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Dear Diary,

I know I haven't written in a few months but I've needed time to deal with some things.
Oh, and the added bonus of knowing no one short of a second year apprentice will be able to open this book. I feel free to actually write the truth. What with magic being dead on earth. Wink wink nudge.

First, Max, my first boyfriend. Well, he was an older gentleman, worked for Dark Queen Beryl, and generally was out to destroy the world. ^.^ The second was just some poor boy I conned into it because I wanted to look normal, especially in front of Serena.

The truth of the matter is. I love Serena. With all my heart. And she can _never_ find out. Never ever ever never. She's actually destined to be with a boy named Darien. I shouldn't know this. This is another reason she can never love me. I know she's Sailor Moon.

Normally being the defender of love an justice and all it shouldn't be too bad to love her. It's almost in the job description. The reason that reason is so good for not telling her at all, is that she would find out that I am/was her enemy Queen Beryl.

No, I don't understand it completely. Apparently Metallia, 16 years ago or so, when she felt the Moon Princess being reborn, had tried to take over Beryl's sleeping body. I, we, what ever had set up a back up plan, in which I was immediately reborn, as a pure soul, while Metallia did what ever she was going to, with a shell of a clone.

Actually, I, the first Queen Beryl I mean, started questioning Metallia goals in the middle of the second age, with good reason. She was kinda trying to take over our mind. She already had the generals. And was trying to control myself. Herself. Whatever.

When we started, it was a good idea at the time. Then moon kingdom was a god like force, only opposed by those stupid enough to try to confront it. All magic was kingdom controlled. All humans were automatically below the 'noblemen' of the time. Any one of us with signs of magical talent were slaughtered by witch hunters. I actually HOPE Serenity did not recognize the system she had created. Otherwise I am grateful her daughter did not turn out as corrupt as she may have been.

So we rebelled. I was the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman. Upon my birth, my mother and family was killed because of me, as would I have been if I was not rushed into hiding by the nursemaid. My 'father' went on a killing spree, slaying all young children of my age until I grew strong enough to kill him. At 13 I accidently found the remnants of an Alien being which was called Metallia. It took 6 years to free earth, and... I kinda decided to go to the moon to raze the heart of the kingdom... I thought it was to stop the oppression of the solar system... Metallia lied. The rest is history.

By why write now? Why, because she's going off to her death. To fight a UFO from the future or another dimension or something. The whole thing is radiating with evil, and there's nothing more I could do besides wish her luck. I don't know if it was the right thing to do. She might figure out that I know or even that... but that's better then not doing anything... Right?

There's even a dark crystal that is growing in the center of town. It's full of depression, and sorrow. Dark emotions, but not evil yet.

Strangely, the more of the strange black crystal I touch, the clearer my memories are. I even have a small piece of it around my neck. Not enough to attract attention. But enough to defend myself if necessary. It even grows when I tell it things that make me sad or depressed. It should last me a long time.

Soo... well, that's it. I'll be writing again.