Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyers owns all rights - no copyright infringement intended. Her characters are just totes fun to play with.

A/N: Welcome! This story was originally called Only the Beginning for the first eighteen chapters until I grew tired of the mundane name not having much correlation with the story. Thus, Selcouth Cosmos. If you're about to switch to another tab and attempt looking up that strange word, allow me to save you a couple clicks (or thumb taps if you're mobile).

Selcouth (ˈsel-ˌküth), adj. (ori. old english): Rare, unusual, wondrous; selcouth connotes an air of mystery and unfamiliar exquisiteness, which has been unexpectedly discovered - strange, yet beautiful, selcouth should be reserved to describe only the most extraordinary.

The word cosmos is pretty much explanatory as how I use it refers to the whole entire freakin' universe. As this story develops, the title will begin to make more and more sense - and that silly word selcouth will be a reoccurring theme as our main gal experiences more than she ever thought possible. I'd also like to note that I wrote the first six-ish chapters like a year ago with no intention of ever posting. I eventually got back on the writing wagon, and I'm hoping my improvement is noticeable lol. The first couple chapters are going to be shorter but they eventually lengthen up :)

*drumroll please*
I present to you my first fic,

Selcouth Cosmos


He'll never want to relive this reeling motion again - the forceful, suspending movement of slicing through the air, similar to that of a meteor cutting through Earth's atmosphere. He can find no words to describe the yanking gut feeling he has waiting for the imminent impact of ground. He is too busy staring up at the sky, at his pod leaving him in the distance. He has no word for that feeling either.

A/N: stay tuned! -sondor