He spotted a hint of them in the crowd. That tall figure, the untidy black hair, a glimpse of violet eyes. Falling into a dive, Stormy landed in an alley, his wings rustling on his back. He had accepted the loss so many years ago . . . But if they were still alive. . . Was there a chance for them yet?

If he could not claim a love for his own, could he at least make amends with his old friend?

Peeking out into the crowd, he caught sight of them again. They seemed so happy, smiling softly, a gentle giant among the people. Stormy took in a breath, and followed after them, keeping his distance. His heart fluttered with anticipation, and he couldn't bring himself to call out their name.

His shoulders slumping forward in defeat, Stormy glanced down with a sigh, and looked up, hoping to catch sight of them one last time.

Violet eyes met his, so bright and full of life. His breath caught, and he had to force himself to wrench his gaze away, lest he drown in it. Turning, he fled, skittering down the alley, wings unfurling. Jumping and gliding and flapping, and he was perched upon a building some ways away.

Hiding his face in his hands, Stormy let out a forceful laugh, shaking his head. Like there was ever a chance for redemption there. Why did he ever think he had a chance? He'd been lonely as of late, sure, but every one else was busy with their own matters, and his services were hardly needed any longer.

Laughter continued to bubble up and quickly turned to sobs, ugly and painful, curling his limbs in closer.

Before long, he heard footsteps behind him, and assumed it was the owner of the building. He stood, turning to apologize as he rubbed his tears away, only to freeze. It was. . . It was them. Those violet eyes held concern, and there was no hesitation in their manner as they stepped right up to him, a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Stormy. . .? I-is everything alright? I haven't seen you in ages. . ."

"Y-yes? I-I mean. . . N-no . . ."

"Why'd you run away. . .? I saw you but you ran the moment I made eye contact!"

" . . ."

Stormy blinked up at him, uncertain what to do or say. Neither did his old sortof-comrade, running a hand through their hair, furthering its untidiness.

". . . I've missed you, Todd."

The other blinked, and smiled softly, violet shining with tears. Gently taking Stormy's chin in his hand, he leaned over and kissed him, soft and sweet.

"I've missed you too."

Is all Todd said, happy tears escaping his eyes.

Stormy was practically swooning, and lunged forward to hug him, knowing that, somehow, they could still work this all out.