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"Good Oliver. Very good." Talia said as he helped her up off the floor. Oliver allowed a rare smile to cross his face. Praise from his mentor slash occasional lover was extremely rare.

"Thank you. So what's next?" He asked, and Talia smiled. Oliver felt himself tense slightly. Talia's smile usually meant one of two things. She wanted to have sex or he was about to learn a particularly harsh technique.

"Nothing. There is nothing left for me to teach you."

"You haven't taught me everything you know." He replied evenly, and her smile widened.

"But of course not. No one ever teaches another everything they know. However, I have taught you what you need to know to succeed in your crusade. Your skills in hand to hand combat and with the sword rival the most dangerous man I have ever encountered, and you are the most skilled archer I have seen in years. So it is not so much that I have nothing I can teach you, but rather that I have nothing I need to teach you. So you are free to return home. Free to rid your city of the poison that infects its very soul."

"I can't go home. Not yet." He replied after a moment of silence, making Talia frown.

"I have to find someone first." He continued, and Talia fought the urge to growl. She knew who her student spoke of. The blonde who had gone on the Queen's Gambit with him, the ill-fated trip that was the first step from Oliver Queen playboy to the man who would bring justice to Starling City. He was speaking of Sara Lance, who unknown to him was now known by another name. Ta er al Safer, member of the League of Assassin's and lover to Talia's younger sister Nyssa, whom their father had named Heir to the Demon.

"Sara Lance." She said, and Oliver nodded.

"I know that she is most likely dead. But until I know for sure, I can't go home."

"Because of some debt you feel you owe her father or her sister?" Talia asked.

"Partly. But also because I love her." He said, his words making Talia feel as though she had been punched in the gut. Had the time that they shared truly meant so little to him? Had she been nothing more than a teacher and a source of release? Talia forced her anger down. It did not matter. She had had students and lovers before Oliver Queen, and she would have more after. Best to send him on his way. And yet the very part of her that felt pain at his words was also the part of her that made her speak again.

"Sara Lance yet lives. She is in Nanda Parbat."

Oliver's eyes widened slightly before they narrowed in anger, his mentor resisting the urge to smile as she saw the monster she had helped create make itself known once more.

"How long have you known?"

"Since just before I found you." She replied, and he cursed before going and grabbing his bow off the table.

"Damn you to hell. How dare you keep this from me?"

"If I didn't care about you, do you think I would have even told you this much? With every other student I have ever had I simply disappear."

"So the fact that you didn't is supposed to somehow absolve you of allowing me to believe that Sara was most likely dead?! Say what you want Talia, but nothing will convince me. You're incapable of telling the truth, and incapable of caring for anyone." He said, and she glared before walking over to him and slapping him across the face.

"How dare you! Do you think I slept with you just for the hell of it?"

"I don't know. Because I don't even know you Talia. All this time, and I don't know anything about you aside from the fact that you're a bad ass who's also good in bed."

"Only good?" She asked, and he glared.

"Perhaps you have a point. Very well. I will tell you-"

"I don't care. I need to find this Nanda Parbat and-"

"I know where it is. And I will tell you. But first you must answer a question for me. What do you know of a man named Ra's Al Ghul?"

"Loosely, the name translates to the Demon's Head. Supposedly Ra's Al Ghul is the most dangerous man in the world."

"This is no supposition. It is fact. I have witnessed this man's skill and savagery with my own eyes."

Here she tensed, feeling the pain of a sword across her back, the flat of the blade feeling like fire to her five year old self.

"What does this Ra's Al Ghul have to do with Sara?" Oliver asked, curiosity beginning to make the slightest dent in his anger. He hadn't missed the way Talia tensed when she spoke of Ra's Al Ghul. Whoever this man was, Talia had had some experience with him, and Oliver would bet every penny of the Queen family fortune that her experiences had been about as pleasant as his final encounter with Slade Wilson.

"Ra's Al Ghul is the head of an organization known as the League of Assassins. He is also my father."

"That's not possible. Ra's Al Ghul is rumored to be thousands of years old." He replied, and she laughed.

"Ra's Al Ghul is not a man. It is a mantle. A title, taken by each man after he ascends to the head of the League of Assassins."

"After he kills his predecessor." Oliver surmises, and Talia nods.

"Precisely. My father ascended to the title a couple hundred years ago."

"So that would make you-"

" Fifty-nine. I was born in 1952." She replied, and he just shook his head. He would think she was lying if it weren't for the fact that he had seen Baron Reiter and Shadowspire use magic. Suddenly his mentor being fifty-nine and looking like she was thirty wasn't so far fetched.

"Uh huh. So, who killed JFK?"

"What is it with you Americans and Kennedy?" She asked, and he laughed.

"He's the closest thing we had to royalty."

"Remind me what your last name is?"

"Cute. But in all seriousnessā€¦.If what you're telling me is true, why aren't you with daddy dearest?" He asked, and her gaze hardened.

"Because he did to me what Slade Wilson did to you. He trained me to be a killer, and as part of that, he tortured me. He did the same to my sister Nyssa. He told us that we needed to be strong, so that one day we could kill him and one of us could ascend to the title of Ra's Al Ghul. When I was twenty-three, I ran away. I realized that my father did not desire for me to become Ra's. He wanted someone to wed off to the man he eventually chose as his successor. The man he chose refused to kill him, and so he failed."

"And then you left." He surmised, and she nodded.

"I am not a mare to be sold to the highest bidder. I chose to make my own path."

"And now you've made me. The perfect weapon to aim at your father." He continued, and she chuckled.

"I will admit that there is a certain joy is seeing my student eliminate my father. But you will gain what you want as well. When you kill my father, you will be Ra's Al Ghul. The League of Assassins, and the fate of Sara Lance will be yours to command."

"What do you get out of this?"

"My father will be dead. And my sister will be alive."

She posed it as a statement, but he heard the question in her voice. If he did this, he would be Ra's Al Ghul. Would he allow someone who believed he had stolen her birthright to live?

"Provided she submits to the authority of Ra's Al Ghul, her life will be spared. She will be free to do as she wishes. As will you."

Talia did not respond beyond a nod of acceptance. Then she walked over to the counter and picked up her bow and sword, throwing Oliver his own sword before the two left their hideout.

Nanda Parbat- The Following Day

The Arrow kicked the door open, bow raised and ready to fire. By his side, Talia mirrored his actions. They had dealt with the perimeter guard easily enough. Now all that was left was dealing with Ra's Al Ghul.

"Talia." Her father spoke softly from where he stood at the opposite end of the hallway.

"Father. Sister." She said, acknowledging both her father as well as her sister who stood beside him.

"Talia? Father told me you were dead." Nyssa said, and Talia scoffed. Beside her lover, Sara tensed slightly as her eyes landed on the green hooded figure to Talia's right. The hood and bow looked familiar. But this man carried a sword. So there was no way that he could be the love she had lost when the Amazo sank beneath the waves off the coast of Lian Yu.

"Our father has told you a great many things. He has lied. He does not intend for you to ever ascend and become Head of the Demon. He wishes to marry you off as though you are little more than cattle."

"You lie!"

"Do I? Then tell me sister, why does our father disapprove of your relationship with Sara Lance?"

"Sara Lance no longer lives." Her father spoke up.

"If you wish to see another sunrise, then you had best be lying. Now I will ask you this only onceā€¦.WHERE is SARA LANCE?" The Arrow roared.

To his credit, Ra's Al Ghul did not so much as flinch.

"Who are you to threaten me boy?"

Oliver lowered his hood, hearing a slight gasp from the assassin to the left of Nyssa Al Ghul. He looked over, just in time to see her remove a blonde wig and mask.

"Ollie?" She asked, and he smiled.

"Hello Sara."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to bring you home with me."

"I...I can't. I swore an oath-"

"To Ra's Al Ghul."

"So she is going nowhere with you." Nyssa said, and Talia chuckled.

"Sister, you are not Ra's. You cannot decide that."

"No. The decision is mine." Ra's said, and Oliver chuckled.

"Wrong again. The decision will be mine. I challenge you to a trial by combat."

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