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Hello everyone! I finally got the courage to do my own fanfiction. This is my first time making a Fanfiction so I don't know how this is going to go but at least I hope you can enjoy it.

So this is gonna to be an attempt to remake the Arc-V series from start to finish especially after how the anime ended. I was going to do something like the Bonds of Pendulum story (written by Frost190 and her partner) which I recommend you read cause it's a really good story. Although I'm kind of going to go in a different direction with the story kind like an OC story but more "canon" I should say. I guess an example would be the Dimension Wars story, something like that. I don't know, I'm not that good at explanations. Now, I'm just going to do my own remake version starting with Yuya's childhood. Yuya might be different in this story compared to his anime version as I think will add different traits to him (for example maybe a little more serious) but at the same time I will try to keep him and everyone else in character in this story. I'm not sure if I keep that promise because I've never done this before.

There's also a lot of things I'm going to change though I'm not going to say what yet. Two things I will say is that some of the characters I will age differently like for example Yuya will be 16 instead of 14, Yuya will have an older brother, and his eyes will be both red and green (heterochromatic). The two reasons for that is mainly because I feel like I can do more in terms of character development and I always wanted to create my own OCs. As for the eyes, well, I'll explain that later. Also I want to be clear about this, Yuya is still the main character of this story; his OC brother is going to be a main character but not as much as Yuya per say.

Also, two things:

1. I don't really have a schedule for releasing these chapters. It depends on when I actually get these chapters done. So don't expect a routine or anything. I apologize.

2. I'm also not sure what rating this story is going to be as I haven't planned THAT far ahead yet. For now, this going to be T rated.

I'm nervous since this is my first story but I at least hope you will be entertained. With that said, let's get started.

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Chapter 1 - The Swinging Path of a Duelist


GONGENZAKA LP: 2600, Hand: 4

Gongenzaka was looking out into the distance for his opponent as he raised a card in his hand to summon a monster.

"I tribute Superheavy Samurai Waka-O2 and Superheavy Samurai Sword-999 to Tribute Summon Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei (ATK: 1000/DEF: 3500/ LV: 8)!"

Gongenzaka summoned his ace monster in defense position by releasing two of his monsters.

"Now come Yuya, duel me Gongenzaka, one on one!" Gongenzaka wanted a real duel with Yuya since it's been a long time since Yuya has gotten really serious as a duelist. For the past 6 years, all Yuya has been doing in his duels is trying to make them enjoyable for people to watch instead of just focussing on winning.

As he was waiting for Yuya to make a move, Yuya appeared behind the roof of one of the buildings by jumping from the top and landing on the side of the roof.

"As you wish Gongenzaka. But first let's have some fun as I activate the Quick-Play Magic Card, Hippo Carnival! It allows me to summon 3 Hippo Tokens (ATK: 0/DEF: 0/ LV: 1)", Yuya responded to Gongenzaka. Since he had no monsters on his field, Yuya activated his spell that allowed him to summon 3 tokens in defense position.

As the 3 Hippo Tokens were summoned, they started dancing which made Yuya want to dance with them as well. "Haha, these three really know how to party!" Yuya was having fun as he was dancing with his monsters. Gongenzaka, however, was not amused.

"Wha...Are you kidding me?!" Gongenzaka was surprised but then had an irritated look on his face as he raised his fist. Once again, Gongenzaka was upset at Yuya for not taking their duels seriously.

Meanwhile, in another room, Yuzu and Yuya's older brother, a boy with black and red hair that was more brushed down than Yuya's along with red eyes and built with a little muscle (while wearing a black shirt, pants, gloves, a red and black jacket, and red, white and black boots), were watching their duel through the looking glass and Yuzu also had an irritated look on her face because of Yuya while Mikleo just looked amused by what Yuya was doing.

"Ugh...Come on Yuya, quit goofing around!" Yuzu was so upset that she didn't notice that she accidently slammed her hands on the circuit board until she saw sparks flying out the board.

The boy, whose name was Mikleo, sweatdropped and let out a sigh as he saw what Yuzu just did. "You probably shouldn't have done that."

As if on cue, Shuzo, Yuzu's father, burst through the door looking confused at Yuzu. "What are you doing, Yuzu?"

Yuzu was panicking as well after she saw what she did, looking at her father. "Uh...Sorry, dad!"

Shuzo was now looking more panicked than before as he put his hands on his head. "If this system breaks, then all of my hot-blooded teaching will vanish! Solid Vision will vanish!"

Just as the Solid Vision System was breaking, a young blue-haired boy named Tatsuya along with his mother were watching the duel. Tatsuya was looking at Yuya's dueling style with interest. As Yuya continued dancing, Solid Vision finally collapsed and all of the monsters and buildings, including the one Yuya was standing on top of, had disappeared. After vanishing, Yuya noticed there was no ground and fell but, due to his quick thinking, he did a front flip and landed on his feet. He then did a bow which he usually does after he's done with his performance. He then noticed Tatsuya looking at him curiously and then gave him and his mother another bow as well.


"I can't teach with passion!"

Shuzo was freaking out after their Solid Vision System broke and their school depended on the system for entertainment duels. He tried asking for Mikleo's help since he was an expert on machinery but then Mikleo gave Shuzo a look of disappointment. "Sorry Shuzo but that system is far beyond repair. I can't do anything about it."

After that, Shuzo had his hands on his head again, sitting on the couch and looking like he was wanting to cry. "The Solid Vision System is broken, and we drove away the student who wanted to apply to our school. At this rate, You Show School will go bankrupt!"

Yuya gave off a disappointing sigh as he put his goggles over his eyes. "Aw man, I could have made that boy enjoy the duel a little bit more if you hadn't broke it Yuzu."

Yuzu shot off an irritated look towards Yuya who was staring at the ceiling. "Well I've wouldn't have gotten angry if you weren't messing around like that." She had known Yuya since she was a child and growing up with him, she knew he was a really good duelist but just wished he would take them more seriously. She understands he's trying to have fun in dueling but there's other ways in doing it.

"Also look at me when you're talking to me!" Since Yuzu was irritated that Yuya was seemingly not paying attention to her, she tried to hit him with her hand before Yuya jumped and dodged out of the way.

Just as Yuya moved, he ran into and smashed his face into the body of Gongenzaka who was also looking irritated at the Yuya. Yuya was holding his face with one hand as he noticed Gongenzaka was still here. "Oh, sorry Gongenzaka. I didn't know you were still here."

"That boy wasn't having fun." Yuya lifted his goggles looking a little confused after Gongenzaka said that. Yuya then gave off a playful smile. "Huh? Oh, come on, he was smiling a little bit."

Gongenzaka then yelled at Yuya, "There's a difference between laughing at the duel and laughing at you Yuya!" Gongenzaka then looked up a bit as he reminisced the times. "When your father, Yusho Sakaki, was around, he made everyone smile with his dueling." Yuya's father, Yusho, disappeared around 5 years ago back when Yusho was scheduled to face Strong Ishijima for the Championship. No one had seen him since and Yuya and Mikleo were devastated by his disappearance especially Yuya who honestly was closer to Yusho than Mikleo was.

Gongenzaka also understands that Yuya is trying to forget the pain of his father leaving by joking around in his duels but he feels Yuya doesn't even remember how to entertain people properly anymore. Yuzu was looking at the both of them worryingly, Shuzo and Mikleo had a neutral expression on their faces as they watched this scene unfold. "Have you forgotten that Yusho made people smile from the heart?"

As Yuya was listening to Gongenzaka with a straight face, when he was done, Yuya then gave a small smile. "Well, maybe. But I'm not trying to be like my father."


Flashback (Around 5 years ago)

Yuya was out on the bridge with his hanging over his eyes, crying his eyes out as he was still sad about his father disappearing around a year ago. Both he and his brother were the reasons he got into dueling in the first place and now one of them is gone. Yuya then heard footsteps and a hand was placed on his shoulder. He looked up and saw his 13 year old older brother (with black and red hair that had a similar hairstyle that Yuya has, although it was more brushed down) had a worried smile on his face.

"Yuya, are you okay?" Mikleo knew Yuya wasn't fine since he was still sad about his father disappearing. Mikleo had managed to get over it slowly but still missed him. Yuya, however, was closer to Yusho than himself, Mikleo admits, so he's taking a bit harder than him. He feels that Yuya needs to let out his emotions a bit more in feel better about himself.

Yuya raised his goggles up to show his reddened crimson red and forest green eyes at his brother and looked a little irritated at him. "Okay? Of course I'm not okay! My father is missing, people keep making fun of me because of him. It really sucks! I still believe in my father and Yuzu and Gongenzaka are trying to help me but it's not really working. I don't know what to do." As he was finished ranting, Yuya started to cry as tears were threatening to fall from his eyes. But then Mikleo gave Yuya a small hug and then released him to look at him straight in the eye.

"Yuya, if you still believe in our father, then don't lose hope. If you want to follow in his footsteps, then you got to show people you are not just the son of our father Yusho Sakaki, but that you are a great duelist. And is able to make everyone have fun in dueling."

Yuya looked at his brother with wide eyes amazed and surprised by what he said but then he questioned himself. "Do you really think I can do it?"

Mikleo then patted Yuya on the head. "Of course. After all, you are my brother. I did taught you how to duel. If you practice and have fun while dueling, I'm sure you can do it. Just be yourself, Yuya. Find your own path as a duelist. Carve your own path in dueling."

Flashback End.

Yuzu and Gongenzaka then looked at him confused as he looked at his pendulum. "Sure my dad brought smiles with his dueling but that's his style not mine. I believe that dueling is for competition and fun. People should enjoy themselves while dueling with everything they believe in. For whatever reason he was smiling, he was enjoying himself. As long as he had fun, I don't care if he was laughing at me or not."

Yuzu and Gongenzaka were surprised and amazed by what he just said but then Yuya also said, "And besides, my dad ended up getting laughed at in the end anyway."

"And...there's goes the moment." Mikleo was sighing as he was thinking about what Yuya just said with everything that has happened up until this point.

Yuzu and Gongenzaka were again shocked by Yuya just said but then the both of yelled, "Yuya!" Besides his brother, Yuya also had Yuzu and Gongenzaka to support him whenever he was being made fun of. Because Yusho disappeared during an important duel, people then assumed he was a coward and ran away. Since Yuya and Mikleo were the sons of Yusho they would always get teased and made fun of.

However, while Yuya did have Yuzu, Gongenzaka, and his brother to support him, Mikleo didn't need any help when he was bullied because then he would beat them up for mocking him until they were down and they never bothered him again. Mikleo always hated people like that and did not hesitate to do the same thing to protect his brother sometimes as well. "Well, they'll find out sooner or later why he acts like this."

Yuya was laughing right as Yuzu and Gongenzaka scolded him. "Haha, relax."

Just then, a man in a yellow and black suit with a red bowtie opened the door and walked into the room with everyone looking at him. "Oh my, looks like there's trouble."

Everyone was confused as to who this man was with Shuzo being to first to ask. "Umm, who are you?"

"I'm Nico Smiley, the current Action Duel champion Strong Ishijima's manager and promoter."

Yuya was looking a little surprised that this was Strong Ishijima's manager as he was reminded a little bit about his past. "Strong Ishijima."

Nico then sat down on one of couches as he was ready to explain. "Strong Ishijima is LDS's spokesman, and I'm inviting Yuya to attend duel him at his fan appreciation day.

Yuya was looking a little overwhelmed and nervous. "You're inviting me to duel Strong Ishijima?"

Nico was looking a little too happy as he was talking. "That's right! You can battle him! Your wish from five years ago will finally come true."

During the night Yusho was scheduled to face Ishijima, when he disappeared, Strong was calling out Yusho for being a coward. While in the stands of the stadium, Yuya was leaning towards the edge of the stands begging for him to take his father's place in this duel to defend his honor. Of course, he was being held back by his mother and brother and he never got the duel he wanted until right now that is.

As Yuya was reminded a little bit of what he wanted in the past, Nico presented everyone with a poster of Ishijima facing Yuya. "We already have everything prepared."

Yuya was a little nervous to actually face Ishijima but also felt like he was finally ready to face him with some confidence until Shuzo interrupted Nico with Yuya turning towards him. "No! I won't allow Yuya to participate."

Nico and Yuya were shocked by Shuzo just said, Nico more specifically. Nico was trying to figure out why Yuya can't duel. "Why? If Yusho Sakaki's son participates, the crowd will be very happy."

Shuzo then yelled at Nico, "I won't allow you to disgrace Yuya!" Yuya was surprised and a little touched by what Shuzo just said.

Shuzo clenched his fist with his eyes closed as he was also reminded of what Yuya had to go through. "You don't know how Yuya's been feeling these past three years! Just leave!" He wanted Nico to leave as he was thinking Nico just wanted Yuya to make Strong Ishijima look good.

"Well that's too bad. If you would have agreed, we were going to give you Leo Corporation's newest Real Solid Vision System as thanks. For free."

Shuzo then looked like he was ready to accept the offer. "Are you serious?" But then as he said that, Yuzu smack her father's head with a paper fan. "You just said that you wouldn't let them disgrace Yuya!" "But…" "I know this school is important, but…"

Gongenzaka then gave his thoughts. "What's important is how Yuya feels." Everyone then noticed that Yuya is gone with Yuzu wondering. "Where did he go?"

Mikleo then proceeded to walk out of the building but not before saying to everyone, "Don't worry, I know where he is."


Yuya was sitting on the rails of the bridge with his goggles over his eyes staring at the swinging pendulum he was holding. He remembered one time when his father was comforting him when he was crying. He said these words to Yuya.

"Laugh when you want to cry. Laugh with all of your might. While you're laughing, you'll actually become happy. That will give you energy. It's like a pendulum. The bigger it swings, the bigger it swings back. It's the same in a duel. If you get scared and cringe, you can't do anything. If you want to win, then have courage and step forward. That courage will return as happiness. Like a pendulum. A pendulum is also a tool for discovery. If you lose your way, this pendulum will point in the direction that you should go."

Besides his brother, Yuya always remembered those his father told him before he vanished. "Swing...Swing, pendulum. Bigger...Even bigger..."

Mikleo then arrived at the bridge and saw his brother staring at his pendulum. He didn't really need to ask what Yuya was thinking. He already knew. He made his presence known by putting a hand on Yuya's shoulder. As Yuya turn to his brother, Mikleo was smiling.

"You're finally going to do it." "Yeah." "Remember what me and dad said and walk your own path." "Thanks, Mikleo." They both chuckled a bit. For some reason, Mikleo always preferred that Yuya always called him by his name instead of brother. "I just like my name more." That was basically his only response as to what he preferred.

Both of them then stared off into the distance as they were still talking. "By the way, Yuya, are you finally going to do it?" "Yeah, after the duel with Ishijima, I can finally come out of my shell." "Just so you know, whatever happens, me and everyone else will be there for you. Now make us proud." Mikleo and Yuya then turn towards each other and shared a fist bump together. "You got it!"


Yuzu, Gongenzaka, and Shuzo arrived inside the arena as they saw hundreds of people in the stands cheering and ready for the duel to get started. Nico was providing commentary for the audience.

"It's finally time for today's main event! Strong Ishijima's challenger is the legendary dueling star Yusho Sakaki's son, Yuya Sakaki!

Yuzu, Gongenzaka, and Shuzo were concerned for Yuya as they didn't know if he was going to accept the duel or not. Yuzu had her hand towards her heart. "Yuya…"

"Is he really going to show up?" Gongenzaka had always protected Yuya against bullies these past five years ever since his father vanished and sometimes even used his body as shield when bullies tried to beat up Yuya as they mocked him.

"Hooray! I'll get the Solid Vis-" Before Shuzo could finish that sentence, Yuzu smack her father across his head again with her fan again looking angry.

Meanwhile, Nico was still promoting the main event. "This special match will use official Action Duel rules. Activating the Field Magic: Frontier Fang Castle!"

The Solid Vision System proceeded to create the Action Field which almost felt real.

"Observe! It's so realistic that it can be mistaken for the real thing! This is LDS's Solid Vision System!" Once it was done, the field was now filled with a forest full of trees, stone pillars around the arena, and a stone castle in the middle of it.

Strong Ishijima made his presence known as he stomped onto the top of the castle balcony. The tall man with purple hair was wearing what looked an armor suit, black gloves and boots along with red paint across his face. "Whoa! Standing at the top of that castle is the Action Duel champion for the past six years! It's Strong Ishijima!" Ishijima roared out to the crowd showing his fierceness with the crowd showing support. "Facing this mighty champion is the young challenger, ladies and gentleman I give you...Yuya Sakaki!"

After Nico announced for Yuya, everyone waited for him to show up but as seconds passed he wasn't showing. Nico was looking concerned but then tried again. "Yuya, make your entrance!"

Everyone began wondering if Yuya was even going to show up; as Yuzu, Gongenzaka, and Shuzo were concerned, a few random guys nearby them then started talking.

"Did he run away?" "That's just like his dad five years ago." "Father and son are both cowards!"

As Yuzu was listening to them, her anger flared because of them bad mouthing Yuya. "Say what…!?" She was going to go to them and try to hit them before being stopped by Gongenzaka. "Don't, Yuzu." "But Gongenzaka..."

"Don't worry, Yuya will show up." All three turned to see Mikleo walking towards with a smirk across his face. "Yuya is just making it interesting." Yuzu then looked confused and worried at the entrance, wondering where Yuya was.

Nico looked worried while Strong gritted his teeth, "Looks like the son is big coward just like his father."

However moments later everyone heard a loud yell from above, "Hold on a minute!" All of them looked up at the top of the castle and were shocked as they saw Yuya as he jumped down from it."

Yuzu looked worried, "Yuya!" But then as Yuya was falling, two magicians appeared and proceeded to catch and carry Yuya downwards to Strong. The one to the left was Timegazer who was dressed in black with a yellow metal band around his waist, and over his shoulders, a black hat and brown spiky hair and a red mask that covered the lower part of his face. The other one was Stargazer who was dressed in white with a white hat and and white mask that cover the lower part of his face and blonde hair, he had a staff in his other hand and had a purple cape.

Yuya landed safely on the ground as his magicians began to vanish. "Thank you Stargazer and Timegazer." Both magicians then gave a bow to Yuya as they left.

Strong looked at Yuya with narrowed eyes, "So you're the son of Yusho Sakaki? You've got some nerve making us wait like that, for a moment we thought you wouldn't show up."

Yuya smiled as he bowed, "I apologize for my late arrival, but since I'm late anyways, I figured why not make up for it with a spectacular entrance."

Yuya then looked towards Strong with a confident smile, "And now, how about you show me the strength of a champion while we have fun in this exciting duel."

Yuya reactivated his duel disk and the energy blade appeared, Strong narrowed his eyes even more as he felt like he was being looked down upon by Yuya. "Show you my strength? Know your place you little brat! It looks I'm going to have to teach some discipline on how a pro duels."

Nico smiled as he spoke into the mike again, "Well that was unexpected but also exciting from Yuya just now! And now both duelists are here! Draw your first five cards to your hands!" Yuya and Strong both drew their first five cards.

Nico then spoke with excitement, "The duelists meet at the battlefield! Along with their monsters, they'll kick the ground and fly through the sky to move around the field! Feast your eyes on this to witness dueling's greatest evolution! Action…"


YUYA LP: 4000

Nico snapped his fingers as Action Cards started spreading across the field. "Action Cards are dispersed on the field! Let the battle begin!"

Yuya smiled, he loved Action Duels, sure he learned not to rely on Action Cards too much thanks to his brother. But he always loved finding and grabbing any card you card in a random area with a small chance of turning the duel around. It always made dueling a little more fun and thrilling. Of course, you can only have one Action Card in your hand each time, but it just made it more thrilling.

Strong pointed at Yuya, "I'll let you go first. I'm feeling generous today." He said with a smirk.

Yuya smirked as well as he proceeded to start his turn, "As you wish, my turn! Draw!" He then turned his attention to the audience. "Ladies and Gentlemen, allow to show you all how fun a classic action duel can be."

Yuya jumped off the edge of the castle and grabbed onto a hook attached to a rope, sliding downwards toward one of the stone pillars. Strong was looking at him shocked, "What?" After he landed, Yuya continued his turn.

"And now for my first move, I summon Entermate Discover Hippo (ATK: 800, DEF: 800, LV: 3)." A pink hippo with a pinkish-red shirt and a top hat appeared on Yuya's field.

After Hippo was summoned, Yuya jumped onto his back and turned towards Strong again. "Let's see if you can catch me. I end my turn by setting a card face down." Yuya set a set as he ended his turn and then rode Hippo as it proceeded to run off into the forest.

One of the people look shocked as he saw this, "He's running away already?" Another person looked at Yuya with a mocking smile, "Well for the son of a coward, he sure runs fast."

Tatsuya was also in the stadium with his mother as he watched with wonder and curiosity by Yuya was doing.

Yuzu was looking at Yuya a little frustrated, "What is Yuya doing?" Gongenzaka was also wondering the same thing, "He should face him boldly, not running around like that." Mikleo had an unreadable expression on his face as he watching Yuya.

Strong had his gaze following Yuya as he rode on Hippo. "It won't be long before I catch you. My turn! Draw!"

"I activate the Magic Card: Feast of the Wild LV5! It allows me to Special Summon two Warrior-type monsters from my hand by negating their effects! I summon Barbarian #1 (ATK: 1550, DEF: 1800, LV: 5) and Barbarian #2 (ATK: 1800, DEF: 1500, LV: 5)! Next I release both of them to Tribute Summon the monster that will crush you."

"From the depths of the dense forest, throw down the giant trees and show yourself! The barbarian king that rules the savage kingdom! Barbarian King! (ATK: 3000, DEF: 1100, LV: 8)"

"There it is! Ishijima's ace monster has arrived!" The audience was roaring with excitement since Barbarian King showed up.

"Your dad may have escaped me, but I won't let you escape! Battle! Barbarian King attack Entermate Discover Hippo!

Yuya grabbed an Action Card that was inside a bush nearby. "Lucky! I got an Action Card! Action Magic: Evasion! Your attack is negated! Rolling Hippo!" Yuya activated his action card so Hippo rolled out of the way of the attack.

Gongenzaka looked at Yuya frustrated, "He can't win just by avoiding attacks. Why won't he fight back.."

However Gongenzaka stopped when he heard a voice spoke behind him, "He is fighting back Gongenzaka." All four of them turned around and saw a blonde haired woman walking towards them. She was wearing a green shirt with blue jeans and her hair was tied into a ponytail.

Shuzo looked at her, "Yoko." The woman's name was Yoko Sakaki and she was Yuya and Mikleo's mother. She looked at her son and smiled. "Yuya is reinventing himself while dueling out there." The others except for Mikleo, who smiled at his mother for knowing what's going on, looked confused as they didn't understand what she meant by that.

Meanwhile, Yuya was still riding Hippo while smirking at Barbarian King who was chasing him.

Strong looked at Yuya, "Properly and skillfully using Action Cards. I expect nothing less from Yusho Sakaki's son. Professionals, however, are able to go beyond that. I activate Barbarian King's effect! Since I used Barbarian Monsters to Tribute Summon Barbarian King, it can attack twice each Battle Phase!"

"What?" Yuya was surprised as he didn't know about Barbarian King's effect. Barbarian King proceeded to attack Hippo again by slamming it's club down at it. Yuya gritted his teeth as he activated his face down before Barbarian's attack could fully connect. The force from the attack created a small explosion for a few seconds.

Nico looked excited, "Amazing! Barbarian King annihilated Discover Hippo...or not!"

Yuya appeared out of the explosion along with Hippo still on the field. "What?" Strong was confused as to how Hippo was still on the field with a large bubble around it.

YUYA LP: 4000→2900

"Phew. That was close. I activated the Trap Card: Half Unbreak which prevents my monster from being destroyed by battle this turn and the damage I take is halved."

The one person that made the comment earlier about Yuya running was looking amazed, "A-Amazing!" The one next to him also looked excited and amazed, "He's fighting well against the champion!"

Strong gritted his teeth and then huffed. "Fine. I set one card and end my turn."

At the same time, Yuzu was looking at Yoko, "Auntie Yoko, what do you mean by Yuya is reinventing himself?"

Yoko was looking at Yuya with a smile, "For the past five years, Yuya has been living off the mask of a clown, he made sure to make fun of himself before people made fun of him for his father running away. We all know know him best that he wouldn't have disappeared unless it was for a good reason, but no one else does which is why they made fun of Yuya and Mikleo."

Yoko's smile got even bigger, "But even though Yuya may joke around sometimes, he really does want to be a strong duelist. Both as a pro and like his father who entertained people with his dueling. He wants to find his own path in dueling."

Mikleo smirked at his mom, "Well mom, it's no surprise that you've figured out that much. However, there is another reason you're overlooking as to why Yuya acts like this." The other four turned towards Mikleo as he said this.

Yoko looked towards her other son confused, "Oh? What would that be?"

Mikleo turned back towards the duel, "You'll find out later."

Meanwhile, Yuya was looking towards Strong, "He's a powerful duelist alright. I wanted to save Half Unbreak for later but he force me to use now. Oh well, I won't let that stop me!"

"My turn! Draw! I activate the Magic Card: Pot of Greed! I draw two cards!"

Yuya looked towards his hand and smiled at what he drew, "Perfect."

Hippo jumped onto a stone circle and Yuya turned his attention to the audience once again, "Now everyone, we're almost at the climax of this duel. Entermate Discover Hippo counts as 2 Monsters when I use it to Tribute Summon." Hippo jumped into the air with Yuya jumping off of him as Hippo was being released.

"Mighty dragon with heterochromatic eyes as my own, give way to a new arc of victory! Level 7! Odd-Eyes Dragon (ATK: 2500, DEF: 2000, LV: 7)!"

Yuya landed onto Odd-Eyes's back as he shouted out, "The fun has just begun!" Tatsuya was smiling happily in the audience with his mother as he watched Yuya duel.

Shuzo got an excited look on his face, "There it is, Yusho's famous catchphrase! My blood is boiling hot right now with excitement!" Yoko looked at her son with a soft smile, "You've been waiting for this moment forever." Mikleo was satisfied as he saw his brother was having fun, "That's it, Yuya. Show them what you're made of."

Strong looked at Yuya amused, "Using the same line as your coward of a father huh?" A video image of Yuya appeared on his duel disk and Yuya glared at him, "My father is not a coward!" Strong looked at him shocked, "What?"

Yuya clenched his fist before pointing at Strong, "I'm going to beat you in order to defend my father's honor. By using the skills him and my brother taught me!"

Strong narrowed his eyes as he glared at Yuya, "Hmph. And how are you going to that? Your dragon only has 2500 ATK while my Barbarian King has 3000. It can't beat my monsters.

Yuya smirked at Strong, "I wonder about that. Now I activate the Continuous Magic Card: Wonder Balloons." A box with a question mark on all of its sides appeared near Yuya.

Yuya started finding and grabbing 3 Action Cards and sent them to the graveyard. Nico was getting exciting while announcing, "Just look at Yuya, he is getting Action Cards one after another and sending them to the graveyard."

After Yuya was done, he pointed toward the box, "Now then, once per turn, I can send as many cards as I want to the graveyard. And then Wonder Balloons gains a Balloon Counter for every card I sent." Yuya pointed towards Barbarian King, "Finally, by sending Wonder Balloons to the graveyard, I can select one monster on the field and it loses 1000 ATK for every balloon counter that was on this card until the end of the turn."

Yuya snapped his fingers and the balloons blew up in smoke. Once the smoke is cleared, Barbarian King is shown to be trapped inside balloons while he struggled to get out. "3 balloons have popped and that means Barbarian King now has 0 ATK!"

Barbarian King (ATK: 3000→0)

Nico looked shocked, "W-What a twist! I've never seen Action Cards used like that before." The crowd was also cheering for what just happened.

Strong looked at Yuya while he narrowed his eyes a little, "You can only have 1 Action Card at a time. 'You weren't just running around, you were looking for where Action Cards might be for this strategy."

Yuya nodded as he stared at his pendulum, "I've always been good at finding things even for Action Cards."

The two who made comments about Yuya earlier were watching this amazed seeing now Yuya had the advantage, "A-Amazing, he pressuring the champion!" All of the audience began to cheer and applaud for Yuya.

Yuya looked around with a smile when he heard the cheers and applause, "This is what it feel like to be in dad's shoes. It feels awesome. These are the kind of duels I love" he thought as he closed his eyes to let it all sink in.

Yuya opened his eyes and had a confident smile on his face. He looked at Odd-Eyes, "Let's go Odd-Eyes, let's give it all we got!" Odd-Eyes let a roar, "You got it, Yuya!" Yuya nodded as he was only one who could hear him or so he thought but Mikleo also heard Odd-Eyes and gave off a smirk to the dragon.

For many years, Yuya has been able to hear some of his monsters speak ever since he was a child. Of course the others don't know about but Yuya thinks that if he tells them then they might think he's crazy. Yuya and Odd-Eyes always had a strong bond with each other especially since they can fully communicate with each other.

"When Odd-Eyes Dragon destroys a monster by battle, you take damage equal to half of its original attack points!" Yuya explained what Odd-Eyes effect is as the dragon prepared to attack.

Strong looked surprised as he heard the effect and then narrowed his eyes, "Half of Barbarian King's original attack points is 1500. If I lose another 2500 points from Odd-Eyes's attack, that's 4000 points of damage!" Strong just realised that he was in trouble once Odd-Eyes attacks.

Yuya narrowed his eyes, "With this, I can end this in one move. Battle! Odd-Eyes Dragon attack Barbarian King! Spiral Flame!" "Spiral Flame!" Odd-Eyes also announced his own attack as he unleashed a power stream of flames towards Barbarian King who was helpless and a massive explosion happened the moment attack connected.

The audience cheered as they saw this as they believed the duel was over. Shuzo got really excited, "I'm burning inside, he won!" Yuzu and Gongenzaka both got excited as well as both of them yelled, "Yuya did it!" Mikleo, however, was still skeptical with a frown on his face as the Action Field hadn't disappeared yet. "It's not over."

Yuya had a smile on his face since he believe he won the match, however his eyes widened as the smoke cleared and Barbarian King was still on the field roaring and trapped inside the balloons. "What?" "How?!" Odd-Eyes was a little upset he couldn't get the job done for his partner.

Shuzo had tears of shock and disbelief in his eyes, Yuzu and Gongenzaka also looked shocked and confused, "W-Why? Why is Barbarian King still...?"

Yuya looked and saw that Strong, who was sweating with a relieved look on his face, had a activated a card, "I also activated a Action Card as well, Miracle!" Yuya's eyes widened since he knew what that Action Card was.

Strong looked at Yuya and had a smirk on his face again, "This card negates destruction by battle and halves the damage I take!"

ISHIJIMA LP: 4000→2750

Strong jumped down from where he was standing to a lower spot, "This is as far as you go with Yusho Sakaki's dueling. Since I took battle damage, I activate the Continuous Trap: Barbarian Rage! I can increase the attack points on one Barbarian monster I control by 2000!" Barbarian King roared,

Barbarian King (ATK: 0→2000)

Yuya gritted his teeth as his plan failed. "Don't worry Yuya." Yuya downwards toward his dragon, "We will get him next turn." Odd-Eyes turned his head toward Yuya. He was confident that he and his partner can still win this. Yuya smiled a little bit as he shared Odd-Eyes's belief and nodded as well. "I set a card and end my turn." Yuya ended his turn after placing a face down.

Nico then spoke, "Now that Yuya's turn is over, Wonder Balloon's effect ends as well and Barbarian King's ATK return to normal!" The moment he said that Barbarian King broke free of the balloons, roaring as he regained its strength.

Barbarian King (ATK: 2000→5000)

Yuzu looked worried, "Not only did Barbarian King regain its strength but it's even stronger than before now." Gongenzaka looked at Yuya worried, his strategy was perfect, it was just bad luck that Strong had an Action Card to save himself. Mikleo didn't show it, but he was also concerned for his little brother as well.

Strong looked at Yuya with a smirk, "This is as far as you go, Sakaki. My turn! Draw!"

Yuya gritted his teeth as he had Odd-Eyes turn around and saw an Action Card, but before Yuya could reach it, "I won't let you escape! Battle! Barbarian King attack Odd-Eyes Dragon!"

Yuya was busy trying to get the Action Card that he didn't notice Barbarian King getting closer and raising his club. By the time he did notice, the club was already halfway heading towards him and Odd-Eyes. It looked like Yuya was going to get hit by it until, "Yuya! Look out!" Odd-Eyes threw Yuya off his back and landed with a thud. While Yuya was flying, he managed to activate his face down as the attack continue. Yuya then saw Odd-Eyes being smashed by the club and destroyed. Odd-Eyes saved Yuya by moving him out the way of the attack.

Yuya was surprised and thankful for his partner, "Thank you Odd-Eyes." Yuya looked towards Strong. Suddenly, a small blast of energy charged at Strong and hit him who was taken aback.

YUYA LP: 2900→400
ISHIJIMA LP: 2750→250

Strong was confused, how did he take damage? "Why was I dealt damage?" Yuya was breathing heavily as he showed his trap. "I activated the Trap Card: Cross Damage in which if I take battle damage, you take the same amount of damage as well.

Strong gritted his teeth but then smirked again, "Clever. Unfortunately, I have another Action Card. I activated the Action Magic: Life Fruit. If I take damage, I regain LP equal to half of the damage I just took!"

ISHIJIMA LP: 250→1500

Yuya was a little irritated, "Great." He had a plan to end it on his next turn but now that Strong has more life points it won't work.

Strong pointed towards Yuya, "Now then, due to Barbarian Rage's effect, your dragon that was destroyed returns to your hand instead of the graveyard." Yuya added Odd-Eyes back to his hand. "I activate the Quick-Play Magic: Barbarian Magic. I regain LP equal to half of the attack points of Odd-Eyes Dragon that was returned to your hand!"

ISHIJIMA LP: 1500→2750

Yuzu and Gongenzaka looked worried for Yuya, "He regain most of his life points back!"

Strong looked at Yuya mockingly while Yuya was glaring at Strong, "You are lucky. Barbarian King can only attacks monsters twice. I set one card and end my turn."

"I admit you did better than I thought you would but you never stood a chance to begin with." Strong refused to admit that he would have lost the duel if he hadn't had Miracle.

"It's your turn. Draw. Or will you surrender? Will you run away like your dad?"

Yuya narrowed his eyes at Strong and then look down towards his hand. "I'll never surrender. I may only have monsters in my hand but that won't stop me!" Yuya made a promise to his brother in the past.

Yuya said this to Mikleo one time, "Just you wait, Mikleo! Someday I'll be as great of a duelist as you! I'll become a pro and have fun dueling with others!"

As Yuya was looking at his hand, Yuzu had her hand toward her heart concerned, "Yuya…" Shuzo and Gongenzaka were showing concern as well. Yoko seemed unfazed as she knew Yuya would bounce back because he is her and Yusho's son. Mikleo was looking at Yuya as if he was waiting for something. "Come on, Yuya. I know you win this. You always bounce back whenever you're down."

Yuya admits the situation looked grim but if there's one thing his brother taught him, it's that a duel isn't over until the last card is played and life points are at 0. As long as he believes in his dueling, he will keep on fighting. Yuya closed his eyes for a second to take a moment to breathe but then…

"Do you want to win?"


A very deep voice was heard inside Yuya's head. He opened his eyes in shock wondering who that was but then saw where he was at.

Yuya was inside an empty space that was light blue all over the place and also what looked pendulums with many different colors that looked similar to his own were hanging in thin air and swinging. There was also what looked like yellow streams of energy floating and flowing all around the area.

Yuya was then hearing a mysterious melody as he was looking around where he was. It had a light rhythm with chimes in the background. Yuya didn't know where he was or what he was hearing. "Where I am?"

"You have been chosen."

Yuya's eyes widened as he looked around for the source of that voice but couldn't find it. "It's that voice." But then Yuya was confused, "What do you mean I'm chosen?"

"You have been chosen to wield a great new power."

"New power? What new power? "What is this place?" As Yuya kept hearing the voice, he was determining that the voice sounded a little like a female's voice but still didn't know who it was.

"It is a sacred area only allowed by the Will of the Pendulum."

"Will of the Pendulum?" What is she talking about? The voice kept on speaking.

"Those gifted with the Pendulum acquire new powers. And you have been chosen as the new wielder."

"Me? Why me?" Yuya still didn't have any idea of what she was talking about but it sounded important to him. He wondered why he of all people was "chosen".

"Those with a pure heart as well as a strong will have power to change everything."

"What do you "everything"?" It sounded like whoever this voice belonged to was asking for his help.

"With the new power you'll recieve, you'll be able to change everything. I wish you good luck."

The voice seemed to be finished talking as the presence felt was slipping away. Yuya, however, had more questions. "Wait! What do you mean I'm chosen and what power are you talking about?!" As was about to talk more, his pendulum began to glow and floated from his neck. He was shocked that his pendulum was floating and stared at it wonder what it was doing. The pendulum produced a beam of light directed toward Yuya's chest while Yuya was in pain screaming a little bit.


End of Dreamscape

Yuya opened his eyes as he was sweating a little bit. He looked around and saw he was back inside the stadium with still dueling Strong. "Was that a dream?" Yuya was wondering what he just saw. His pendulum was back over his neck with the glow fading a little bit.

Strong was looking at Yuya a little impatient, "Come on already, start your turn! Or you too scared to duel anymore?"

Yuya was focused again as he glared at Strong, "No! I won't surrender! I never give up on a duel!"

For some reason, Yuya's mind was brought back to something his dad once said, "The bigger it swings, the bigger it swings back. If you want to win, then have courage and step forward!"

Yuya proceeded to draw his card in the way of an arc formation, "Swing, pendulum! Bigger! Even bigger!"

Yuya's pendulum was glowing again and so was some of his cards. Yuya was looking at them in shock wondering what was happening. His Odd-Eyes and Magician cards then transformed into what looked like they were half orange at the top and green at the bottom. In the card picture, his Odd-Eyes looked like it had a different form than before.

"What? What happened to my cards?!" Yuya was taken aback by how his cards were changing as he didn't what was happening. "What kind of cards are these?" Yuya had never seen this type of cards before. But then, something inside was telling Yuya how to use them in this duel.

Yuya was confused but then looked determined, "I don't know what's going on but I know I need to believe! Let's see what these cards can do!"

As his pendulum's glow began to fade, Yuya began a chant, "I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 1 Stargazer Magician and Scale 8 Timegazer Magician!"

Yuya placed both cards on the far left and right of his duel disk and the space between spelled "PENDULUM". Stargazer and Timegazer appeared on the field glowing in a mysterious light as they were inside blue pillars of energy with the numbers 1 and 8 in front of them.

"And now I can summon monsters between Level 2 and 7 simultaneously!"

Strong was confused by what Yuya was doing, "What is happening?"

As Yuya began his chant, a giant pendulum was hanging from the sky swinging back and forth between Stargazer and Timegazer. "Swing, my soul's pendulum! Draw an arc of light in the sky! Pendulum Summon! Come on out! Entermate Whip Viper (ATK: 1700, DEF: 900, LV: 4), Odd-Eyes Magician (ATK: 2300, DEF: 1500, LV: 6, PS: 8), and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (ATK: 2500, DEF: 2000, LV: 7, PS: 4)!

The pendulum drew an arc in the sky which opened a portal and three monsters appeared. One was a purple snake with a top hat. Another was a magician that had heterochromatic eyes like Yuya, wore a red hat, had brown hair, dressed in red with black boots and belt, had a green cape, and also wielded a staff that was shaped like a spear. Finally, the third one was a dragon with heterochromatic eyes, was a little large than his original form, had colored spheres on his head and back body parts, and also had what looked a blue-colored jewel sticking out of its chest with armor around it.

Everyone was shocked as what they just saw. Shuzo was speechless, Yoko and Mikleo were surprised, Yuzu and Gongenzaka were in shock and wonder, "What.." "...is this?"

Yuya had a confident smirk on his face again but on the inside he was also confused. "Pendulum Summon?" He looked toward his duel disk and saw the cards he placed. "...What did I just do?!" Before Yuya could question further, his Odd-Eyes roared, "I don't know Yuya but I feel more powerful!" And then his magician decided to speak, "I don't know either but I say we take advantage Master Yuya!" Yuya nodded smirking toward his monsters, "Whatever this power is, I like it already!"

Strong was looking at Yuya's monsters confused, "Three monsters at the same time? And that magician and dragon are Level 6 and 7! He shouldn't be able to summon high-level monsters without tributing!" A video image of Nico appeared on Strong's duel disk, "But...since there are no error messages in the system, that means…" "That means his summoning is legal?" Strong glared at Yuya's monsters wondering how this was possible.

Yuya did a quick double at his monsters and noticed that most of them had their effects changed for some reason and also, "What is this Pendulum Effect?" Yuya then looked towards Barbarian King. "Ah, whatever. I'll figure out later." Since he saw what monsters he brought on the field, he knew what he had to do.

Yuzu was still confused as to what Yuya did, "Pendulum Summon? I've never seen Yuya do that before and doesn't Odd-Eyes look different than before?" Gongenzaka was stumped as well, "Me neither. No one else knows."


Men and women were sitting at large computer screens suddenly saw a massive amount of summoning energy, "We have a high level of summon activity from the seafront of the city."

A man above them looked down on them, "Hurry up and analyze it now." The men and women nodded and began to analyze the information. A woman then spoke up, "We have the result! The summoning method is...Pendulum!"

The man above them looked shocked as he heard that, "Pendulum Summon?" He had never heard about this summoning method before, he then decided to report this to his boss.


Yuya got onto Odd-Eyes's back, "Entermate Whip Viper's effect activates! It swaps your monster's attack and defense points!"

Barbarian King (ATK: 5000→1100)

"Barbarian King's attack points decreased!" Strong was taken aback by his monster was getting weaker.

"And now Odd-Eyes Magician's effect activates! When it is on the field, all Pendulum Monsters I control gain 500 ATK!"

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (ATK: 2500→3000)
Odd-Eyes Magician (ATK: 2300→2800)

Nico then announced excitedly, "In a shocking turn of events, Odd-Eyes is now the strongest monster on the field!"

"Battle! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon attack Barbarian King! Show us your true power!"

"I won't let you! I activate the Trap Card: Barbarian Howling! The attacking monster returns to your hand, and you take damage equal to its attack points!"

For a moment, Yuya thought that he was in trouble but then he noticed his magicians, that are in his pendulum zone, glowing. He took a second before he finally understood.

"Sorry but you can't. Timegazer Magician's Pendulum Effect activates! When a Pendulum Monster attacks, you're not allowed to activate Trap Cards until the end of the damage step! Inverse Gear Wise!"

"Damn! In that case..." Strong was getting desperate as he saw an Action Card and had no choice but to use it. "Action Magic: Evasion!"

"Stargazer Magician's Pendulum Effect activates! When a Pendulum Monster attacks, you're not allowed to activate Spell Cards until the end of the damage step! Horoscope Divination!"

"I can't use Action Cards either?!" Strong was panicking as he had nothing left to protect himself.

"Now, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon attack Barbarian King! Spiral Strike Burst!"

"Damn! This is bad...Once Barbarian King is destroyed, Odd-Eyes Magician can attack me directly and I'll lose!"

"This duel is over now! Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon's effect activates! When it is battling a monster, battle damage inflicted to my opponent is doubled! Reaction Force!" Odd-Eyes's attack grew more powerful as it blasted through Barbarian King.

"D-Doubled?! But that means..." Barbarian King was destroyed and the shockwave of the explosion pushed Strong backwards as he landed on his back.



Odd-Eyes roared, "That's how we do it." Yuya who was sitting on Odd-Eyes's neck was smiling, "And that's the end."

The Action Field disappeared as everyone stood silent wondering what just happened. Yuzu and Gongenzaka were almost speechless, "Did he win?" "Yeah."

Nico was silent as well but then snapped out of it and lifted his mike, "T-The winner is...Yuya Sakaki!"

The audience then snapped out of their shock and began to cheer as Yuya's monsters disappeared but not before bowing and Yuya landed on the stadium floor.

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Fanfiction OC Memo:

Life Fruit (Action Magic): When you take damage this turn, regain LP equal to half of the damage you just took.

Odd-Eyes Magician
(LV: 6, Spellcaster, DARK, ATK: 2300, DEF: 1500, PS: 8)
Pendulum Effect: Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 "Entermate", "Magician" or "Odd-Eyes" Pendulum Monster you control; until the end of this turn, that monster is unaffected by your opponent's card effects and cannot be destroyed by battle. Once per turn, you can target 1 "Magician" or "Odd-Eyes" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it.
Monster Effect: All Pendulum Monsters you control gain 500 ATK. Once per turn, if you activate a card effect from your Pendulum Zone: You can draw 1 card.

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