Chapter 1

Chains rattling pulled Zelda from her sleep, yet all she could see in the pitch black room was the moons light pouring in from the window of her balcony door. From across the room she heard her bedroom door shut softly and she pulled her blanket tighter to her chest as three of her own soldiers stepped into the moonlight holding thick silver chains. All three of them lunged at her before she had the chance to ask what they were doing, holding down her legs and grabbing her arms roughly. She tried to scream, but found a gloved hand clamped over her mouth in an instant. They then clasped the metal cuffs around both her wrist and ankles harshly. Finding her own soldiers responsible for this infuriated her, but she couldn't stay that way for long for as soon as the metal made contact with her skin she felt all her energy drained. Her body grew limp and powerless, leaving her terrified. What in the world was going on? She tried desperately to pull from their grasp, but her body was too weak and she received a swift slap to the face. This completely took her aback. The audacity!

"Settle down wench!" A voice bellowed at her and she froze in place as his hand had risen again and a fist connected with the back of her head. She yelped in pain at how hard he had hit her. She did what he said and she didn't even move! Confusion quickly set in and she clenched her teeth tightly trying to ignore the throbbing in the back of her head. Why we're her own soldiers treating her this way? She chanced a glance to the soldier that hit her as he pulled her roughly from the bed, pushing her towards the door and ordering her to start walking. She did so quietly, terrified of what was to come next. They had seemed to be leading her to her throne room, yet the halls were so dark she had trouble making out if that was in fact where they were going. The only light was the soldier behind her holding a rather small candle lantern.

They arrived at the doors to her throne room and the other two guards pushed the doors open. Within the room were all seven of her council members and several guards all grimacing her way in the candle light.

Her most trusted member stepped forward, anger flashing in his eyes. "Princess Zelda, we of the council have found you guilty and as Aldrich head of said council, I charge the accused of treason for conspiring with Crimea and sentence you to death. You will be executed tomorrow at noon. That is all."

Zelda's jaw dropped at his words. What in the world? Treason? What could she have possibly done that would be considered treason? And Crimea? Of all the places to say they chose the one across the damned sea!

"You're mad!" She objected, receiving a raised eyebrow from him, "I've done nothing that amounts to treason!"

He looked at her, obviously not phased, "take her away."
As quickly as Aldrich spoke she was spun around and shoved back to the doors of the throne room. Who did he think he was?! She knew Crimea existed on the continent of Tellius yet the two countries never had any interactions with each other. The sea was too dangerous to travel so they only kept to themselves. To be accused like that was very fishy; something had to be going on. They arrived at the castles dungeon and of course as she expected they shoved her into a cell, slamming the barred door and locking it swiftly. She said nothing as she listened to them all walk away, a sadness washing over her. Could this really be happening? She would be executed in less than a day, and the thought of that made tears swell in her eyes. She let out a light sob and slide down to the floor in a corner of the stone cell, burying her face in her knees. She felt sick. After all she been through and done for her people, this was how she would be repaid.

She laid over on her side finding the stone ground even more uncomfortable than the cuffs around her wrist and ankles. Just what was going on with these things? She felt so incredibly weak and drained every since the metal touched her skin. Perhaps she could burn them off? With the thought in mind, she tried to summon her fire magic only to find that her wrist and ankles felt as if she was being burned herself. She cried out in pain and clamped her hand over her mouth as her body trembled and the pain faded incredibly slowly. She can't use her magic? The situation was looking worse and worse and she feared she might never find a way to escape. She felt tears pricking at her eyes. The mix of confusion and hopeless took over her, leaving her with a pounding headache. She reached and touched the back of her head where a small bump was already rising. Goddesses, he hit her really hard.

Zelda relaxed back onto the stone floor, deciding whether she should sleep or spend her last hours awake, feeling her impending doom growing closer and closer every minute. Instead she closed her eyes, sending out one last prayer to the goddesses. Something, no, anything to explain what was going on was all she wanted. Not long after she finished her prayer, sleep took her. Yet even as she slept, her mind still raced and her hope completely slipped away.

Everything was dark and silent for the longest time, yet through the dark she saw a small fuzzy light. She walked through the darkness, an eerie aura surrounding her. The darkness felt so thick, almost as if she was walking across the bottom of an ocean. Yet despite how heavy it felt she also had the sensation that she was floating like she could just start twirling off into the deepest space. Gradually that light grew closer and brighter as she made her way to it. It was unclear what was going on in that light, but there was some movement. As she finally reached it, she lightly touched her fingers to what felt like warm glass on a summer's day. It was a comfortable warm that for a moment felt peaceful, almost too peaceful. The small light flickered beyond it like she was watching it through a window, and her fingers lingered on the invisible wall as she watched the light grow and the fuzzy scene became crystal clear. The people before her looked so vivid and real that she could swear they were right in front of her. She watched silently, noting how every person before her was a member of her council. The brightly lit room they were standing in looked completely normal, but yet at the same time something felt ominous about it. She watched as they all talked and laughed together. Their mouths were moving, but she couldn't hear a sound and it was very sudden that every one of them froze. Their eyes turned to her and she could just feel her body hurt as their glares stabbed into her like eight pairs of daggers. The once brightly lit room began to darken and the glass grew ice cold. She watched as Aldrich stepped forward, extending his arms out to his sides almost as if he was welcoming her for a hug, but a dark presence began to show its self behind him. It grew rapidly in size and she felt anxious as its darkness consumed the room and everyone in it. The only thing visible were their seven faces, all with the most twisted and evil smiles. It was then that her heart began to pound, and it was the only sound in the dark around her as she made eye contact with a monster merely an inch away from the glass before her. The dark thing bared its razor teeth in a wicked grin before shattering the glass between them, grabbing her around the neck with its claws. She screamed as she watched the thing open its mouth, fully intent on eating her and her scream was silenced as she felt its teeth ripping at her skin, before everything went black.

Hey everyone. So by now I feel like a pretty crappy writer. I can't finish anything and I'm sure I've lost readers because of it and I'm super sorry. Lately I've been wanting to write so bad, yet every time I sit down and I'm so inspired I still can't write crap and I lose my inspiration almost instantly. It like disappears every time I try. Anyways this story is something I've been working on for a while and I'm actually enjoying it. I'm really hoping that this is going to pull me out of my rut and that's why I've written majority of it out before. I might change a few things to chapters before I post them, but the main story is almost finished. So I hope y'all enjoy and for those of you who've stuck with me through my crap I want to thank y'all so much.