evelyn walked in. The boy said, "I can take that with us if you want." Seeing Jason nod, he summoned a magic circle for storage and sealed it away.

Noticing Jason's anger, Evelyn quickly said, "Relax! I just put it away!" Gently taking Jason's arm, he placed a magic seal on the back of the man's hand. Looking up, he said, "Now you have access to the magic circles I use. You can use them to put things away, take them out, and move long distances in a short amount of time. I'll change things a little so that you can have your own storage for yourself." He added, "It'll have to wait, though. We should go before someone shows up."

Creating a transportation circle, he and Jason stepped into it. Evelyn's nose twitched. He sneezed, causing the magic circle to flicker. He had just enough time to say, "Uh oh," before the duo vanished, leaving an empty shack.

The duo found themselves in a battlefield. Surrounded by dead bodies, two figures, a boy and a girl were holding each other tenderly. The boy had white hair and red eyes, and his left arm was mechanical with black plating and a large blade-like fin jutting out from the elbow. The girl had golden hair and blood red eyes. They were crying, and both Evelyn and Jason could sense their despair.

The boy whimpered, "I was too weak to save them! I couldn't save Shia, Tio, Kaori, Lemia, Shizuku, and Liliana! It was hard enough that Ehit killed Myuu in front of us, but this is too much!" The girl whispered soothing words into his ears, though she was just as upset as him.

As Evelyn and Jason approached, they looked at them. The boy suddenly became serious and asked, "Who are you two?" His hands twitched, and his power surged for a moment.

Evelyn raised his hands and said, "Hey, we're not here to fight you. I was using a magic circle when I sneezed. I don't know how Jason and I ended up here!" Freezing, he turned to Jason and quickly asked, "You're not mad at me, are you?"

Jason looked at his King silently, before shaking his head. He didn't blame the boy for sneezing. It was, after all, allergy season. Prior to his reincarnation, Jason had somehow sneezed a few times as well despite being a zombie, so it would have been hypocritical to be angry.

Turning back to the trio, Evelyn said, "I'm Evelyn Gremory, and this is Jason, my new vassal. I'm traveling around the place to gather a peerage, and Jason was the first member."

The boy sighed and said, "I'm Hajime Nagumo."

The blonde girl said, "I'm Yue, Hajime's wife."

Hajime said, "Since you said you sneezed while using a magic circle, does that mean you're not from this world?" Seeing Evelyn nod sheepishly, he said, "I'm not either. My entire homeroom class back in Japan was brought here to stop the extinction of humanity. While we were in a dungeon, one of my classmates betrayed me and knocked me into a labyrinth, where I found Yue. After we got out, we kept exploring until I found the rest of my class. In the end, we fought Ehit. We won, but Yue and I are the only survivors."

His memories caught up, and Hajime burst into tears again. Refusing to watch someone suffer, Evelyn said, "Let me see what I can do. I know a bit of condensation magic and transformation magic." He held out his hands, a magic circle between them. Closing his eyes, he felt out the magical signatures of the corpses. Opening them once more, he asked, "Which ones were the people you cared about?" When the broken-hearted boy pointed them out, he drew a bit of their magic energy and blood, bringing them into the magic circle. Condensing it all into a small orb, Evelyn gritted his teeth as sweat dripped down the side of his face.

Finally, he held the finished product and gave it to Hajime. He whispered, "Here. That way they can always be with you." Hajime took the item from Evelyn, and his eyes widened in shock. In his hands was a heart-shaped crystal attached to a thin silver chain. It was a necklace, he noted.

On closer inspection of the crystal through his artificial right eye, he realized it was composed of the essence of the women he loved and his surrogate daughter, Myuu. It also seemed to keep changing colors. Each color reminded Hajime of different things: Shia's lavender hair, Tio's golden eyes, Myuu's emerald -

Shakily, Hajime snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at Evelyn through teary eyes. He whispered, "Thank you…" He carefully put it on, making sure it stayed put.

Smiling sadly, Evelyn said, "I know it's hard to cope with losing someone, but do you want another chance at life?"

Nodding, Hajime said, "I'd like that. I know I can never move on, but I'd like to at least have a chance to start over."

Holding out a hand, Evelyn said, "Then would you like to join me? You'd have to become a Devil and become my vassals too, but I will make sure that you can find happiness again. I gave Jason the chance to fight for a true cause. Do you accept?"

Hajime thought about his choices for a minute. He took a deep breath and said, "I accept. What do I do?"

Evelyn said, "Lay down on the ground. I'll figure out what position you can take." He held several of his Evil Pieces over the boy, and was surprised when he saw that Hajime was worth all eight Pawns. He looked at Yue and asked, "Would you like to accept too?"

Yue said, "I accept. Whatever Hajime goes through, I go through. We'll always stay together." Evelyn smiled and repeated the process with her. When the rituals were done, Hajime asked, "So will you explain what happened to us?"

Evelyn said, "You're Devils now. However, you'll learn about your abilities later. Yue, you're a Bishop. That means you gained massive magic reserves. If your magic reserves were already massive, then they got even bigger. Knights get a drastic speed boost. Rooks receive a massive increase in strength and durability. Jason is my Queen. He has the combined abilities of a Bishop, knight, and rook. Hajime, you're a Pawn. That means that while you're technically the weakest on paper, you can promote to any piece aside from king if you have my permission.

"I used my pieces to convert you. By the way, you're both mutated pieces. A mutated piece is much stronger than a normal piece." Seeing Hajime's questioning look, Evelyn added, "Think of it as a thing in a video game where a unit is categorized as worth a few points, but it's actually worth so much more." At this, Hajime nodded in understanding.

Taking a deep breath, Evelyn continued, "As you're all my servants, you're considered low-class Devils. You can become a higher class if you take a test, and once you reach high class, you can receive your own pieces. Any questions?"

Yue said, "And what about you? Are you a Devil who got promoted or were you born into a high-class Devil family?"

Evelyn answered, "The second. I'm the youngest child of the house of Gremory. Next?"

Hajime asked, "Can we get back to the world you came from?"

Evelyn's face went blank, his smile becoming shaped like a curved w, making Yue perk up at the cuteness. He made a transportation circle, which surprisingly worked. He tapped Hajime and Yue on the backs of their hands and said, "Now you can use it. Come on."

The group of four stepped into the circle, though and they disappeared.

Fallen Angels were bustling about. A magic circle had suddenly appeared in the Grigori, a magic circle they did not recognize. It was white, and had a lily in the center. Azazel, the leader of the Grigori, stepped forwards with an inquisitive gleam in his eye.

Suddenly, four figures appeared inside the circle. Evelyn looked around and said, "We're definitely back in my world, but I don't recognize this place. Just where did we end up?"

Azazel spoke up and said, "You're in the middle of the Grigori base, kid. Can you explain why four Devils showed up in a magic circle in an area filled with Fallen Angels?" Once again, Evelyn's face went blank, the "OwO" expression returning. He looked around, noticing the light spears pointed at his group, and said the first thing that came to his mind.

"Ah, poop."

Yes, stories about Rias having a sibling are a bit overdone. Yes, the story was pretty rushed. Yes, the story jumped around a bit suddenly. But hey, I'm pretty sure that this is the first story to have Jason in High School DxD, much less be in a peerage. Also, I'm pretty sure it's the first time Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou has shown up on FanFiction. That counts for something, right?

And if there are questions about why I gave a boy the name Evelyn, I'll settle it now, so you don't ask. Evelyn is technically a girls' name, but men have had that name, like Evelyn Waugh, Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, and Evelyn Stevens. Look them up, they're men.

Anyways, here is the peerage I have planned out so far. It might change eventually though. Feel free to give suggestions, though:

* means it's permanent and not up for debate

King: Evelyn Gremory

Queen (Mutated): Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)*

Bishop (Mutated): Yue (Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou)*

Bishop: undecided

Knight (Mutated): undecided

Knight: undecided

Rook (Mutated): undecided

Rook: undecided

Pawn (Mutatedx8) x8: Hajime Nagumo (Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou)*

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