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Chapter 29 - A Destined Encounter Set in Motion


Around an hour after the recent match, Sora was escorted to one of the treatment rooms in Leo Duel School. He was still unconscious while he laid on the soft bed with a bandage on the side of his face. Yuya, Yuzu, Ruri, Rin, Gongenzaka, Mikleo, Shuzo, Yoko and the kids were all standing outside of the room where Sora was being treated.

Yuzu held her hands to her heart as she looked worried, "Sora…" Ruri and Rin also frowned in concern. Neither one of them thought that Sora would get hurt like this. Shuzo turned to them, "He'll be fine. I'm told that LDS has a very skilled medical team."

Ayu had a worried expression on her face as she held a fist to her chest, "But if the building hit his head before the Field Magic turned off…" They shudder to think what might have happened if it got worse.

Yuya was staring at the door with a conflicted frown on his face. As he was thinking about Sora, he clenched his fists while gritting his teeth, "Sora…" He was now feeling more conflicted about him than ever before especially with what he saw.

Meanwhile, in Reiji's office, Nakajima stood in front of Reiji who was sitting behind his desk facing the window, "Sora Shiunin is currently receiving treatment in the Center Court's care ward. There are superficial injuries on his legs and head, but his life is not in danger."

Reiji didn't turn while he continued facing the window, "I see. Then call for the emergency care team and have him brought to Leo Corporation's facilities immediately." He then turned to look at Nakajima, "I have many things I wish to ask him."

Nakajima nodded his head, "Yes sir." Reiji continued, "Also, get me the duel disk he used as well." Nakajima bowed his head in response, "Understood." He then turned and walked out of Reiji's office.

Another hour had passed before the night sky shined over the LDS building. Shuzo had told Yuya and the others that he and Yoko would be taking the kids home. They told them to take care of Sora for them which they nodded as Shuzo and Yoko soon left with the kids.

Everyone was staring off into space, not saying anything or rather they didn't know what to say after what they just saw. Eventually, Ruri decided to speak while she frowned, "I'm sorry." Everyone turned to her confusion, not understanding what she's sorry about. Her frown grew deeper as she looked at the ground, "...I'm sorry you all had to see that." They looked at her for a second before they understood. She was talking about Sora unveiling his hidden feelings and personality as well as the brutality of that match.

There was silence again as nobody knew what to say before Yuya suddenly punched his open hand with his fist, surprising everyone as they turned to him. Yuya gritted his teeth while gripping his fist tightly, "I hate this…" Yuya took a step forward as his expression turned conflicted, "I wish I didn't have to see that…" The fact that he saw Sora acting like those soldiers in his dream is unsettling to him.

Yuzu frowned in concern, "Yuya…" She looked at the ground as she felt the same way, being disturbed by what Sora displayed. Rin frowned in agreement while Gongenzaka closed his eyes with a serious expression on his face. Mikleo didn't answer as his arms were crossed together before he looked at his brother curiously.

Ruri frowned in sympathy before she placed a hand on his shoulder in comfort, "I tried to tell you before, Yuya." He turned his head to see Ruri lowering her head as her frown grew more depressed, "But...this is an example of what we had to deal with back home." As she spended fun and happy memories here in Standard with her new friends, she almost forgot about the pain she felt when her home was invaded. Sadly, she knew that it wouldn't last forever as she was reminded of it when watching that duel.

She felt a hand on her left shoulder before turning to see Rin smiling at her reassuringly, "Don't worry. You have friends to help you out." Yuya also placed a hand on her other shoulder, which made her turn to him, and smiled in support. Ruri smiled gratefully as she felt her face feel warm for a second before she rubbed her eyes with her hand, trying not to show any tears right now.

"However…" Everyone turned to see Yuya with a conflicted expression before it turned into a look of irritation, "If that was really like what you had to deal with, then I can't stand it!" He raised his fist to look at while clenching it, "I can't stand it when those people use dueling for some hunting game or a senseless war." The fact that people actually treat those innocent lives as a game really makes him angry while also the purpose being for this war being nonsensical in his opinion.

Mikleo stared at Yuya for a moment before he walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Yuya turned to him as he spoke, "The same is with me. From what I saw, I don't think I would approve of something like that." Before all he had were theories and speculations on what these duel soldiers could be like but, now with Sora's true behavior revealed, he has a clearer picture to see.

Rin and Yuzu nodded their heads before Rin turned to Yuzu curiously, "So, what do we do now?" Yuzu frowned in confusion as she looked at the ground, "I don't know." They had already agreed to get farther in the tournament to communicate with Reiji. She isn't sure if there's anything else they can do at the moment.

Yuya looked up at the hospital with a look of resolve on his face, "Well, I know one thing. I need to talk to Sora when he recovers." Ruri frowned in worry for him but then nodded, knowing she might be doing the same thing. She has some things she needs to say to him as well.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, some footsteps were heard being made in the hallways. It sounded like two people were walking through one of them while the lights were off. Yuto and Lucine were walking along the corridor, intent on getting information from Sora. They had eventually reached the room Sora was placed in and entered through the door. Then, they slowly walked over to the bed Sora was lying in and looked down at him.

Yuto placed a hand on Sora's shoulder and lightly shook him, "Hey, wake up." Sora slightly groaned before he slowly opened his eyes and saw the blurry image of a person with a familiar face looking above him, "Yuya…?"

Yuto lowered his eyes at him, "We have some questions for you." Sora gasped in shock when he heard the voice before his vision returned to normal and he recognized the two people in front of him, "You're...!" It was Yuto and the girl he had met at the harbor before, both are comrades of Kurosaki.

Lucine looked at Sora with narrowed eyes, "We'd like some answers about our comrades." Sora narrowed his eyes in confusion before he slowly sat up to fully face them, wondering what they could possibly want. Lucine then continued, "Is there any way or reason Academia would take prisoners of war?"

Sora blinked his eyes for a moment before he glared at Lucine, "I don't know. How would I know anything like that, anyways?" He turned his head to the side with a stubborn expression.

Yuto frowned as he looked at Sora, "Then, do you at least know where they would keep hostages?" Sora pouted and frowned in response, "I don't! All I know is that your so-called prisoners of war don't exist." He shrugged his shoulders while smiling as he said that last part.

Lucine looked at him in confusion, "What do you mean?" Sora smirked at Yuto and Lucine, "Because people who are hunted get turned into cards." Yuto and Lucine both let out a low grunt from hearing that, having confirmed that suspicion for a while now.

Sora then narrowed his eyes at them, "More importantly, where is he?" As Lucine and Yuto narrowed their eyes in confusion, Sora glared at them, "Shun Kurosaki! I have a score to settle with him!" Sora threw off his blanket and stood up to grab his duel disk next to him.

"That's already been settled. You lost." replied Yuto as he watched Sora gather his things. Lucine just watched as well before Sora turned to face them, "I didn't lose! There's no way I would lose to Xyz scum!" He stepped forward and held out a clenched fist, "Take me to him now! I'll beat him to a pulp this time! If I go all out, someone like him would be easily..."

However, before either Yuto and Lucine could reply, they all heard voices from outside the room, "Where is that shouting coming from?" Yuto, Lucine and Sora turned to the opened door and saw two security guards running inside. They looked at Yuto and Lucine in caution, "Who are you two?!"

Neither one of them replied as they reacted fast by dashing right past them so fast that they looked blurry for a moment. Sora watched them leave before gritting his teeth, "Wait!" He then ran towards the door.

The guards were caught by surprise for a moment before they turned to Sora as one of them spoke, "You shouldn't be moving yet!" Sora ignored what he said and ran at them, "Move it!" He then punched the both of them, knocking them unconscious as he chased after Yuto and Lucine.

Outside the LDS building, Yuya and the others were talking amongst each other before they heard shouting inside the building, "Did you see him?" All six of them looked at the entrance in confusion, "No, he's not over here! I'll search this way!" Security guards were running around inside the building frantically looking for something.

Gongenzaka watched the security guards running around in confusion, "What's all the fuss about?"

They saw three guards talking to each other, "He might have already gotten outside!" One of them pointed at the other, "Contact headquarters immediately! Tell them that Sora Shiunin has escaped!" The other two nodded their heads, "Yes sir!"

Yuya, Yuzu, Ruri, Rin, and Gongenzaka all had shocked expressions on their faces when they heard that. Yuzu then looked concerned, "Did they say Sora escaped?" Mikleo frowned a little, theorizing that he's still upset about his loss to Kurosaki.

Yuya narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "Don't tell me. Is he trying to find Shun?" He turned towards the others, "Hey, we should search for Sora right away!" Everyone nodded their heads as Yuzu brought her duel disk, "I'll call my dad and ask him to help with the search!" With everyone agreeing, all six of them ran off in different directions. Gongenzaka went towards the ocean, Mikleo was going to search half of the city, Yuzu and Rin were going to search the other half while Yuya and Ruri were heading towards Central Park as Yuzu held the duel disk to her ear to call her dad.

Reiji was on the phone with Nakajima who was calling him to inform him of Sora's escape, "I'll put together a search team for the entire city in pursuit of Sora Shiunin right away."

However, Reiji replied as he looked towards the window, "No, we're currently running a tournament. We shouldn't make a scene." Nakajima shouted in concern, "But sir…!"

Reiji interrupted him as he continued, "First, use all of the city's cameras to confirm his whereabouts." He then stood up from his chair, "I'll head to the observation room soon as well." He walked away from his desk to head for the control room.


Yuto and Lucine were standing on a stage in the middle of Central Park with their backs facing the seats in front of it. Sora was running through the park while unaware that the city cameras in the park were locking onto him.

In the LDS control room, Reiji watches Sora running on the big monitor, sitting in his seat with Reira standing on his right and Shun at his left. Nakajima was standing next to Shun as they all watched as the camera zoomed in on Sora as he ran, "Where is his location?"

One of the employees responded, "Central Park, sir!" Nakajima nodded his head before shouting out, "Send a team over immediately and capture him!"

However, Reiji spoke up with his hands under his chin, "Wait." Nakajima looked at him in confusion while Reiji just watched what was on the screen. All of them saw that Sora stopped while breathing in and out, almost like he was looking at something. Reiji narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "Turn the camera to where Sora Shiunin is looking." The employees responded as the camera turned to show the stage in the park on the monitor. There were two figures shown on stage before the camera zoomed in to show what they looked like. One was wearing a black cape and had spiked black and purple hair, while the other had pink hair with dark violet flowing from behind.

Nakajima had a shocked expression on his face when he saw the people on the monitor, "That's…!" With the way those two are dressed, they fit the description of the people Masumi Kotsu met at the harbor before it was revealed that Shun was the one who attacked LDS.

Sora glared at the two of them, "Hurry up and get him! Shun Kurosaki!" Yuto and Lucine looked over their shoulders before they turned around completely to look back at him.

The monitor in the control room also showed Yuto and Lucine's faces with Nakajima gasped in shock when he saw Yuto, "That's...Yuya Sakaki? And...who is she?" He wondered about the other girl but was more shocked about the boy that shared Yuya's face.

"No." Reiji and Nakajima turned to Shun as he looked at the monitor, "That is Yuto and Lucine." Reiji looked at Shun, "Yuto? Lucine?" Shun lowered his eyes a little, "They're my comrades."

Reiji looked at Shun for a moment before turning back to the monitor, "I see. I had my suspicions that there were two Xyz users attacking LDS, but there was no evidence of a third member participating." He turned to Shun with lowered eyes, "Can I assume that the girl arrived after you and that Yuto man were involved, am I correct?" Shun lowered his eyes and didn't respond, but that eye twitch was all Reiji needed to confirm that theory.

Nakajima looked at Yuto on the monitor with a troubled expression, "But that looks exactly like Yuya Sakaki's." Reiji heard someone trembling before he turned to see Reira looking a little frightened while clutching the teddy bear in his hands.

Sora was still breathing heavily for a moment before he raised a fist toward Yuto and Lucine, "I told you! Hurry up and get Kurosaki!"

Yuto narrowed his eyes while looking a little concerned, "You want to fight Shun again with those injuries?" Lucine looked at Sora with a serious expression, "I wouldn't advise that. You wouldn't last long against him in your current condition and I doubt he would show you mercy this time." Knowing Shun, he would probably make sure he finishes the job if he had to duel him a second time, not that it is a good idea.

Sora glared at Lucine, "Shut up! This time I definitely won't lose! To someone like him...Xyz scum are all destined to be hunted by me!" He clenched his fists tightly, "You two, Kurosaki and even Ruri!" Yuto, Lucine and Shun all narrowed their eyes when they heard Ruri's name. Sora placed a hand on his chest, "There's no way I would lose to Xyz users! I'll prove to you both that if I fight seriously, I'm the stronger one! If you're going to hide him, I won't show either one of you any mercy!"

Lucine raised an eyebrow as she had a feeling what he was implying, "You wish to duel the both of us?" Lucine closed her eyes, "Taking on the both of us would be suicide and you know it." She then opened her eyes to look Sora questioningly, "And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you shout out in your match that you were "going all out"? If that's the case, you're probably just all talk if you say you weren't serious before." She remembers specifically in that match, at one point, that Sora mentioned he was going all out from the rest of the duel. Honestly, she imagines that kid is probably just trying to save face.

Sora was taken aback for a second before gritting his teeth at Lucine, not wanting to admit that she was correct. However, a thought came to his mind as he smirked deviously, "Don't you want to see Ruri?" Yuto and Lucine narrowed their eyes in confusion as Sora continued, "You three were searching for Ruri before. If you fight me, I might tell you where exactly she is." Shun narrowed his eyes at Sora on the screen, skeptical if it is actually true or not.

However, to Sora's surprise, Yuto had a feeling where he was going with this as he closed his eyes, "Don't bother. We already know where she is." Lucine nodded in agreement as she looked back at Sora.

As Sora was surprised by this, Shun took a step forward and leaned on Reiji's desk with a shocked expression, "What? They know where she is?" If it is true, then he needs to speak with the both of them about it soon. But now he was wondering why she wasn't with them if they knew where she was. Reiji narrowed his eyes as he had a suspicion that it would've happened sometime before the Maiami Championship.

Lucine looked at Sora with a serious expression, "You're wasting your time. I know you're trying to provoke us but we know Ruri is safe. We've already talked with her before." She didn't want to fight Sora just as much as Yuto, both trying to respect Yuya and Ruri's wishes as well as trying not to cause more violence in return. Shun's eyes widened in surprise but was quickly feeling relieved that they said they'd talked to her. However, he's still wondering where exactly she is if that's the case.

Sora gritted his teeth in irritation, not knowing that she had already met up with them. However, a thought came to his mind as he smiled again, "Is she really safe for now?" Both Yuto and Lucine were slightly shocked and confused by what he said before Sora's smile turned into a smirk, "After all, if you really know where she is, you should know I'm able to hunt her down as well." Sora lowered his eyes as he continued, "And if you want to stop me, you'll have to take me out!" Yuto and Lucine both looked troubled by what they heard, immediately worried for Ruri's safety in the future.

"Besides, the only way to truly keep her safe is by destroying all of us." Sora closed his eyes as his smirk grew, "But that's impossible for the likes of you, though." He saw that they were getting worried which makes him happy that his ploy is working. If he can't get revenge on Kurosaki, then he'll take pleasure in taking down his comrades instead.

Shun clicked his tongue as he watched all of this before he finally had enough and he turned to walk towards the elevator. Nakajima turned to him as he was walking, "Wait, Kurosaki!"

Shun stopped and looked over his shoulder, "Let me go! I'll take care of Sora Shiunin for good this time!" Reiji turned his head to him, "No. You'll only cause more of a scene if you go." He turned back towards the monitor, "And if this causes the Maiami Championship to end, my entire plan will amount to nothing."

Shun gritted his teeth in annoyance, almost about to spout out that he doesn't care about that right now. His sister's safety is his most concern. Before he could argue, Reiji continued, "Don't forget that this is a selection exam to determine which duelists are fit to fight against Leo Akaba." Shun narrowed his eyes as Reiji looked up at the monitor, "Besides, even if you don't go…"

As they felt resolved to protect not just Ruri but also the others, Yuto and Lucine activated their duel disks and held them in front of themselves with each of them having a look of resolve on their faces.

Sora smiled in excitement, "Oh? Finally feeling up to it?" His smile grew bigger as he took the bandage off his face, "That's more like it! I'll take you both out first before I finish off Kurosaki and Ruri! I'll prove that I can deal with every Xyz user in this world by myself!" Sora then placed his duel disk on his arm and activated it.

Yuto narrowed his eyes while holding out his duel disk, "We won't let that happen. We will make sure Ruri stays safe by defeating you!" Lucine also narrowed her eyes, "And not just Ruri, but our other friends as well!" Shun lowered his eyes as he thought she was referring to their comrades and friends back at home but she actually meant her and Yuto's friends in Standard, not that he's aware of that. They'll also protect Yuya, Yuzu and Rin by taking care of Sora for them.

All three duelists stared at each other's side in resolve before they all shouted.


YUTO LP: 8000
SORA LP: 8000

Sora looked at Yuto and Lucine with a smirk, "I'll go first! My turn, draw!" He placed his fingers on his deck and drew his card before he held up that same card, "I Normal Summon Furnimal Dog (ATK: 1700, DEF: 1000, LV: 4) from my hand!" The adorable stuffed puppy dog appeared on Sora's field as it barked happily.

Sora raised his duel disk up, "When Furnimal Dog is Summoned from my hand, I can add an "Edge Imp Scissors" or a "Furnimal" monster from my Deck to my hand! I add Edge Imp Scissors!" With his monster's effect, Sora took Edge Imp Scissors and added it to his hand after he showed it for a second.

Sora then placed a card in his duel disk, "I set a card and end my turn!" A face-down materialized as Sora held out his hand towards them, "Now, let me see what you both can do, Xyz scum."

Yuto narrowed his eyes before drawing his card, "It's my turn." He took a look at the card he drew and placed it on his duel disk, "I Normal Summon Phantom Knights Crack Helm (ATK: 1500, DEF: 500, LV: 4)!" He summoned to his field a knight that was possessing a silver knight's helm that had cracks forming at the top along with a red plume designed on it and a red scarf tied at the bottom of the armor. Metal hands were floating below it as if they were attached to it.

Yuto held up three cards from his hand before placing them in his duel disk, "I set three cards." After three face-downs appeared, Yuto looked up at Sora, "Then I end my turn."

Sora frowned in disinterest, "What? That's it? You didn't even attack!" Yuto didn't reply and just looked back at him with narrowed eyes, annoying him a bit before he turned to Lucine. He hoped she would make it interesting.

Lucine was watching Sora with a neutral expression before she placed her fingers on her deck, "My turn, draw!" She then held up a card from her hand, "I set a monster from my hand." As Sora was caught off guard by that, a face-down monster card appeared in front of Lucine.

She then held up another card, "And then, I activate the Field Magic: Ghostrick Museum!" Parts of the ground broke apart before walls rose up and formed a building around all three duelists. They appeared to be inside of a museum where the floor was made of marble while having an exhibit room that showcased a T-Rex skeleton and some fossils. However, it was also dark inside as the area gave off an eerie vibe with some moaning in the background.

While Sora looked around the field in curiosity, Lucine held up two cards which made him turn back to her, "I set two cards and end my turn." Two face-down cards appeared behind the set monster.

Sora had a confident smile on his face while holding his hands to his hips, "What? Are you two even trying?" They could have chosen to attack him but instead they both went for a defensive tactic. This might be easier than Kurosaki.

"Just start your turn already." retorted Lucine with narrowed eyes.

Nakajima watched them on the screen with a confused expression, "Why didn't they choose to attack?" Reiji narrowed his eyes in intrigue as he just watched on the monitor.

Shun narrowed his eyes at Yuto and Lucine, "It's not that they didn't choose to but more like they couldn't that turn." Although it was more about Lucine that couldn't, he knows about the overall strategies of Yuto and Lucine. As much as he would rather go protect his sister himself, he'll have to place his faith in Yuto and Lucine. He knows that they can handle someone like Sora Shiunin.

Sora was still smiling before he shrugged his shoulders, "Well, whatever. This'll be over quick." He placed his fingers on his deck, "My turn, draw!" He looked at what he drew and smiled when he saw it was a certain monster.

He then held up the card he drew and placed it on his duel disk, "I summon Furnimal Owl (ATK: 1000, DEF: 1000, LV: 2) from my hand!" A brown stuffed owl wearing round eyeglasses appeared and flapped its wings in front of Sora as he continued, "When this card is Normal Summoned from my hand, I can add a "Polymerization" from my Deck to my hand!" Sora showed the Polymerization card he added to his hand with Yuto, Lucine and Shun made a sound in surprise from seeing the card.

Sora then held up that same card he showed, "I activate the Magic Card: Polymerization!" As Yuto and Lucine narrowed their eyes and frowned bitterly, Sora smiled at them while holding up two other monsters, "With it, I'm going to fuse Furnimal Owl along with Edge Imp Scissors and Furnimal Cat in my hand!"

Furnimal Owl flew in the air as Edge Imp Scissors and Furnimal Cat appeared nearby before they were all absorbed into the colorful vortex as Sora held out his hands and chanted, "Demonic claws, sharp fangs! Become one in the mystic vortex and show us a new form and power! Fusion Summon! Show yourself, mystical jungle beast that rips everything to shreds! Death-Toy Scissors Tiger (ATK: 1900, DEF: 1200, LV: 6)!" Appearing from the vortex next to Furnimal Dog, a giant blue and brown-striped stuffed tiger had its head, mouth and stomach ripped open, revealing giant scissors sticking out from its chest and had green scissors as joints connecting its claws to the rest of its body. From the mouth of the hungry tiger beast, menacing red eyes were shown inside as it laughed maniacally.

"When Furnimal Cat is sent to the Graveyard as Fusion Material, I can add a "Polymerization" back to my hand from the Graveyard!" Sora added the same magic card back to his hand before he looked towards Yuto and Lucine, "And then Scissors Tiger's effect! When this card is Fusion Summoned, up to every monster I used as Fusion Material, I can target cards on the field and destroy them!" Yuto and Lucine narrowed their eyes as Sora pointed at them, "I destroy two of your set cards and your face down monster!" Scissors Tiger opened the scissors from its chest before proceeding to clip the blades towards one of Yuto's cards and two of Lucine's cards.

Lucine retaliated by throwing out her arm, "I activate the Trap Card: Ghostrick Panic!" One of the cards Sora targeted flipped up as she continued, "I change any number of face-down monsters I control into face-up Defense Position!" She then held out her hand, "Appear, Ghostrick Warwolf (ATK: 1400, DEF: 1500, LV: 3)!" Her only set monster flipped face-up and Warwolf appeared on the field as it howled.

She looked up towards Sora, "And for every "Ghostrick" monster I flipped face-up, I change monsters my opponent controls into face-down Defense Position!" As Sora was surprised by this, Scissors Tiger's card appeared below the monster before forcing the monster to vanish as the card flipped face-down.

While being a little annoyed by it, Sora still smiled at her, "But Scissors Tiger's effect still resolves! And that means your cards are destroyed!" Even Tiger's body left vanished, transparent scissors appeared out of nowhere and snapped one of Yuto's cards and Lucine's Warwolf and Panic.

Yuto wasn't fazed as he looked at his monster, "At the moment, Crack Helm's effect activates! Once per turn, when a "Phantom" card is sent to my Graveyard, it gains 500 ATK." Since Phantom Knights Tomb Shield was the one that was destroyed, a blue aura surrounded Crack Helm.

Phantom Knights Crack Helm (ATK: 15002000)

Sora threw out his arm as he smirked, "You really think that's enough to stop me? When there is a "Furnimal" monster on my field, I can Special Summon Furnimal Sheep (ATK: 400, DEF: 800, LV: 2) from my hand!" Furnimal Sheep appeared next to Furnimal Dog as Sora continued, "I now activate Furnimal Sheep's monster effect! By returning another "Furnimal" from my field to my hand, I can Special Summon an "Edge Imp" monster from my hand or Graveyard! I return Furnimal Dog to summon Edge Imp Scissors (ATK: 1200, DEF: 800, LV: 3)!" Furnimal Dog was returned back before Edge Imp Scissors appeared in its place from a dark portal in the ground.

"I activate the Magic Card: Polymerization once again! This time I fuse Edge Imp Scissors, Furnimal Sheep and Furnimal Dog that's in my hand!" Sora shouted out as Furnimal Dog appeared back while being immediately absorbed into the colorful vortex with Edge Imp Scissors and Furnimal Sheep.

"Furry canine, fluffy creature of wool!" Sora chanted while placing his hands together. "Become one with the blades of the demons to show a new nightmarish power! Fusion Summon! Come forth, lone beast that cuts everyone in its sight! Death-Toy Scissor Wolf (ATK: 2000, DEF: 1500, LV: 6)!" A giant purple stuffed wolf had its head and chest bursted open before revealing Death-Toy Scissor Wolf had appeared in front of Sora.

Sora turned his attention to Lucine who narrowed her eyes at him, "With most of your cards destroyed, you're practically defenseless." He closed his eyes, "I'll start with you first! Scissor Wolf can attack as many times as the number of Fusion Materials used for its Fusion Summon!" He opened his eyes and smirked before pointing at her, "Battle! Scissor Wolf, attack her directly!" Scissor Wolf howled and sprinted using its limbs towards Lucine's direction, ignoring Yuto's field at the moment.

Yuto frowned in concern before raising his hand to press something on his duel disk. But before he could though, he heard Lucine speak, "Don't make a move, Yuto." He turned to see Lucine looking at him with a serious expression but one with reassurance as well. He stared at her for a moment before he retracted his hand and nodded, aware that Lucine knows what she's doing. At that moment, Scissor Wolf lunged forward and scratched Lucine with its claws, making her stumble for a moment while wincing a little.

LUCINE LP: 80006000

Nakajima had a troubled expression on his face, "2000 damage right from the start?" However, Shun spoke while looking at the monitor, "Don't worry. Lucine isn't the type to falter no matter how much damage she takes."

Reira was looking at the ground while shaking, scared to watch this match. However, he felt a hand on his shoulder as he turned to see Reiji watching the monitor, "Watch closely." Reira turned his head towards the monitor while still looking frightened.

After Lucine regained her stance and brushed some dirt off her tanktop, Sora looked at her with a confident smirk, "Are you okay? Feel free to call Kurosaki out and trade spots with him!"

Lucine just narrowed her eyes at him, "Ghostrick Museum's effect activates! Any monster that inflicts battle damage to a player is changed to face-down Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step!" After it returned to Sora's side, Scissor Wolf's card image appeared below and flipped the monster face-down, forcing it to change into a set card. As Sora was surprised by this, Lucine continued by holding up a monster, "Then, I activate the effect of Ghostrick Mary in my hand. Since I took damage, I can discard this card to Special Summon a "Ghostrick" monster from my Deck in face-down Defense Position." A silhouette of a ghost girl with white hair trapped in a cursed mirror appeared for a moment before it was sent to the graveyard. Lucine then took Ghostrick Jiangshi from her Deck and placed it face-down with the set monster materializing in front of her.

Sora stared at her in surprise for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders and smirked, "Well, it wouldn't be fun if you'd made it that easy. I end my turn."

Yuto placed his fingers on his deck, "My turn!" After drawing his card, Lucine pressed a button and held out her hand, "I activate the Trap Card: Ghostrick Reform! I return my Ghostrick Museum to my hand in order to activate a Field Magic from my hand or Deck!" The museum vanished from the field entirely as Lucine took a card from her deck and held it out, "With it, I activate the Field Magic: Ghostrick Bridge!" The field morphed to where everyone was on a dark grassy field under an old, arching bridge and below was a small river flowing between everyone.

Meanwhile, Yuto picked up a card and placed it in his duel disk, "I activate the Magic Card: Foolish Burial! With this card, I send a monster from my Deck to the Graveyard." He sent Dusty Robe to his Graveyard which boosted Crack Helm's strength since it was a Phantom card that was sent.

Phantom Knights Crack Helm (ATK: 20002500)

Yuto held up the monster he drew earlier, "I Normal Summon Phantom Knights Silent Boots (ATK: 200, DEF: 1200, LV: 3)!" Silent Boots appeared as the ghastly knight floated near Yuto.

Sora chuckled a little as he smiled, "Now you're starting off with a 200 ATK monster, huh?" He narrowed his eyes at Yuto while his smile grew more smugly, "So how will you advance your plays, Mr. Xyz Loser?"

Yuto wasn't fazed by the taunt as he pressed a button, "I activate the Trap Card: Phantom Knights Tomb Shield! Due to its effect, I can Special Summon this card as a Normal Monster in Attack Position!" From the glowing traps, a dark metal shield with ghostly hands gripping it and chains wrapped around the design appeared.

Phantom Knights Tomb Shield (ATK: 0, DEF: 0, LV: 3)

Sora chuckled again as his smirk grew bigger, "I get it...Since you've got two Level 3 monsters…"

Yuto narrowed his eyes in response before raising his hand in the air, "I overlay my Level 3 Phantom Knights Dusty Robe and Tomb Shield!" Both monsters turned into streams of dark energy that were absorbed into a portal as Yuto chanted, "Souls of knights who fell on the battlefield. Revive here and now, and become the light that breaks the darkness! Xyz Summon! Appear, Rank 3! Phantom Knights Break Sword (ATK: 2000, DEF: 1000, RNK: 3, OVU: 2)!" Break Sword appeared on the field as it landed into the ground in front of the stage and created a small shockwave.

After moving his arm away to protect himself, Sora smiled at the monster, "Here it is! An Xyz Monster!"

Yuto looked at Sora with narrowed eyes, "I activate Break Sword's monster effect! By using an Overlay Unit, I target a card on my field in order to target one of my opponent's cards and destroy them! I destroy Break Sword itself and your face-down Scissors Tiger!"

Phantom Knights Break Sword (OVU: 21)

An Overlay Unit orb was absorbed into the knight's sword before it stabbed the sword into the ground, creating an eruption of dark fire that engulfed both the knight and one of Sora's set monsters. As Sora was surprised and confused by this, Yuto held out his hand, "Break Sword's other effect! When this Xyz Summoned card is destroyed, I can target two "Phantom Knights" with the same Level in my Graveyard and Special Summon them! Also, their Levels are increased by one!" From the monsters he chose, Silent Boots appeared from a portal in the ground along with a ghostly knight possessing an old, dark cloak that covered part of its hollow face with a red scarf draped around and some torches floating nearby it.

Phantom Knights Silent Boots (ATK: 200, LV: 34)
Phantom Knights Dusty Robe (ATK: 800, DEF: 1000, LV: 34)

Then, Yuto held out his fist, "I now overlay my Level 4 Phantom Knights Silent Boots and Dusty Robe!" Both monsters turned into dark energy orbs that were absorbed into a portal as Yuto chanted, "Formed from the pitch-black darkness, to fight those foolish enough to oppose its treacherous fangs! Descend, now! Xyz Summon! Rank 4! Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (ATK: 2500, DEF: 2000, RNK: 4, OVU: 2)!" Dark Rebellion materialized onto the field as it roared.

Sora scoffed a little before smiling in a cruel and arrogant manner, "You may have Xyz Summoned again but you can't do much this turn since my monster is in Defense Position." Even if it is face-down his Scissor Wolf is still in Defense Position, meaning if that monster were to attack it, he wouldn't take battle damage.

"Are you certain about that?" retorted Lucine which made Sora turn to her in confusion. She opened her eyes to look at him, "With Ghostrick Bridge on my field, monsters aren't allowed to attack face-down Defense Position monsters. However, if a player only controls face-down monsters, the opposing duelist can attack them directly." Sora's eyes widened in shock as he realized what that means since he only has one face-down monster.

Reiji looked at the monitor as he heard this, "I see. So that's the reason she chose to change her Field Magic. It was so she wouldn't hinder her partner's moves but also counter her opponent's strategies." He closed his eyes as his expression turned a little curious, "Seems your comrades have great teamwork besides the skills that were polished on the battlefield." Shun didn't reply to that comment as he just watched Yuto and Lucine.

Yuto held out his hand, "Dark Rebellion, attack him directly!" Dark Rebellion roared as the dragon flapped its wings and flew towards Sora.

Sora gritted his teeth in response, "I won't let you!" He held a monster and showed it, "When I'm attacked directly, I can Special Summon Furnimal Turtle (ATK: 800, DEF: 1500, LV: 3) from my hand!" Dark Rebellion stopped mid flight as a stuffed green turtle with an adorable face appeared in front of Sora. He then smirked at Yuto, "Now that I have a face-up monster, you're forced to attack it instead of me."

Yuto narrowed his eyes before he gestured toward his dragon, "Redirect your attack, Dark Rebellion! Attack Furnimal Turtle!" Dark Rebellion continued its flight before spinning around and whacking Furnimal Turtle with its tail, destroying Sora's defensive monster.

After the explosion ended, Sora moved his arm away and smiled, "When Furnimal Turtle is sent to the Graveyard, I can add a "Furnimal" monster from my Deck." He took a monster from his deck and added it to his hand. His smile grew bigger as he looked at Yuto, "Too bad but it looks like you won't deal damage to me this turn."

"Don't rush. It is not over yet." replied Yuto which surprised Sora. Yuto threw out his hand towards his monster, "Dark Rebellion gains an additional attack for every Overlay Unit it has." Sora's eyes widened in shock before Yuto pointed at him, "Go, Dark Rebellion!" Dark Rebellion nodded its head before flying towards Sora, hitting him twice with its tail and then its wings. Sora winced a little as he was knocked around a bit before landing back on his feet.

SORA LP: 800055003000

"Now, Crack Helm attacks you directly!" Yuto called out as Crack Helm then floated towards Sora. The possessed knight punched Sora, who shielded his face using both arms, and pushed him back a few feet from the shockwaves of the attack.

SORA LP: 3000500

Yuto watched Sora with a calm expression, "I end my turn." Sora moved his arms away and frowned in annoyance, frustrated that he lost that much life so early. He then smiled confidently, knowing that he can still beat the both of them.

Lucine placed her fingers on her deck, "My turn, draw." She quickly put the card she drew in her hand and threw out her arm, "First, I Flip Summon Ghostrick Jiangshi (ATK: 400, DEF: 1800, LV: 3)!" The card flipped face-up, revealing Jiangshi had appeared as Lucine continued, "When Jiangshi is flipped face-up, I can add a "Ghostrick" monster from my Deck that has a Level equal or lower than the total number "Ghostricks" on my field. I add Ghostrick Lantern to my hand." Since Jiangshi was the only monster she had, Lucine revealed she added a Level 1 monster to her hand before placing it in her hand.

Lucine looked up at her field, "In addition, the effect of Ghostrick Bridge activates. All "Ghostrick" monsters on my field gain 500 ATK." She revealed the card's effect as a red aura surrounded Jiangshi temporarily.

Ghostrick Jiangshi (ATK: 400900)

Lucine held up a card from her hand, "I Normal Summon Ghostrick Skeleton (ATK: 12001700, DEF: 1100, LV: 3) from my hand!" Lucine summoned a spooky grim reaper that had the appearance of a skeleton wearing a dark cloak while carrying a scythe in its hands. Lucine held her hand high up in the air, "I overlay my Level 3 Ghostrick Jiangshi and Skeleton!" Both haunted monsters turned into dark energy that went into a portal in which a pillar of light then came out, soon forming a monster onto the field.

Sora chuckled a little while smiling in excitement, "Now she's doing it!"

"Soul of the blood prince!" Lucine chanted. "Arise from the ashes and make way for your new haunted form! Xyz Summon! Arise, Rank 3! Ghostrick Alucard (ATK: 1800, DEF: 1600, RNK: 3, OVU: 2)!" Lucine summoned Alucard to her field as it cackled hysterically. Also, since Ghostrick Bridge is on the field, a red aura immediately formed around Alucard as it gained a power boost.

Ghostrick Alucard (ATK: 18002300)

Lucine pointed her finger towards her monster, "I activate Ghostrick Alucard's monster effect! By using one Overlay Unit, I can target a set card my opponent controls and destroy it!" After he absorbed one of the dark orbs, Alucard pointed one of its ghostly hands towards Sora's one set monster, snapping his fingers before the face-down card was completely destroyed.

Ghostrick Alucard (OVU: 21)

Sora gritted his teeth as he yelled, "You won't finish me that easily!" He then pressed a button and threw out his arm, "I activate the Trap Card: Death-Toy Custom! I Special Summon a "Furnimal" or "Edge Imp" monster from my Graveyard and it can be treated as a "Death-Toy" monster for a Fusion Summon! Appear, Furnimal Turtle (DEF: 1500)!" The trap flipped face-up which allowed Furnimal Turtle to appear back in front of Sora as he continued with a smile, "Since I have a face-up monster on my field now, you can't attack me directly with your Field Magic."

Lucine didn't seem deterred as she held out her hand, "Battle! Ghostrick Alucard attacks Furnimal Turtle! Blood Screech!" Alucard released a red sound wave from his mouth and engulfed the stuffed turtle, destroying it in the process.

Sora smiled in response before he gestured to his duel disk, "At this moment, Furnimal Turtle's effect activates! I add a "Furnimal" monster from my Deck to my hand!" He added a card to his hand before looking back at Lucine with a smug smile on his face, "Now what will you do? You don't have any more monsters to attack with…"

"I activate the effect of Ghostrick Reform in my Graveyard." interrupted Lucine which took Sora aback for a moment. She held out her hand as she continued, "By banishing this card from my Graveyard, I target a "Ghostrick" Xyz Monster on my field and Special Summon one "Ghostrick" Xyz Monster from my Extra Deck that's one Rank higher by using it as Xyz Material! I use Ghostrick Alucard to reconstruct the Overlay Network!" Ghostrick Alucard laughed before it turned to a dark orb of energy that flew high into the air.

Sora took a step back in shock, "What?! You can do it too?!"

The dark orb turned into an energy beam that created a portal in the sky, forming a monster as Lucine chanted, "King of the blood undead, release your soul into your new form! Hunt down your desires and be reborn with revitalization! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Arise, Rank 4! Ghostrick Dracula (ATK: 21002600, DEF: 1800, RNK: 4, OVU: 2)!" Dracula appeared as the smoke cleared, laughing more menacingly than Alucard did before.

Reiji raised an eyebrow in intrigue, "Oh? That's an unexpected surprise. So, your comrade can perform this "Rank Up" as well. Can I assume that this summoning method is well-known in your homeland?" He was asking Shun, who offered no response as he just watched the monitor, but figured that he didn't need to anyway, suspecting that might be the case.

Sora looked at the new monster with an expression of both shock and worry, "This is bad. If she attacks me right now…" He doesn't have any more cards that he can defend himself with. He'll lose at this very moment if he takes a direct attack from this monster.

Lucine looked at Sora while not saying anything for a moment before closing her eyes. Then, unexpectedly, she picked up a card and placed it in her duel disk, "I set a card and end my turn." A face-down appeared momentarily as she ended her turn.

Sora was not expecting that as he looked at her in complete shock, "What?"

Meanwhile, Yuya was getting closer to Central Park with Ruri running right beside him. He had a hand holding his duel disk to his ear, "It's no good. No matter how many times I call him, he won't pick up." He was calling somebody on the phone while Ruri was watching him, trying to listen in on the conversation.

Yuzu was shown running through the city with her duel disk held to her ear, "Gongenzaka said the same thing. Just where is he?"

Yuya looked down at the ground as he frowned, "I don't know. All we can do is look for him. I'll call you back." He then hung up the call as both he and Ruri continued running.

As they ran, Ruri turned her head to Yuya, "Yuya, what will you do if you find Sora?" Yuya lowered his head as he seemed hesitant for a second before he had a look of resolve, "I'm not sure. I just know that I need to talk to him before deciding that." Ruri frowned in concern before she nodded, hoping that Yuya will be alright. Soon, they were now getting even closer to Central Park as they ran farther and farther.

Sora was staring at both Lucine and Yuto in shock, not expecting her to end her turn like that. However, he soon gritted his teeth and glared at them with trembling eyes, "You two...are holding back against me?! Damn it!" He clenched his fists in anger, "I...I won't forgive you two!" The fact that Lucine ended her turn instead of ending the duel by attacking with her new monster, and the fact Yuto isn't doing much with his set cards, is telling him that they're both taking pity on him which pisses him off. Yuto and Lucine narrowed their eyes as they just watched Sora getting frustrated.

While his expression was still angry, Sora placed his fingers on his deck, "My turn, draw!" He held up the card he drew, "I activate the Magic Card: Fusion Recovery! I add Polymerization and Edge Imp Scissors that was used as Fusion Material back from the Graveyard to my hand!" He added both the familiar magic card and monster back to his hand.

At that moment, Yuya and Ruri finally arrived in Central Park and stopped when they saw Sora in front of the stage. Yuya frowned as he looked at him, "Sora…" Ruri frowned as well before both her and Yuya turned to see, to their surprise, Yuto and Lucine on the other side with their monsters out.

Ruri looked at the both of them in surprise, "Yuto! Lucine!" Yuya looked at them in confusion, "They're both dueling Sora?"

Sora smiled menacingly as he held up one of the cards he added earlier, "I activate the Magic Card: Polymerization from my hand! The cards I'm going to fuse are Edge Imp Scissors and Furnimal Bear in my hand!" Furnimal Bear and Edge Imp Scissors appeared before they were absorbed and fused into the colorful vortex as Sora held out his hands and chanted, "Claws of the demon and fangs of the beast! Become one and reveal to us your new form! Fusion Summon! Come forth, horrifying beast that shreds all! Death-Toy Scissors Bear (ATK: 2200, DEF: 1800, LV: 6)!" A giant stuffed bear bursted its parts open before the horrifying Scissors Bear emerged onto the field.

Yuya gritted his teeth and ran towards the field while shouting, "Sora!" Ruri held out her hand while trying to stop him, worried that it might be too dangerous. Yuto and Lucine turned to see both Yuya running and Ruri nearby, shocked that they were here. Sora's eyes widened when he heard the voice before turning to see Yuya running who stopped in the middle of the field to look at Sora with his arms spread out.

Nakajima had a shocked expression on his face when he saw Yuya on the monitor, "That's…" Shun narrowed his eyes when he saw who it was. Reiji looked at the monitor, "Yuya..." Reira let out a small gasp as he looked at Yuya in confusion.

Yuya had his arms spread out while facing Sora a few feet away, as if trying to shield Yuto and Lucine from him. Sora looked at Yuya with widened eyes, "Yuya?" However, he quickly frowned in irritation and threw out his arm, "Get out of the way, Yuya! This isn't any of your business!"

Yuya shook his head while he narrowed his eyes at Sora, "I won't! Sora, you have to stop this! You can't keep fighting in your condition!"

Sora's expression started getting angry as he yelled, "Shut up! I'm still not going all out yet! I will prove to you, these two and Shun Kurosaki that if I get serious, I'm the stronger one!"

Yuya narrowed his eyes even further before he closed his eyes, thinking real hard about what he's about to say next. Then, he opened his eyes with his expression turning serious, "I know about Academia!"

When Sora heard that, he was completely shocked with his eyes widened as he muttered, "What?"

Nakajima gasped in surprise while Shun widened his eyes and Reiji narrowed his eyes at the monitor. Yuto and Lucine were watching though, through their expressions, they looked a little wary. Ruri frowned in concern, wondering where Yuya was gonna go with this now. Unbeknownst to everyone, out of the corner of one of the buildings nearby, Kyo was watching all of this with narrowed eyes and her arms were crossed together.

Yuya wasn't wavering as he looked at Sora, "I know everything! I know that you're from the Fusion Dimension and that you're from Academia." He narrowed his eyes while frowning, "But Sora, you have to understand that what Academia is doing is wrong. Your people trampled over the Xyz Dimension and caused so much pain and suffering." He held out his hand to Sora with a small smile, "Please, Sora. You're my friend. I don't want to see you going along with all of this senseless war and violence. You don't have to follow them!" Sora narrowed his eyes in confusion and suspicion, actually wondering if Yuya is serious about what he's saying.

"That's right!" Sora turned to see Yuto looking at him with a frown, "Even though you're an enemy I have to defeat, I can't bring myself to hurt you. If you surrender peacefully now, we'll end this so you won't have to suffer." Lucine nodded in agreement as she closed her eyes, "I am in the same agreement." She then opened her eyes at Sora, "You're right. I could have finished you off earlier as well as Yuto but I chose not to out of respect for my friends. I also do not wish to harm you."

Shun watched all of this before he narrowed his eyes in confusion, "Are they seriously trying to convince that Fusion agent?" He was a little taken aback by Yuya already knowing about what happened to their home but now he's wondering what exactly the relationship is between him, Yuto and Lucine. It seems that they're all in agreement. Did Yuto and Lucine trust him enough to tell him all of this? However, before he could ponder all of this, the next moment, he heard a different voice speaking, "I agree with Yuya!" Shun heard the voice before he gasped in surprise as the voice that spoke sounded very familiar to him.

As he quickly turned to look closely at the monitor to confirm something, a girl was shown running on the monitor before she turned to face Sora while standing beside Yuya. Shun's eyes widened when he saw the girl turning, "That's…!" The girl revealed her face, showing a look of resolve as she was looking at Sora. Shun recognized her immediately as his eyes grew wider, "Ruri!" Seeing her characteristics and features, there was no mistaking it. That's his sister on the monitor live right now.

Reiji narrowed his eyes when he saw Ruri, "As I thought…" He had suspected she was indeed Kurosaki's sister and he just confirmed it. Also, the fact that Yuya already knows about Academia and their invasion could possibly mean that Ruri told him about it, especially since she is here.

Ruri was frowning at Sora but she also had an honest expression on her face as she held a hand to her heart, "...Despite our differences, I still consider you my friend as well." Sora's eyes widened when he heard that as she continued, "I've told you before. We don't have to fight each other. We can finish this peacefully. Won't you reconsider, Sora?" Just as Yuya is trying to reach out to him, seeing his resolve made her feel like giving it another chance, more determined than before really. She imagined it might be because Yuya is supporting her with this.

Sora stared at the two of them in perplexed silence for a moment before he smiled amusingly and started laughing, making Yuya and Ruri narrowed their eyes in confusion at him. Sora looked at them with a small amused smirk on his face while holding up a lollipop, "You have to be joking with me? Senseless war and violence? You can't be serious." He then placed the lollipop in his mouth and took a large bite out of it.

Yuya looked at him in confusion, "What?" Ruri frowned while she felt a little confused as well.

Sora swallowed the piece he had bitten off before his smirk grew bigger, "What my allies did was for the sake of all worlds. It was necessary in order to unite all worlds under order!" As Yuya widened his eyes and Ruri's frown grew bigger, Sora dropped the lollipop and stomped it on the ground, "My allies fought gallantly and won against the Xyz Dimension! And you expect me to just surrender to you?" Sora's expression then got serious as he glared at Yuya, "Not happening! If I were to surrender and lose, I'd be smearing mud on their honor!"

As Yuto and Lucine watched all of this with narrowed eyes, Sora pointed his finger at Ruri while glaring at her, "As for you, Ruri, I'll never accept the fact that I would be friends with Xyz scum!" His smile then became a little twisted, "Academia's order is absolute! Who cares about friends?" He doesn't need friends especially if they get in the way of his duty to Academia.

Yuya lowered his eyes while looking back at Sora with a sad expression, "Sora…" He is a little disturbed by what Sora is saying. Of course, he doesn't accept it. Ruri narrowed her eyes before she closed, feeling really sad that it has to be this way.

Sora turned to Yuya before he frowned in anger and frustration, "And you, Yuya." He then pointed at him, "I have something more important than friendship or whatever nonsense you've been spouting! If you're going to get in my way, then you're my enemy too!" He doesn't care if he likes Yuya or not, he's not getting in the way of his mission. Yuya narrowed his eyes and frowned that he had to hear that from him.

While still glaring at Yuya, Sora shouted out, "Scissor Bear!" Scissor Bear shifted a little from hearing the command before Sora pointed at Yuya, "Go!" Then, no one else saw this coming as Scissor Bear pulled back and hurled one of its arms towards Yuya. Yuya could only look in shock as he saw the arm rapidly approaching him before it was too late to react. Then, the next moment the arm collided into Yuya, slamming him and launching him in the air as he yelled. He was sent flying past Yuto and Lucine, to their shock, before he was sent crashing into the wall. The crash created a large crater about his size as Yuya fell to the floor in pain, lying face down on the ground.

Ruri gasped in shock and horror as her eyes showed immediate concern from watching Yuya get hurt. Lucine's eyes widened with her mouth open while Yuto had a shocked expression on his face as he shouted, "Yuya!" An unfamiliar voice gasped in response when Dark Rebellion suddenly turned to Yuya. Shun and Nakajima gasped a little while Reiji just had his eyes widened slightly. Reira had a scared expression on his face from seeing that.

As Ruri looked at Yuya in worry and anxiety, she was about to run towards him before she heard Sora yelling behind her, "Don't think I haven't forgotten you, Ruri!" To her shock, as soon as she turned around, Scissor Bear was already hurling its arm at her. She had no time to react before she was hit with the same move, sent flying into the same spot Yuya was and crashed into the crater nearby. She cried a bit as she felt pain from crashing into the wall and then landed face down next to Yuya.

Lucine gasped in concern and shock as she turned again to them, "Ruri!" Yuto had an expression full of anguish and concern after seeing Ruri get flown.

Shun looked at the monitor in concern, "Ruri!" He gritted his teeth in anger, "Damn it!" With an angry expression on his face, he then swiftly turned around and began walking towards the elevator again, intent on going there for real this time.

Nakajima turned to him in shock as he was walking, "Hold on!" While he kept his gaze on the monitor, Reiji closed his eyes, "Stop him." Reira turned to Shun while looking a little scared and clutched his teddy bear.

After he said that, a lot of security guards then appeared from the sides of the room and gathered around Shun, stopping him in his tracks as each of them had a hold on the man. Shun got frustrated as he thrashed around and struggled to escape their grip, "Let me go! I need to finish off Sora Shiunin!" He was fine with Yuto and Lucine handling the agent, but now that Ruri was hurt because of him, it was more personal. He wanted to handle Sora himself and make him pay for what he just did. However, there were too many guards on him which were holding him back.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that." replied Reiji as he turned to Shun, "I understand how you feel but as I said before, you might cause more of a scene if you go there." Shun gritted his teeth as he felt frustrated he couldn't do anything to help his sister and friends.

Lucine stared at Ruri in stunned silence for a few seconds before she gritted her teeth and turned around to glare at Sora, "How dare you…!" Yuto stared at Ruri and Yuya silently as he clenched his fists, a dark glow flashing in his eyes which was unnoticed by Lucine.

Sora nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "Well, it's their fault for getting in my way." His expression turned serious as he frowned at Lucine, "I won't allow anyone to interfere with my mission. If I allowed that, I cannot forgive myself! I was the top of one of the elite classes in Academia and was even given this special mission!" He remembers how proud and happy he was to have the honor of performing a special mission as a Academia soldier. To fail that mission would mean disgracing himself at Academia and he cannot let that happen.

Sora had a frustrated expression on his face as he glared at Yuto and Lucine, "I won't accept the fact that I lost to an Xyz scum! There's no way that would happen!" Sora then looked determined as he held up a card from his hand, "I activate the Magic Card: Death-Toy Fusion from my hand! Using Scissor Bear on my field with Scissors Tiger and Scissor Wolf in my Graveyard, I perform a Fusion Summon!" Tiger and Wolf appeared behind Scissors Bear before all three of them were absorbed into a colorful vortex.

A bright light emerged from Sora's Extra Deck on his duel disk as he looked at Yuto and Lucine with a smirk, "I'll make you two realize how powerful I am! The real power I developed at Academia! I'll bring out the strongest monster with real Fusion Summoning!" Lucine narrowed her eyes in response while Yuto gritted his teeth as he still was looking at Ruri and Yuya lying on the ground in pain, with his eyes flashing again and nobody noticed it.

However, the next moment, the screen on Sora's duel disk started to glitch and flicker before the words Duel Close popped up with a red screen. Sora was shocked as the energy blade on his disk disappeared and a red light shined from it. He placed his hand on his duel disk with a panicked expression, "Stop! I don't want to go yet!" He then looked more distressed as he looked at his duel disk, "Wait please! Until I defeat them! Until I defeat those Xyz users! I can't go back to Academia!" Sora screamed at the last sentence before a blue light enveloped his entire body, his hand trying to reach out to Yuto and Lucine before he completely turned into particles and vanished.

Lucine stared at where Sora was for a second with a serious expression. Yuya had his hands on the ground while struggling to get up off the ground, still feeling pain from landing into the wall. He just witnessed Sora vanishing as he muttered, "Sora…" Ruri was also having trouble getting up but was looking up at the exchange with a sad and pained expression.

Shun stood beside Reiji while he gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes, "He ran away back to his dimension." The guards were standing behind him since they were ordered to release him, but are still keeping an eye on him in case he tries to leave recklessly again.

However, Reiji also narrowed his eyes at the monitor, "No. Rather than running away, it's more likely that he was forced to return. Either it was outside interference or it was programmed into his duel disk. If his true motives were revealed, it would activate or someone would prevent him from talking too much." He isn't sure which one of the options actually happened yet but, one thing is for sure, Academia does keep a close eye on who or what their agents do in other dimensions.

Nobody noticed that Kyo had her finger pressing a button on her duel disk before releasing it. She took a quick look at the whole scene for a second before she turned around and walked away with no one noticing.

Lucine watched the spot where Sora was at for a moment before she sighed, "At least we don't have to deal with him anymore for now." She then turned to Yuto but, to her surprise, she saw Yuto acting strange. He had a pained expression on his face while closing his eyes, hiding a faint glow in them, and clenching his fists. Lucine was concerned and concerned when she saw him, "Yuto?" However, the next moment a bright green light emerged nearby the both of them, making her turn to it in confusion, "What's going on?" Then, an engine sound was heard coming from it before a crashing sound was made with the bright light getting more intense, blinding everyone who was seeing including Lucine who held her arm to cover her eyes.

In the control room, the big screen suddenly went static as nothing was being shown right now. Nakajima looked down at two men below him, "What's wrong?! What happened?!" One of the employees looked shocked while the other frantically pressed the buttons on the keyboard in front of him as he shouted, "The circuit has been disconnected! All cameras in the area are not responding!" Nakajima looked shocked when he heard that while Reiji looked at the static screen with a thoughtful expression.

Soon, the bright light dimmed down which made Lucine lower her arm to look at what that was. Right where the light was shining, there was a young man wearing a white jacket with red borders and yellow stripes on the sleeves, along with a white helmet and a white jumpsuit that has red, blue, and yellow stripes that meet in the center in a chevron pattern, white gloves, shoulder, elbow and knee pads, and white, red, and gray boots. He appeared to be riding on a white motorcycle which was in front of a light pole that was knocked down, indicating he crashed into it.

The young man held a hand to his head as he shook it, "Ow...Damn it, what's this thing doing here?!" He took off his helmet to look at his surroundings, "Jeez…" Lucine was surprised when she saw his face. His hair is dual-colored, with yellow bangs swept to the right and blue in the back. He also has greenish-blue eyes but the most noticeable factor was that his face looked a lot similar to Yuya and Yuto.

Lucine looked at the young boy with a surprised expression, "You're…!" The boy turned his head in confusion to where he heard her voice before his eyes widened, "Ah, you...!" He was looking straight at Yuto while not noticing the girl right away, "I've finally found you! It's finally time for me to finish you!" Lucine turned to Yuto in confusion once she noticed where his gaze was while Yuto looked like he was struggling with something as he still had his eyes closed.

Yuya looked up at the young boy with a tired and confused expression with his hands on the ground, "Is that...Yugo…?" From what Rin has told him, the boy he is seeing now fits the description of what Yugo should look like especially since he has the same face as him and that he has a duel runner with him. He wondered what he was doing here and how he got here. Ruri looked up in confusion and shock as she was still laying on the ground.

Nakajima had a frustrated expression on his face as he saw the monitor had the words No Signal on-screen, "Don't we have any other cameras inside the park?!" One of the employees below responded, "It's too far away! We can't get a clear lock on our target!" Nakajima gasped in surprise, realizing there's nothing they can do right now if the right camera isn't fixed in the park.

Shun narrowed his eyes in concern, "Sora Shiunin might have already brought back reinforcements from the Fusion Dimension!" He turned towards Reiji while placing a hand on his chair, "Let me go!"

Reiji didn't respond to him and instead looked at the main monitor, "Raise the observation level for Central Park. If we have been invaded by a significant amount of Duelists, there should be a reaction." Although, he does suspect that this isn't caused by reinforcements arriving from Academia. From the time Sora Shiunin was sent back to his dimension, there wouldn't be much time to call for backup even if it is immediate.

Shun stepped up to Reiji with narrowed eyes, "That's naive! While you're just watching here, they'll…!" Reiji turned to Shun with a serious expression, "This is my city. I will decide how I will protect it."

Yugo glared at Yuto with an angry expression on his face before he cracked his knuckles, "We may have been interrupted during our match last time, but…" He pointed at Yuto while ignoring Lucine standing next to him, "I won't lose against you one-on-one! Come on, duel me! I'll definitely wipe the floor with you this time!"

As Yuto was staring at the ground for some reason, Lucine held her arm in front of him and took a step towards Yugo with a frown on her face, "Wait a minute. You're Yugo, correct?" She recognizes him as the person Yuto encountered back at home who they thought was a "Pawn of Fusion" until Rin cleared up that misunderstanding. She looked at Yugo with her hand held up as she continued, "In that case, there's been a misunderstanding…"

"Fusion…" Lucine widened her eyes before she turned to Yuto in confusion as he was the one who spoke. While still looking at the ground, Yuto stepped forward a little past Lucine and gritted his teeth before he opened his eyes. His eyes were glowing dark purple while being completely whited out. He glared at Yugo, "I will destroy...Fusion!" Lucine widened her eyes even more and was immediately confused by what she heard him say.

Yugo glared at Yuto while pointing his thumb at himself, "What do you mean Fusion? My name is Yugo! Stop getting it wrong!" He apparently didn't notice Yuto acting strange as he was too angry at him right now.

Ignoring the complaint Yugo just made, Lucine held a hand to Yuto's shoulder while looking confused, "Wait a minute! Yuto, what's wrong with you?" She knows that Yuto is already aware Yugo isn't affiliated with Academia. However, he turned his head to glare at her, showing his glowing eyes which looked ominous and menacing. Lucine took a step in shock and confusion when she saw his eyes, "Y-Yuto…?"

Suddenly, Yuto lashed out with an angry expression and hit Lucine with his right arm, completely surprising her and knocking her into the air as she screamed a little before she was launched off-stage and into the floor nearby. She landed on the ground face-down while feeling a little pain from that sudden blow, struggling to move or react at the moment.

Yugo watched this with a shocked expression for a moment before he glared at Yuto while raising a fist, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" He then looked frustrated before he got on his duel runner in determination, "That's it! I'm gonna beat the crap out of you right now!" Although he doesn't know who that girl is, this bastard just hurt her. He feels more resolved to take this guy down for what he's done to both her and his childhood friend.

Yuya's eyes widened in shock from seeing Yuto hurt Lucine and tried to reach out with his hand, "W-Wait…" He muttered that in a low voice before he croaked a bit in pain, with no one other than Ruri able to hear him. He still felt too injured to move but he was trying to stop this misunderstanding. Ruri was still struggling as she looked up at Yuto with a sad frown, worried and confused about what he was doing.

After getting on his runner, Yugo pressed a button in front of the seat, opening a compartment that raised a screen in front of him and an energy blade of a duel disk appeared also. The screen showed a duel field with sections where cards would be placed as a voice spoke, "Duel Mode, engage! Autopilot, standing by!" While Yuto activated his duel disk with an angry expression on his face, Yugo put on his helmet to look at him, "Let's go!" Yugo activated the engine and pressed on the gas pedal, driving towards Yuto as they both shouted out.


YUTO LP: 8000
YUGO LP: 8000

Yugo then drove up and used a bench to launch himself into the air to look down at Yuto, "First to strike wins!" Yuto just stared at him emotionless with his glowing eyes before he quickly side-stepped out of the way as Yugo landed on the stage where he was just standing.

While he was driving around, he saw the glowing eyes on Yuto and was wondering what that was about. He shook it off as it wasn't important right now. With that in mind, Yugo held up a card from his hand, "When I control no monsters, I can Special Summon Speedroid Beigomax (ATK: 1200, DEF: 600, LV: 3)!" He summoned a monster that were multiple red spin tops and were connected with each other as they glowed orange and the one at the front had blades around it.

"When Beigomax is Summoned, I can add a "Speedroid" monster from my Deck to my hand!" With its effect, Yugo added a monster to his hand before he immediately held it out, "Then, I Normal Summon the Level 3 Tuner monster, Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice (ATK: 300, DEF: 1500, LV: 3)!" A blue triangular-shaped dice with eyes on three sides appeared along with three small orbs floating nearby it.

Yugo looked up at his field, "I tune my Level 3 Tri-Eyed Dice with my Level 3 Beigomax (3 + 3 = 6)!" Tri-Eyed Dice flew into the air and turned into three green energy rings in which Beigomax flew into them. It turned into three stars as they gathered inside the force of the rings while Yugo chanted, "Magical sword with the form of a cross. Use your power to rend all enemies! Synchro Summon! Appear now, Level 6! High-Speedroid Magical Sword Dama (ATK: 2200, DEF: 1600, LV: 6)!" A strange monster that looked similar to a blue mechanical kendama in the shape of a sword appeared on the field.

While the summoning occurred, an alarm went off in the control room as a woman spoke next to the monitor, "Summoning energy detected!" Nakajima looked at the woman who spoke, "Is it Fusion?" The woman shook her head in surprise, "No, it's Synchro! And an extremely powerful one!" Nakajima had a shocked expression on his face when he heard that, "What did you say?"

Reiji had a thoughtful expression on his face while holding a hand below his chin, "A Synchro Summon…"

Yugo held out a hand towards his monster, "I activate Magical Sword Dama's effect! Once per turn, I banish a Machine-type monster from my Graveyard to deal 500 damage to my opponent!" Beigomax was banished as Sword Dama turned towards Yuto and fired a blue beam of energy at him. He was hit by it but gave off no reaction as he stood there with a cold glare.

YUTO LP: 80007500

Yugo looked over his shoulder and was confused by this before picking up two cards, "I set two cards and end my turn!" Two face-down cards materialized for a moment since the turn was ended.

Yuto still had the glowing eyes and cold glare as he placed his fingers on his deck, "My turn!" After drawing his card, he held up a monster from his hand, "I Normal Summon Phantom Knights Ragged Glove (ATK: 1000, DEF: 500, LV: 3)!" Ragged Glove appeared in front of Yuto as he held up another monster, "When I have a "Phantom Knights" monster on my field, I Special Summon Phantom Knights Silent Boots (ATK: 200, DEF: 1200, LV: 3) from my hand!" Silent Boots also appeared next to Ragged Glove. There wasn't any hint of a kind, calm or collective tone in his voice as he said all of this. It sounded like it was filled more with rage.

Yuto held out his hand, "I overlay my Level 3 Phantom Knights Ragged Glove and Silent Boots!" Both monsters turned into streams of dark energy that were absorbed into a portal as Yuto chanted in a cold tone, "Souls of knights who fell on the battlefield. Revive here and now, and become the light that breaks the darkness! Xyz Summon! Appear, Rank 3! Phantom Knights Break Sword (ATK: 2000, DEF: 1000, RNK: 3, OVU: 2)!" Break Sword appeared from the portal on Yuto's side of the field.

The same woman who spoke earlier looked at the energy reading, "Now we're detecting powerful Xyz Summoning energy!" Nakajima was confused by this, "This time it's Xyz? What is going on?"

Shun narrowed his eyes as he spoke, "He's shown himself, the Pawn of Fusion!" It was the only explanation as to who it could be since both Synchro and Xyz Summoning were detected.

Reiji turned towards Shun, "Pawn?" Shun looked back at Reiji while grabbing a hold of his chair, "There's a Pawn of Fusion from the Synchro Dimension. Yuto and Lucine must be fighting him now!" He pointed at himself, "Hurry up and let me go!"

Reiji turned back to the monitor and adjusted his glasses, "I cannot." Shun glared at him, "What?! Why not?!" Reiji turned his head slightly to look back at him, "Even if what you say might be true, it has not been made clear that the Synchro Dimension is our enemy. Provoking him here and making him our enemy is not an optimal move." Although the same could be said for Rin, there isn't any evidence as to whether or not the Synchro Dimension is aware of the other dimensions. It would be best to not make enemies from the other dimensions right now other than Academia. Shun gritted his teeth in frustration and let go of the chair, hoping Yuto and Lucine can handle that guy while making sure Ruri was safe.

Yuto held out his hand towards his monster, "A Dark Xyz Monster that was summoned using Ragged Glove as Xyz Material gains 1000 ATK!" A silhouette of Ragged Glove hovered over the headless knight temporarily while granting it a power boost.

Phantom Knights Break Sword (ATK: 20003000)

Yuto placed a card in his duel disk, "I set a card…" He then held out his hand, "And then activate Break Sword's effect! By using an Overlay Unit, I can target a card on both sides of the field and destroy them! I destroy my set card and Magical Sword Dama!" One of the dark orbs was absorbed before Break Sword swung his weapon, creating a shockwave of dark fire that engulfed and destroyed both cards on the field.

Phantom Knights Break Sword (OVU: 21)

While gritting his teeth, Yuto held out his hand towards Yugo, "Break Sword, shatter his life points! Attack him directly!" Break Sword's horse charged forward and slammed his sword into Yugo's duel runner, making him yell as both he and his runner were launched into the air before quickly landing back on the ground.

YUGO LP: 80005000

Yugo stopped his duel runner to turn his head to Yuto with an irritated expression on his face, "Hey, watch where you're aiming! Are you trying to kill me?!" He could've been seriously hurt by that attack just now including damaging his runner. However, Yuto just placed two cards in his duel disk, "I set two cards and end my turn!" This made Yugo even more annoyed as he just basically ignored his question.

Yugo hit his fist on his runner before holding it out at Yuto, "Damn it, now you've done it! I'm going to pay you back, a million times!" He then drove his runner towards Yuto again while drawing a card, "My turn!" As Yuto quietly sidestepped out of the way and was unfazed, Yugo made a turn and held out the card he drew, "I activate the Magic Card: Speed Rebirth! I can Special Summon one "Speedroid" monster from my Graveyard! Be reborn, Magical Sword Dama (DEF: 1600)!" Dama reappeared on the field from a portal in the ground.

Yugo took out another card from his hand and showed it, "When I have a Wind monster on my field, I can Special Summon Speedroid Taketonborg (ATK: 600, DEF: 1200, LV: 3) from my hand!" A little robot that was made out of parts similar to a bamboo-copter, while electricity was generated from it, appeared next to Yugo.

Yugo then threw out his hand, "I activate Taketonborg's effect! By tributing this card, I can Special Summon a "Speedroid" Tuner Monster from my Deck!" Taketonborg was released from the field as Yugo continued, "I summon Speedroid OMK Gum (ATK: 0, DEF: 800, LV: 1)!" A small robot with a gum box attached to its back appeared on Yugo's side of the field.

Yugo looked at Yuto, "I activate Magical Sword Dama's effect! I banish Speedroid Taketonborg from my Graveyard to inflict 500 damage to you!" Taketonborg was banished from the Graveyard as Dama fired a blue laser at Yuto again, blasted by the effect but still remained unfazed as he received damage.

YUTO LP: 75007000

Yugo frowned in confusion, "Still no reaction? You're a weird guy." He then held out his hand, "Well, that suits me fine. I prefer to let my actions do the talking! I tune Level 1 OMK Gum with my Level 6 Magical Sword Dama (1 + 6 = 7)!" OMK Gum opened the box on its back before turning into a single green energy ring in which surrounded Magical Sword Dama as it flew. It turned into six stars as they gathered inside the force of the rings while Yugo chanted, "Spread those wondrous and beautiful wings, and strike down your enemies at the speed of light! Synchro Summon! Appear now, Level 7! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon (ATK: 2500, DEF: 2000, LV: 7)!" A white and blue armored dragon that had short legs barely visible and four green wings that were clear enough to reflect a lot of light from them. The dragon roared as it flew alongside Yugo driving his runner.

Yuya looked at the new dragon in wonder and confusion as he muttered, "Clear Wing...Synchro Dragon…?" He stared at the dragon with tired eyes for a moment before he realized something, "That's…!" Similar to Dark Rebellion, that's another one of the dragons he saw in his dream one time. From the characteristics, he could see that this was the one that was glowing white.

Yuya then heard a chime sound really close by and turned to see what it was. He saw Ruri, who was lying down with him, looking at her bracelet that was blinking and making a small chime noise with confusion written on her face. As they were both confused by what the bracelet was doing, Ruri frowned as she looked up at the duel, "...I have a bad feeling about this." She doesn't understand what's happening with Yuto but something about her bracelet reacting this way is giving her a bad vibe.

While Clear Wing flew over Yugo as he drove, Yugo looked up at his dragon, "When OMK Gum is sent to the Graveyard as Synchro Material, I can draw a card to reveal it and send it to the Graveyard!" Yugo placed his fingers on his deck to draw and looked at the card before he smiled, "Alright, luck is on my side today!" He then revealed a monster, "I send Speedroid Den-Den Daiko Duke to the Graveyard! Since it was a "Speedroid" monster, the Synchro Monster that used OMK Gum as Material gains ATK equal to that monster's ATK! Den-Den Daiko Duke's ATK is 1000! So…!" A silhouette of a toy robot designed and dressed an archduke with a red cape, blue hat with a yellow plume, and orange boots hovered over Clear Wing while carrying a pellet drum staff in its left hand. The monster granted the dragon more power as a green aura enveloped Clear Wing's body and it roared in response.

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon (ATK: 25003500)

Yugo threw out his hand, "Battle! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, attack Break Sword!" Clear Wing roared before the dragon flew high into the air so that it was above the park at rooftop levels. The dragon spun around to look at Break Sword who looked up at the monster. Clear Wing roared again before diving down towards Break Sword as its wings began to glow and green wind currents whirled around its body, "Helldive Slasher of Whirlwind!" Clear Wing then spun around a few times, turning itself into a whirlwind before crashing into Break Sword and destroying the monster. Yuto gritted his teeth as he was pushed back a few feet by the force of the whirlwind.

YUTO LP: 70006500

Yuto glared at Yugo with his glowing eyes before holding out his hand, "Break Sword's effect activates! When this Xyz Summoned card is destroyed, I can target two "Phantom Knights" with the same Level in my Graveyard and Special Summon them with their Levels increased by one!" Ragged Glove and Silent Boots both appeared after Break Sword was just destroyed with a glowing aura surrounding them.

Phantom Knights Ragged Glove (DEF: 500, LV: 34)
Phantom Knights Silent Boots (DEF: 1200, LV: 34)

Yugo threw out his arm, "That was just the start! I activate the Trap Card: Synchro Destructor! When a Synchro Monster I control destroys a monster by battle, it deals damage to my opponent equal to half of its original ATK!" Break Sword's original ATK was 2000 as the knight's power turned into a beam against Yuto, pushing him back again from the force.

YUTO LP: 65005500

Yugo stopped his runner to look at Yuto, "With this, I end my turn. I know what you're about to summon so go ahead and bring it out. My Clear Wing is waiting for your Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!" Clear Wing roared in response before, for some strange reason, its eyes glowed red and a dark aura surrounded the dragon which didn't faze Yuto with his glowing anger.

Ruri shifted a little as she tried to get up, "Yuya...we have to stop this. Before it gets out of hand." Besides the misunderstanding that Yugo believes that Yuto tried to kidnap Rin, she has a bad feeling that if they don't stop them, something worse will happen to them.

Yuya grunted as he finally had the strength and energy back to stand on his knees, "I'm trying." Ruri soon followed after as she sat on her knees as well but still had trouble getting fully back on their feet.

Lucine was still lying in the grass nearby from being knocked unconscious by Yuto a few moments ago. She slowly opened her eyes and was trying to remember what happened. However, as soon as she recalled it, her eyes widened and she gasped, "Yuto...!" She quickly sat up to see where she was at. It was currently the same area she was in earlier, just in a grassy field. She then heard a roar and turned to see Yuto and Yugo dueling each other with Yuto still having the strange glowing eyes and Yugo having a white dragon on his field. She got back up on her feet and ran towards the both of them.

Yuto placed his fingers on his deck, "My turn!" As soon as he drew, he immediately held out his hand, "I overlay the Level 4 Ragged Glove and Silent Boots!" Both monsters turned into streams of dark energy again and were absorbed into a portal as Yuto chanted in a cold tone, "Formed from the pitch-black darkness, to fight those foolish enough to oppose its treacherous fangs! Descend, now! Xyz Summon! Rank 4! Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (ATK: 2500, DEF: 2000, RNK: 4, OVU: 2)!" Dark Rebellion appeared next to Yuto as he let out a mighty roar.

As Yuya and Ruri finally got to stand back on their feet, Yuya suddenly grunted in shock before he held a hand to his heart. Ruri turned to Yuya and noticed him acting strange, making her frown in concern, "Yuya?" Yuya narrowed his eyes in confusion, "This feeling…" He felt like his chest was on fire and it wasn't the first time this happened. It also occurred during his duel with Yuto, only this time it felt stronger than before with the pressure building.

Meanwhile, Dark Rebellion gasped a bit when he saw Clear Wing who roared at him. Then, suddenly Dark Rebellion's eyes glowed red again and a dark aura surrounded him as he answered to the other dragon with a roar of his own. Yuto was groaning in pain before the glow in his eyes got more intense and his expression became more angry. Yugo's eyes were also glowing now and was glaring at Yuto, only his eyes were blue.

Lucine stopped when she was just a few feet near Yuto and Yugo and gasped in shock from seeing the both of them have strange glowing eyes. Yuya and Ruri ran over to where they were next to Lucine and they were both surprised by this with Ruri looking at Yuto in shock and worry, "Yuto!"

Yuto looked towards Yugo with his eyes glowing, "Very well, let's end this. With my Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon…" His expression then turned grim as he glared at Yugo, "I will destroy you...and everything else!"

Ruri widened her eyes even more when she heard the sudden personality change from him, "Yuto…?!"

Yuto looked up at his dragon, "With Ragged Glove as Xyz Material, Dark Rebellion gains 1000 ATK since it was Xyz Summoned!" Ragged Glove hovered over Dark Rebellion as it now granted the dragon more strength.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (ATK: 25003500)

He then threw out his arm, "I activate the Trap Card: Phantom Sword! With this card, by targeting Dark Rebellion, it gains 800 ATK!" The hollow sword hovered over Dark Rebellion before transferring its energy over to the dragon as well.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (ATK: 35004300)

Yuto gritted his teeth as he glared at Yugo, "Destroy...You...Everything!" Yugo also glared back at him with his glowing eyes, "Destroy everything! Burn everything to ashes!"

Yuya turned to Yuto and Yugo in both shock and confusion as he held his heart, "Yuto! Yugo!" Ruri and Lucine had the same expression before they looked disturbed by their behavior. However, both of them shouted at the same time, "Eradicate everything!" All three were more shocked hearing that.

Yuto held out his hand towards Yugo, "Go! Battle! I attack Clear Wing Synchro Dragon with Dark Rebellion…!"

"Stop it, Yuto!" Suddenly, he was interrupted as Ruri hurried to where she was in front of him and blocking his way. She had her hands and arms held out as she looked at Yuto with a determined and pleading expression, "This isn't you! You aren't someone who would willingly hurt somebody and cause destruction!" She then frowned sadly, "Please, Yuto. Think back to the happy times we had in Heartland. With me, Shun, everyone..." She doesn't understand what is happening with him but she isn't thinking or caring right now. All she knows is that Yuto isn't acting like himself and this destructive behavior isn't like him at all. She's trying to get through to him and make him come to his senses.

Yuto still looked angry but his expression started to waver with his eyes twitching. Yuya ran over and stopped next to Ruri to look at Yuto with a determined expression, "That's right! You told me before that Heartland has duels where people are happy. That you shared the same opinions I had with creating connections through dueling. You also believe in that too!"

Yuto gasped in shock as he heard all of that before sweat started to form on his forehead. Memories began to surface in his head as he remembered the fun times with not just Ruri, Lucine, and Shun, but through watching everyone duel for happiness. He remembers meeting everyone in the Resistance through dueling in schools as he has fond memories of those days. Yuto had a struggling expression on his face as his eyes were closed before he opened them in shock, "Ruri...Yuya...I…" His eyes were back to normal as they no longer glowed dark purple. He closed his eyes as he frowned in regret, "I...don't want to hurt anyone…"

Yuya and Ruri smiled in relief when they saw Yuto returning to normal before Yuto fell back on his knees, luckily Lucine was behind to catch him with a relieved expression as well. Ruri knelt down in worry, "Yuto!" Yuto looked at the ground as he muttered, "I...end my turn."

However, when he heard that, Yuya's eyes widened in realization as he had a feeling what was about to happen now before he turned around to see Yugo reaching out with his hand and attempting to start his turn by drawing. Having no other way to stop him at the moment, Yuya decided to take action as he looked at him with a resolved expression, "Not so fast! I'm dueling this time!" To Lucine and Ruri's surprise, Yuya took out his duel disk and activated it. A voice spoke in his duel disk, "Battle Royal mode, engaged!" Yuya's duel disk blade activated as he drew his five cards.

Yugo gritted his teeth in frustration since Yuya had to start his turn now according to Battle Royal's rules. Yuya looked at Yugo with narrowed eyes, trying to figure what to do here. He had interfered in the duel to stop Yugo from doing anything else right now but now he needs to figure out how to snap him out of it as well. This is the first time he's seen him so he's not sure how to reach out to him.

While he still felt the strange burning feeling in his chest, Yuya noticed something was glowing in his hand and looked down to see what it was. It was Mystic's card glowing in and out, almost like he was wanting Yuya to call him out. He looked at the card for a moment before he raised his head back up to show a look of determination, "It's my turn!"

He drew his card and looked at it before immediately holding it out, "I activate the Ritual Magic: Odd-Eyes Advent! By tributing Pendulum Monsters in my hand and Field, I can Ritual Summon a Dragon-type monster from my hand or Graveyard!" He held up a Pendulum Monster, "I release the Level 8 Sacredragon Magician in my hand!"

The dark blue temple with metal torches and ancient pillars appeared behind Yuya. Sacredragon Magician appeared next to him before transforming into blue flames that lit the torches around the area, opening the gate as Yuya chanted, "Blue dragon that lives in the skies! Come down to this earth to shine your holy judgement upon our foes! Ritual Summon! Appear, Level 8! Mystic Glow Ritual Dragon (ATK: 2800, DEF: 2000, LV: 8)!" Mystic Glow emerged from the gateway as it roared in resolve and its wings shining brightly.

Clear Wing was looking at Mystic, who was glowing white and staring back, before the dragon roared at him in defiance. Yugo gritted his teeth as he held a hand to his head, feeling a little light-headed and confused. Yuto was breathing a little heavily for a moment before he stopped and his chest returned to normal for some reason. Yuya noticed it too while he still had a hand to his chest, confused as to why the burning feeling disappeared at that moment. As Mystic had a white aura surrounding its entire body, some of it appeared to have gone over to Dark Rebellion, who no longer had a dark aura and was glowing for a split second, before the red shine in his eyes vanished.

Dark Rebellion gasped in shock as he seemed to regain his senses once again. Mystic heard him and turned to Dark Rebellion as the dragon calmed down and knelt on the ground. Dark Rebellion was breathing heavily for a moment before he raised his head towards Mystic, "Mystic...please save her as well." His gaze was on Clear Wing who still had the glowing red eyes and dark aura surrounding her. Mystic looked at Dark Rebellion for a moment before he nodded in response and turned back to face the other dragon.

While Ruri wasn't sure what to make of what's happening with the dragons, Lucine narrowed her eyes as she watched their movements, "Did that dragon's power calm Dark Rebellion?" While she isn't completely sure, she could see that those dragons aren't normal monsters, including Mystic whose aura was strange and mysterious.

As Yuya watched all of this in confusion, he heard another noise and turned his head back to see a miniature, transparent spirit form of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon on his shoulder. Odd-Eyes looked confused as he saw the form of Clear Wing but felt like he knew her from somewhere. He was also getting an odd feeling from this monster just like he did with Dark Rebellion. He immediately disappeared thereafter and out of sight to recollect his thoughts.

Yuya was now more confused about all of this before he shook his head and decided to think about it later. He needed to snap Yugo out of his strange trance. With determination in his mind, Yuya held out his hand, "I activate Mystic Glow's monster effect! Once per turn, I can target a monster in my Graveyard and Special Summon it in Defense Position with its effects negated!" Mystic spread his wings as they began to glow white, preparing for resurrecting his ally.

Yugo glared at Yuya as he raised his hand up, "I activate Clear Wing Synchro Dragon's effect! When a Level 5 or higher monster activates its effect, it can negate that effect and destroy that monster!" He held his hand out to Clear Wing who roared in response to Mystic Glow.

"Negate and destroy?!" exclaimed Ruri in shock as well as Lucine.

Clear Wing's wings began to glow more intensely and generate energy from them as Yugo retorted, "I will negate Mystic Glow Ritual Dragon's effect and destroy it! Dichroic Mirror!" Clear Wing roared as she released white beams of light from her wings towards Mystic.

Yuya still had a look of determination on his face as he picked up a card and held it out, "I activate the Quick-Play Magic: Effect Shut! This negates the activation of my opponent's Effect Monster's effect and destroys the monster!" The light beams vanished before they could reach Mystic and electricity was being generated all around Clear Wing, since its effects were just negated.

Yugo retaliated by throwing out his arm, "I activate the Trap Card: Speed Protection! With this card, my Wind-Attribute Clear Wing Synchro Dragon cannot be destroyed by card effects this turn!" A wind barrier formed around Clear Wing for a moment before it went away since the dragon was just prevented from being destroyed.

"Since Clear Wing's effect was negated, Mystic Glow's effect is still in play!" Yuya retorted as he looked up at his dragon, "Holy Resurrection!" Mystic Glow roared as the inside of his wings glowed white, creating a portal in the ground that allowed Sacredragon Magician (ATK: 2400, DEF: 3000, LV: 8, PS: 7) to appear on the field as Yuya continued, "And then, Mystic's ATK is increased by the summoned monster's ATK until the End Phase!" A white veil surrounded the magician before he willingly transferred his power to Mystic with a supportive smile as Mystic roared in response.

Mystic Glow Ritual Dragon (ATK: 28005200)

Yuya decided to try something as he looked at Yugo, "You have to remember, Yugo! What would Rin think if she saw you like this?" Yugo's eyes widened in surprise as something seemed familiar to him about that name as Yuya continued, "You can't keep dueling with this anger! Remember what you and Rin and the many times you Turbo Dueled in New Domino City!" Even though he doesn't know Yugo at all much, he's making an assumption based on what Rin has told him about Yugo including the times they've spent on their runners and this place called New Domino City that she mentioned. He isn't sure if it will work due to limited information but he has to try to get through to him.

Yugo stared at Yuya in surprise when he heard the name, "Rin…" He then looked like he was struggling as he closed his glowing eyes and held a hand to his temple, memories starting to come back to him about the harsh and fun times he's had with Rin and every one of his friends in New Domino City, including a young man whose face was obscured by the hazy memory but had spiky black hair.

When he saw Yugo was wavering a little, Yuya held out his hand towards his monster, "Battle! Mystic Glow Ritual Dragon, attack Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!" Mystic flapped his wings and flew high into the air with Clear Wing responding by flying also and trying to intercept the other dragon.

Both dragons clashed as they slammed into each other with their wings, pushing one or the other back a few times before Mystic roared, "Clear Wing, please come to your senses my friend!" Clear Wing roared in defiance before her wings glowed and she dived forward at Mystic. Mystic reacted quickly by waving his wings and air dodging out of Clear Wing's charge. Mystic was then higher than Clear Wing by a few feet as the dragon was fatigued from the energy she just used.

Then, Mystic's body began glowing blue and his horn glowed white as Yuya shouted, "Imperial Light Sacred Cleansing!" The gem on Mystic's chest glowed before the dragon dived down at tremendous speed towards Clear Wing. Clear Wing turned and roared when she saw Mystic diving at her but it was too late to react. Mystic slammed his whole body into Clear Wing, bringing the other dragon down with him as they quickly descended towards the ground. Clear Wing strugged to escape his grasp since Mystic was holding onto her with his arms and tail. As Clear Wing roared and tried to break free, Mystic raised his head to look at Clear Wing, "This ends now! Wake up!" His horn was fully white before he lunged forward his head and stabbed Clear Wing in the chest with his horn. The attack caused a bright light to enveloped Clear Wing's entire body, making the dragon roar in minor pain while the light was getting more intense and soon spread across the entire park, blinding everyone watching it. As no one could see what was happening, both dragons were engulfed in this huge light as Clear Wing was then pushed back by the force of Mystic's horn. Right after that, the red shine in Clear Wing's eyes vanished and it took the dragon a second before she let out a feminine gasp. She stared at Mystic in confusion for a moment before she smiled, "...Thank you, Mystic." She flew backwards before her body was destroyed and vanished entirely, with the light engulfing Mystic entirely as the dragon closed his eyes in content.

Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, Yuzu and Rin were running as they just arrived in Central Park. Rin turned her head to Yuzu, "Are you sure Yuya and Ruri are here?" Yuzu nodded her head, "Yeah. This was the last place they said they were going." But Yuya hasn't called her back and they are both getting worried. They just hope they are alright.

However, the next moment, they heard a chime noise coming from both of their bracelets which made Yuzu and Rin stop to look at them. They looked down and saw that Yuzu's bracelet was just blinking while Rin's bracelet was shining as Yuzu asked, "It's happening...again?" Then, a bright light came from Rin's bracelet which blinded the both of them while Yuzu's just blinked in and out. While they couldn't see, a beam of light shot from Rin's bracelet and headed off in a certain direction. Then, the beam of light arrived where Yuya and the others were. Since they were also blinded, the light soon split into three beams before they hit Yuya, Yuto and Yugo who all gasped in surprise and shock from being hit with something. The glowing in Yugo's eyes soon disappeared before he immediately felt woozy and closed his eyes after regaining his senses.

After a moment, Yuzu and Rin arrived at the stage area before they both saw a lot of the area was destroyed and torn up. Rin looked around the area, "What happened here?" Yuzu looked around with a concerned expression, "Was Yuto here just now?" Both their bracelets activated which means Yuya might've been near Yuto just now.

"Yuya! Yuto!" Yuzu and Rin heard a voice and turned to the direction of where it came from. They saw Ruri and Lucine with concerned expressions on their faces as they looked at Yuya and Yuto, both boys collapsed on the grass area. Yuzu gasped in shock when she Yuya and Yuto, "Yuya! Yuto!" Rin's eyes widened in shock as Yuzu ran towards where they were with Rin fastly following behind. Ruri and Lucine looked up and saw Yuzu and Rin approaching them before Yuzu stopped and went down on her knees to look at them, "What happened?!" Ruri didn't answer as she just went down on her knees in concern for the both of them while Lucine looked torn from what she just saw.

Rin saw the both of them and looked immediately concerned before something was caught in the corner of her eye which made her head turn left. However, what she saw next shocked her as her eyes widened, "Is that…?!" She could see Yugo lying in the grass nearby, unconscious as well next to his own duel runner. Rin's eyes widened even more when she saw who it was, "Yugo!" Yuzu turned around in confusion when she heard Rin shout before her eyes widened from seeing another boy unconscious nearby with the same face as Yuya and Yuto.

Rin hurriedly ran over to Yugo and knelt down on her knees to look at him, "Yugo!" She was concerned as she used her hands to shake him lightly, "Wake up, Yugo!" She then turned to look at Yuya and Yuto lying in the grass, "What happened here?!" Ruri and Lucine seemed a little hesitant before they both decided to explain a little bit of what just occurred.

After telling part of the story, all four girls weren't sure what to do as they looked at the unconscious boys in concern. Then, Yuzu reached into her pocket and pulled out her duel disk to dial a number. She was calling somebody as she held it to her ear, "Auntie Yoko, something has happened! We need your help, please!" Whatever happens, they hope all three of them will be okay. Nobody noticed that Yuzu's bracelet shined for a moment before it completely dimmed.

Fanfiction OC Memo:

Ghostrick Bridge (Field Magic) - Monsters cannot attack face-down Defense Position monsters, but can attack directly if all monsters their opponent controls are face-down Defense Position. "Ghostrick" monsters you control gain 500 ATK. Once per turn, when a face-down card(s) you control is targeted by an effect: You can target 1 face-up "Ghostrick" monster you control; Set that card face-down, then negate that effect.

Furnimal Turtle
(LV: 3, Fairy, EARTH, ATK: 800, DEF: 1500)
Monster Effect: When an opponent's monster declares a direct attack: You can Special Summon this card from your hand in Defense Position. Once per turn, if this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can add 1 "Furnimal" monster from your Deck to the hand.

Speed Protection (Trap Card) - Target 1 WIND Synchro Monster you control; it cannot be destroyed by card effects this turn. You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 "Speedroid" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it but it has its effects negated.

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Speedroid OMK Gum
(LV: 1, Machine, WIND, Tuner, ATK: 0, DEF: 800)
Monster Effect: If you take battle or effect damage during the Battle Phase: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is Special Summoned, you can: Immediately after this effect resolves, Synchro Summon 1 Synchro Monster, using monsters you control, including this card. If this card is sent to the Graveyard as a Synchro Material: You can draw 1 card, reveal it, and send it to the Graveyard, then if it was a "Speedroid" monster, the Synchro Monster that used this card as a Synchro Material gains ATK equal to that "Speedroid" monster's ATK.

So, that was Chapter 29. Yuto and Lucine could've beaten Sora easily especially since he was taking on the both of them at once but decided to give him mercy. Originally I was going to have the Yugo arrival/duel separated into a different chapter but because I felt it would be short, I decided to include it in this chapter instead. I also changed the preview title in the last chapter so some of you might've noticed. Regardless, nobody was able to tell Yugo about the truth since they either got hurt and were too weak to speak or got knocked out because of Sora or Yuto; hence why Yugo challenged Yuto since he still believed him to be Rin's kidnapper.

Like I said, I never intended to have either Yuto or Yugo die/absorbed this early in the show. No, they'll be sure to be more involved especially from here on! On the bright side, Yugo finally reunites with Rin although he doesn't know it yet. Also, Yuzu's bracelet didn't activate when she was around Yuya, Yuto and Yugo? I wonder why. (Though there might be a hint in an earlier chapter as to why that's the case.) By the way, I just saw Rin got support in Blazing Vortex. I am so happy to see that. You can bet that I'm definitely using it at some point.

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