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         CHAPTER 12

          Piper finally began to come to. Her eyes opened slowly. She looked around her surroundings. For a moment she had memory loss. But it all came back to her like a shot in the dark. Piper tried to get up from the table but her arms and legs were strapped down. She struggled to get up.

"So you have awakened." Piper looked over and saw Flira walking towards her.

"You stupid bitch," Piper spat. "What the hell is your problem?"

"You are. You will not ruin my plans."

"Plans for what? You couldn't get kids by screwing men so you're going to do it this way?"

"Shut up!" Flira screamed, causing fire to erupt from her body. Piper's eyes widened in disbelief. "You would never understand." Flira shimmered away then. Piper began to struggle to get off the table again.

          Paige flipped through the book of shadows frantically. Phoebe stood over her shoulder. Travis and Cole were staring at Courtney, the bulldog. Travis continued to make sly comments about how the dog is more enjoyable than the girl. Leo glared at Melinda. Melinda avoided her father's angry eyes. Finally Paige looked up.

"I found him. The demon's name is Vile. He is the most loyal of Flira's subjects. When she was shooed away by her husband Vile was madly in love with her and followed her, obeying her every word."

"This is good then," said Leo. "We can find Piper."

"Not that easy," said Phoebe, reading over Paige's shoulder. "It still doesn't give us a location."

Everyone grew silent, thinking. "Wait," said Cole. "I've got it. A location spell."

"A what?" said Travis confused. "Dad, what are you talking about?"

"You can write a location spell. It'll send us right to Piper even though we don't know the location," said Cole.

"Cole, that's great," said Phoebe with a smile. She turned to her sister. "Paige, you work on the location spell thing-y and I'll work on a vanquish for Vile and Flira."

"Got it," said Paige. "It's in the bag."

"Wow, Dad," said Travis. "This may sound weird but you might actually be growing a brain."

"Better watch it," said Cole. "If I don't have a brain neither do you. You got my genes."

"I haven't seen the DNA test," Travis countered.

          Cole tossed his hair playfully. Travis laughed giving his father a pretend punch in the arm. Melinda watched them goof with each other. A feeling of jealousy started to creep through her.

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